Key National Conference recommendations you need to know

National Conference committee members

The National Conference will today present its report to President Goodluck Jonathan at a ceremony in Abuja.

The Chairman of the Conference, Idris Kutigi will lead the other members of the leadership as well as the 492 delegates to present the document, which is in three volumes, at a ceremony scheduled for 3p.m. at the National Judicial Institute, NJI.

The delegates held a dinner Wednesday night to mark the end of the confab. The dinner was attended by Vice President Namadi Sambo, who assured that the outcome of the Conference would be utilized to settle the nation’s myriad problems.

“The deliberations of the Conference will be utilized to settle the nation’s problems,” Mr. Sambo said, stressing that it was convoked by Mr. Jonathan because of his belief that there was no alternative to dialogue.

The vice president expressed joy at the understanding exhibited by the delegates while the Conference lasted and that Nigerians and the Federal Government would remain grateful to them. He said the delegates succeeded in producing a living document.

The Assistant Secretary, Media and Communications, Akpadem James, told PREMIUM TIMES on Wednesday night that top government officials, including Mr. Namadi, President of the Senate, David Mark, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, and the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Aloma Muktar, would attend the closing ceremony today.

The Conference commenced March 17 when it was inaugurated by Mr. Jonathan.

It was originally billed to last three months but was granted about one month extension.
It concluded committee sittings and plenary sessions in mid-July after which delegates went on a short break to enable the conference’s secretariat compile the report.

The delegates returned to approve the draft report after which it finally closed last Thursday following a motion by Second Republic Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Richard Akinjide, and seconded by Yadoma Mandara, who was the youngest delegate.

The convocation of the Conference was packaged by a 13-member Presidential Advisory Committee on National Dialogue headed by Femi Okurounmu, a former senator. The Committee submitted its 69-member report last December.

Apart from its 492 membership drawn from different spheres of life, the Conference was supervised and managed by a secretariat whose six members were also nominated by the Federal Government.

The others, besides Mr. Kutigi, were Bolaji Akinyemi, (deputy chairman), Valerie-Janette Azinge (Secretary), Akilu Ndabawa (Assistant Secretary, Conference Proceedings), Mahmood Yakubu (Assistant Secretary, Administration and Finance), and Akpandem James (Assistant Secretary, Media and Communications).

During the period the Conference sat, its stability was tested by some thorny national issues, which included resource control, derivation principle, Land Use Act, national security among others.

However, at the end of it all, the Conference made some far-reaching recommendations.

Below are the highlight of its recommendations made compared with those of the previous conferences, namely the 1994/1995 Constitutional Conference (CC) convoked by late head of state, Sani Abacha and the National Political Reform Conference, NPRC, convoked by former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Creation of 18 New States
2014 National Conference: Recommended the creation of 18 new states (three per geo-political zone).. Among them are Apa, Edu, Kainji, Katagum, Savannah, Amana, Gurara, Ghari, Etiti (South East zone), Aba, Adada, Njaba-Anim, Anioma, Orashi, Ogoja, Ijebu and New Oyo. Apart from the 18 proposed states, the Conference also recommended one new states for the South East to make the zone have equal number of states with the other zones except the North West which has seven. It also recommended that states willing to merge can also do so based on certain conditions.

2005: NPRC said 36 states structure is too expensive and that the situation will become worse given the number of requests for the creation of new states some of which would need to be met for the sake of peace and stability of the economy.

1994/1995 Constitutional Conference recommended the creation of 20 new states namely Gombe, Apa, Nasarawa, Hadejia, Tiga, Zamfara, Sardauna, Katagum, Ghari, Kainji, Bayelsa, Orashi, Anioma, Ekiti, Ebonyi, New Oyo, Ogoja, Itai, Ijebu-Remo and Rivers East. Some of the states have since been created.

Resource Control/Derivation Principle/Fiscal Federalism
2014 NC: The Conference noted that assigning percentage for the increase in derivation principle, and setting up Special Intervention Funds to address issues of reconstruction and rehabilitation of areas ravaged by insurgency and internal conflicts as well as solid minerals development, require some technical details and consideration. The Conference therefore recommends that Government should set up a Technical Committee to determine the appropriate percentage on the three issues and advise government accordingly.

