Nasarawa Impeachment: Again, Gov. Al-Makura, PDP in war of words

tanko Al-Makura
Governor Tanko Umaru Al-Makura

The crisis between the executive and the legislative arms of the Nasarawa State Government is deepening with the Governor, Tanko Al-Makura, saying the fleeing lawmakers are on self-exile.

Mr. Al-Makura, who spoke to PREMIUM TIMES on Saturday through his Special Adviser on Media, Abdulhameed Kwarra, was reacting to speculations that the lawmakers would return next week to remove the governor illegally.

Mr. Al-Makura said the lawmakers had been thoroughly disgraced with his acquittal by the panel that investigated the 16 charges of misconduct brought against him.

He said, “You can see that with the acquittal of the governor by the panel, the state house of assembly has been thoroughly disgraced. They fled the state because they cannot stand the shame of the panel clearing the governor of any wrongdoing.

“When the panel was still on, they enjoyed the protection of security agents but now they are on their own. They are just like any other citizen in the state. They cannot come back to Lafia because of what they did.”

The governor noted that the executive arm of the government had no issue with its counterpart in the legislature, adding that the lawmakers were free to return to the state and carry out their constitutional duties to the people of the state.

However, he said it was the lawmakers, the Minister of Information and the leadership of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, that have issues with the investigative panel that cleared Mr. Al-Makura

As long as the lawmakers and their backers do not have issues with the governor, he said, the executive arm of the government would continue to ignore whatever speculations were being made within and outside the state.

The governor dismissed the speculations that the assembly might go ahead to remove him when it resumed next week, saying there was no grounds for such to happen under the law.

He said, “The 1999 Constitution has clearly enunciated that when a panel has cleared a governor of the charges brought against him, he cannot be impeached on account of such charges.

“We won’t join issues with the lawmakers because they have nothing against the governor. They have vowed to challenge the decision of the investigative panel. We will only join issues with them if they join us in the suit they intend to file against the panel.

“But if the lawmakers where right in what they did, they should have come back when Labaran Maku, Akwe Doma and Solomon Ewuga came to Lafia on a rally on Thursday.

“Let them come back to Lafia and carry out their legitimate duties to the people of the state and stop staying in Abuja on self-exile.”

The assembly had resumed from recess on Monday, August 4, but PREMIUM TIMES was told that only the APC members turned up at the complex.

When this newspaper visited the assembly complex on Wednesday when members were scheduled to meet, their offices were under locked and the gallery empty.

The Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker, Ibrahim Tanko, said he was not authorised to speak on the crisis and referred us to his principal, Musa Mohammed.

However, several calls to the speaker and a text message requesting a telephone interview were not replied.

But it was the PDP Chairman in the state, Mr. Illiya, who countered Mr. Kwarra, saying the lawmakers would soon return to Lafia to continue with their legitimate duties.

Mr. Illiya spoke to PREMIUM TIMES in a telephone interview from Abuja.

While he would not speak for the lawmakers, he, however, insisted that Mr. Al-Makura’s spokesperson was overstepping his official brief.

He said, “Those who have taken over the roles of the panel and are speaking on behalf of the chief justice of the state have chosen to do so because they are desperate.

“The issue of impeachment is not a party matter. It is a constitutional matter because the assembly as a whole was engaged in the investigation of all the ministries. They also performed the oversight functions that are assigned to them under the law.

“An honourable member from Keffi indicted the ministry he chairs and I read the report. He pointed out some ills about the ministry and he is an APC member.

“If the members have taken action on all those illegalities that is going on in the government, I wonder why some people would just sit down and be claiming that the lawmakers are not popular. It is the person who is speaking that is not popular.

“Because of what he did, he was thrown out of the assembly and some other person took his place. In any case, I don’t have the power to speak for the assembly but I want to believe that when they resume they will perform the roles they were elected to perform.”

Mr. Illiya noted that those claiming that the panel cleared Mr. Al-Makura were free to do so but added that the panel was given a job to do by the lawmakers.

He argued that it is only expedient for the panel to submit its report to those who assigned it to carry out the investigation.

“Oversight functions are being carried out by lawmakers not only in Nasarawa State but all over the country. Oversight functions are being performed by National Assembly members. If the panel that the CJ set up has the right to clear the governor, why are they claiming that members are out to impeach the governor illegally?

“Which one is legal and which one is illegal? It was Kwarra himself that came up to defend the CJ for all that he did. We are not saying anything as a party; we are asking that the Constitution takes its full course,” Mr. Illiya said.

The PDP chieftain, however, noted that the security of the lawmakers was in the hand of Mr. Al-Makura and security agencies in the state, adding that the assembly men will definitely return to complete the job they started.

“The security of the lawmkaers is in the hands of the government of the day and the police commissioner. And they have chosen to use the security as they like.What I know is that members of the assembly were on recess. Very shortly, they will return to the state. If their security is not guaranteed, then the governor and the commissioner of police will have to take responsibility for that,” he said.


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  • redeem

    Name the members of the panel and the parties they belong to–the law says panelist should not BELONG TO ANY POLITICAL PARTY——-or be agents of government——–PERIOD————————-DONT SCARE PEOPLE away from the truth–with these sponsored stories–in some of these APC controlled media outlets-biko—————-media houses are not supposed to be biased——–pursue the truth to its logical conclusion———u investigate and not wait for the media assistant to an APC governors to tell u what to publish–sadly u have been winning awards on investigative journalism—————most of which it seems were sponsored by APC————–deri aka redeem maybe on his way to being blacklisted again–ooooooooooooooooooooooooh—–like sharia reporters——–who cares———–i am not working for any—————-not even Zonathan——–ati PDP————-ours is to fight for the truth———-regardless of tribal marks—–of the janjaweeds involved————————sack dasuki now———gusau ati badey——

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Truth and redeem are not synonymous appellatives.

