Unjust government sinking Nigeria By Isa Ali Pantami

Isa Ali Pantami

If you ask me to summarise in a single “word” the reason for Nigeria’s sinking in the river of chaos and pandemonium as demonstrated in the prophetic framework of our previous discussion, then I will instantly say “Injustice”.  Usman Bn Fodio (RH) said, an ungodly nation can be sustained and promoted with justice, while a religious nation cannot be sustained and promoted with injustice. Because, in sustaining a nation with peace, tranquillity and progress, attaining justice as a result of spiritual restraint is better than religion with physical actions of going to the Masjid (popularly known as mosque) and Church without spiritual restraints.

Our Lord has reminded us that, He will never change our living condition unjustly until we change it within ourselves.” …Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change what is within themselves…” (Qur’an13:11). This is very applicable to our situation in our darling Nigeria; we had been living in tranquillity, contentment, peace, law and order when we had relatively sincere and just leaders in the past decades.

Justice is generally divided into two:  these are retributive justice -includes equality of fair hearing and equality before the law, and distributive justice- includes equal distribution of wealth to the leaders and the led. All these forms of justice are absent in our darling Nigeria. Consequently therefore, injustice brings all kinds of social vices to society including what I entitled as “artificial abject poverty”, “artificial unemployment”, “irreligious religious conflicts” and ignorance. Believe me; any society that mischievously and unjustly creates artificial poverty and unemployment will hardly avoid chaos and pandemonium.

The most recent Human Development Report launched by the UNDP in November 2011, placed Nigeria in the 142nd position out of 169 least prosperous countries in the world. In addition to that, the country was listed 15 among 42 countries belonging to the “least human development” category. The report categorised countries into groups of Very High Human Development, High Human Development, Medium Human Development, and Low Human Development with Nigeria painfully falling into the last category.

It is indeed painful and disastrous that the so-called Giant of Africa is no longer progressing; the giant is diminishing on a daily basis. Nigeria being the second largest economy in Africa has a per capital income of a mere US$1,224 compared to the largest economy, South Africa, with national income per head of about US$9,812. Nigeria was equally placed shamefully behind Kenya and Cameroun in terms of income per head. It is also behind Ghana, Benin Republic, Cameroon and Uganda on life expectancy.

History and experience give witness to the fact that poverty and unemployment as a result of injustice, brings all kinds of evil to society. This is why Ali Bn Abi Daalib (RA) used to lament whenever he addresses his lieutenants and followers, expressing his desire to eliminate poverty:    “If poverty were a living being, I would have had it executed”. He is also been reported to have said, emphasizing the evil consequences of poverty:     “It is almost as if poverty will become disbelief”. This serious anathema is brought about as a result of injustice.

As we know that, Nigeria is a nation which has been blessed with abundant natural resources, in addition to abundant human and capital resources, that have the potentials to elevate, integrate, advance and catapult Nigeria and Nigerians from a struggling economy to the position of an industrialised and developed nation in the world. Currently, our country can still boast of proven oil reserves estimated at about 36 billion barrels, while natural gas reserves estimated to be over 100 trillion cubic feet. Recently, National Bureau of Statistics confirmed that, over 67% of Nigeria’s population, which is around 112million people are living terribly below poverty level, but in this context is it artificial poverty.

This destructive anathema is brought about as a result of injustice. The Minister of Youth and Social development of Nigeria recently said, twenty million Nigerian youths are unemployed and they are a security threat. He said the unemployment figure estimated at 41.6%, is almost about the highest in the world presently.

Unfortunately, government is doing nothing sincerely and genuinely to reduce this anathema. While discussing about wanton corruption of government, Dr Salman Al’audah opined that, “It is foolish for governments to ignore these negative developments of injustice, poverty and unemployment. It is self-destructive for regimes to persist in the old ways. At worst, it could lead to civil war.”

At the same time, technological advancement in information and telecommunication technology (ICT) has brought about fundamental changes to society, in which people are being linked together, share their views and voice out their opinions. For example, facebook has over 811 million subscribers; most of them are educated and unemployed energetic young people. If that number were the population of a country, it would be the third-largest country of the world, after China and India. This population chats, posts and comments and shares views about injustice being perpetrated by government in power.

Our Lords says: And when We decide to destroy a nation, We first send a definite order (to obey Allah and be righteous) to those among them who are given the good things (i.e leadership and wealth) of this life. Then, they transgress (by injustice and immorality) therein, and thus the word (of torment) is justified against them. Then We destroy them with complete destruction (Q17:16)

The upside-down punishment explained in this quotation is very similar to our darling Nigeria. Crimes committed by those in the corridors of power are more deadly and destructive than the ones committed by the led, though both are detestable. Because the one committed by leaders invites wrath and curse of our Lord.

