480 Nigerian soldiers flee Boko Haram, take refuge in Cameroon

At least 480 Nigerian soldiers have arrived in Cameroon, fleeing fierce fighting against extremist Boko Haram in Borno State weekend.

The Cameroonian army said the soldiers have been disarmed and are accommodated in schools, the BBC reported Monday.

The Nigerian soldiers are currently in the Cameroonian town of Maroua, about 80km from the Nigerian border, Cameroonian Army spokesperson, Lt. Col Didier Badjek, was quoted by the BBC as saying.

The news came a day after Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, declared Gwosa, a town seized by the sect in Borno State, a part of “Islamic Caliphate”.

Nigerian soldiers have repeatedly complained about their weapons, and have accused their superiors of exposing them to a better armed Boko Haram.

On Monday, the Nigerian government immediately denied the reports that soldiers fled to Cameroon.

The Minister of State for Defence, Musiliu Obanikor said the news was untrue.

“I have been briefed by the Chief of Army Staff that this is not the case,” Mr Obanikoro, wrote on Twitter when pressed by another user for comments.


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  • Maria

    Nigeria is finished.

    • nija pikin

      No Nigeria is not finish,God will givie us last chance in 2015 We Either Take It and try voting another government to get us out of the woods Or We find our selves running to neighbouring countries to take cover like our poor beloved soldiers imaging the kind of horror that will make soldier run kai God forbid bad situation

  • Wähala

    Yesterday it was 35 SARS-policemen taken hostage, today na 500 soldiers taking refuge in Cameroon… meanwhile, our drunken Jaja of Abuja is taking a rest in Germany while Nigeria falls village-by-town to the Boko Haram ragheads. How low can it get, how more humiliating does it get? Nigeria under corrupt Aborigine leadership of Dr. Dumbo is the worst any Nigerian has seen since Independence Day. What a shame!

    • Mosaku 147

      You are spot on.he travelled to rest o.i don tire completely of this Dr Zoo.

    • Costco

      It has not been this bad, thank God the election is in February lets hope the country will still exist till then.

    • redeem


  • Okikiola Beckley

    This is very pathetic. The Nigeria Army that used to be the pride of Africa is now subsumed by graft and corruption. Every facet of our society needs a rebirth.

    • Baba

      Thats PDP transformation agenda for you.

    • redeem

      WHEN THEY FOUGHT IN THE UNITED NATIONS-PEAce-keeping operations–they had no tribal marks–no religion—no sultan–no emir of kano to tele-guide them

  • Paul

    The new released video from Boko Haram is doctored/fabricated.In the video Shekau is taller than the 4X4 behind him in the video, this can never be possible, it is a totally doctored/fabricated video, Nigerian security agencies should analyze the
    video thoroughly well. Maybe Shekau is really dead as being speculated by the Nigerian Army. I know what i am saying because i am a computer expert.


    • Baba

      It is still embarrassing that boko haram propaganda machine is more effective than that of the military.

  • 2015 president

    When will this night going to over ?

  • Mudasiru Olalere Yusuf

    So sad that a ragtag army of buffoons called Boko Haram forced the Nigerian soldiers to take refuge in Cameroon. What a shame!!! But GEJ promised that Boko Haram will be wiped out before December. Nigerians should pray that God help us against the Boko Haram insurgents

    • Uzoma

      What does GEJ have to do with this? If this is true, then we had no army in the first place. A story of 5 or 10 or 15 or even 20 soldiers being overpowered and needing to seek protection from their Cameroonian counterparts would make sense. But 480 soldiers dropping their weapons and running 80 kms to Maroua in Cameroon to hide is, to say the least, unheard of. I would go as far as call for the disbanding of the Nigerian army if this story turns out to be true. Enough of this non-sense.

    • karx

      What has GEJ not promised you? The only thing he is good at is stealing from the Petroleum industry. He kept changing GMDs and permanent secretaries wherever they refused to play ball. After all he said stealing is not corruption.

    • kim

      only cameroon and chad can defeat these fools nigeria is not able to. thats the bare truth. the cameroonian soldiers repelled boko haram to save the fleeing soldiers from nigeria.

  • tuco

    It appears Nigeria is on auto pilot. This weak and corrupt presido, there is no way he can command those equally corrupt army to do the right thing, its everybody for his pocket, they don’t jst give a damn abt innocent lives. Can u imagine, this rifrags Boko Haram on top of the situation, Nigeria is in deep trouble.

