Nigerian Medical body secures court order against sack of resident doctors

Doctors performing surgery on a patient

The Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, has secured a court injunction from the Nigerian Industrial Court restraining the Nigerian government from sacking resident doctors.

The injunction was granted Monday, nearly two weeks after the government fired the 16,000 resident doctors and suspended residency training.

The order came a day after the NMA suspended its strike that lasted more than seven weeks.

“We’ve secured court injunction against implementation of the circular suspending residency training programme and sack of residents,” the Secretary General of the NMA, Adewunmi Alayaki tweeted Monday.

“All the CMDS/MDs are expected to be served within the next 36 hours. Let’s remain calm,” he added.

More details to come soon…


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  • Tokunbo Adewale Toriola

    I think our Doctors now realise that an Okro cannot be taller than the planter. (ila kii ga ju onire lo) of course, the planter might cut it when harvesting. Thread softly whenever you have any grievance to be aired. Anyway, thanks for suspending the strike.

  • emmanuel

    Did they defeat Fashola in court when he sacked some of them sometime ago?

    Useless people who allow people die because of struggle for supremacy. I am sure the FG would deal them final blow this time. They have not seen anything yet.

    They are worst than factory workers who work for Chinese and Indian employers

    • Candid

      You are so embittered! Words r eggs! It is obvious u av none of them as ur family members and you have not taken d pain to hear from d other party apart from d govt ‘s claims.If being a doctor is to serve ungrateful idiots like you, then it is not worthwhile.They r humans, with families who also treasure them! It is obvious you dont know what it is all about and you are so biased and you av a serious inferiority complex! Go sort urself out n stop pouring out ur frustrations on the doctors.

      • Olu Osinubi

        God bless u my brother for your comment. Thanks 4 putting bitter guy where he belongs.

        • Otuh Ikechukwu

          birds of d same feather

      • Otuh Ikechukwu

        candid ,u should stop blabbing.what emmanuel said is true.u foolishly and greedily pushed urself to this tight corner.i just pray u swallow ur pride and learn 4rm this .

  • shina

    You are not just making sense
    So shot the f up..

  • henry odukomaiya

    Dr. Aribisala. You do not make allowance for the fact of inflated poll figures in 2011. Since the registration process was not biometric then, the opportunity to indulge in multiple voting was far higher. And why is it that when GEJ won, that election was free and fair, but when he lost, the election is a gang-up against a minority. You are also wrong to pretend to be neutral. You may not be a member of the PDP, or have spoken to GEJ, but that does not stop you from being a partisan of the most rabid kind. It is amusing that you and your good friend Femi Fani-Kayode are on the same side of the argument; it is interesting that your attacks on him stopped the moment he rejoined the PDP!

  • This Aribisala character is more clueless than our dear outgoing President. I think I should stop reading him henceforth, for he has nothing more meaningful to say. Obviously. Shame.

  • dudu

    abi won di Aribisala yi ni?

    • HassanNurudeen

      bro..esu l’o n se Aribisalasala ni jare

  • Aliyu D. Muhammad

    Cheap attention seeker

  • andy

    Aribisala I must tell u this; u are a disgrace to youself, family and generation. In 2011 when Jonathan won, inec to you was perfect but now that the table has turned around, inec is bad.Shame on u Aribisala.

  • I am absolutely confident now that this author’s intent is complete misinformation…..Unfortunate Nigerian I guess.

  • oba

    This man is even making mockery of Jonathan and his people by portraying them as irredeemable elections riggers using Rivers as typical example.

    • newvoice404

      Thanks so much for the observation. That is why I wrote that he knows why SW votes were small but fair and SE/SS votes were bogus and fraudulent. He is just a sadistic liar and a sycophant

  • Mufubaba

    This aribibabasala is just a bloody liar and a conspiracy theorist. Most of his allegations are unsubstantiated and his kind are the ones who have sworn to continue to polarize Nigeria.

  • Umar Nuhu Galadima

    You can do better dan dis Mr

  • Mamtech

    Suddenly the almajiris of the northern Nigeria are the more enlighten ones. Liars have short memory….

  • ibrex

    Aribisala is among the people that do not wish this country well. He is a sadistic, unrepentant religious bigot.

  • Northeast

    I cannot believe an informed person can distort facts and figures just to gain sympathy but Nigerians are wiser. If you’re one of those who tolerate corrupt regime because the head is from the minority then, I am sorry for you and people like you.
    I pray that Nigerians will soon see the reasons why majority voted the APC. President Jonathan is good man who loves his country but it was people like you that made it difficult for him to perform optimally for all. I pity you and I feel sorry for those gullible Nigerians who believe in anything you write. God bless Nigeria.

  • CrownWale

    Mr Femi thanks for your usual upside down article, this part of your article cut my attention:”My faith requires me to support the weak. Therefore, I will always support the minority against the tyranny of the majority. We cannot be reliant on South-South oil in Nigeria and then treat one of their sons as if he is an impostor for being president of the country. The fact of the matter is that this presidential election was the result of a vicious and malicious gang-up of the majority ethnic groups against the minorities.”

    My conclusion is that your faith need to be re-examine,average Nigerians who voted GEJ in 2011 would have voted for him again in 2015 if we can all see his deliverable not those TAN propaganda all over the town. so the elections is not against the south south minority rather against Jonathan that did not live up to the expectation of Nigeria people so think deeply next time you want to post some of your myopic articles again.

  • CrownWale

    Mr Femi thanks for your usual upside down article, this part of your article cut my attention:”My faith requires me to support the weak. Therefore, I will always support the minority against the tyranny of the majority. We cannot be reliant on South-South oil in Nigeria and then treat one of their sons as if he is an impostor for being president of the country. The fact of the matter is that this presidential election was the result of a vicious and malicious gang-up of the majority ethnic groups against the minorities.”

    My conclusion is that your faith need to be re-examine,average Nigerians who voted GEJ in 2011 would have voted for him again in 2015 if we can all see his deliverable not those TAN propaganda all over the town. so the elections is not against the south south minority rather against Jonathan that did not live up to the expectation of Nigeria people so think deeply next time you want to post some of your myopic articles again.

  • Bashb

    Femi you have miscalculated. Your strategy was to get the attention of GEJ and position your self for plum job. You principal is down and out. The hared you have for Asiwaju will take you nowhere.

  • CrownWale

    Mr Femi thanks for your usual upside down article, this part of your article caught my attention:”My faith requires me to support the weak. Therefore, I will always support the minority against the tyranny of the majority. We cannot be reliant on South-South oil in Nigeria and then treat one of their sons as if he is an impostor for being president of the country. The fact of the matter is that this presidential election was the result of a vicious and malicious gang-up of the majority ethnic groups against the minorities.”

    My conclusion is that your faith need to be re-examine,average Nigerians who voted GEJ in 2011 would have voted for him again in 2015 if we can all see his deliverable not those TAN propaganda all over the town. so the elections is not against the south south minority rather against Jonathan that did not live up to the expectation of Nigeria people so think deeply next time you want to post some of your myopic articles again.

  • murtala bg

    This grey hair lunatic is finding life unbearable.i have prayed that the elections will keep u in perpetual anger and frustration and thank GOD my prayers are will never be happy with whatever that will happen again…….and so shall you end your life in anger.

    • El-batuta


  • Umar

    What the INEC did rather was to moneuver the PDP and her rigging strategies, tie her hands and render her attempts futile. Every one Knows that there is no way GEJ can beat GMB or any one for that matter, in a free and fair election, GEJ is a self acclaimed failure and the scandals that rocked his administration alone are more than enought to see him buried for good. Thanks to Jega and the PVCs, the over 4.1 million unused votes in lagos state remained unused, other wise the PDP would have shamelessly allocated these to themselves, the PDP would have also shamelessly awarded maximum votes for them selves in percieved strong holds of there’s like the south-south and south-east. I wonder if Nigerians have appreciated the full import of the service Jega has done this NATION, if it were not for Jega and his strategy, Nigeria would have been in a state of emergency by now because the PDP does not give a damn and would have rigged the elections and thrown the nation in to violence if there hands were tied by JEGA.

  • dickxon

    I am amazed at this man’s rumblings and this me thinking aloud ‘is this man a devil sent?’ This man once said that GEJ is already d winner, so what went wrong? Dajudaju, this is one of GEJ paid men.

  • TNN

    “However, most of those (South-West) votes were actually not for Buhari: they were against Jonathan.” – Femi Aribisala

    ‪#‎MyTake‬: Methinks the SW could have voted any of the remaining 12 candidates if truly their votes were against ‪#‎Jonathan‬ AND not for ‪#‎Buhari‬. Prof ‪#‎Aribisala‬ erred on this.

