Chibok Parents to Nigerian Government: Tell us if our daughters are dead

Mothers of abducted Chibok Schoolgirls

Parents of the schoolgirls kidnapped from a secondary Chibok in Nigeria’s North-East state of Borno have urged the Nigerian government to confirm if their daughters were already dead, and hand over their bodies for burial.

The parents said they would rather welcome such news and prepare for the funeral than wait endlessly for update on the fate of their children abducted by Boko Haram April 14.

The solemn call came Friday, more than four months after armed insurgents stormed Government Secondary School in Chibok, loaded more than 200 girls on to trucks, and drove them away in the dead of the night.

Schools and students  have been major targets by the Boko Haram insurgents
Schools and students have been major targets by the Boko Haram insurgents

For weeks, officials of the Nigerian government denied the abductions took place, and accused critics of sponsoring the reports to embarrass the government.

While the government failed to rescue the abducted girls, security operatives clamped down on protesters in Abuja demanding more action from the government.

President Goodluck Jonathan acknowledged the kidnappings only three weeks after, sparking international outrage. Mr. Jonathan later met with some parents of the abducted girls July, more than three months after the attack.

At least 200 of the girls have remained in captivity despite a multinational support from the United States, United Kingdom, France and Israel. The four countries have provided intelligence and specialist support to assist the Nigerian military search and rescue the girls.

On Friday, marking 130 day of the girls’ abduction, over 50 protesters marched from the Unity Fountain to the National Secretariat demanding that the girls be returned alive.

The demonstrators distributed flyers and stickers. They chanted: “What are we demanding for? Bring our girls back and alive” as they marched.

One of the leaders of the march, Hadiza Bala-Usman, told PREMIUM TIMES that the parents of the abducted calls were asking the Federal Government to bring back the bodies of their children if they were dead already.

“The parents said they would rather know that theirs daughters are dead and their bodies brought back and buried so as to put an end to this endless wondering about the status of their children” she said.

“They are calling on the Federal Government to help them search for the bodies of their children; that’s if they are dead. It’s better for them to know that their kids are dead and the bodies are brought back.”

Mothers of the missing Chibok school girls are still grieving
Mothers of the missing Chibok school girls are still grieving

Ms. Bala-Usman said the march was aimed at promoting continued awareness around the girls’ abduction.

An official of the Centre for Democracy and Development, Jibrin Ibrahim, who was also at the protest ground, told PREMIUM TIMES that the march was to remind the Federal Government of its responsibilities.

“Today is 130 days since the abduction of the girls. Since they were abducted, our government promised us swift action, to search and rescue them; that, has not happened. We are therefore out on the street to remind the government that they have a responsibility to rescue these girls and return them to their parents and homes,” Mr. Ibrahim said.


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  • True Nigerian

    The federal government has been at peace with Oby Ezekwesili in the last 3 weeks that she and her colleagues, including Hadiza Bala-Usman, have been quiet and raised no public protests. Before then, Oby and Hadiza were public enemy number one and the intelligence mumu known as Marilyn Ogar was busy trying to incriminate them or frame some other silly lies in order to discredit them and their worthy cause. But as soon as they became quiet for a little while, Marilyn, Maku, Abati, Okupe all left them alone. Naija – a rotten country with no compassion, no responsibility to its citizens, and no respect for principles. A country where the temporary ambition of one man must be the undoing of everyone else, including those whom that ambition should benefit. Soon, you will hear Marilyn and her fellow politicians alleging that these heart-broken parents have been teleguided by Oby and Hadiza to say what the parents have just said.

    • solomon

      OBY Ezegolo WILL forever remain enemy of the mass with her ugliness looking

      • True Nigerian

        Yeah, that’s the tiny size of your mind and intellect on display for the world to see. Great advertisement for the world. That’s exactly what I meant when I say the country has no compassion. You are a true representation of the Nigerian conscience in 2014. The world will look at your comment and see that, in describing Nigeria as a country of mostly callous – despite religious – bunch of people, I was actually not bastardizing or dissing my country as people like Genevieve would erroneously like to suggest. I think we will wake up when our country is burning and we find ourselves arriving as refugees in Ghana, Gabon, etc.