Finally, it is the duty of those who are in contact with leaders to remind them about their injustice in order to save our sinking Nigeria from drowning ultimately. If they admonish them, Lord knows and they will definitely be rewarded, otherwise they will perish together in the river of chaos. May our Lord save our sinking Nigeria from drowning.

Mr. Pantami (isapantami@yahoo.com, an Islamic cleric, is a lecturer at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, and PhD Candidate (Computing & IT) in the United Kingdom






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  • Chris Peter

    This erudite scholar knew our the problem of naija jaga-jaga by people like jega. I pray government listens to him or people around their shrines. If we fight injustice and its branches, naija will progress. I salute your religious approach. I dont know northern muslims have good and intellient people till I started reading your stuff. Chris Peter

    • Jameel Ringim

      My Brother you really give me a good tonic. I believe with people like you Nigeria well be a better place, please keep it up . Remain bless

  • Ken_Mani

    I would like to add that ISLAM is the cause of 99% of Nigeria’s problems. Why can’t Muslims live in peace and learn to accommodate people of other faith as others accommodate them even in the UK where this writer currently resides. Islam is the real problem in Nigeria. The entire thing called Islam is wholly unjust and must be rejected by all well meaning persons. I would like to know what this writer has said about the beheadings, killings and destruction of properties of non-muslims by Islam in Northern Nigeria. I would like to know what this writer has said about the unconstitutional declaration of Sharia in some states in Nigeria. I would like to know what this writer said when Islam unjustly and violently stopped the Miss Universe contest in Nigeria bearing in mind that Nigeria is not for muslims only. Let Islam learn justice and virtually all of Nigeria’s problems will be solved. UNJUST ISLAM, HINDERING NIGERIA

    • Matemilola

      Ken_Mani: This writer has been teaching us for long, the difference between the genuine taching of Islam and the action of some hypocrites in the name of Islam. Google his article of ….in the days of violence and crises. I forgot the beginning, but this is truely the end of the title. Islam has tught justice and has solved all Nigeria’s problems, what remains is implementation.

      • Ken_Mani

        In 1980 I gained admission into Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. I arrived Zaria on a Saturday morning and met my friend who was already in his second year. My friend and I came to Zaria to continue with our education after time at the then College of Science and Technology Port Harcourt. My friend received me warmly and arranged for me to take a bath which I did. We immediately proceeded to the Dining and had our breakfast. After Breakfast, I suggested to my friend that we should go to the student Buttery and have a drink before I would retire to rest from my long train trip from Port Harcourt to Zaria. To my greatest surprise my friend told me that we cannot do that here. That, that kind of provision we enjoyed at College of Science and Technology PH was not available in Kongo Campus because of the Centre for Islamic Legal Studies located in Kongo Campus. He suggested that we should go to Samaru or Sabon Gari for a drink if we must. I could not believe what he was saying to me. I asked him if Ahmadu Bello University was not a Federal Government institution meant to accommodate all Nigerians irrespective of their belief and lifestyle. How come then we are all forced to live by the rules made by the so called Center for Islamic Legal Studies which was nothing more than a Department in the faculty of law. If they want total control of their environment why can’t they go and build a wholly owned Islamic Center outside the University. From this experience, it dawned on me early that Islam is devilishly intolerant, does not respect the legitimate right of others, and has no sense of accommodation and justice; there is nothing called justice in Islam and I insist that the world must rise and vehemently ensure the complete eradication of Islam from every corner of the globe. I do not know the background from which this man is talking about justice. Is it from an Islamic background? If it is, then perish the thought.

        • Chris Peter

          KEN_MANI: You are not just in your comments. I am a Practicing Christian through out. Some of us are not just to Moslems, and also some Moslems are not just to us. This is the big problem impeding the progress of our country. Do you mean all Moslems are criminals and unjusts? I don’t agree with you if you say yes. I know many good Moslems and bad ones, as I know many good Christians and bad ones. Our problem in Naija is not religion, be it Christianity or Islam. Our big problem is SENTIMENT like your own here. Cos both religion teach justice and tolerance, as how this Clergyman pointed out. I believe we can only solve our problem if we avoid our sentiments and respect other people’s religion. Ken, Jesus advised us not to reply evil with evil. but here u reply goodness with evil with protect you from to the Heaven. Please read the book of John in your bible. I dont mean to hurt you. I read these articles and benefit from them. May Lord save u in Jesus name. Chris Peter

          • Bbgelbabs

            Thank u Chris, u’re really a good christian, pple hide under the disguise of religion to achieve their personal and selfish goals.We need to understand this. The peace u are craving for, Ken, doesn’t come from these kinds of utterances. In response to the scenario in ABU Zaria, despite the fact schools and universities in predominantly non- muslim regions were not meant for them only, no provision is made for mosque though muslim pray 5 times a day. They had to either go outside the, that is if there is any close by or go and pray in confines of there rooms. so we take it d way it is bcos we know d pple there are not muslim, mosque was never in their plan. So also when u come 2 a predominantly muslim regions no provision for drinkingl bars, as Islam prohibit trading and drinking alcoholic drinks. you need to respect that.