    • mary

      Dunce! If they vote for the remaining 12 candidates, then Jonathan will win. Only way to fire jona is to vote for Buhari. Think!,

      • drdenx

        “any of the remaining 12 candidates”. the word ANY emphasised. See why you should make your point and stop insulting people.

  • Abdulrashid

    Mr Femi, you made mentioned that you have never a politician , neither APC nor PDP member, but your article and mindset showed that you are card carrying member of PDP, you said southerners were refused to be given PVC in the north, where are you? when southerners especially the igbos were busy parking there loads leaving north where they collected their PVC to south just because of fear that post election may erupt,where are you when INEC kept shifting the date of PVC collection just to ensured that nobody was disfranchise. 2015 Election is not all about south or North, is about both regions have tired with 16 Years PDP mal-administration. so please update your article!

    • Wise Head

      You in the core (Hausa-Fulani) North have a reputation for blood-thirst that now worked in your in favour. As the elections approached, you created an atmosphere of fear. Threats filled the air. And knowing that you have nor iota of regard for human lives, many Southerners fled your territory. That was what you wanted. You now had the whole space to yourself to vote your Buhari, while no one threatened the Hausa/Fulani in the South. They all felt very safe and voted for their Buhari. The fear mongering and Jega’s manipulations are all part of your rigging formula. Keep on thirsting for blood and using it to achieve things. One day, you will thirst for your own blood and what you would have in the North are mass mutual annihilation. He who relishes shedding of blood, his own blood will be shed one of these days

      • Sadeeq Rabo Abdulkadeer

        Mr. Wise Head, pls change your name to dumphead. Because your dumphead is filled with nothing but sentiments. Enemy of Nigeria, Enemy of progress.

    • Sadeeq Rabo Abdulkadeer

      GOD bless you Abdul!!!

    • El-batuta

      Forget him Abdulrashid. He is too blind to see any reasonable argument.

  • Samtoba Joshua

    Aribisala is an unbelievable character. I pray that God will let you see the light and change your ways.

    • El-batuta

      May he never see any light. May he continue in his darkness for eternity.

      • dah

        el batuta trade gently.

        • El-batuta

          Thank you brother. It was a momentary “slip of pen”

  • TNN

    “In the 2011 election, they (the Yorubas) said this (dislike for Buhari’s aspiration) emphatically by giving him a paltry 321,000 votes out of the 4.7 million cast in the geopolitical zone. This time, in 2015, Buhari received 2.4 million South-West votes, with a plurality of 600,000 over Jonathan.

    “…In the end, the South-West vote was neither pivotal to Buhari’s victory nor central to Jonathan’s defeat.” – Femi Aribisala

    #MyTake: Aribisala may not be right on this. If Buhari could get additional 2.1 million votes from the SW this time and some 3.2 million votes over his 2011 figures, I think the SW vote was pivotal to his victory.He won this election by polling 15.4 million votes as against 12.2 million he polled in 2011.

    • Sorochi James John

      At same time, the increased difference that you claimed to have given Buhari victory came from the machination the writer indicated and registration of underage.

  • debs


  • Abdulkadir

    I often think people will argue based on their conviction and as you listen or read their argument, you can see and reason with them. This man is always irrational because his arguments are never based on conviction nor are they plausible. He simply sits down to write nonsense and perhaps wait to see he kind of reaction he gets. He is like a laboratory analyst who concocts different chemicals, not because he believes they are compatible but because he seeks to experiment the result of their incompatibility. Somebody should tell this old man, we cannot be the pieces of his mind games.

  • Malik Isah

    fortunately for Aribisal, it is only when people are dirty, sitting by the road side, picking food from the dustbins and murmuring to themselves that they are declared insane in this part of the world. i know that these are definately words penned by an insane man.

  • Jika

    This eternally irredeemable bigot.Why are you hell bent on causing disharmony,disaffection and intolerance.The level of anger and hatred that you harbor in you is such that will hasten your demise.You are really and truly pathetic.May all the bad things you wish for Nigeria be your eternal portion.

    • El-batuta


  • Odemena K Nwamara

    Like a swoop of worm, Dr. Femi Aribisala has been attacked with all sorts of insults, mis-interpretations and subtle treats. A case of bitter truth. When will Nigerians learn to take things objectively rather than insultively? It is APC today. It will be another party tomorow and situations will change direction. How long shall we continue to insult ourselves, insult our leaders and insult truth? Should the flaws Aribisala pointed at not better investigated and possibly corrected for future benefits of the country. ‘This Boko haramic’ accept-my-own-or-die attitude can never lead Nigeria or Nigerians to any meaningful development; history is my withness.

  • salako

    Shame on you, you dont have anything to contribute, all your saying is rubbish!

  • Lincoln Bamiro

    Mr Aribisala your analysis is myopic and logically flawed. When did the resources of a nation becomes the sole ownership of one ethic group in Nigeria. Since when? My Maternal Grandfather was a cocoa farmer. His sweat contributed to the wealth of the western region of which was used to fight and create the nation called Nigeria. The Groundnut pyramids of Kano contributed to the commonwealth and purse that created Nigeria too.
    How come the oil reserves are the preserves of the south /south. It’s your ilks that mislead and misguided the south-south indigenes into believing that sharing is a sin.

    In modern politics Integration, coalition and strategic planning are the order of the day.

    • Joe

      This man Aribisala understand northern fulanis very well. Tinubu and Yorubas will clash very soon with the Fulani elites, infact in less than two years Osinbajo may wish to go back to pulpit. Southern politicians do not know how obsessed a Fulani man is with power. Note that hausas are nice people BUT NOT FULANIS!. Fulani man is ready to spill blood if power is taken from him.

      • Jika

        Dear sir,you that understand the Fulanis,can you tell us how many ‘Fulani’ men held power at the helm of this country from Independence till date?Thanks while I anticipate your response.

        • JayGeeEx

          Use your favorite search engine.

          • Jika

            Thank you Mr Busy body.By the way is JayGeeEx the same as joe,or,is it a case of crying more than the bereaved?

          • JayGeeEx

            You’re welcome. Me? Busybody? No.. Don’t look at it like that. I just find it difficult to ignore ignorant people most times.

            Hope the tip was useful sha. Did you see the list of names? And did you realise that was the first thing you should have done before posting?

          • Jika

            ‘I just find it difficult to ignore ignorant people most times’.You are free to indulge in self deception.I believe you need to wean yourself from this over exaggerated feeling of self worth.That said,please supply the names that you have ,since it is ‘apparent’ that I don’t have the required level of ‘intellect’ to use ‘my favorite search engine’

          • JayGeeEx

            My aim was to point out what should have been obvious to you. I did. Now, I’m done.

  • remi

    you are not to be taken seriously

  • remi

    you are sick and need psychiatrist attetion

  • Alex

    Aribisala is always on the other side of reason. He is permanently biased against reason.

  • Johnny

    Such a good writer but unfortunately always consistently wrong evident in the pre-election analysis as well as post election analysis.


    It so unfortunate that you have decided to muddle up facts with fiction, how can you substantiate the point that it is only non-indigenes that were NOT given PVCs? The onus lies on you to provide figures for that too, since you have figures for other things. I would not want to be abusive, but I am cock sure that you are free from AMNESIA, the South-West and other Geopolitical zones voted for Jonathan in 2011, if he has done so well, would he had lost in any part of the country 4 years down the line? The so-called number of votes he had was substantially boosted by the power of INCUMBENCY. For your information, Prophets of doom like you will be around when Pastor Osinbajo playing active roles in the administrartion

    will lead the nation with the wisdom of God.

  • stephenoladapo

    Femi Aribisala is a pathetic individual who pretends to hide behind the power of pen. I guess he knows he lost his audience long ago and that has nothing to do with his sentiments but his inability to make sense.

  • concerned9ja

    It is high time PT sacked this confusionist of a writer. Ninety nine per cent of comments are against him and if you take that to be poll, then his opinions are being rejected by readers. This man who arrogates every wisdom in this world has been shamed by God. He called himself pastor, yet he denigrated fellow clergy Prof Osinbajo during his past attempt to massage the ego of Jonathan. As it turned out, God glorified Osinbajo, a man who is shoulder high above Aribisala in all fields of life- more cerebral, educated, experienced and humble.
    As a pastor, Aribisala is definitely a poor representation of Christ and I wonder what kind of fold he is pastoring

  • Rufus

    well, hoodwinking a president isn’t easy….he must be an absolute moron to let it happen….