2005 NPRC: Recommended an increase in the level of derivation from the present 13% to 17% in the interim pending the report of the expert commission. Massive and urgent programme of development of infrastructure and human resources of the Niger Delta should be embarked upon by the Federal Government.

1994/1995 CC: It said in determining the formula, the National Assembly shall take into account allocation principles especially those of population, equality of states, internal revenue generation, land mass, terrain as well as population density provided that the principle of Derivation shall be constantly reflected in any approved formula as being not less than 13% of the Revenue accruing to the Federation Account directly.

The various mineral resources should be controlled and managed by the Government of the Federation through an arrangement which involves Oil Producing States and Communities, in particular, the rights and privileges which the Mineral and Mining Act of 1999 confers on States, Local Governments, Communities and land owners should equally be extended to the case of petroleum resources

Public Finance/Revenue Allocation

2014: That the sharing of the funds to the Federation Account among the three tiers of government should be done in the following manner: Federal Government – 42.5%, State Governments – 35% and Local Governments 22.5%

That the percentage given to population and equality of states in the existing sharing formula be reduced while that assigned to Social Development sector be increased to a much higher percentage so as to ensure accelerated development of all parts of the country.

2005 NPRC: No specific recommendation, but advised that the number of local government in a state should not count as a criterion for revenue allocation

1994/1995 Constitutional Conference: The National Assembly shall determine the Revenue Allocation Formula which formula shall each time remain in force for a period of not less than five years from the day the bill shall be assented to by the president.

Forms of Government
2014 NC: Recommended the Modified Presidential System, a home-made model of government that effectively combines the presidential and parliamentary systems of government.

The president shall pick the vice president from the Legislature.

The President should select not more than 18 ministers from the six geo -political zones and not more than 30% of his ministers from outside the Legislature. Reduce Cost of governance by pruning the number of political appointees and using staff of ministries where necessary.

2005 NPRC:
The Conference recommended the retention of Presidential System of Government.

The number of ministries at the centre should be reduced to between 15 and 18 and to a maximum of 10 at the state level. Similarly, appointment of Special Advisers should be pegged to six and not more than three at the state level. Appointment of special assistants should be made from within the public service.

1994/1995: Recommended presidential system and federalism.

2014 National Conference: Bi-cameral legislature, but all elected members of the legislative arms of all the tiers of government should serve on part-time basis

Power Sharing/Rotation
2014 NC: Recommended that the presidential power should rotate between the North and the South and among the six geo-political zones while the governorship will rotate among the three senatorial districts in a state.

2005 NPRC: The principle of power rotation should be enshrined in the Constitution so that executive positions rotate at federal, state and local governments. The office of the president, governors and local government should rotate in such a way that all the geo-political zones in the federation, states, local governments, as the case may be should have a chance to produce a president, governor and local government. It should not however be included in the constitution because of the emotive nature of the issue.

There should be legislation by the National Assembly to ensure that the office of the president should rotate between the north and the south as well as amongst the geo-political zones of the country on the basis of equity, justice and fairness. The principle should be applicable to states and local government on senatorial basis for the governorship and at ward or district for the position of chairman of LGs.

1994/1995 CC: Rotational Presidency should be enshrined in the Constitution. The same logic should apply to rotation of the governors and chairmen of LGs. It recommended multiple vice presidents with a way to ensure that at least one comes from the same zone as the president.

Local Government
2014 NC: Local Government will no longer be the third tier of government. The federal and states are now to be the only tiers of government. States can now create as many local governments they want. The Joint State/Local Government Account be scrapped and in its place the establishment of a State RMAFC with representatives of LG and a Chairman nominated by the Governor. The Constitution should fix the tenure for Local Government Councils at three years. Conference recommends the scrapping of State Independent Electoral Commission, SIECs.

2005 NPRC: The Conference retained three levels of government comprising federal, state and local government councils

1994/1995 CC: The Local government shall be a third tier of government in Nigeria, but in order to save costs, a local government council shall consist of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and elected Councillors without a legislative arms.

