Letter to Pastor Enoch Adeboye By Adeolu Ademoyo

Dear Pastor Adeboye,

With due respect, I am writing to you during the continuation of this Easter season based on your Christian ministry and because by acts of commission or omission you have participated in the pre-birth and life of the presidency under President Goodluck Jonathan. As Christians and servants of our Lord Jesus Christ, you will permit my making the letter to you public because there is nothing secret in the eyes of God. We all came to this world naked and naked shall we depart.

Just before the election, when President Goodluck Jonathan was seeking for votes he came to you at the Redeemed Christian Church’s Redemption Camp in Lagos for blessing. The image of Mr. Jonathan kneeling  down meekly before you the highly spiritually disciplined, deep, profound  and respected Pastor Adeboye  was electric.

For the election and from the Redemption camp’s image of the President on his knees, we got the image of a meek, innocent, harmless, humble servant of the Lord who would serve Nigerians faithfully, talk and walk the faith free of corruption like our Lord Jesus Christ. Given that ethics and spirituality are inseparable for one cannot be a Christian and be corrupt, I do not know what  you Pastor Adeboye will be thinking now of Mr. Jonathan who you allowed in the hallowed ground of the Redemption Camp during the election season. 

Sir, did you think it was right to have given the head of a palpable corrupt regime the space to create the image of a meek and humble servant of our Lord Jesus Christ, which in the age of visual learning virtually hoodwinked Nigerians and their votes at least the Christians during the last election?

Sir, I am aware that the vineyard of our Lord is an open one. Therefore, I sincerely believe and accept the teaching that no one has the right –both spiritual and secular  to judge and turn anyone away from seeking the face of Lord. However, I need to say this because we all know that a sitting president’s public visit to a place cannot be impromptu. And sir, the Redemption Camp under your shepherd is not any place. So sir, you must have known that our president, Mr. Goodluck Jonathan was coming to visit the Redemption Camp.

But given that the Nigerian presidency under Mr. Jonathan is now a cesspool of moral corruption and pollution, what do you think now of Mr. Jonathan’s public visit to you at the Redemption Camp just before the election?

Have you ever privately called his attention to the contradiction between a corruption free Christian ethics, which Jesus represents, and the corruption seething ethics, which has defined Mr. Jonathan’s presidency? If you did call him, what did you tell him? Did you remind him of his visit to the Redemption camp and the false image that created? If you have not called him, why have you not called him privately as a servant of God especially given that you allowed him to visit you at the Redemption Camp just before the election? 

Sir, you will kindly recall one of your faith songs. It is titled  “Holiness Ewi” (Holy Poetry) on YouTube. It is a heavenly piece not only for its spiritual depth, but also for its lyricism. In one of the lines in the “Holiness Ewi”, you showed how God is the infinite source of the infinite resources of the world and how because of this, these resources should be democratically accessed by all humans and for the benefit of all humans.  Sir, in giving everything and every glory back to God, you will recall that you said in “Holiness Ewi” “no farmer planted the earthly salt.” By implication, you mean in the song that no one should privatize and corner those resources for themselves. This line in the song is an antitheft, anti-privatization of commonly owned resources and anti corruption ethics.

But contrary to your homely in “Holiness Ewi” you know sir that the Nigerian political elites under Mr. Jonathan have looted, stolen and privatized Nigerian resources and are holding them in estate for their children and unborn children. This goes against the progressive ethics of your spiritual song “no farmer plants the salt…” because God is the source of all earthly resources and thus it belongs to all. This is the source of my worry and moral pain. Did you tell Mr. Jonathan this   moral truth when he came to the Redemption Camp just before the election? Given that Mr. Jonathan is presumably a Christian did you tell him to live and govern by this Christian ethics?

I need to ask you this and begin to call on our Christian leaders as servants of God to take a public moral stand on behalf of their suffering flock. This is because weeks ago as we commenced the Easter season, Mr. Jonathan was again host to another group of Christian prayer warriors-General Gowon and Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, president of Christian Association of Nigeria. This time around, the call to prayer did not happen at the hallowed ground of the Redemption Camp, rather it happened right there at the corruption ridden ground of the presidency.  If anything it is this new strange call to prayer that has finally woken me up to commence this series of letters to Nigerian Christian Pastors who by act of omission or commission are beginning to be complicit of the moral crime being daily committed by this regime on poor Nigerians.

Sir, I know you are a former Mathematics professor in a Nigerian University. And those who are close to you, say you are a-political possibly because of your deep spirituality. They also vouch for your humility and modesty before God. I believe them.  But sir, the church to the extent that it is an open space is part of the public sphere. To that extent when the church goes near the symbols of state and corruption it opens itself to public scrutiny.