  • uduakomiri

    How could anyone spend £5 billion (pounds sterling) to have an embarrassing army like ours? The massive corruption in the military is beginning to show itself. Unfortunately, we have corrupt people at the helm who are the same people pocketing these monies budgeted for the military. So it is like expecting a rogue judge sitting on a case of corruption involving his corrupt friends to find them guilty.
    Nigerians should consider taking up arms to defend the country. We should start organising ourselves into para-military units. We could look at the training manuals of the best militaries in Europe and America, these manuals like the SAS training manual, USMC training manual, USMC sniper training manuals and those of the pathfinders. We should do something quickly because left to these people in government, they are only interested in budgeting more money to pocket because the more insecurity festers the more money they are going to pocket. It is like the Ajaokuta steel complex which in the last 25 years has seen contracts awarded continuously by every Nigerian president but without anything done.
    I watched a full video of Boko Haram attack on a military base in the north east. I could count about 10-15 pick-up trucks with AA guns/GMGs mounted. There is one person manning the gun, another insurgent sit with the driver. The pick-ups for Boko Haram function like a light armoured brigade. They come in heavy, disperse or pin down the targets and the infantry move in. You could see the Boko Haram people use a tactic of force projection by coming with heavy fire power. But in principle, they are not very disciplined. They try to hold positions, but they are not that good from what I could analyse from the video. I saw about 4 guys on foot with GMGS, about 2 guys with RPGS, and I noticed every 3 Boko Haram fighter had a backpack possibly enough ammunition rounds for a full days gunfight.
    This is where the Nigerian army amongs other things are getting it wrong. If you check pictures of our troops going in to back boko haram, almost all the infantry soldiers just had their uniforms on, flak jack, and their service rifle mainly ol-fashioned AK47. What you could notice is these Nigerian soldiers do not carry any backpacks which means they are only able to fight with limited rounds of ammunition or possibly have to draw magazines from a holding unit. When you take positions and under fire, it will be impossible to step out from you position without being hit. In that situation, you are pinned down and unable to move. You are as such unable to advance. And if you multiply this that all the men in the group, then you find out an army that is unable to fight least advance to the point they should be. This is why Boko Haram is finding it easy to beat back Nigerian soldiers.
    I guess no one would listen. If I could make these observations even without a military background, you start wondering why the so called generals in the Nigerian army are unable to do so? Boko Haram is not as good as they think they are which means that our military must be in a terrible state to find it hard work with these Boko Haram people

  • comrade abdulbaqi aliyu jari

    if the key issues raised by the courageous military officers in maimalari barracks are not addressed, then expect more of this. it is true that the military officers are destabilized and afraid to face the enemy. let the DHG do the right thing

  • Mosaku 147

    PT,please find out for me if this figure includes officers.

  • Island man

    I have said it before and I will say it again,#Jonaweed is a failure, let this sick failure resign. Its a big shame that Nigerian soldiers can be this be little because of their corrupt bosses.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Shekau, please give us the true situation report

    • nija pikin

      No please, we should expect situation report from madanlie ogar, mike omeri,Doyin okupe, and general olu( kwalabe) and labaran maku, in a sane country if something as serious as this happened the minister of defence down to the chief of army staff will immediately tender their resignation to allow other officers to try a different strategy to save the country but not in Nigeria soon they will be honoured with national honours like mni gcon kgb cnn dpr nko mpk pop pdp apc cpc Fbi cia b**llshit crap

      • Checkmate

        They have already been honoured with PDPigs. What an honour!

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Nigeria is in deep shit
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • redeem


  • BlackieUmukoro

    Do we still have a minister of defence? As for National security adviser, we never had one

    • alao

      The question is do we still have a government?

      • redeem

        no u do nto have a government——————-monkey

        • Shehu

          You like calling people monkeys while you are the real one. Go meet your Master, the AIG Force Animal Branch. Hahaha!

    • karx

      What of commander in chief? Do we have one?

      • BlackieUmukoro

        He is a ceremonial c and c. The other guys I mentioned are supposed to be professionals Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • karx

          Nope. Ministers are not professionals. After all who appoints the minister, the advisor, the army chiefs? The buck stops on the C in C’s table.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            The minister of defence is a retired general while the national security adviser is a retired colonel. Both are core military men, while GEJ is just a bloody civilian. He relies on them and they took advantage and misled him. Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • karx

            If you and I know that these people were appointed by the president. Nobody imposed them on the president. If you and I with limited access to security information doubt their capabilities, then the president is clueless. I know if you are president heads will roll.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            You do not need to insult the president to make your point. It is just that if Gusau and Sambo are the face of our military, then we will always be at the mercy of Gusau Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • aaa

            Once again who appointed them??? And who is making us to be at the mercy of Gusau???