  • Abimbola

    The writer is not making any sense. He may be related to the Boko brothers that are disturbing the peace of Nigeria. If you don’t stop this type of non-sense article God will trouble you for troubling the PEACE of Nigeria.

    • dah

      His write up is equivalent to Boko Haram if not more than.

  • Shoxxy

    Looks like Femi Aribisala is on d payroll of his namesake, Femi Fani-Kayode. Other than d name thingy, they both tend to reason from their anuses.

  • oghenena

    Silence is not stupidity. I don’t believe in one Nigeria and I don’t believe in the shedding of innocent blood to make the country ungovernable. In due time the South will respond to Jega and the northern agenda appropriately. One Nigeria is not by force. #LetMyPeopleGo

  • Dele Ajaja

    Can’t this lousy fellow (Aribisala) shut up once?

    • drdenx

      Lol…..You want him to die in silence?!

  • Abusadiq Mustapha

    This man is just making baseless claims. Example the voters registration. Ordinary man will tell u that the voters register was very fair to both the north and the south. 2 the claimed ‘many’ under aged voters. I know of only one case in taraba. And the supposed child being accredited may not be an APC supporter. JEGA has done what the Witter will never accomplish in his life. Period. I am neither a supporter of JEGA or a beneficiary in GEJ government. I just said the truth.

  • Olumide

    Mr Aribisala,I could slightly read this your write up, I have been noticing you just quite recently in the news media, I thought you would be an intelligent and objective person, but by the time I got to the seventh paragraph of this write up, I had concluded that you are total rubbish and your political complexion is very glaring, I cannot continue to read this beyond that seventh paragraph as it has become very boring. I will spare some time to check who you really are with google, but in the meantime I will advice you to stop showing the world how unsophisticated you are.

  • West

    This is the type of write-up that misguided Jonathan out of office. I am very surprise the character that wrote this piece is said to be a pastor. I remember the man once wrote that Jonathan would win the presidential context and Jonathan lost. Now he has started another round of fake prediction that APC will loose Lagos. Guess this man is just evil

  • Farouq Turaki.

    What you have written is completely false and baseless.

  • Nwa _ Africa

    Femi what did Paul said today? The shock is too much for you and that is why you could not write anything last week.. Buhari is now your President so if you do not like him, you better run to Chad

  • Adamu Ndagi

    It is increasingly showing that Femi Aribisala is dying as a result of his personal hate writings about GMB. I greatly sympathize with him. No one is taking Femi’s pieces serious anymore.

  • abulbash

    Since u think the used of card readers is the major cause of ur failure, I think this is not the cause of ur failure. The major cause of ur failure is dt ur population is less than that of north. I suggest u should get married to 4 wives to increase ur population to aid u win the next comming election.

  • True Nigerian

    “In 2011, Jonathan got 5 million votes from the South Easr” – Femi Aribisala.

    You said you stand by the weak because of your Christian faith.

    As a Christian, does it matter to you that the voting figures that were credited to Jonathan from South East in 2011 were the outcome of a mindless rigging? Does it matter to you at all? Does honesty and sincerity matter to your analysis at all? Or do you just ignore falsehood if it feeds your own narrative?

    Jesus said we should be the salt of the earth. You are a poisonous Christian; a poison to the nation and a poison to the Christian faith. I am a Christian, and I feel utterly ashamed to know that you spread your hypocrisy in the name of Christianity. I am a Christian and an Igbo man, and should therefore appreciate your empathy for Igbos; but you are so false to an extent that even the truth you have spoken appears to be spoken in order to support a false motive.

    Ironically, the reason Jonathan lost is because he was ring-fenced from reality, because he was living in cocoon of lies and delusions of people like you. Whilst his popularity was dwindling for genuine reasons, folks like you kept on writing utter rubbish and reassuring him that Buhari would lose presidential election for the 4th time.

    Jonathan lost woefully to Buhari even in opinion polls organised by Jonathan’s own staff before the election. Yet, you are here claiming that Jonathan was rigged out by Jega.
    You are either a terrible liar or an incurably deluded pervert.

  • Bravo Syria

    what a load of rubbish!! with friends like this, no wonder Jonathan lost, this writer needs help!

  • wale

    Why is this guy’s reasoning upside down? Aribisala should go and look for something else to talk about

  • Akanji92

    Pastor Femi Aribisala, and his sponsors failed. Won nja aporo.

    • drdenx

      hahhahaha…..badt guy!

  • Geraldine

    What importance is this write up to our national development? You are trying to instigate people with your lies.

    • Dan Oname

      Glad there are folks like you in the mix of this conversation and that makes me hopeful for Nigeria.

  • My Good Brother, Femi Aribisala,


    I would have greatly appreciated, your good intention and support without hesitation, should your effort to whistleblowing, has been crowned with success, in view of the facts finding truth. This is very hourable and admet such brave and character.

    But did you stop and look as an insider , who are the prominent class advisers of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the IGBO, are you trying to say they’re not in his government to take any decisive position that could have change Nigeria?, but by fear refused to mentioned that the whole of IGBO first representative of GEJ, were in that government for their personal infrastructure stomach first before even IGBO general interest.

    My brother, be not afraid say the truth and let the devil be ashamed., Prof. Jega Attahiru, from day one, with my little position as keen political observer of the Nigeria political terrain, is one among the Jihadist Northern coalition merit position in Nigeria, politic.

    I notice this with the frustration to resignation of Mr. Festus Odimegwu, the former NPC chairman in middle 2014 of the National population censor bureau, did anyone see any Southern politicians tried to defend his good job … did we Nigeria ever hard the South: West, East and South-South, pressed for his support. That resignation alone should have open the eyes of the clueless Ijaw President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that something serious is on as plan by the North.

    As for Bola Ahmed TINUBU, the man is coming home to cry and it will so soon that he met nobody in his bourdillion home and many Yoruba and IGBO inclusive.

    As for the IGBO, they can still offer the usual U-turn, watch your back, they’re not the one that will loose out of all this skims, it is the Yoruba, because the effect will be disasterious for both TINUBU and Yoruba, beacuse they’re going to lose Lagos -State.

    The Yoruba, has open up for people without any sense of social great responsibility, to fight collectives, they have manifest an acute shortage of vision and political power to play collectives. The drame of we Yoruba will last for another 50 year of total skrewd to submission.

    Finally, my problems with the IGBOS, they love fighten the wrong fight as they’re always contended to the post of Vice-President under the North, which they’re going to lose. This people don’t know how to be patience and wait always pitching where and when it does not matter.

    I say, they’re a product of great profitors.

  • Tj

    Idiotic analysis. Lower votes from the South East means massive rigging in the zone has been the order of the day since 1999. All those figures from the zone was as result of inflated figures. Eat your heart out and be permanently in depression as Nigerians had already voted a person they want to administer them.

  • frank ota umeh

    May God bless you sir for this deep analysis. As usual, you will be insulted for daring to speak the truth. Please do not be deterred. The euphoria will die down someday. For after wedding comes marriage. Let’s hope the south will wake up to the fact that Jega has permanently sold them into slavery.

    • newvoice404

      If you call this write up the truth ,then you are worse than the psychopath!

      • ravenfin


        • Danny

          If the PVC was not meant to favour the North, take a look at the pictures below to see how Buhari got most of his votes. Could this happen in the south?

          • mustapha Shehu

            These are fake and fabricated pictures.these pictures are not from from voting sites. Provide prove, were you there? Was it you who took the pictures? Same on you.

          • Danny

            I don’t expect anything less from you anyway. Look at the first picture where a child is authenticating his PVC with his thumb on the card reader. That is FAKE too you would say.

          • Gidi

            Another photo shop…please stop insulting our intelligence

      • DON NERO

        These r the same set of pple dat misled GEJ with their stinking,tribalistic and divisive write ups…I so much hate this Femi guy sha

    • simonibekwe

      Anyone who find refuge in this distorted, wild and preposterous farcical rendition should have his head examined by a psychiatrist. Femi’s account is full of holes and an unfortunate drivel of a sore loser.

      • frank ota umeh

        As usual the insult rains.


    • Samuel Kayode

      Where was Aribisala when Prof Maurice Iwu subverted the will of the Nigerian people by Iwurizing election results nationwide? God rejected PDP – and so any passenger travelling on board PDP flight are considered rejected. Why Are You Mourning for Saul, when God has rejected him….?

    • mustapha Shehu

      You honestly think he is speaking the truth?

      • Michael Igoni

        Yes he is

  • kwazulu

    Am surprised you have not gone on exile? The earlier the better for you.