Each State shall maintain a special account to be called “State Joint Local Government Account” into which shall be paid all allocations to the Local government councils of the state from the Federation Account. State Houses of Assembly to create local governments and the life of local government officials will be three years.

Immunity Clause
2014: The immunity clause should be removed if the offences attract criminal charges to encourage accountability by those managing the economy.

2005 NPRC: Recommended that immunity clause as enshrined in Section 308 should be amended to remove immunity provision for crimes bothering on corrupt practices, economic and financial crimes and other serious offences such as suicide and murder.

Independent Candidacy
2014 NC: It recommended that every Nigerian who meets the specified condition in the Electoral Act should be free to contest elections as an independent candidate.

2005 NPRC: Recommended the recognition of Independent candidate in election

1994/1995: The Conference recommended that Independent Candidature should be recognized and should be in the constitution

2014 NC: The creation of the office of the Accountant General (Director-General) of the Federation as a distinct and separate office from the Office of the Accountant General of the Federal Government. The Office of the Accountant General of the Federation shall oversee the accruals of revenue into and disbursement from the Federation Account as and when due; and shall administer these funds as required by the Constitution, while the office of the Accountant General of the Federal Government shall oversee the accounts of the Federal Government.

2005: Separation of the offices of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice. The Attorney General for the Federation shall be appointed by the President for a single term of six years subject to the confirmation by the Senate

2014: A Special Courts to handle corruption cases should be established in the light of undue prolongation in the trials and prosecution of corruption cases in the regular courts. A non-conviction-based asset forfeiture law should be enacted with broad provisions to deal with all issues of proceeds of crimes by the anti-graft agencies and the courts.

2005: Special Courts should be set up for prosecution of cases emanating from corrupt practices and such cases should not last more than 90 days. Secondly, it recommended that the authorities should Investigate and confiscate corruptly acquired wealth of past rulers and bring them to justice.
Re-introduction of the War Against Corruption and EFCC and Code of Conduct should be made members of Screening Committees at all levels of government to screen all candidates aspiring to political office before elections

Land Tenure Act
2014 NC: The Land Tenure Act should remain in the Constitution but be amended to take care of those concerns, particularly on compensation in Section 29 (4) of the Act to read “land owners should determine the price and value of their land based on open market value

2005 NPRC:
1994/1995 CC: Recommended that the Land Use Decree should be reviewed in line with the recommendations made by the Nigeria Law Reform Commission in 1991. It rejected the suggestion that the law should be completely abrogated.

National Anthem
2014 NC: Re-introduce the old National Anthem

2104 NC: The Conference recommended that there will be no government sponsorship of Christian and Muslim pilgrimages to the holy lands. It also resolved that churches and mosques should begin to pay tax to government.


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  • redeem

    where are the states that are going to be created in the South south —Zone–? for example we did not see anything like Anioma state———————toru Ebeni state in the Bomadi local government area—-or Orashi state–from rivers STATE—–this is really going to create a lot of trouble–4 Nigeria————because its the oil revenue from the oil producing states in the SS—that will again be relied on to cater for the needs of these new state———Sadly they are the ones who like their president –are now being quietly relegated to the background—-Why is it that the SS.-.most especially the Ijaws–must be made to fight for every BALL of AKara-in Nigeria—? Nothing ever comes to them easy———-the south south via boro took up arms to request for the creation of states—-tricked into fighting on the side of the FGN-with fake promises-by Gowon But were left out until abacha favoured them—with the creation of Bayelsa state–now another confab—neglects them again–Added to the insult is the retention of the land use decree——–its sad that the land use decree still remains as it was created by Obj to steal land from the people of Otta–If those who attended the confab had any sympathy for the people of Plateau ati Benue–with regards to their fight with TIVs-they would have done something urgent about their plight—–The issue of IBB creating LGA for the fulanis–withich has been the cause of war between Boroms and Fulanis was not even touched———–Besides the land use decree as it affects the oil producing communities-was again dumped–In the US oil belongs to the owners of the land where d product is found–Not in Nigeria-where the oil wells are owned by d emirs–ati sultans and obas—-in the name of the so-called fragile unity–of 9ja———One of the demands of the militants in the Niger delta–was resource control–or fiscal federalism———–ati ————-political autonomy for the 6 zones————that to them is a taboo——–cause them yearn to enjoy awooooooooooooooooooof oil revenue———————-in the name of one Nigeria———————–animals

