Bye Bye Ribadu, We Wish You Luck — APC

The All Progressives Congress [APC] has expressed disappointment over the defection of one of its chieftains, Nuhu Ribadu, to the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP], describing the development as “very terrible.”

The party however wished him luck in his new party.

Mr. Ribadu, a former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, decamped to the ruling party on Saturday.

A member of the executive committee of the PDP in Bako, Mr. Ribadu’s ward in Yola South Local Government Area of Adamawa, had told this newspaper that the former EFCC boss had registered as a member of the party and given party membership card.

Mr. Ribadu, a retired Assistant Inspector General of Police, was the presidential candidate of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, in the 2011 elections.

The ACN merged with the All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP, the Congress for Progressives Change, CPC, and a faction of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA.

Speaking with PREMIUM TIMES in a telephone interview on Sunday, the National Chairman of the APC, John Odigie-Oyegun, said he was not disappointed by Mr. Ribadu’s action, but that it merely confirmed the level to which the Nigerian society had degenerated.

“It makes me sad because it is very terrible thing. It is a confirmation of the level to which our society has degenerated,” he said.

“For a man of that calibre to fall into that trap because of governorship position is disappointing. There is no problem; we wish him luck.”

Asked why it was disappointing, the APC national chairman said, “Don’t you see what this represents – that a man of his calibre will fall for the temptation?

“I hope you understand the point I am making. I am not sad because of the APC, but because it reflects on the condition of the Nigerian elite and the kind of things they fall for.

“For the APC, there is no problem. People go, people come, but for this nation, it is a very sad commentary. It makes you unhappy.”

On whether the APC leadership made any effort to dissuade Mr. Ribadu from leaving the party, Mr. Oyegun merely said, “People spoke with him,” adding “I don’t want to say more than that.”

He however said, “The time has come when we should have politicians of principle. We cannot continue like this.

“The society is sick. We shouldn’t encourage things like this. It indicates democracy is lacking in that party.

“For a man of his calibre to say the things he has said on record and still did this, is disappointing. If he had done this six months ago that would have been understandable. But just because of nomination, you fell for it, even if it is the main election. (Buba) Marwa is there; the Speaker is there.

“This is rock bottom. Haba wetin! The disconnection is too direct.”

The APC national chairman was not definite if the party would initiate any effort to get the former EFCC chairman back into the party.

“That is not the issue,” he said. “If you want to get him back, you offer him what the people are offering him.

“I’m not disappointed because I’m APC or because of where he is going. But for a man of that calibre who has said things on record and yet went in this direction is disappointing.”


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  • Giganto

    I agree with APC Chairman on this occasion. This is really a dangerous thing! It means that young people don’t have political role model any more especially now that people like Ribadu have proven to be another opportunist of the highest order.

    • gymer

      How about the 5 PDP governors that defected from PDP to APC?

      • Musty

        Please don’t make it personal! The chairman said “Nigerian elites”, that 5 inclusive. By the way, he was not chairman when that happened.

        • change 2014-2015

          The apc does not want bad peoplr in their folks so if you know that you are notcomfortable why dont you leave rather causing problem.

      • MontyB

        Thanks a lot! When people defect to their party, it is not a problem but when people defect from, it is. They should take a stand. How do they intend to grow? Organic or inorganic? If it is inorganic then let people be. If it is organic, they should sell a vision to the people. APC has sold no vision to the people…

    • redeem

      APC as a party has not clear sense of direction—vision-less–to be hones I do not know what they stand for-in our society—the party has no ideology————-that the youths of Nigeria can follow or look unto—very empty–just gra gra noise makers—the departure of ribadu from the party is a very mighty blow to tinubu—and his regional party—APC—-Again is it tinubu who imposed his wife-daughter ati son in law on the electorates–in Lagos—that the youths can emulate-? These people have been deceiving 9jas with their fake progressive card-Tinubu a certificate forger wants to be seen as the Awo of APC–impossible—the PDP fulani governors- decamped to APC for the fun of it—-Fulanis do not serve they like to lead———The entire thing could be a trick by ribadu to win elections on the platform of PDP then decamp to APC later—-who knows——-Aware he does not stand a chance–with Atiku ati buhari————-so why not contest elections as governor on the ticket of APC——-I have always been very firm on ribadu–he is man without an iota of principles————like Rochas—Amaechi——–ati a host of other unstable characters in APC————The party which ribadu should have joined if he had any conscience left in him–was NCP that late Gani left–if he was sincere with his fake anti corruption credentials–instead he aligned with born rogues in APC————to abuse the president-