So even though you are a-political, the president’s visit  to you at the Redemption Camp just before the election was not. The visit was political. This is why you and other Nigerian Pastors who the president might have  visited and will still visit for the purpose of the coming election  have the moral obligation to speak out on behalf of poor Nigerians who the corruption under Mr. president kills every day. Sir, have you done this recently? Will Mr. Jonathan and other thieving politician   be allowed again at the hallowed ground of the Redemption Camp? Will you yourself visit the corrupt ridden ground of Mr. Jonathan’s presidency as some Christian Pastors are already doing? These are my questions. Next week, I will call your attention to my next letter to General Gowon and Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor who recently conducted a Christian prayer visit to the presidency and the president. They need to tell us what they saw during their visit to the presidency, and their response to what they saw.

Thank you sir.


Adeolu Ademoyo, aaa54@cornell.edu, is of the Africana Studies Department, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.



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  • Otopsyn

    Dear Adeolu Ademoyo,
    First of all,in a letter of credence,it is grammatically advisable to do away with sycophantic repititions which poses the writer as a definite lobbyist.I am so sure your are not a christian.And if by chance you are,for a decade now you haven’t read your bible.Please answer this question,can a pastor refuse a worshipper entrance into the church?Why do some of you who want to make themselves known always look for cheap means.So because you know that the man of God will not reply someone like you who have no vision,you decided to take unnecessary advantage. By the way,what has Jonathan done?Who paid you to do this?Honestly you have lost contact with facts.Well i don’t blame you.Someone standing at a distance doesn’t see clearly.If in the first place you are a patroitic citizen,you wouldn’t have flown abroad for greener pastures.Mind you,threatening to write to Gowon and Oritsejafor will not make us at alert to read your write up.Thats not how to get the people to you.Note that you are not a winner.

  • Josko40

    Your open letter to our revered man of God is to me one of the reasons i think Nigeria as a nation still has a future, inspite of our many failures as a nation and people, Nigeria is still blessed with men of courage and sincerity. one of the greatest problem of us men is our inability to learn from history.I am bold to say that if the latest move of God in relation to the global christian revival,which i believe God is using a lot of Nigeria as a tool is to last, every reasonable man of God must be weary of politics and much more Nigeria politics.

  • Adeolusodo

    otopsyn, people like you are the problem of nigeria. always eager to blame perceived enemies for all things. read the open letter again to see if the writer have stated that no one can be turned back from entering the church.

  • dj

    @ otopsyn , i think its fair to respect the writers opinion ..as everybody is entitled to his or her own .
    can i also quickly add if i may that; it is only God that CANNOT be questioned.

    • Doubleimpact2009

      @ dj, he published so we can read… respecting his opinion has no place here.

  • Regy

    Jonathan is not the first President to visit Pastor Adeboye or attend the RCCG Holy Ghost service. During this present regime campaign, Buhari led by Pastor Tunde Bakare also visited Pastor Adeboye, though, not during the Holy Ghost service. Before now, we have had several passed presidents who had turned things upside down and it only takes the mercy of God for those things to be repaired with time. Jonathan cannot perform magic coming from the same platform that produced the passed presidents. If you and me happen to be elected today on the same platform it will still be the same old story. However, President Jonathan’s visit to the RCCG camp does not change anything, it is only God that can convicts a man. Pastor Adeboye did what is expected of him to do by welcoming the President and asking Nigerians to pray for him (OUR PRAYERS CAN MAKE THINGS HAPPEN). Mind you, he was still the President at the time of this visit, so he has to be welcomed the way it was done. Anybody can go to church or mosque to receive God’s blessing or inspiration from any man of God. It does not make the person a saint. Pastor Adeboye is not a talkative, I believe he must have told the President his mind and this he will not come to the public to say except God has asked him to do so. The Bible admonished us to always pray for our leaders and those in authority over us. Maybe we complain, abuse and curse them that is why we are not recording any progress. If a father says to his son “you stupid, idiot” that child comes out be idiot and stupid. Lets change our thinking orientation and allow God to do His work and believe that Nigeria will surely be great in our time.

  • MemyselfandI

    Moral stone throwing… While Pastor Adeboye may have his own issues, he will settle them with his Creator. That, DEFINITELY!!! Whether we believe it or not. But each individual needs also to look at and work on himself as his own contribution to trying to help salvage our decaying humanity, because he too will settle all with his Creator. Recall the Christ, he dined with the publicans and those who were sinners in the eyes of the public – you can earlier draw a parallel in thinking of the accuser and accusee, if Johathan (JEGA) can be thought of as a similar ‘saviour’! However, I will not be surprised if the Christ is again crucified by both sides of this article, where he to appear today…

  • kolawole

    Ignorance man’s letter! Did Buhari and Bakare not visit the church under in a camera too? In fact, your letter should have better been directed to Bakare after all what he has said against the man of God he still went to the church to visit the man. Why? If anyone need to go for deliverance it’s Buhari and Bakare!