    • redeem

      ————its sad that the land use decree still remains as it was created by Obj to steal land from the people of Otta–If those who attended the confab had any sympathy for the people of Plateau ati Benue–with regards to their fight with Fulanis-they would have done something urgent about their plight—–The issue of IBB creating LGA for the fulanis-in Jos——-withich has been the cause of d ongoing war between Boroms and Fulanis was not even touched———–Besides the land use decree as it affects the oil producing communities-was again dumped–In the US oil belongs to the owners of the land where d product is found–Not in Nigeria-where the oil wells are owned by d emirs–ati sultans and obas—-in the name of the so-called fragile unity–of 9ja———One of the demands of the militants in the Niger delta–was resource control–or fiscal federalism———–ati ————-political autonomy for the 6 zones————that to them delegates is a taboo——–cause them yearn to enjoy the same awooooooooooooooooooof oil revenue——–since 1957————–in the name of one Nigeria—————while d oil bearing communities wail like victims of ebola virus-under the acid rains-ati gas flares and polluted waters in d Niger delta———animals

      • Abubakar Sfada

        @redeem, donkey when do u comeback from eating grass, mumu animal u wil die wit ur political Ebola.

        • redeem

          u should be ashamed of yourself—————-as an Ibo man————-one of the reasons why u often use fulani names–is because u have no roots–u do not know where u hail from in Nigeria–with yr yeye patch patch ideas which u often align to the fulanis who have said openly via Nyako that u are not wanted in their midst–dont u have any shame left in u——————–in my place when u say good night to a house–u dont go back begging for food there again–where is the pride in the Ibo man———————soon u will adorn this place with the picture of late Prof Akinyili-may her spirit hunt u till death do us part——————

          • HAMZA

            … an Igbo, he might had been born and raised in Kano. And if from the greater Kano, you can not say he has no root!

      • Wale

        “In the US oil belongs to the owners of the land where d product is found-” redeem

        You are wrong sir;
        You mentioned a country where every-thing is controlled, you don’t even own your land outright, you still have to pay government taxes every year, else, it will be taken from you and sold at cheaper price to the next person, you don’t own certain trees on your land, even if the land is paid for; maybe some certain bird species like to nest on that type of three or for some other reasons, so its against the law to cut down those trees in order for you to build your dream home.
        On natural resources underneath the ground, your so called LAND included; all of that belongs to the Feds and State Governments.
        Then they allocate portions of it to reputable and licensed companies for explorations, just like in Nigeria (I think).
        Water underneath your land could be access by you, via digging a well, but an approval is still required from your city or county council;
        The air you breath is still free as long as you’re not a carrier of air-borne disease, else you’ll be quarantined, the air space above you land belongs to the feds. Hope you got my point here.
        As a matter of fact, I can’t think of any country where the national government does not control the natural resources, regardless of where its found.

        • redeem

          In the United States, oil and gas rights to a particular parcel may be owned by private individuals, corporations, Indian tribes, or by local, state, or federal governments. Oil and gas rights extend vertically downward from the property line. Unless explicitly separated by a deed, oil and gas rights are owned by the surface landowner. Once severed from surface ownership, oil and gas rights may be bought, sold, or transferred, like other real estate property. Ownership in the oil and gas rights for different horizontal layers, or strata, may be further divided and sold to different parties.

          Oil and gas rights offshore are owned by either the state or federal government and leased to oil companies for development. The tidelands controversy involve the limits of state ownership.

          Although oil and gas laws vary by state, the laws regarding ownership prior to, at, and after extraction are nearly universal. An owner of real estate also owns the minerals underneath the surface, unless the minerals are severed under a previous deed or an agreement.