    • Musty

      What the Chairman said is real and disturbing. I think we must have a very, very clear law on this defection thing. For example, if you move from one party to another, you must have a waiting period like 5 years to be eligible to contest for any party post, 8 years to contest for local, state or federal office, 10 years to be appointed (including direct family members i.e. wife, father, mother, children, grandchildren etc) any political office at any level i.e. local, state federal. This should be a federal law not a mere party policy where a waiver would be issue at any discretion. There should be no waiver language attached to the law, period.

      • zygote

        My brother this is a lawless society. They have such laws in PDP, the law says you have to wait 2 years before you are eligible to contest for governorship election, if you defect from other parties. but, they usually give them waivers.
        Let me give you an example: During the first PDP presidential nomination between Obasanjo and Ekwueme, the constitution clearly states that for you to be a president candidate you must win your ward, and local government. They all went to their villages and started the campaign from there. Obasanjo did not win his ward, neither did he win his local governme, he even lost in the booth in front of his house. But he became the nominee and later the president, because a got a waiver. Ekwueme on the other hand, did not go to court, because according to him, he didn’t want to give the military an excuse to remain in power.

  • musa omosun

    don’t like APC as a party, but totally agreed with the Chairman. just cant understand the Nigerian politician. no principal. no idealogy, etc. so sad

  • GbemigaO

    Rubbish talk. APC that you lead is made up of 60% former PDP members that defected . So what is the issue you are raising here. Both PDP and APC are made up of unprincipled politicians including you sir !

    • Pius

      True talk Gbemi!

    • Ayelala

      If you cannot see the difference then you need reeducation.
      Ribadu is attracted to power while many in the opposition are not.
      I can guarantee you that almost all in the PDP are there to make money and not to serve.
      As it is, probably only Lagos,Ibadan,osun,ogun,rivers and maybe Abuja have the facilities and manpower to test for Ebola .
      While some of the defectors are opportunistic, there are many in the opposition who have are not.
      Many politician in the opposition for example,could have played the houseboy to patience /jonathan and stolen his people’s money .
      I cannot guarantee all their opposition credentials,however I know that most of the principled folks are in APC.
      I have said this many times, buhari is the only northern politician whose principle stand,I can guarantee.
      Even sanusi ,as brilliant as he was ,easily get comfortable with the trappings of power.
      The reason why he was donating the CBN money like a drunken sailor;even though the constitution allowed it.
      Ribadu since he took that probe panel job has revealed himself to be incapable of staying out of the corridor power.
      He is attracted to power and the comfort /wealth it provides.

      • GbemigaO

        Really? Reeducation ! You need to have a discerning mind to understand what I am talking about. But you don’t. Do you? I said 60% and not all. Can you read again please. Until you can open your eyes to see that all politicians in Nigeria are power mongers, always craving to obtain power , you will remain stuck in your dream!

  • Pius

    Tinubu the leader of APC will do same if PDP promised him VP slot. We all know what happened in 2011.There is no opposition in Nigeria. Most if not all Nigeria politicians dont have principle

    • Maria

      And why did he not do with all the pressure from OBJ? Tinubu… is not what you are portraying him to be.


      There is opposition in Nigeria. Go and ask the President. Since APC was formed, he has slept little.

      • redeem

        have the so called opposition been tabling issues of national interest–or things that affect their election fortunes in nigeria?

        • Easy

          Has the mumu president been tackling national issues? It took a 17 year old Pakistani girl to tell him the right thing to do. Mr. Kindergarten President!