  • kwazulu

    Let me respond to some of your unfounded allegations, a greater number of Igbos are traders and they value their business more than anything, even if you share 200million PVCs in Anambra, I bet you, not up to one quarter of that number will come out to vote so far voting will not increase their business(everything is viewed in terms of monetary value). The learned ones also would not want to leave their comfort zone to come out in the scorching sun to vote because they feel it makes no difference.
    Secondly, the (unproved)f allegation that the card reader did not work so well in South East even helped PDP to rig, I must tell you that the numbers that were announced for Jonathan from the South East will be far more lower if not for rigging .
    What you need to do now is to apologise publicly to Buhari for all the insults you heaped on him prior to the election, as a converted democrat, he is ready to forgive you. Good luck to you (of course, I don’t mean Good luck Jonathan).

    • Tell him please. He should have hode his shameful face likr that of ffk but instead he is here deceiving fools

  • If what you wrote is a fact as you rightly called it, I’d wanted you to go to court rather than wasting your energy here. Election is a game of numbers and we got that.

  • Lekan

    It’s simply incomprehensible, this meaningless analysis base on emotion and sentiment, wrapped in hatred and disgust against the general wishes of the people of Nigerians. I guess you should look for something more reasonable and meaningful to contribute on this platform, period.

  • Africa

    The guy is suppose to be a pastor yet the only thing that protrudes from his write-ups are lies and bullshit. His likes are the ones that have dragged the country back these last 5yrs, feeding people in power with the lies they want to hear. The Christian pastors have done more harm than good to Nigeria, Christ would have been ashamed of them!

  • Dan Oname

    soar looser. I am hopeful for the next generation of Nigerians. My prayers is that folks like you will transition sooner. You are so full of hate and distortion and I wonder how you are able to sleep. I know this for a fact, you hardly can sleep well.

  • newvoice404

    Shame on you Femi Aribasala .Its now that I am really convinced that you are a psychopath.Your lies and fraudulent ways of living is beyond redeem. How can you so much make lying and dubious ways a living. My consolation is that if there is hell as the religions preach that you claimed to subscribed to, you will burn in the hottest part of hell. No need alluding to the fact why Lagos result was fair and why the SE /SS was not because you know and you are only lying. That is what you have make your whole life to become -lies upon lies. Im so ashamed of those who gave birth to you.

  • adeyemi

    U must be st*pid to have put up an imaginary column casting aspersions on inec whose performance was applauded all the world over. Am surprised that you are too st*pid to realise that Jonathan couldn’t have won even though Jonathan himself realised it and threw in the trowel early but here you are blaming inec for his failures and your st*pidity.

  • Prince A.

    I was not expecting anything good out of your writeup, Aribisala. It has always been your way. All these lies you put up are fragments of your demented brain. Get a life.

  • Akanji92

    Wrong analysis. Femi Aribisala deduction that Tinubu had no impact in Yorubaland as regards Buhari’s election is dead wrong. Buhari never had up to 25% thrice (2003, 2007, and 2011) in any Southwest State. Not only that he had more than 25% in Southwest states, and states with large Yoruba population (Kwara and Kogi) during the 2015 election, Buhari had majority of the votes in five of the six Southwest states, also Kwara and Kogi.
    In addition, assuming you remove the votes Buhari had in Southwest, GEJ could have won.
    So the overwhelming support Buhari had in the North was complemented by the votes of the Southwest voters.
    You cannot deny the significant role Tinubu played in the formation of APC.
    Femi Aribisala and the leaders of Afenifere envy Tinubu.

    • mustapha Shehu

      Please consider this, anything Tinubu I repeat anything Tinubi, Femi does not recognise it.I have said it severally that flustration is going to kill Femi Aribisala.Bola Tinubu is not his mate but he has refuse to listen.

  • Guest

    INEC announced while the elections where going on that their website was hacked and latter announced

    that it was restored. But Jega did not tell Nigerians what happened to the website. Fellow Nigerians, please know it that the hacking was a collaboration by INEC and APC to de-programme card readers in the North East to allow for manual accreditation to enable them achieve their ulterior motives. Secondly, to make accreditation in areas that support GEJ to have difficulties so that accreditation will be delayed and by extension the voting proper.

  • Mr International Observer

    INEC made an announcement while voting was in progress that their website has been hacked and latter announced that t was restored. But Jega did not tell Nigerians what happened to the website. Fellow Nigerians, please know it that the hacking was a collaboration by INEC and APC to de-programme card readers in the North East to allow for manual accreditation to enable them achieve their ulterior motives. Secondly, to make accreditation in areas that support GEJ to have difficulties so that accreditation will be delayed and by extension the voting proper.

    • paulo

      Why are you guys always like this. GEJ Lost chikena. 4years ago he won and same Jega was the inec chairman. You all make me laff. The write up by this pastor makes no sence.

    • DON NERO

      Which kind animal talk b this sef..Wbsite different from database olodo

  • Samuel Kayode

    You sound like the Ogogoro Prof that came to return Rivers Election Results. Am sure you’re not seeing things correctly going by your egocentric, tribalised, bigoted write-up!!!


      LOL! Ogogoro prof who could neither read nor understand the figures purportedly collated by him

  • tundemash

    The crying fake pastor,
    once you dry up your tears, please we would also like to read from you “How same Jega Defeated Buhari for Jonathan in the 2011 Presidential Elections “. Oloshi Oloriburuku Omo Ale, may you , your children and grandchildren meet with an unfortunate event not too long from now!

    • dele ojo

      I am just thinking people could be more decent in their use of language. I hope this is not a display of ignorance. Users of social media should have some degree of cerebral soundness.

      • tundemash

        Direct your preaching to your fake pastor; it is payback time ! If you just waka come, park well !

    • Daniel Ekaragha

      You are a disgrace with your abusive comment. What a shame!

      • tundemash

        You are a disgrace with your supid1ty !

      • tundemash

        You are disgrace to humanity as a chimpazee can reason better than you do.

  • Ade

    Old man and fake, heretical pastor aribisala, you vowed that Buhari can never rule Nigeria. You vowed that PDP would clear all the states in the south west. Now that your prophecies have failed, I expect you to burry your head in shame instead of writing this rubbish. Old man without wisdom.

  • Frank Picker

    Was looking out for Dr. Aribisala’s write up today. Apparently he is still recovering from the shock and trauma of APC’s success at the polls. His prophecies of PDP victory and denunciations of Buhari have been thrown in his face and he had to come up with an angle to reduce his shame. Like all self proclaimed prophets who claim the Almighty speaks to them, he has been shown to have the wisdom of a dunce. It is a pity that there will always be many who follow such spiritual highway men. Instead of admitting his folly and easily punctured analysis given with venom before now, he is looking to blame Prof Jega. It must be physically painful to be so publically shamed by none other than oneself. However, as stated ever so simply ” What a man Sows, that shall he reap”! The repercussion shall not fail to come. This applies to us all without exception.

  • Alhaji Alhaji

    FEMI Aribisala, FEMI “Funny”-Kayode………Hmmm! Femi used to be a good Yoruba name, until these two bastards corrupted it. A good African name is a terrible thing to waste. What a shame!

  • Nostradamus

    God bless you Mr. Femi Aribisala. The truth in this writeup will come to bite the south collectively 4 years from now. I always knew Jega was on the side of the opposition right from 2011. He merely took time to perfect the plan for handing power back to his brother. I only pray that the apparent backstabbing by the southwest wouldn’t forever divide the entire south. That election had little to do with Jonathan’s performance. It was all about power grabbing.

  • George Vatican

    Femi a very big thumps up for you, i love the way you clearify things for the whole world to know, the election was a systematic fraud orchestrated by those who think they alone owns Nigeria.

  • laf

    You are a pseudo intellectual, and your article is libelous. I hope prof jega rises to the occassion and sue you.

  • Olatunji Alaba


  • Dele k

    How we manipulate the truth. Mr. Aribisala is fighting the perseved war with Buhari for what happened in 1983. This is sad for Nigeria as one the intellectuals is manipulating the truth because of hatred for one man but Nigeria is greater than one man .

  • The Nigerian

    See cause your candidate lost doesnt mean u have to cry on national dailies like a spoilt child. Jona lost cause of his lack of leadership qualities and also he is surrounded by devilish people .if he had good advisers not vindictive ones the story would have been different today.Ask yourself if brother rotimis fight with Her excellency Dame was contained, if the G7 govs were listened to, if boko harram ws dealt with the way they are dealing with them now .Ask yourself just this three things. Would there have been a formidable APC.? Simple maths ? JONA would have won this election since in december. The election would have just been an attendance register and an avenue for uncle jegA to play with his toys no one would have carred. Jona dug his own grave and he knows it…every logical minded person knows this stop looking for unnecessary-tribalistic-unrealistic-excuses.