        • redeem

          @true Nigeria—–aware u must be an Ibo man——-very sad–sha——–Oby yr sister is a bonded disgrace——–to the nation———-apart from u attempting to sell your janjaweed ideas—how can a sane man—-who is not yet a mental case———- allege that his country has no compassion———-i have often stated that our troubles has nothing to do with corruption————–but patriotism——–u will never havve opened yr janjaweed mouth to such such dirty things———if u loved her——–states were created by government–to enable them bring government closer to their people——-The Borno state governor———-sold the girl cheap to boko haram for political reasons———–the NSA is fulani from the north————-gusau is also fulani–from the north————badey is also from the north———-sultan of sokoto——emir of kano–all these people are from the north–we have the northern elders forum——retired former heads of state who hail from the north————Islamic leaders—–yet none of these people have been able to bring hope top the souls of the thousands being killed by boko haram–the atikus–dangotes————ribnadus——–nyakos——-kawnkasos—————–the ijaw elites reached out to the militants in the creeks——————-let them do same or shut up via APC

      • redeem

        we are going to arrange a beauty contest between her and lair mohamed———-ati our mr toad eyes–chief tinubu————-APC is really filled with very ugly humans———-even the heavenly bodies will reject in their sleep–cause of their satanic boko harmic ways—–when will aregbeshola confess to attempted bribery–casse———has the case been buried again the APC way-in osun state

    • redeem

      Oby is a member of of APC——she is not raising awareness on the plight of the alleged Chibok girls because of the love she has for them-Never———-she is doing it for political reasons——–how can u leave the man who killed your father–and be searching for the knife used in slaughtering him–? While the man who slit the throat of your father lives with u in the same vicinity?———————she would have had the support of the government if Oby an Ibo woman who has witnessed more of her tribes men being killed by boko haram in the North-if she had trained her janjaweed APC thoughts on boko haram–instead hers is focused on the president—–if that is not madness then tell me what it is—————–the US did not put pressure on George Walker Bush to fish out Bin Laden-her acts are politically motivated —-designed to score cheap political points for the janjaweeds in APC—who arranged to have the girls abducted————————u know APC operates within the ambit of the media———-that is to say APC is media based————————————that is how they sell their janjaweeed lies——to the public

  • Scalywag

    The security and welfare of citizens is no longer the primary purpose for the existence of the government. The looting and raping of the commonwealth is. The self perpetuation of the actors in power is. That is why those in the corridors of power don’t care about the ordinary people. If it were their children that had been abducted do you think they would still be in captivity after 130 days? They would have done everything including negotiatios to bring them back. The parents too should not have accepted money from government, no matter what. They should have held their heads high and insisted on the safe return of their daughters. This is because the government created conditions for their poverty. Elections are around the corner. Let our recent history guide us in electing our leaders hence. Let us vote wisely and protect our votes. Let us not vote for those who will use their positions to maltreat us and treat us af if we were excrement

    • solomon

      When was the welfare of citizens ever be the primary purpose of any government in Nigeria or you are coward as OBJ who is now pope crying for the dead.

      • redeem

        the welfare of the nation depends on the awooooooooooooof oil revenue from the SS——-not the internally generated kudi———ati owo———that most of the APC states borrow ahead of time—from the banks————–Na oni gbese—-be that—APC ideas

    • redeem

      Have u ever asked yr janjaweed head how much has been spent in searching for these abstract girls alleged to have been abducted—————–by the military arm of APC—————–known as -boko haram————-the primary duty of every state government is to protect her citizens————–the job of the born state governor——-is to protect indigenes of the state——————–when WAEC wrote to plead with him to protect the girls—he did not—–we have a saying in Nigeria———fly wey no dey hear word–adviuse na him dey follow dead body go inside grave——————tell APC to stop heating the polity—————–they will never win election to aso rock with these janjaweed Islamic koranic jihadist tricks———

  • robo

    The only ‘good’ about Ebola wahala is that it has given respite to Abuja over the Chibok girls. The PR team of Abuja should do everything to put Ebola in the front burner! Who says there is no some ‘good’ in evil?

    • solomon

      Whether ebola or no ebole no body cares for fake chibod girls who went to their husband houses/forest.