        • TRUTH MASTER

          What has the man who was elected to govern done in over three years beyond using ethnicity and religion to divide the people?

  • Comfortkay

    The defection of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu is something l knew will happen , l remember what this man told us in Vienna as EFCC chairman many years ago, and he has tired to clean up the bad eggs in the society but he failed so he joined them to eat from the national cake. He will fail in his political life. Good Luck Ribadu.

    • afroblacco

      Gudu gudu bad belle………the frustrated losers cant take it.
      Who wan try Jonathan? He conquers all.

      • Africans.

        Mumu…human element reasoning through the anu$!
        Who is talking about your conqueror here?
        Spare us his thoughts for a moment please!

        • afroblacco

          Hobbieee…. Ee dey pain dem……born loser, accept your defeat with a bit of class and dignity.

          Don’t be quick to show the world say ee dey pepper you for body!

        • afroblacco

          Yamma-yamma APC, make una dey look…..stupid rush rush party without solid structure .

          From Fani-Kayode to Amodu Sherrif to Inrahim Shekarau , Marwa and Ribadu, they keep coming to Goodluck Jonathan’s corner.

          Kikikikiki ,watch out El Rufai will be next.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria

    Ribadu joined APC believing that he could tolerate a few crooks in APC like Bola Tinubu but suddenly things changed.

    Bola Tinubu went to town and invited all the crooks in PDP to come over to APC as “progressives and navigators” and they did.

    The result is that all the crooks in Nigeria are now in APC ……. an Alliance of Perpetual Crooks.

    If all the crooks in Nigeria are now in APC ……. it means that the REBORN-PDP under the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan is not a place for crooks …….. rather it is a place for folks like Nuhu Ribadu.


    APC ADAMAWA LINE-UP >>>>>>> ATIKU ABUBAKAR (Described by OBJ as world’s No.1 criminal and most corrupt person)

  • Hachimenum

    Why are you talking of Politics of Principles as if any Nigerian politician including you is principled? You never talked of politics of principles when Atiku left Pdp for Apc. You laughed aloud to welcome Kwankwanso and his likes from Pdp into Apc. And now you are saddened by Ribadu’s departure from your party to Pdp. Haba! What politics of bitterness, rancour and selfishness you all play. May God save Nigeria from your generation of political Vipers.

  • Naija citizen

    That is more like APC character. Murtala Nyako, Bukola Saraki with their baggage, Oyinlola, SEGUN ONI and Tom Ikimi et al were men of principle to have defected to APC. Despite the things said about Tinubu on records by Oyinlola, coupled with the fact that he was sacked and disgraced by ACN he went back to APC “on principle”. Oyegun anyway is of no electoral value he is only being used by APC. We are waiting for the parrot, alhaji Liar Muhammed to release the usual diatribe against the person of Ribadu.


    I never did trust Ribadu. I read he was not comfortable working with a man like Atiku (in the APC), because he once labelled him corrupt until the court said that was not so. But here is my question: Is Ribadu comfortable with working with the likes of Alamieyeseigha and Bode George in the PDP?

    Ribadu is sure to come to grief in his new abode. Guaranteed!!

    • Mosaku 147

      Truth Master,please stay cool,Ribadu will mess them all just watch and still trust him.he is an ex policeman and he knows this game of deceit (sting) better. He will come back home to his beloved Nigerian supporters( not APC) better. I want to believe you had a soft spot for him,please keep it.i am keeping mine while waiting to be proved wrong.

    • redeem

      ribadu———————–was asked to blackmail atiku by obj–he has no electoral value

    • JI

      How about Tinubu and Bukola Saraki?

      Is Ribadu really a saint?

  • Aliyu


    I don’t understand what the APC Chairman John Oyegun is saying here.
    Can someone who understands Nigerian pidgin English help interpret it?
    He said:- “If he had done this six months ago that would have been understandable.
    But just because of nomination, you fell for it, even if it is the main election. (Buba) Marwa is there;
    the Speaker is there. This is rock bottom. Haba wetin! The disconnection is too direct.”