  • Ernesto Che Guevara

    This Femi Aribisala man needs a Sanity check. Where is his family? They should take the old man to a psychiatrist. If the elections in the north were a fraud, what about the voting in Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Delta and the south eastern states? Is Aribisala telling me that those states had free and fair elections?

  • Gidi

    Hahaha…There is nothing new in this article. Mr. Aribisala is going through 5 stages of grief, after his candidate loss at the poll.

    Stage 1: Denial
    Stage 2: Anger
    Stage 3: Bargaining
    Stage 4 Depression
    Stage 5: Acceptance

    Based on Kübler-Ross model, we can infer that Messr. Femi Aribisala is in stage 1 of the process. He is in denial despite all the evidence and facts contradicting his main thesis.

    You don’t need to be a genius to know that Jonathan loss was inevitable, given low turn out and voters apathy. President under-performed accepted number in his own base (SS and SE). The turnout was pretty low, a function of low performance of PDP in these states. For example, if the PDP had managed to raise their turn-out percentage to 95% of PVC distributed in all Goodluck Jonathan’s base (SS &SE + Taraba and Plateau), they have pretty good chance of winning by slim margin or forcing a run off.

    However, the average turn out ratio was below 80% in all President base, while the average turn out ratio in the North was pretty high, a function of high enthusiasm among the northerners. So, there is no point coming up with hypothesis that makes no sense, given the level playing field was pretty even. Even in Lagos, despite being heavily contested by both party, the turnout rate (as % of PVC distributed) is still pretty low.

    JEGA has done a wonderful job. 2011 data cannot be used as base case, given high level of PDP rigging and fraud. PVC distributed in each state should be used as base case.When you use PDP distributed as base case, then the strategy shift to who can get their supporters to the poll or convince their supporters to come out and vote. Party with high level of enthusiasm among supporters will see spike in voting compared to the one that are depressed. One could argue that the low turn out in the SE is because the Igbos were not that impressed with President GEJ or PDP performance in their region.

  • bikky

    Old man Femi,are you still day dreaming oga,your pen couldn’t rig figures for your anointed Jonathan,it is better die with the sword than with the pen,card reader has come to stay and there is nothing somebody like old Femi can do to that,you should have given thumb up to Jega and his team but your thought and prayer is that Jega and Inec should conduct elections that will favour your pay master but you have failed as your write up,pvcs were available for those that are ready to collect and it is not only Lagos non indigenes that were not getting there own,personally I have two people that were not getting there own after three attempts,also in my office two junior colleagues were not getting their own,what gave you an impression that it is deliberate action to make Jonathan lose,this man had a bad mind against every upright decision,you need to change your thoughts and reasoning before it’s too late. Southwest belongs to all of us not only Tinubu as your bad spirit made you think,southwest people have their own minds and they can think out of box,so people there have right to vote for anybody they think could better their lots. Despite billions of naira spent in the six weeks of extension was he (Jonathan able to defeat Buhari that spent nothing during this period,why are you making noise? Presidential election has come and gone loser has congratulated the winner,why the noise,go and sleep mr Femi.

  • AmyName

    The poster is very correct. INEC collaborated with APC to return power to the North cos they feel they are born to rule. All these Yorubas dat are supporting Buhari is doing so 4 selfish reasons. It is cos their brother Osibanjo is there hence dey will be in govt. This 2015 election just showed me that election in Nigeria is purely based on tribe. It has little to do with performance afterall OBJ didn’t perform better dan GEJ yet he was give a chance 2 do 2tenures. The North and the WEST teamed withh Jega and pushed out GEJ. I wish dis country ll just divide let d north and west merge.

    • Separate Us…

      Yoruba wasn’t tribalistic 4yrs ago when they voted Gej despite the fact they have Yoruba as GMB’s running mate.Gej simply lost cause he’s clueless,his approach to issues n many more like i don’t give a damn altitude.

  • Emeka David

    Thanks for this article is true dat goodluck has accepted defeat but is better we let de world know what jega did also to tell jega dat we know what he did.the man jega isĺ an agent from hell sent to destroy Jonathan ambition .Jonathan deliberately leave this man called jega to rigged him out for the interest of this nation but jega must reap what he sow God of justice will judge him.

    • Akiika

      blahblahblah! crying over spilled milk!

  • Lorgic

    Ha ha ha ha…. This mad man has found his pen again. I only read the article to see the words of a serial failure who has just been heavily wounded and defeated. And true to his form, he has written more rubbish as usual. Looking forward to more hysterical rantings from mad man Femi over the next 4 years of PRESIDENT BUHARI. The man may even commit suicide to the relief of millions of Nigerians… Ha ha ha ha.

  • Toks

    Femi aribisala is a complete disgrace. With his education he should not be reasoning like a motor park tout. Aribisala is putting down his own people and region in the name of hating Buhari ? How can a so called born-again Christian Pastor have so much hatred for fellow Nigerians(northerners) and one single man GMB ?

    • Jika

      The guy is just claiming Christianity.His actions and deeds are at total variance to the teachings of Christ.This guy is an irredeemable eternal bigot,wallowing in self delusion that is nurtured by an exxagerated feeling of self worth while all the time masquerading as a columnist and social critic.

  • dt

    Is this man for real??? To think I, once upon a time respected this man makes me cringe.

  • Femi

    . Enlightened rubbish

  • Abiodun Jejelola

    What columnist Femi Aribisala wrote with regards to the outcome of this, 2015 Presidential election may be considered as weighty, and also full of issues that perhaps worth of looking into and also considering. That may be rightly so. However, there are those that would disagree and say that this particular write up is biased or nonsensical.

    The truth of the matter is, no matter how you look at it, he is entitled to his opinion and he has commented as he desires! However, my understanding of this, is that he must have weighed it properly, prior to writing this, and for that I salute his courage.

    You see, in things like this, whether you know it or not there is usually an inner compulsion to write in the direction that the sail that you’ve set carries you.

    Hence, you may say what you like about him, but please understand that it takes gut to write and post a piece of feature article like this.

    Please, recognise that it is far more than issue of monetary gain, but of an inner witness or an inner necessity to write on line of truth of the matter. It is like you are going against the tide, because while there are congratulations here and there, yet you can perceive that something is not in place somewhere.

    I also, on a personal note, have reservations about feature articles of Femi Aribisala, particularly on matters of Christianity. But you see, I can’t blame him or issue condemnation against it, because even in the nation of Israel where Jesus Christ was born, and where He walked there, did His ministries, performed miracles, was crucified, died and was buried, and also resurrected, and then ascended into heaven, yet, as a matter of fact, some are yet to believe that the Messiah has come!

    So, what would you say about that? That means, as far as I know particularly with regards to the writings of Paul Apostle that the Holy Spirit permitted him to write, he, Femi Aribisala, is if would, yet to really believe it. But you see, I’m not hear to pass buck on him or to judge him on that. I know that the more he presses more and more, into the things of God, if he do that with a heart of sincerity and dedication, soonest, God, in His faithfulness will; open him unto the mysteries inherent in those Paul letters to the Churches.

    Therefore, on that, I must say, I also have, as it were, some measure of reservation about those things that he writes about Christianity. He seems to be using some of the Scriptures from those Epistles recently though, and that is a move in the right direction. That means very soon he will get into it.

    Then, in continuation with that early line of though, vis a vis this 2015 Presidential election result, I must say, without mincing words that it is inconceivable that, GEJ lost it is as it has been shown and announced There is way you can convince me otherwise.

    You see, if you have been involved to an extent in following the political situation prior to the election, you will know that even some of those that were supposed to decamp and join the APC, testified that APC was only on paper, particularly in the Northern States.

    And in any situation where mergers are put in place, if such an entity get some results in the early few years, depending on what is brought on board, you would say it did well. So, in that kind of situation, if APC had been shown to have won say 13 states , inclusive of the states it won South west excluding, Ondo, and
    perhaps Osun, you would say it did very well. And that kind of result would
    have been worthy of celebration amongst the electorates.

    But to say that it won, all the states in the North apart from Nazarawa, is questionable. I mean how would it have happened? The election has said, has been that peaceful, and there is no problem about that;
    but that does not mean that the result shown and announced is not questionable.! In other words it demands explanation that is beyond reasonable doubt.