        • Onike24

          Can you please not reply to any comments this character posts! He is either a mentally unstable character or a paid internet troll. If every one avoids and boycotts him and his divisive comments, they will become even more irrelevant and he will go away.

        • redeem

          U are a thief——————–period and a very big thief at that——u read yr own law upside down——this is how u often mislead the public with yr agbero like analysis-monkey–u copy everything from the US but refuse to appl simply laws concerning–ownership of the land—thief

        • redeem

          Article 26 of the rights of the Indigenous People states inter alia that “Indigenous peoples have the right to the LAND, territories and RESOURCES which they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired,” and it directs states to give legal recognition to these territories. Sadly these fake views expressed by u are from the figment of yr regional imaginations—designed to steal as usual what does not belong to u————as u have been doing lazily since 1957———–with yr present rental economy–barawo—without shame———u steal and cover yr thievery with yr red yellow ati white turbans stained with the spirit,, tears- sorrows ati blood of my ancestors-u will atone for yr sins one day-

        • HAMZA

          This is Naija and not US. US is centuries ahead of Naija in terms of coming of age. Just look at how we are slandering, abusing each other with utter hatred (sectional, tribal religious and even baselee sentiments). – Yet you expect we would behave like the Americans. ……………never even in the next generation we can achieve that!

          • redeem

            Then from where did you copy the federal structure or system of governance from–if not the USA–monkey-Hamza yr comments is a clear depiction of the fact that we are just deceiving ourselves——–in Nigeria-if u could use yr cow head to tell me that NIGERIA IS NOT THE US–what evidence do i need to make me realsie that boko haram was a weapon instroduced by the Fulanis to dominate Nigeria–sadly they have failed———–the fuklanis in APC have foolishly exposed themselves for the parasites –Nigeria–look at the line up—-Atiku buhari–kwakaso————-tambuwal———–all of them are from the same fulani tribe—————————are there no otherr ethnic group from the North that can vie for the post of president–only fulanis–from dangote village

      • Okache

        Strange things do happen. You write and reply yourself. You need to be really “redeem”.

        • HAMZA

          Redeem done redeem be that! But I guessed he only decided to build on what he has written before.

          • Okache

            I know. I just wanted him to write something. Always on the attack.

          • redeem

            @wahala————-u are the same person posing as Hamza——-Okache—————-see the shame in u as an ibo man–u stink—-everything about u is fraud————————like the fulanis———nothing like truth in yr blood———yet u cry to aling with the SS abi——God forbid

      • HAMZA

        …..they shoud have simply address the ‘setller/indigine’ nonsense.

        • redeem

          we are africans—————and not native Indians—the Ibos and fulanis see everywhere they lay their tents as home————other tribes are not like them————————when it comes to the issue of settlers and indigenes u fall back on the US for help—- but when it concerns resources control u declare that that US is not Nigeria———————give meaning to the states u agitated for by remaining there——u dont encourage people to stay in your zones–but want to reside in the homes of others like the Jews of GERMANY——–ABI——-We cannot create another homeland for the Fulanis in africa—giving their nomadic life style———U CANNOT EAT YR CAKE AND HAVE IT————–THE FULANIS DO NOT OWN JOS———-LET THEM LEAVE THE ZONE FOR THE OWNERS –if the ibos think they own Kano let them go and install their own emir of Kano-PERIOD–

    • Abubakar Sfada

      Don’t worry, ur father GEJ will creat Ebola state for u,

      • HAMZA

        ……….and all therein shall die! Boko Haram in the NE and Ebola there for them.

      • sharp shape

        Nonsense dan banza kafferi !