      When the hausa boko haram were killing my South West brothers who from the North shout they will die more monkeys and baboons they are

    • redeem

      ask aregbeshola to confess his sins against the people of osun state-

  • BlackieUmukoro

    These protesters can do better by going to sambisa to plead with the insurgents to # Handover the girls#

    • ige folorunsho

      U are very callous. How I wish one of them was ur sister. Is it about the protesters or government rescuing the girls. To you has goverment tried its best rather they are using terrorism to steal public funds through budget. Pls comment with your head next time

      • solomon

        My sister will never be born in that your forsaken land where human being are regarded as gift to useless man who married them at 7years.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        You are the one callous here. A US journalist has just been beheaded in Iraq. Did you get to hear about any fucking protest against Obama. Instead all the citizens are rallying round Obama to get back at those bastards Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • tunde

      What is wrong with you?

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Sambisa virus
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • solomon

      These are bastards ashawo ladies looking to get their wicked faces show on tv.

      Look at their faces and check if they resemble women who lost their daughters are claimed.

      Ashawo OBEY should go and help her useless husband dying in cold whether during this raining seasons than wasting away on the streets of Abuja met for good looking ladies not old monkey like herself.

      • redeem

        That na pastor wife ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh

    • redeem

      let the APC leaders from buhari to tinubu spend nights in the forest–afterall——the girl were abducted in an APC controlled state

      • BlackieUmukoro

        That is the point
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • Ovie Obaro E

    Continent Nigeria never ceases to amaze me. So these women who have never for once deemed it necessary to protest against Boko haram’s ‘abduction’ of their girls but against Jonathan’s Government, now wants Jona to produce their dead bodies. It is maniacally bewildering how pervasive political treachery can be in our unfortunate pseudo country called Nigeria…where truth has become alien to many and anyone who is bold enough to speak truth is haunted down and forced to resign or Govt pressured to expel such a fellow.

    On this list are Late Comrade Azazi (For daring to spot the source of Boko haram), and now Ms Marylyn Ogar. We have also had Odimegwu formerly of population commission because some idiots still want us to believe Kano has more people than Lagos…Why didn’t the Chibok women ask the Bornu state govt who kept their girls in school against the Federal govt order that all WAEC exams be held in Maiduguri Town? Nonsense!

    As Scotland decides in September via a referendum whether or not to remain in UK, Continent Nigeria should convoke a referendum or several amongst its nations to allow those nations in Nigeria who do not believe in its corporate existence, to opt out peacefully. This is a most civilized thing to do. I cannot personally remain part of a useless country where someone who threatened to spill & soak blood on the streets should he not win an election is not arrested but remains a political leader. Such absurdities are found only in pseudo countries but never in countries.

    There are more people in Delta State than Norway. Nigeria is long overdue for 7 countries. This parasitic relationship breeds & encourages laziness & non-productivity and terrorism. Give me my Niger Delta Republic now.

    • Johnson

      I agree with you Bro. Right on spot. We need some referendum. This Nigeria has not, is not and will not work. We are on the same Ship but everyone seems headed for a different destination. How then do we all get to our destinations when they are different?–and the Captain (President) ought to stair the Ship in one direction. But there is no common direction. Breakup will solve all of Nigeria’s problems. This is the honest truth.

      • Francis510

        Thank you very much. The only solution to our problems is to split the country. Beside this, our problem can never ever stop. The born to rule Aboki is not ready to let go Nigeria.

    • bello s-fulani

      I share your views about Nigeria being a ‘false’ country, and that it is real stupidity to continue on ‘a journey without a destination’. But there are no parasites in this false union of ours. Even if there are, the primitive swamp and forest dwellers of the south are the ones to be called such because it is the north that provide effective leadership and prudent management of resources. Evidence abound in that despite the enormous and disproportionate monetary allocations of the south, their leaders have done nothing for them to show for all that money so allocated.

      • Ovie Obaro E

        @bello s-fulani….
        If according to you, “the north that provide effective leadership and prudent management of resources…”, why not we part ways so the North can provide its Northern peoples with “effective” leadership? ….I am very sure you do not understand the meaning of the word ‘parasite, after all, your brother from the North did not understand the meaning of ‘Confederation’ awhen Ojukwu used the word…and this led to war for 3yrs.. I know you are educationally disadvantaged but make you try by dictionary or check your mobile GSM for the meaning of ‘parasite’.

        The North was in power for 39/53yrs and produced 9 out of 14 presidents. Why then is the North still the least in everything except TERRORISM & VAMPIRERISM? Get your country and develop at your own pace and move on with your state religion. You need not kill market women to achieve that. Do you? Nonsense!