    Well as far as I know, naturally one may easily accept that , Buhari, won , in all those states in the North, but somehow there is this inner conviction that says, something did not happen! In fact, it should not be that difficult to perceive as the writing is on the wall. So I would say, genuinely and truly, Kudos to
    Femi Aribisala for what he has written, and that because he did from personal conviction! And for those who think he should not write has his inner compulsion guides him, please don’t worry, because he is entitled to his opinion

    My prayer is that, if there is any Presidential Tribunal then, that it will unravel what led to this result that is so questionable, yet to some, it is worthy of congratulations. I also have posted somehow a congratulatory message, but yet even if I say it a thousands times, and there is lack of credibility on the results shown
    and announced, then it won’t matter!

    However, in view of all these, I must highlight as aforementioned that, that this comment is a result of personal inner witness. Hence, I hope,pray, and trust that you will find it useful and also helpful. I did n’t really what to comment, but then for posterity, and that somehow and somewhere , somebody would learn from it! Sirs, congratulations to you all, for making your comments known! God Bless Nigeria!

    • El-batuta

      Please get your thoughts sorted out and present your arguments clearly and precisely. You just seem to be rumbling.

  • als zane

    sorry my brother , you are right ooo . You should please advice the President to replace Jega immediately

  • xamau

    yes born-to rule the northern pple always do…….bad belly pple southesoutheners

  • Akiika

    ArEbisala, election have been lost and won. Put up any theory you want, it won’t change anything.

  • Ken

    Thank you Femi for your honesty and point blank truth. One would have expectied that your critics would proffer a counter logical and or superior argument but none have lived to that expectation rather they resorts to name calling. One thing am sure of, is that posterity will surely judge our actions today and whatever we sow, we shall surely reap. Like Jonathan, bowing out even when he has all it takes to fight back, I will expect Professor Jega to do the honest thing.

  • DD

    I am an Ibo, but I can’t complain because an incumbent called Jonathan, allowed the rigging to take place. What Jega did was in broad daylight, months before election, and PDP did nothing to challenge the obvious. Thanks Femi for the article, but Jonathan is one of the greatest let down ever to lead a nation. He is a disgrace.


    Claiming to be writing under the inspiration of the “holy spirit” and his strength to do research, Aribisala wrote volumes of how Buhari was a bad man and how would continue to be a bad man; he wrote about how Jonathan was going to defeat Buhari and Heaven would shout Alleluia. Aribisala saw in his crystal ball, a triumphant Jonathan and a badly defeated Buhari. While this crazy guy spent much energy seeing big things, he failed to see something as little as “how Jega would defeat Jonathan for Buhari.” What can we call Aribisala, a man who cannot see beyond his short nose? FAKE PROPHET!
    If this nonsense article is Aribisala’s analgesic to sooth the pain and disappointment of his failed prophecy, so be it. I wish him quick recovery.
    In the meantime, Aribisala should try and return Jonathan’s money.

    • Daniel Ekaragha

      This lunatic is here again.

  • Ish Adam

    Good job Dr Femi Aribisala!

  • Yemi


  • emmy

    Quintessential masterpiece, may God continue to guide you.

  • The defeat of Jonathan must have caused tremendous psychological trauma to Aribisala and his followers. So’ quite naturally they need some form of analgesics. Denial, blame, rationalisation, projection, lying, twisting of facts, silence as in the case of mama Peace, are some of the pain killers these blind PDP people will prescribe for themselves. This article is Aribisala’s self-prescribed pain killed. Will it work for him? Time will tell. In the meantime, Aribisala should return Jonathan’s money because he failed to deliver Jonathan’s victory. I wish them quick recovery.



    • gejmustgo


  • The defeat of Jonathan must have caused tremendous psychological trauma to Aribisala and his followers. So’ quite naturally they need some form of analgesics. Denial, blame, rationalisation, projection, lying, twisting of facts, silence as in the case of mama Peace, are some of the pain killers these blind PDP people will prescribe for themselves. This article is Aribisala’s self-prescribed pain killed. Will it work for him? Time will tell. In the meantime, Aribisala should return Jonathan’s money because he failed to deliver Jonathan’s victory. I wish them quick recovery. They should be wise next time.

    • Engr. Listus Odiri

      The issue here is not to continue to pass the ball every time, after the election, what happen should be a lesion for all including our politician that time to perform has come and your past will come after you quickly. At one time PDP is the biggest party now is APC. To win election is easy but to keep it is not easy. Think about this. And let have regard for one another whether APC or PDP we are all one Nigerian. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • PDP should accept our sympathy. We told them but they will not listen. Now Jonathan is gone. So what will the now? Cry, cry, cry.


    Claiming to be writing under the inspiration of the “holy spirit” and his strength to do research, Aribisala wrote volumes of how Buhari was a bad man and how would continue to be a bad man; he wrote about how Jonathan was going to defeat Buhari and Heaven would shout Alleluia. Aribisala saw in his crystal ball, a triumphant Jonathan and a badly defeated Buhari. While this crazy guy spent much energy seeing big things, he failed to see something as little as “how Jega would defeat Jonathan for Buhari.” What can we call Aribisala, a man who cannot see beyond his short nose? FAKE PROPHET!
    If this nonsense article is Aribisala’s analgesic to sooth the pain and disappointment of his failed prophesies. So be it. I wish him quick recovery.
    In the meantime, Aribisala should try and return Jonathan’s money. It is immoral for him to keep Jonathan’s money.

  • D1

    Sore loser! Do I expect anything less from these lunatic fake pastor? Hell, no!

    Still experiencing the stages of grief, ko? You will soon accept your mentor, was defeated fair and square, minus the results from the SS/SE votes which was accepted by INEC despite the reservations by all participants.

    In due course, I will give a deserved response to all this rubbish analogies you penned up above. Crazy Pastor!

  • TC

    Femi Aribisala your article is rubbish and elementary with no concrete facts, who let you close to a computer to even upload such mess. Is this a joke or satire…? choi

  • Reality

    God bless you Femi. We know all that transpired, but time will tell. Lets watch and see how Buhari will govern the country smoothly. The cup the North used to measure for Jonathan the same cup will be use to measure for Buhari too. Time will tell

  • Adav Talib

    I don’t think it’s fair to always think every time a northerner is in power there must be a conspiracy…the south/easts APGA was invited to the merger..many left a few GEJ from the south /east? I think it is important we start to see a new Nigeria where tribe, religion,status & gender dont discriminate..all this he is our son my brother and all is not what Buhari is about.The military boys are by far more nationalistic and patriotic to the Nigerian course than many politicians could ever be…okay so because oil is from the Niger Delta they should forever produce the president.?The components that make up Nigeria are all greatly blessed and contribute their bit of greatness to this project called Nigeria…it is what our founding fathers dreamt of..please all this writers need to switch their style of ‘Northernophobia’..get on the train of the new Nigeria..

  • Love Obayomi

    this blogger is d most myopic writer I v seen. he is so short sighted that he could not see beyond his self centred essentric reasons . shame on you. all agents of change.

  • Abu76maryam

    Aribisala is as distraught as a sore loser what with all his numerous predictions that GMB will lose to GEJ. My candid opinion is that he really needs to have his head examined.

  • seyiola

    I have always said that Femi Aribisala is mentally sick and therefore delusional. He whitewashed the massive rigging that took place in the South-South and South-East and concentrated on the rigging that took place in the far North. He could not even admit that PDP was using the military to rig elections all over the country; otherwise, the defeat could have been resounding.
    I have said that there was something wrong with the figures coming from the North-west, North-East, South-South and South-East. So, if the elections were based on the results from the regions of South-West and North-Central, Buhari would still have won. So what is he ranting about ?.
    Femi Aribisala, like those politically dead Afenifere leaders have become a laughing stock in Yorubaland while Tinubu’s political profile continues to rise.

  • Yusuf Obosi

    You did not make any points, how on earth can INEC disenfranchise the Ibos, ogun state was most hit with PVC distribution, who told you non indigines were denied PVC in the north, was election ever held on the south east and douth south where result sheets were filled in private homes , we saw photographs of people publicly thumb printing ballot papers in Rivers state, . The south east over rigged and rigged them selves out of the srnate prsidency, now APGA is regretting to have cooperated wt the rigging cos they were slso victims of their own conspiracy. The north has always been more than the south in terms of voters registeration so if it is reflected innthe result what is bad about it. Tinubu is still a factor he delvered the south west. The general never won a ward in 2011 to have won all the southwest apart from Ekiti was a big plus a minus to the PDP, even in Ekiti, the APC had over 40% of the votes.Tinubu impact was felt in the middle belt too, KWARA BENUE KOGI were added advantage. The general got the spread and the mandatory 25 percent in 27 states out of the required 24 states, without Tinubu factor the general would have been limited to just the north East north west and probably Niger and Nasarawa states.Femi Aribisala, am afrsid you are just trying to discredit THE JAGABAN who is de factor the GOD FATHER of todays politics. He helped GEJ win GMB in 2011 , he wws shoved aside snd the president paid dearly for it. He made the APC win this election take it or leave it.