    Please what does that statement mean? Does it mean that defection from APC is always a good thing,
    but only if the defection is more quickly done as early as 9 months to a governorship election?
    If that is what it means, does APC exist to promote defection and to speed up the loss of its members?
    And does it mean Buba Marwa’s defection from APC is very good just because he defected in March?
    Or what makes Buba Marwa’s defection okay and makes Nuhu Ribadu’s own defection NOT okay?

    • afroblacco

      You are asking the wrong questions…… should be asking, what did Oyegun do when they, the APC, embraced 5 rebel governors from the PDP?

    • Mosaku 147

      I think Oyegun lied.he is not saying all he knows about the defection.its their game plan but I don’t think our great party (I just defected as I was typing) PDP will fall for this outdated political trick to destabilize us in adamawa.
      PDP!!!!!!!.power to the women!.

    • Omo Akin

      Okay. This what Oyegun is saying. Nuhu defected because of the promise of gubernatorial ticket by PDP. Marwa and others defected sometime ago because of disagreement with Nyako as the leader of the party in Adamawa. There is a difference. Oyegun refers to the promise as a trap because there are formidable candidates jostling for the PDP ticket and Nuhu will soon realize that he has been deceived. Adamawa is a politically sophisticated state. If Nuhu thinks that Marwa, Tukur etc will gladly queue behind him, then he is naïve.
      This will be interesting to watch as the drama unfolds.

  • Checkmate

    Ribadu has finally joined the “SINKING SHIP” as he called PDP in a lecture he delivered in Kaduna in 2013. So he is now a SINKING MAN.

  • Mosaku 147

    I wonder why so many on this forum are getting worked up on Ribadu’s defection. I sincerely think Oyegun is not saying the whole truth. It’s there for all to see and I think PDP can never be fooled. This is too cheap a political strategy to use against a formidable opponent like PDP in any on this earth can PDP give a Ribadu it’s ticket? If it’s even a trap,it’s not an ex policeman that should fall for it. Nuhu knows he will be messed up.he just wants to act as a distabilizer.
    Talk no dey dis defection,na game.make we just dey watch.

  • Factual

    Mr. Ribadu you have made the biggest blunder in your life for believing that somebody can make you a governor. Well we shall see if your dream will ever comes true.

  • Gbolahan B.

    Nuhu Ribadu was misled by his ego to bid for the seat of president in 2011 on the platform of ACN – a party which had no shape or form. Had he joined PDP from the beginning and sought to be Adamawa state governor in 2011 he’d have easily defeated Admiral Murtala Nyako [and his 1,000 Special Assistants] whose failures were too glaring.

  • Shareef Mohammed

    Either way, Ribadu got his political calculation very, very wrong and is doomed and may never ever Govern Adamawa or even win any political office. Am shocked that himself and Marwa will not remain stable and get what they want at the right time. We are patiently waiting to see how the contest between the acting governor, Marwa and Ribadu will play out in the first place and secondly between pep and pac candidates in the governorship election!

    • Yusuf Ismaila

      Shareef what ever anybody will say about the decamping of Nuhu Ribadu to PDP does not matter to me. His decamping would have make me happy for we have additional member ion the PDP. But my worry is the insult or the general believe by the southern people/politicians that northerner politicians do not have conscience give them money and you get what you want from them, that’s what Nuhu Ribadu is simply confirming to Nigerians. I hate this coming from Nuhu Ribadu because even me who comes from the north felt disappointed. I thought he is a man principles. Any way happy PDP but you should be wary, for if he did not win election he may decamp to another party. Northern Youth should wake these crop of present politicians may not take us any where.

  • Sullivan

    PDP Adamawa state delegates will not vote for General Buba Marwa for obvious reasons. He’d defected from PDP to Buhari’s CPC since the year 2010 and campaigned against PDP all over the country in the last 4 years. He can’t just suddenly register now as PDP member a mere 9 months to election and pick up the party ticket over the heads of thousands of loyal Adamawa state PDP members. It never works that way.