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Northern stock
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • aaa

            I still ask you again, who appointed them and on whose advice or authority??? Does it mean Because the CinC is a bloody civilian he lacks th capacity to appoint competent aides & ministers???

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Northern stock
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • redeem

          it took the yankees two years to have their hostages released from Syria—-none asked for the head of obama—cowards————when we call for separation u see the likes of IBB allege they will die for nigeria–i laugh–die for which nigeria—————–die for their investments abi nigeria.

        • aaa

          And who appointed them????

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Northern stock
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • Comfortkay

    For Nigerian to believe this story a picture of the fleeing soldiers, this is necessary.
    PDP led government are only successful to Militarized elections with our soldiers. That will end next year when a new form of government to move Nigeria forward will be in place.

    • alao

      The truth is, Nigerians are just coming to terms with the stark reality of the inefficiency and lack of capacity which has been existing within the security sector. The rot and lack of capacity in the military is no different from what you have in the educational,health,transport,infrastructure,power and even the civil service.
      Every sector has collapsed and we are just realising,especially now that security has been tested. Public schools, public Hospital and all public infrastructure have collapsed.
      We do not have a functional system.
      We identify ourselves either by region,tribe or religion. It’s no different from the tutsi and hutu episode in Rwanda 20years ago.
      It’s a mere failed state and most of us are still in denial.

      • redeem

        tell us what the defence industries were created for—to build toys for kids abi——–yesterday when the army went to war—————-in the niger delta———-we were lied to that soldiers were selling guns to the militants in the niger delta–now we hear there are no more weapons————-but they have guns to chase bunkerers in the niger delta abi–ask them to leave the SS and go fight boko haram–and u will hear that a soviet ship as been arrested for smuggling crude oil——————————-these people are thieves——sack dasuki-why should soldiers be telling us lies daily

        • alao

          #redeem, you sound like the Rwandan Radio present #Georges Ruggiu. We understand your insatiable lust for blood and carnage.

        • checkmate

          This shows you how this government has failed. Your ogogoro brother cannot perform.

  • teddy

    Hmm, na so e don reach? After embezzling all the money, what else will they do. Even if Nigeria disappear from world map, what is the gain of corrupt leaders. Will anyone of them take this wealth or even power from this earth. Our leaders are enslaved by demonic greed.

  • pdp sata

    borno state governor has said it before but every body is looking for his head that his telling lies that boko haram is not well armed more than nigerian army but today the truth has revealed itself, what are saying now?

    • alao

      Sentiment bedevilled us at that time. It causes severe blindness, in some cases permanent blindness. Unfortunately our President suffers such. He threatened Shettima at that time. Apparently the poor guy was telling us the truth. If only we had listened, many Nigerian lives could have been saved. Including the live of MEN IN UNIFORM.

      • pdp sata

        yes my brother,but will still save our innocent solders in jesus name.

    • redeem

      rubbish————————–the war is not being prolonged because of arms–which types of arms did the army use in the niger delta–when they bombed Odi–they used————choppers owned by shell——————now they have their own–helicopters————–and jet fighters————–all these wayo is being arranged by the army to make——-what happened in bakassi chop awooooooooooooooof oil money———————–

      • Tonnero

        This illiterate is here again o. They used choppers owned by Shell to bomb Odi? Really? This your beer parlour gist…… The fact is that the commander in chief was competent and was prepared to quash any insurrection no matter where it was found.

  • Baba

    Wahala dey oh!!! Our pepper soup generals don fall our hands finish in collaboration with thief thief government officials. Dey don turn our soldiers to boys scout way dey get power only for BLOODY civilian body.

  • Thepeople

    Nigerians have not seen anything yet. The depth of decay in the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria due to corruption, nepotism and incompetence of the service chiefs and ministry of defence officials would continue to be exposed by Boko Haram. Our nation is now a guaranteed laugh for the world.

  • Glover33

    These our soldiers are nothing but cowards. See how they are running from Boko Haram but if it is go and harass unarmed civilians on the streets of Lagos, they will know how to show their power then. Ask them to collect bribes from Okada riders and they are up to the task but ask them to go and fight Boko Haram, then they start to complain of low morale. Cowards in uniforms!!