    • BlackieUmukoro

      The states you mentioned are there. Please re read again. Your outburst is misplaced

      • redeem

        is it the National confab that yearns to create Bayelsa state–is that state not already in place in the SS-what about Anioma state—————————–

        • BlackieUmukoro

          I do not understand. Anioma is amongst the recommended states. So what is your problem Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • BlackieUmukoro

    A revised, edited and amended version of earlier reports. Nothing new or spectacular was introduced. All the same it was a job well done. National assembly hawks, please don’t kill this beautiful report from 492 wise men, boys, women and girls

  • Ben Ikari

    Nothing to celebrate…the conference failed! It didn’t or couldn’t address, resolve core conflict issues: proper restructuring using regional govt. model and dissolving current 36 states’ structure which permits cheating, gross imbalance that favors Hausa-Fulani (the north in general), Yoruba and Igbo. It also favors corruption. Resource generation and control in addition to regional contribution or payment of taxes to the center weren’t resolved, yet conference lied it approved true federalism. How can there be true federalism where more than 90% of the states depend solely on oil from Niger delta to pay common monthly salary; why create and continue to run states which can’t create their monthly budget, thus willing to kill oil producing community citizens if they demand what’s rightly theirs? Which real federation create states that sits to share monthly allocation from the federation account without contributing nothing; and how can anyone set up a company or business which only source of income is sharing money from other regions? No matter how the conference sees and interpretes its work, which isn’t too different from previous, it failed hence opens door for the demand of another conference. Sovereign National Conference (SNC) the country dodges and repeatedly produce irrelevant remedies suitable for the upkeep of the tripartite ethnic groups above and the greedy, corrupt, ignorant and deadly political.class, is the answer where so-called national conferences have failed repeatedly. Outcome of this conference aimed to seal Jonathan’s electability in 2015, is a recipe for further marginalization, crisis and conflict since it doesn’t make way to curing the sicknesses which are responsible for the nation’s problems. It will not help the common man, the poor. I challenge anyone including conference delegates, Jonathan to honestly tell the public how these recommendations will solve the teeming marginalization, cheating, greed and corruption, even elections’ malpractice issues when all eyes are on oil and gas from one region and little or nothing contributed by the rest of the country. Forcing different peoples to stay together like the rogue British colonialists did instead of allowing them to discuss whether they will continue to stay together and under what terms, makes the conference a bigger failure than not; it’s like forcing a woman to marry a man she doesn’t know, like or a chronic domestic abuser that is nigeria, and we can predict the result with time…

    • redeem

      Article 26 of the rights of the Indigenous People states inter alia that “Indigenous peoples have the right to the LAND, territories and RESOURCES which they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired,” and it directs states to give legal recognition to these territories.

  • Comfortkay

    Is it not a shame when we see 11 men and only three women taking photograph with the President. When is the Nigeria Society going to respect women when men are everywhere.

    • HAMZA

      How many women you want see? Men are everywhere because by nature they are more ‘free’. Women that mingle amongst with men can not have the perseverance to endure: It is not easy for them to be ‘within’ and at the same time ‘outside’ the home.

      • Comfortkay

        I don’t agree with you, the numbers of women out number the men and women are less represented in every part of Nigeria society. Please think about that.

        • redeem

          mumu was the confab about women and men—————–when will 9jas ever get serious—————beyond stealing

          • Comfortkay

            God will never Redeem your Life, you calling me mumu, just because of Agbero like you Nigerian cannot get its acts together, Can you express your opinion without being Abusive GEJ foot soldier.

      • Comfortkay

        Chineke can you see;If that is the case women will never vote your president again.

    • john micheals

      This government has given the highest ever appointment to women, Women represent about 35% of the top political appointments in Nigeria. GEJ deserves credit in that area. And you can see they have disappointed as well Stella Oduah and co.

      • Comfortkay

        And why was Stella not replaced by woman you macho men.

  • Wazobia

    Wasted time. Wasted energy. Wasted money/resources

    what a big shame. well, discerning minds knew it was a jamboree. even the thought of holding the conference is unthinkable.

    As can be seen, their resolutions are just a “remix” of the 2005 recommendations. Dumb, Dumberer(s) and Dumbo

    • redeem

      u were asked to go and air your regional views———-not for the men from your tribe to gang up or sell us out to the fulanis———–that is why u allege that it failed–because of the threats issued by the fulanis————–and unless we collectively< tackle———these spoilt super brat—mindset of the fulanis in Nigeria—-it will be very hard for us to make progress——————until the fulanis agree—–to remain in the emirate of Nigeria———–no dice——————–because they all believe Nigeria will never break—–up——————————–not matter what———and until,.tthat happens———Nigerians and the fulanis from Cameroon ati chad will never learn————

    • Victor Uwem

      This shows that your view is the regional sentiment of (Hausa/Fulani). The last election therefore reveals that the romance of your tribe with the west was to buy their conscience. Time will tell. I can assure you that this union is temporary. The Nigeria where every region has equal right will soon emerge.