    • Omoegba

      I couldn’t have said it better, thank you my brother. Even in Anambra, every body that registered to vote voted. It was100% showing. How can that be possible?

  • naija man

    Indeed Nigeria is plagued with many irubebes. Femi aribisala,femi fani kayode,Ayo fayose…this irubebes need to be jeggared….

    • Voice of Truth

      you forgot to include Oba Rilwan Akiolu.

  • Sams

    Seems like this guy and many others are yet to understand politics. You can’t keep insulting a region with half the population of the country and expect to win elections. GEJ allowed Edwin Clark, Asari Dokubo and many others to keep insulting Northerners for the 6 years he was in power. Now GEJ and co are not happy because northerners didn’t vote for him.
    In 2011, PDP governors in the north openly campaigned for GEJ and he got hundreds of thousands of votes in almost all northern states. In 2011, GEJ got over 400,000; 1.1million; 440,000; 420,000; 369,000; 300,000; and 230,000 votes in Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto, and Zamfara respectively.
    In 2015, PDP governors didn’t even campaign for GEJ because even they are angry at how GEJ allowed ‘his people’ to keep insulting other ethnic groups.
    Sadly, some PDP leaders are still making the same mistake. As long as Nigeria remains one, Northerners will continue to have a big influence on who will win elections. Tinubu realized this and played his cards well.

  • Salisu Suleiman

    Aribisala devoted his column in the Vanguard for several months to the two men. For example, beginning from December 23, 2014, he authored a four-part series titled, “How to lose the presidential election four times” which ended in January 13, 2015. A week later, he wrote, “Time to disgrace the self-appointed godfather of the South-West”, in apparent reference to Tinubu. The following week, it was “Muhammadu Buhari lied under oath”. On February 3rd, it was, “Jonathan is a superior presidential material to Buhari”.

    On the week of February 10th, Aribisala wrote, “The end of Buhari’s presidential candidacy”. On February 24th, he wrote on “The end of APC’s fabricated momentum”. A week later, it was “Why Nigerians must reject the second coming of Buhari”. On March 10th it was, “Why Buhari will not agree to a debate with Jonathan”. Yet on March 17th, it was, “Buhari and the Lion of Bourdillon”. Just days before the election, he wrote, “101 cogent reasons why Jonathan must be re-elected”.

    Freedom of expression is the right of everyone, but what motivates an intellectual of Aribisala’s standing to spew such drivel?

    • Aribisala has never been an intellectual. He has always been over rated.

  • Cry, Aribisala cry
    Cry, PDP cry
    Cry, blind people cry
    Cry, corruption cry!

  • Raqruq

    Your next article should be how to loss election three times and win on the forth

  • Oladele

    What you are saying is baseless, was this INEC board not the board in 2011?

  • Tunde Oyebola

    Femi Aribusala, this is arrant nonsense!

    • Clay

      What made this arrant nonsense my brother?, just tell me. Most of us from the south fail to see beyond their nose simply because some of us are just so lazy to reason, think and add things up. People thought that what just happened on March 28 was just politics NO. It was a vicious scheme, orchestrated to dominate the south politically and possibly take over the economy. Its unfortunate that by the time some of these accomplices would realize that they sold out they will be full of regrets but it will be too late. Today they are basking in euphoria of victory tomorrow they will realize they walked into a trap.

  • absam777

    The rubbish and evil that Femi Aribisala writes leaves after him. As a social-political writer and analyst you are a failure. As a prophet-pastor/GO you failed. Keep up with your brown envelope journalism of hatred. Your writing is now classified as more of the same as Orubebe’s disgraceful stunt. Next stop: career suicide.


  • olanrewaju

    Femi Aribiala has always been biased against anything that has to do with Tinubu. My prayer is that one day, what is between Aribisala and Tinubu will come out. I have never taken him serious. I only read his column to amuse myself. He should be left alone to wallow in his self delusion.

  • Niakita Kresbin

    I often wonder what is wrong with this “author”.

  • Lawrence Azubuike

    Femi Aribisala, go and hug a live wire. No one takes you serious again.

  • Mr Guest

    Someone needs to call Femi Aribisala to order as soon as possible. This man is like a time bomb and when it explodes it won’t differentiate btw PDP and APC or amongst ethnic group. It will hurt all.

    • Isa Musa

      I thought I was going to read a well written article but ended up reading a trash. In fact I regretted reading it. I would have used the time for a better article. This guy called Aribisala is mentally deranged and need to see a psychiatrist.

  • Denis_NG

    Femi Aribisala, just like Femi Fani Kayode, is a buffoon, a rabble rouser and a total lunatic. He professes to be a pastor, but everything he spews through his computer keyboard runs contrary to the tenets of Christianity and the bible. Those who continue to lend him a platform are the ones that should be held responsible for the rubbish written by Aribuisala. His comeuppance will soon find him either here or in hereafter.

  • gejmustgo


  • Dare

    Femi Aribisala, you dont know politics, was enjoying your carefully crafted fairytale until you said River state voted 1.4 million, in the history of Nigeria, the northerners have always been a major deciding factor in any election and your government led GEJ has failed us that a buhari can only be a viable option to clench with, However, the River State i can say categorically didn’t take part in any election, that figure was simply compromised because there is no way the number of voters in LAgos could equate the number of voters in Rivers thats preposterous and far fetched, same as Delta State. So Gen. Buhari clearly has been the choice of the majority, had PDP won, Jega wouldnt have been awarded because all statistics of prediction has emerged Gen. Buhari as a winner of this elction before the main election. Sir go and sell your article in school …especially to the JSS class, they would surely and certainly buy, but not to matured minds like us.

  • Olugbenga Ebenezer

    Your article is a total mess.

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  • FortB

    All I read from most commentator criticizing the writer is just abuses. Cans someone with some faculty marshall some counter arguments to disprove the figures and statistics the writer used to support his argument? We are not illiterates.

    • tundemash

      Fake soldier,
      With all your lies and propaganda, your Dumbo lost and Nigerians have said a big NO to impunity, corruption, ethnicity and religious divide you and this fake preacher of nonsense promote.
      Deranged pastor femi Aribisala is only reaping what he has sown for years. he has used this platform to abuse and call others names in the name of supportng his bread winner Jonathan !

  • Gabriel

    The Writer Sir, you raised quite a number of issues but I will comment on few.
    1. I don’t think the finger print of the north is unique so as to be recognise by the card reader whereas that of the southerner is not.
    2. The Ibos/Igbos have themselves to blame. If I was their leader, I would have advice them to cast their votes where they registered and leave those areas on the same day or next if need be. Howbeit, they all left in numbers with their voting instrument which eventually became useless at the end of the day.
    3. Some of us thought the Ibos will embrace change and come out of their self-political enslavement. I have the believe that if they had aligned themselves with APC, the next president would have emerge from the zone. I think they did not act wise in this regard.
    4. Lastly, I disagree with the view that the Ibo people that left few days to election should be regarded as IDPs. There were no disaster, war non anything that warrant their mass movement. They succeeded in disenfranchising themselves.
    i am afraid it will take a long time for the Ibos to become politically relevant in the Nigeria political equation.

  • Es3

    Aribisala incisively analysed the Jega’s macabre dance in favour of APC that ensured Buhari’s declaration as winner of March 28th presidential election?!

    But he missed to add that Kano, Kaduna, Bauchi, Nassarawa, etc (including Lagos, going by original result sheets from each PU)were worn by Jonathan before Jega allowed changes in favour of Buhari?!!!

    Also, he missed to write on the ex-generals and northern overwhelming interest on the presidency in 2015 – OMLs licenses renewal that Jonathan was awaiting his re-election before re-distributing them (through licensing) to wider section of Nigerians!!! These are oil mining licenses that are falling (or have already fallen) due between 2015 and 2018!!!

    He had started on it as many indigenous oil companies with more diverse Nigerian ownership structure had started emerging already on the ones that had fallen due up to 2013!