  • Okache

    I still cannot believe it and it is not that it is strange in the Nigerian terrain; this type of huge let down. It is so unfortunate that this country lacks men and women of high moral integrity. Ribadu, what a shame. It is not about party, it is more about men and women who are steadfast to what they believe. O’ Nigeria, we have men and women who fall over themselves if carrots are dangle before them. It is so sad. You hardly hear about about an American or British politician defecting to another party. A move like that amounts to political suicide because it will portray the individual as not grounded in principles. You join a party in sane countries because the ideological bent of the party is in tandem with your values or philosophy. Here we have miserable opportunist, political prostitute jumping from one party to the other for personal interest. Ribadu, you are finished. You do not disappoint us but yourself. All the same I wish him well. It is well.

  • Awalu


  • Monkeyano

    I did not know Ribadu has no sense until now!
    How do you expect to win a governorship election just like that when you have no grass root connection with your people?
    Recall that in the presidential election, even GEJ beat him hands down in Adamawa state!
    So to fall for the PDP’s bait of offering him the governorship slot on the platform of the party and for Ribadu to think in his head that he will automatically become Adamawa governor is taking one huge joke too far!
    And to think about the way he scorned this party and the very many nasty things he had said against the ruling party is to conclude that Nuhu Ribadu is a man without honour!
    His rating is nose diving everywhere around the world!

  • Kunta

    APC too should go and woo Peter Obi with VP slot, Buhari/Peter Obi may be a good wining formula for APC in 2015. Peter Obi is emotionally connected to his Igbo people, just like Buhari is connected to the Hausa-Fulanis. No amount of money or rigging can break emotional connection, this was recently evidenced in Osun election, it is like a real love between a man and a woman. In fact the candidacy of Obi will boost APC votes in Lagos, the state with the largest population of Igbo in Nigeria. I can assure APC that candidacy of Atiku Abubakar with anybody will guarantee re-election of Jonathan with wide margin

  • Michwales

    He deserved to leave after the humiliation he suffered in the hands of APC in the last election. how would PDP would have won 90% of the south west zone during presidential election if not that the votes have been sold-out? i knew he would leave. he took the right decision but in a wrong way! PDP is not a better choice

    • change 2014-2015

      I can bet you the people of south west are wiser they will vote out pdp in the next coming election.

  • Ken

    While the likes of Atiku, Kwankwaso and Amaechi are moving to APC…PDP is gaining the likes of Marwa and Ribadu. No further comment.

    • change 2014-2015

      Come on october the people of adamawa will reject ribadu I know that for sure.

  • Johnson

    Don’t blame Ribadu – he is a Nigerian!. When you look back at what recently happened in Ekiti, you will agree that Nigerians don’t really deserve good leaders. Ribadu must have been asking himself: is this the people he is sacrificing his life for? He must have been asking himself why he “foolishly” rejected the $15 million bribe from Ibori; if he had $15 million in 2011, ACN wouldn’t have abandoned him the way they did. He left an enviable record at EFCC; today EFCC is a shadow of itself under Lamorde.

    As the Governor of Adamawa, if elected, he may end up looting the state treasury to make up for what he had lost in the past.

    • change 2014-2015

      Thank God that he has left he should go and join the evil forces so that they can start sharing the money

  • ceweeco projects

    why not wish him Good luck in full? why just luck? idiots B/H -APC

    • change 2014-2015

      They have to wish him good luck because he has joined a party that does not have vision for nigeria

    • Nigerian

      Ok, EBOLA LUCK! lol

  • Gideon Orkar

    Janjaweeds shedding tears. Ribadu made a very good choice. In no tiem he realised that APC was nothing but a brood of vipers!

    • oriwu properties

      youre right

    • Checkmate

      “Good Choice” Indeed! Time will tell.

  • Somi

    He defected to the party he felt was better off than were he previously was. This comes to show that all he said negatively of PDP in the past were all false accusations and baseless propaganda, if not does one deliberately decide to recon with what is bad if he himself is not bad.

    • Easy

      True talk, He has join the “SINKING SHIP” like he called PDP in a lecture in kaduna in 2013.

      • change 2014-2015

        He has joined the forces that will tarnish hie image .