  • marig

    Not bad

  • Ovie Obaro E

    Let freedom reign!
    From the oily creeks of the mangrove swamps of Warri Kingdom to the clement and mineral rich mountains of Obudu
    Ranch in Calabar,Let freedom reign…From the rich Benin river basins in Edo to the palm olive haven & crude oil reserves of the Abia red earth, Let freedom reign.

    From the great Onitsha bridge-the land flowing with oil, inventors & entrepreneurs, to the rich Royal waters of Bonny land & its priceless natural gas, let freedom reign…From the oil laden land & water of the Ogoni peoples to oil rich plains of Eket in Akwa Ibom, Let freedom reign…From Enugu coal & bitumen reserves to the tranquility of the rich oil deposits of River Ethiope. Let freedom reign.

    My Dear Niger Deltans, how long more do we have to wait? How long? Nigeria destroys our lands, wastes our money in building infrastructure which are soon bombed by the unproductive.

    1. Norway = 4.7 million peoples (They have the highest standard of living on earth. Norway is oil producing)
    2. Delta State = 5.1 million peoples (They have the poorest standard of living on earth. Delta is oil producing)
    3. Rivers State = 5.7 million peoples (They have about the poorest standard of living on earth, Rivers is oil producing)

    So why cant Rivers & Delta become countries? My dear South South Kingdoms of continent Nigeria, it is time to practically take our destiny in our hands. Like Scotland will do in September to decide whether to remain as part of UK, The Niger Delta and any dissatisfied region for that matter, should be able to decide, via a referendum, whether or not such a region/country wants to continue to be part of continent Nigeria.

    So, we are ready. It is time for us to take the Bull not just by its horns but also by its broukous. Secession? YES!- The fierce urgency of NOW. Secession will end bombings and the homogeneous North will be happy to implement its sharia and nobody will have reason to make a country ungovernable via wanton destruction of lives & property bcos his tribesman is not President…and above all, every emergent country will develop at its own pace.

    Long live the Niger Delta Republic

    • sharp shape

      You are on point bro but ????????????? Hmmmmmmmmhmmh !

  • Ovie Obaro E

    Why didn’t these ‘wise’ men & women discuss the reduction of the criminal emoluments of the legislathieves which currently stands at $1.7m (N26m/Month) for a sitting continent Nigerian Senator? This salary scale is adjudged to be the highest on planet earth in the same geographical space where minimum wage is just N24,000 and N18,000/Month in some states…Meanwhile, despite this disparity, the wives of legislathieves & those who earn N18,000 visit the same market and pay the same rate for fuel & electricity…and if you think Nigeria will have peace and progress like this, then you better see a psychiatrist without delay. Nonsense!

    Could the delegates have forgotten this obvious criminal anomaly? Did their advisers forget? Did the so-called ‘groundbreaking’ & ‘rockbreaking’ news websites forget? Did the Pastors wife forget? abi she was too busy with #BringBackOurGirls…but who will #BringBackNigerDeltaOilBlocks?. Spiuuusssshhhhhh………

    Just give me my Niger Delta Republic and check me out in 48month….we would have put a man and perhaps even chickens on the moon. But this continent Nigeria we are part of is slowing us down. The lethargic are destroying and forcing others to conform to their pace…and sadly, many are seemingly practically conforming or conforming in principle. Sad indeed!

  • Kill Corruption its Contagious

    We are waiting to see the outcome, we want to see what will become of the report I pray it will not be thrown into the dustbin of history like the previous ones.

  • sharp shape

    Long live Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan , the best president in the history of the federal Republic of Nigeria Amen

  • john micheals

    They are good recommendations and hopefully the NASS put some to law.