        • redeem

          What did he say North–provides effective leadership via the murder of dele giwa–kudirart abiola——–beheading of akaluka———————–by emir of kano sanusi——-hanging of kensarowiaw abi—–stealing my oil blokcs at night-

  • vertaalbureau.alfabet

    Since FG has given up on the North and is losing town after town without a fight and since never anything was undertaken to look for those girls and the many other ones who have been abducted, I think the only honest thing would be to say “we did not do anything because we do not really care”, instead of giving false hope – since the very beginning and time and time again – to people whose daughters are missing, tortured, raped, slaughtered. I pity all the abducted girls and women, hundreds of them, and that’s a fact not a scam, for being Nigerians, for being citizens of a heartless tribalist “country”. Split the country in 2 or 3 or 7 or 36, it won’t help. Nigerians will be robbed, beaten, raped, deceived just the same, only under another name. 0.5% of the people will still f*ck 99.5%. Funnily, the 99.5% still keep defending the 0.5%, instead of each other, no matter what tribe or religion, provided people are of good will..

    • Ovie Obaro E

      Who told you that splitting the country wont help? Lets try it. If it does’nt work then we can unite again. There is no harm in trial. No be so?

      …anytime you hear splitting or breakup is not good, just take a pause and verify the identity of the fellow. He/she will be from either North or West of continent Nigeria. Why?….are you the parasites? If Scotl
      and can decide to vote to part from UK after 97yrs, why cant continent Nigeria part after useless 100yrs? Na wetin concern Olu of Warri with Emir of Sokoto? Before Luggard wandered into this space, did Olu of Warri even know that people existed in Kano or Maiduguri?

      Breakup will stop corruption in 24 hrs and terrorism will be gone for ever…also political threats will be no more…the blood of Baboons will no more have to be spilt. Nonsense!

      • nija pikin

        It’s true the emir of sokoto once thougth warrior is the name of a mother crocodile and it’s only river that exist in the south south thanks to Lord luggage amalgamation,we now now humans do exist in the S’s and warri is the name of a village not animal

  • Mr Igbo Sanity

    The New York Times called Jonathan “VERY CORRUPT” The Economist of London called Jonathan CALLOUS (Wicked)
    The FACT is that over 2 months ago, Jonathan singlehandedly CANCELLED the deal to swap the poor mostly Christian girls most of whom unfortunately voted for Jonathan, in exchange for the wives and children of the Boka Haram. Jonathan did that just play politics with other peoples daughters!
    Just google Jonathan cancells deal to free chibok girls” Jonathan is wicked as stated by the Economist

  • Truthometer

    Dear Parents, sadly, Dumbo and his administration don’t give a damn! For this callous individuals in government, it is all about 2015 presidential election (Power and Money). They can deploy thousands of Soldiers and SSS personnels to Ekiti and Osun States for elections, but not to Sambisa forest where Shekau and his bandits reigns. But, we the good people, of good conscience, will continue to pray for our girls. #BringBackOurGirls!!!

    • redeem

      our oil revenue–from the SS-say that–cause the rest of nigeria—has nothing—they are penniless

      • concerned9ja

        Retard! Let your clueless son be alive to his responsibilities or he leaves to go and be drinking your poisoned oil.

        • redeem

          @wahala u would never have been alive today to tell us about the biafran war——————if not for that oil would u ever have wanted the SS to align with u-in d SE—————-the saudis and the Kuwaitis are not cursing their oil———————-but yr awoooooooooooof loving osu soul is—doing just that to my crude oil——————–

      • Guttersense

        Your oil revenue indeed. By this time next year oil will be selling $20 a barrel. Have u heard of shale gas, shale oil and fracking? You will use the oil to fry your fish. Just wait and see. And your people in government know it. That’s why they are stealing like there’s no tomorrow. #BRINGBACKOUR$20bn. Or is it your $20bn?

  • adegbola

    Only God can save our girls from the boko haram’s custody because all this government is concerned about now is how to stay in power next year.

  • agamaagama

    This question should be directed to BOKO HARAM or to those who created and funded them.

    • Dan maikoko

      No real government will plead with kidnappers, murderers and insurgents to return their victims. The northerners have always maintained that power is not an all comers affair and if anything the first president from the animist niger delta has proven the northerners right. This lingering shame must be removed from our national psyche.

  • How Manage

    See what GEJ has reduced us to. Every dog and its owner is advising Nigerians to do the obvious