      • JI

        sinking Ship?

        PDP has long commenced its own reformation. Before long the crook governors would leave and it will be time for good humans under close watch and better judiciary to harness PDP states.

        It is better than the sole proprietorship called APC where stealing is entrenched in every kobo spent at an average of 1000% on invoice

        • Easy

          Yes, “SINKING SHIP” in the words of Ribadu not mine. He is now one of the SINKING MEN. Nigerian Political parties have never been free of CROOKS all along. They are just CLUBS OF CROOKS and CRIMINALs as well as IGNORANT FOLLOWERS.

        • Factual

          “reformation” ? ..with the likes of Modu Sherif (Boko Haram Kingpin), Kashamu (Drug kingpin) FFk, M.Abacha etc….

    • change 2014-2015

      It a big lie it shows that he is so desperate . He has joined the evil forces .

    • Mr. STEPHEN

      it is his choice, i am happy he is back to the pdp that is the only place he can realise his ambition to serve his people….

  • Dan Fulani

    419er all along.

  • Psalm 35

    APC is worse of the worse, a despicable and militant cult group designed to reduce Nigeria to the dark ages. Once you leave them they forget all the good you have done and they tongue lash you,insult you and blackmail you. What does that tell you about this party of violent dregs. It is a shame that a man and grandfather of Oyegun age could be so naively exuberant in his comments. This is another wake up call for Nigerians who are still bent of giving this militant terrorist party the benefit of the doubt… they will spare no one once they get power even you their registered voters… they were labelled janjaweeds not for the fun of it but because of these similar characteristics that plays itself out daily.


    apc always whinning and rauble rausing, they should get over it, Ribadu has made a very good decision and majority of Nigerians are happy with this decision…..

  • igbiki

    Mallam Ribadu made the right call here!…

    I am still baffled how the presidential candidate of a party was not able to win even a single state in his party’s stronghold in a general election even though all the serving governors are from the same party as the supposed presidential candidate.

    I know Mr Ribadu is still flabbergasted by being gypped and bamboozeld by Mr Tinubu during that election. It was the greatest joke of the century. Tinubu is not cut in the mould of the great politicians of old who created demigods out of their surrogates, – Awolowo + Akintola, Sarduana + Belewa, Zik + Okpara – but has rather created a fiefdom full of serf yoruba APC governors.

    Tinubus oppression, tyranny and treachery and or Tinubu induced oppression, tyranny and treachery are slowly catching up with him and the people are slowly revolting from his clutches.

    I know Mr Ribadu being a good politician in training, is not going to speak on this till his political career might have ran its course in other not to alienate the yorubas.

  • candosky

    John Odigie-Oyegun must be suffering from Ebola. His brain is probably quarantined.

    • Guest


  • Glover33

    What can I say? Ribadu is now a politician and in Nigeria, we don’t have any ideology for our political parties. PDP is APC and APC members are former disgruntled PDP members who left PDP because they couldn’t get what they wanted there initially. When offered the opportunity, they will revert back to PDP any time any day. Femi Kani Kayode is another terrible example. Don’t expect any surprises from our politicans.

  • jonathan

    Every one likes to criticise Tinubu without evidence, wheather you like it or not Tinubu remains the Pillar of Opposition in this Country , as a Governor in Lagos he laid the foundation for development, which Fashola built on. He delivered Governors in SW that performed, he created new local govt in Lagos and it works. I always remember before Tinubu how dirty Lagos was, the roads were so bad, Police had no vehicles even when you are lucky to report robbery, more private company supported their development effort in Lagos . Before now I used to say Jakande Govt was better because APC have not been able to build affordable houses for for the workers, but now they have started doing that. Tinubu has his own shortcomings by allowing his Wife go to Senate, because we are yet to see her contributions and his daughter becoming Iyaloja was not too good.

    • igbiki

      My Dear Goodluck Jonathan, you suffering from Stockholm Syndrome

  • Jika

    God bless you abundantly.

  • Burbank

    Fani Kayode is in Kirikiri may 29. God bless Nigeria.