  • JB2000

    Femi Aribisala, to those of us who have managed to follow his writings (just to balance our source of information) know that he has never hidden his disdain for Asiwaju Tinubu and now same hatred has been transferred to GMB. He is not telling us anything new. If large scale rigging took place in the North, we also witnessed larger scale rigging or what we can refer to as daylight robbery in the S/East and S/South . Whereas in the North there is not a single state where accredited voters were more than 50% of total registered voters. There SE and SS recorded over 70% in some states like Akwa Ibom and Rivers and almost 100% of it were returned as valid votes in these SE and SS zones. It was two obvious that the Akwa Ibom and Rivers RECs were visibly shaken because they could hardly muster enough courage to read out the figures prepared for them by the duo of Wike and Akpabio. The battle ground zones were SW and NC and the plot of GEJ strategists was to lock down the two Zones with the belief that GEJ will naturally win the North Central while influence of Tinubu should be whittled down by deliberating shrinking the votes from the SW. The fact is that the plot boomeranged. Aribisal should not talk to us as if he is the only one with analytically sense or with classified information at his finger tips. Enough of your misleading and warped writings.

    • mustapha Shehu

      Thanks my brother.

  • Iordyeh Yina Alfred

    You are entitled to your views,there is no need crying when the head is already off.
    You can as well keep all your refined analysis/theories against 2019
    Hard luck,Femi Aribisala.

    • Prince Joshua

      @Alfred. You talk like an insane person who is far away from history and reality.

      • Iordyeh Yina Alfred

        Mr normal,it pains you why?regards

  • 4GodandCountry

    May God bless you sir..we already aware..only that daft president obama is unaware..but i swear buhari will have to fight the niger- delta militants for 8years ..obama and the north should forget about our oil..Buhari is FOREVER indebted to all rivers state indigenes worldwide, their wealth was used to bring him to power!!!!

    • Saminu Bako

      Agbaya, go and eat oil and survive. how do you come about the oil? you will wake up one day the oil you are proud with is dried, what then are you going to do?

    • Benjamin Ese

      Nonsense. Niger deltans are not terrorists. To say that we will stoop so low is to insult us.

  • Ernest Edukere

    But I will tell you, Jonathan had his chance.
    When I was in the Union, I would stand for truth irrespective of what my co-exco members felt.
    If President Jonathan has a pragmatic team around him, who kew what was going on, he should have addressed this issue (even if he was accused of trying to undermine the process)
    Buhari and APC knew the numbers so they consolidated using key staes they had control in the north.
    The truth will actually be revealed when the state governorship ellections hold.
    If states like Niger, Kaduna, Benue, Nassarawa , Plateau etc win the elections for PDP, then i will fully and wholly say there was a sabortage of the PDP presidential elections.
    You are right about the divide on ethnic, religious and regional background.
    I learnt many years ago (on private experience) that People do not care about losers, they only care about the winners. So Buhari has won, and it will take divine intervention to change that.
    Jonathan had his chance to call Jega to order but he did not. So he must live with his wounds!

    • Benjamin Ese

      Thanks for a very balanced comment.

  • NigerDeltaWatch

    Thank you Femi. We are aware that the first 2 years after May 29, 2015, the nation would be on autopilot while they engage themselves in the spoils of “Conquest”.
    We pray it shall be well with Nigeria, Amen!

  • Samuel Offia

    The crucial difference between 2011and 2015 in the East was that there was an attempt to mobilize all voters to cast their votes in 2011. I witnessed it and at the time I remarked neither Nnamdi Azikiwe nor Odumegwu Ojukwu elicited such a sense of mission as Jonathan got in 2011. These are people with unprecedented drawing power and charisma. The vote was total . I then remarked it could only be the work of the almighty. This sense of purpose was lacking in 2015. The votes were there but the total sense of purpose was lacking. Partly due in part to local bad governance as in Abia or confusion in IMO.
    All that not withstanding at the international collation center we were baffled by the difference between collated results and released results.
    Example the kaduna released figures suddenly bloated by I million between collation and release. The collated figure for Kano suddenly grew by 1.3 million all in favour of Buhari .
    These figures are available to anybody. No wonder the world is full of praises for Jonathan. He allowed himself to be cowed into accepting defeat without calling into question these surreptitious increases in accredited voters.
    We are relieved that there is no mayhem and killing of innocent citizens who are more likely to be my kinsmen.
    We have just been intimidated into meekly handing over power to Born to rule Merchants and thus relegate ourselves to Children of a Lesser God Status. This is 1967 all over again only now no accompanying genocide. Am still not sure it won’t come. Back to swagger and impunity.

    • Saminu Bako

      I don’t know why people enjoy telling lies. Are not ashamed? please be sincere in your utterances.

      • Benjamin Ese

        If you think he is telling lies proove it. You don’t score high marks in an intellectual debate by resorting to verbal thuggery and uncalled for aggression. Take his points one by one and disproove him.

  • Saminu Bako

    People with fikel minded and myopic thinking like you are the enemies of progress. it seems what has happen for past six years of Jonathan administration sweet’s your mind. Your egoism will not yield anything since the game is over and there is nothing you can do about it. we say kudos and bravo to progressives. But for enemies of progress we say WOOOOO!!!

  • Emmanuel Joshua

    Many are the devices of mens’ hearts,BUT THE COUNSEL OF GOD SHALL STAND.Let’s keep watching and praying indeed.

  • Mekasyno

    Quintessential aribisila. Powerful & comprehensive analysis of what actually transpired. But ofcourse, myopic & prejudiced buharists will see everything wrong wit this honest assertions.

    • Progress CT

      Your anayltic capacity needs attention, if you find that jejune from a warped mind, an analysis!

      • J Duke

        I think yours need exactly what you proffered for Mekasyno.

  • Mel

    An exercise in half-truths, innuendoes, and misconceptions. I don’t even want to go further in addressing this write – up as it would be a waste of time.

  • Preco01

    “This factor will soon come to haunt Tinubu and his South-West cohorts when it is time to share the spoils of victory in the Buhari administration.” I stopped reading this paid hack a long time ago, out of curiosity I decided to see what trash he has to say after the presidential elections. Am I disappointed? No, I stopped reading when I got to the quote above. Election victory is not about sharing the spoils of victory except if you belong to PDP and you are a Jonathanian. Jonathan entrenched mediocrity, gross incompetence and thievery and Femi Aribisala you are a disappointment and may God forgive you. Electioneering is over. Get a life, get over it!

  • Progress CT

    Wont this fake man get a life?

  • Oladunjoye Ojomo

    If the use of pvc translates to disenfranchising the acclaimed literate southerners according to Femi Aribisala so be it. Jega did what any forward looking Nigerian wants for his country by showing that being electorally primitive should not be celebrated in Nigeria anymore. Jega did not contrive to be born in the North. He did all reasonable Nigerians proud despite all provocations, harassment suit and intimidation. If Femi’s favoured candidate had won, I am sure he would be singing high praises of Jega as the one who brought “rigging proof” system to the country. Nigerians, especially those who have free access to the use of the media, must learn to think in terms of the overall interest of the country instead of their principals and pockets. The simple summary of Femi’s many words is “bad belle”

    • Doro-Boss Onuoha


  • Mr fash

    Sore losers

  • Doro-Boss Onuoha


  • Kisid

    Nigerians prayed for good leaders, GOD gave them Jonathan as the head to show them how good
    leaders should be. As the head, Jonathan rejected political detentions, assassinations
    and among other things governed with clear and good conscience. But Nigerians
    complained bitterly and rejected him because he is gentle and not a man of violence.
    Now GOD has given Nigeria what they
    requested in Buhari. (The evil one taketh by violence the word of GOD states).

    My prayer is for GOD to have mercy on Nigerians and Ndigbo in particular, and protect and
    guard us. In Jesus name Amen!!!

    • Abasi-akan


  • ahmed funmi

    Enough of dis all ur fake story, all will want is change, we don’t want a president dat is so weak dat people around him are not productive and progressive, and don’t forget nobody is a saint, deliver and take little, what is d update on d raw US dollars found in south Africa under Jona watch.

  • Shimei

    Dr. Femi Aribisala’s constant rebuke on the north and its candidate throws him up as a bias commentator. I disagree with him that he’s not a job seeker. I had long in my mind tipped him as Jonathan’s Minister of Information or a place in the Foreign Ministry should his re-election succeed. It is strange that an elite Dr Aribisala finds good company in political hooligans like Messrs Musiliu Obanikoro, Femi Fani-Kayode, Doyin Okupe, Iyiola Omisore, Ayodele Fayose, Evans Wipi and mother of the rapacious gang, Dame Patience Jonathan.

  • Malik Isah

    femi aribisala, your case is a case of crying more than the bereaved. i am convinced you need a psychologist to deal with this situation of yours. Nigerians have spoken, the earlier you are able to face it like ‘gentleman Jonathan’ did the better for you. i wish you soonest recovery!

  • dadiyata

    Femi, You are a Psychotic looser, Against your undiluted hatred GMB is Now Nigeria’s Democratically elected President.