  • hubbib

    I feel really sad on this new development. Haba… Thses Generals have gone too far. Hear how our soldiers have been complaining that they are not treated well and that Their ogas are siphoning funds and now see whats happening. I really feel for the grunts they send to face the bh while the generals sit back at the barraks eating the money. I think its time theFederal government should start sending the generals to the battle field to command their troops. Perhaps, it will give them a make them work harder, protect thmselves and their troops instead of sitting in abujato let innocent soldiers die for nothing.

  • sahara

    Obanikoro deployed 73000 security for 1 day election while deploying 480 to face boko haram.
    Up PDP.

  • Denrele

    Nigerians in the country’s southern cities from Lagos to Calabar are naive at reading the tea leaves.
    They don’t seem to understand what’s afoot as Nigerian soldiers flee the battle against extreme Islam.
    The needed resistance against Nigeria being declared an Islamic state by force is what’s waning and flagging.
    Nigerian non-Muslims are about to lose the guarantee of an un-yielding army as their protector against genocide.

  • True Nigerian

    Nigerians tell themselves lies. We are a country where the vast majority love living a political lie or ethno-religious lies. And the man or woman that dares tell us the truth is automatically declared an enemy or tagged a “hater”. That is why we are firmly on the way down! This is just the beginning of our calamitous reward for being a society of pretentious liars and audacious haters of obvious truths when that truth doesn’t favour our preconceived political and ethno-religious biases. Things will come to a head sooner than later in this country and we will look back at all the lies we told ourselves and the vituperations we peddled against the few of us who dared to tell us the obvious truth.

    Apparently, Nigerians are shocked that their army which has broken the backbones of fierce rebel forces in difficult wars in many parts of Africa is now suddenly looking shaky. And guess what? Nigerians are blaming it on a politicisation of the forces against Jonathan. Yet, no one is even doing as little as acknowledging the amount of debilitating rot, corruption, leadership incompetence, divisive politics, and other destructive elements that have grown between the days we had a dominant army and now.

    The same people who would attack you for raising serious questions against the deployment of 36,000 troops to harrass civillians during elections in Osun and Ekiti are also the same Nigerians who would feel shell-shocked that 480 troops were deployed to Gamboru and they ran away after being totally overpowered.

    Similarly, the Nigerians who would call you a “hater” if you dare point out that the President is grossly incompetent are also the same Nigerians who are condemning the obvious idi*cy of the President’s defence ministers. In effect, they want to isolate Jonathan’s appointees as the incompetent fellows whilst they fete Jonathan as a great President, regardless of the fact that he is the man who makes and sustains the sensitive appointments of incompetent fellows based on his own narrow parochial and senseless political interests rather than in the best interests of the country. Such breath-taking hypocrisy!

    My pretentious compatriots are shell-shocked by Jonathan’s request to borrow $1b in order to fight boko haram. But none of them is asking why Jonathan, his ministers and his General’s have maintained a noisy silence against the calls by Civil society for a probe of military expenditure and contracts awarded from its budget of approximately $5b per annum – an amount that dwarfs the military budget of Ukraine and most African countries whose army are now better than Nigerian army. Yet, the same people – Nigerians – are so happy to throw their weights behind corrupt Presidents whilst also alienating and abusing the few glimmers of hope on performance and probity in public service.

    I am a Nigerian, but I have to say that I am not proud of what it means to be a Nigerian – hypocrisy and living a lie.

    Our cup is becoming full in Nigeria. And the price we are likely to pay for our hypocrisy as a people will be most unfortunate, but unquestionably well-deserved.

    • kim

      one of the few nigerians speaking truth. if i were the cameroonian government i would have handed the soldiers over to boko haram since the government in nigeria does not want to accept the goodwill cameroon by refusing the truth. the soldiers have been well received and fed and may be resupplied. the president of cameroon has ordered that all help be given the nigerian brothers . NIGERIA WHERE ARE YOUR WRRIORS IN THE FACE OF BOKO HARAM. LET THEM cross the border into cameroon jets will pound them.

  • Lego

    Great ideas here. Mr Buhari and Mr Osinbajo need to take heed of these thoughts. I wish them luck

  • ulayi


    • Patriotique

      u are full of shit bcos u cant make sense from a simple writeup. look for the nearest lagoon, dude!

  • busybisibabe

    Weldone @toluogunlesi, a word is enough for the wise, if the office of first lady is not in the constitution i think it should be scrapped, as Aishat Buhari said in her interview with TVC she said I think the glory of first lady office died with Meriyam Babangida, scrapping it will keep first ladies that are abusing their position to stay at home and stop poking their nose where it is nit needed, the country/state is not thier bedroom