        • Jameel70

          Well, Im really confused with your comment my dear KEN, with all the level of education you attianed and yet you dont seemed to think or act as an educated person (Forgive me Im writing in a condemning fashion). My advise to you is that, you should please try to control some what your emotion and always build your thoughts and perceptions with a positive mind set so that your judgment will be balance deviod of any sentiment and delusion.

          Let us come together and salvage this country from the hands of the compromising ELITES who manupulate the mind of people like you, these few ELITES come from every part of the country with different religious background but united in the same crime agiants the Nigerian Mass, they feast on the wealth of this Nation as if its thier own personal belonging. Come on KEN wake up from your slumber. God Has a reason for bringing us together as a Nation.

          If you cast your mind and fonder over what Jesus preaches you will see love, doing good to your neighbours, tolerance and broard mindedness with one another and on ……… therefore, Im extending the hand of friendship to you let us make this country a very habitable place for every one so that foriegn investors will be attracted. Thank you and God bless

        • Dwrko

          Ken many including your forfathers tried to clear islam from the earth but failed and perished, Many are still trying to do so yet could not succeed, if you think you can do it then try. Even though you are next to illitrate, check how many people islam begines with? what difficulties did islam encountered? is islam retarding or progressing? This is a religion managed by God only otherwise it have died since cos of you type. Thank you for bringing out your illitracy.

        • Alhagabas

          God forbids! This is really very wonderful of you, but there is not much to wonder about as from my little Bible study taught to understand that the first “Miracle” performed by your your “god” is turning water into wine. But please and please study your spiritual book very well, do a good home work over it and come to tell me (NO SENTIMENTS).

        • Musa

          So your belief is all about drinking, am really sorry for you.

    • Umar Abbas

      Its unfortunate that you don’t even know your own religion talk less of been fair to other’s religion, if you do understand the article posted by Isa Ali, you wouldn’t have responded pitifully as you did. If you don’t have anything to say just keep quite is better for you than ridiculing yourself that you are complete ignorant parading yourself as an elite. Go and learn your religion then you can write and post.@ Matemilola and Chris thank you for your reading and understanding may God increase you in wisdom.

    • Musa

      Hello Mr KEN, i am not really surprise with your comments; because you clearly validate that you are deaf, dumb and blind, so you can even do more than that.

  • Musa Muhammad Kobi

    My Sheikh continue the good work, and be distracted with the criticism of Ken and Co. Because they only envy you and envy your religion. Allah will reward you bountifully. How is your studies? I checked you at home the last time you came for holiday almost a month now. But was told you travellled to Jos for a lecture at Albayan. The following day I saw in ATBU, deans office, but could’nt wait till end of your meeting. Hope to see you soon for another holiday. How is studies?

  • Tunde

    Wonderful article. Keep up the good work.

  • Baba yalwan Kagadama

    This article is highly educative and displayed the actual happenings in Nigeria. Thank you malam for this great contribution, may Allah reward you abundantly.
    For Ken_Mani who is criticizing Islam is toally ignorant of his Christianity or any other faith he claims to follow. I am advising him to go back and learn his faith before saying anything about other religions. He is quite a religious bigot and he will surely fail in his bid to black mail Uslam. Allah ya karemu.

  • Abdullahi

    Please leave Ken alone. Do not disturb him. Leave him with his incurable Islamophobia. It is always good to allow some body to vomit out his prejudice. At least through that we can understand the extent to which some elements can be shackled and manacled by a systematically inculcated blind prejudice. After all what do you expect from a person who has been programmed since childhood to believe that his entire misfortune is a creation of certain ethnic or religious group? Ken, please go ahead to display more of your ignorance and incurable stereotype. More suger, and milk and Ovaltine, to your tea. And you may wish to educate us about your Christian bretheren who were caught with weapons and those caught trying to burn churches in Bauchi, Gombe, Adamawa, Bayelsa etcetera. Educate them please. Are the peace lovers? Come on talk Mr Ken.

  • Kudirat

    This is a wonderful treatise. Ken_Mani, you are not a good christian. Fellow Nigerians replied you here intellectually. I thank them for that. Our religious people can assist in solving our problem in this country. Thank you for your effort. Kudirat M.

  • a yaya

    Jaza’akalllah khairan.This is a wonderful contribution.May ALLAH [SWT] reward you abundantly and keep on doing this job sir

  • Gaaji

    I really do hope we mend our ways..jazak Allaahu khayran