      Doubt if you’d recognise it even if thumped you on the nose.

      • redeem

        @wahala———–the hermaphrodite of APC——————-hope u have been cleared from the ebola wahala—————the lawmakers should kick the pig out of government house–if those who reside in APC glass houses do not know how to behave fire them and let them go about using the media to chase 9jas back to their zones–such can only affect zentleman zonathan——–who is always looking for a way to appease the nomads in APC–jonathan u hold the 4 aces—kick these janjaweeds out—————-they have nothing to put on the table–very empty———-koboless people—————————–for yr resources they will be all dead—————haba—why must u beg—a man u pay from sweat in the niger delta-daily—-to sweep his own house————-these people have no conscience–no pity–if they had any they would not be killing humans for money making ventures ati ritual to prolong their dirty lives on earth-

        • kick ’em out

          Which EBOLA are you talking about? You mean the EBOLA in Aso Rock parading himself as president? Chai! Chai!! Chai!!! Deris god ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • redeem

    impeach the baga now———————————when we said Nigeria was not yet ripe for the removal of the immunity clause—-the political almajiris in APC who thought they could use it to chase Zonathan via the regional eyes of tambuwal—said naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa———-remove it————-knowing 9jas for what they—are—4 yrs will be spent running from one janjaweed court to the other————them say naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa————now u sponsor fake stories to make the governor stay—-a governor who is not matured enough to apply his APC brains to appeal to the conscience of the lawmaker——-stay temper justice with mercy————instead he is insulting them–on the pages of national APC dailies—he———-should be impeached with alacrity and let the heavens fall in Nigeria—impeach the baga–now–biko–at least b4 the week runs out——-let him join Nyako

    • Spoken word

      you need to grow up and remove your head from your backside.

    • babs

      Do you think everybody is like you that make fake stories all around. PDPig, You are disgusting!

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Who will impeach the legislators?

    • djay

      they have impeached themselves by not returning to their duty. I wonder what they are afraid of.

      • redeem

        is it the governor who will control the lawmakers or the lawmakers will continue to act as check on him–can he work without them–i begi————–impeach him

        • naija man

          he´s already working without them as long as they continuel to stay in Abuja.

          • redeem

            how is he going to get his janjaweed budgets passed–via the high court abi

    • redeem

      who is charged with the job of impeaching governors–is it tinubu ati buhari-or lawmakers-

    • redeem

      ask those who drafted the law—and the constituencies that they hail from.—or stood for election—-they can recall them back-to their vomit

  • Spoken word

    these Nasarawa state house of assembly members are obviously illiterates. Haven’t they heard of double jeopardy. You can not charge someone to court for the same offense after he has been cleared by the same court(in this case the panel). Jobless people.

    Nasarawastate house of assembly memebers are obvious

    • redeem

      if the judge who presided over the case was seen as a bribe taker nko–or a drug addict–or related to buhari and the janjaweeds in APC led by Tinubu-u cannot have APC ati PDP card carrying party loyalist as members of the panel period–that is what the law says–

      • Spoken word

        i see. so it is the dishonorable members of the nasarawa house of assembly that were not mobilised with raw cash. give me a break. nothing good has come out of PDP and that includes you.

        • redeem

          that is not the issue at hand here——the law says no member of PDP–no APC should be allowed to go near the panel———————–then an unthinking judge–does the opposite–invites both PDP ati APC to sit in judgement–that judge should be sacked and sent to jail–or fed to the vulture following the janjaweeds in boko haram

          • Shehu


          • redeem

            mumu which persons guideline did they use theirs or that of the lawmakers

          • Dan

            The only thing the assembly could do was to go to court to stop the process if they were convinced the CJ broke the rules. Did they do that? They have lost this one!

          • redeem

            in the first place how did they arrive at that conclusion–that the governor was immune to all the thievery allegations brought against him–theirs was that since the lawmakers did not appear-to defend the allegations–it means they can set him free—-did they consult with the lawmakers on the types of guideline to use—in case they run into trouble—–or d method by which he can be impeached————-was the judge sleeping when he constituted the panel without looking what the law says on the issue———-if the governor is not urinating in his sokoto why is he sponsoring this—pepper soup-article

          • Spoken word

            blah blah blah. you are too blind to see the desperation of PDP.Even if PDP wins all the elective positions in this country. will they hold on to power forever. shine your eyes before history deals ruthlessly with you all.if PDP had been able to provide the basic infrastructure and services to its citizens since 1999 we will not be having this discussion.

  • John S.

    When it happened in Adamawa, a gross abuse of the impeachment process we heard all sort of things. Okay now can anyone boldly tell me why the Law Makers not back up the defense of the impeachment process with a single shred of evidence when the panel sat.

    • redeem

      did u see any PDP ati APC members on the panel in adamawa

      • John S.

        No.. The panel members in Adamawa were from APGA

        • redeem

          is APGA not an Ibo political party–from the south east-that is yet to win a seat in lagos—————stop behaving like Lai Mohamed—eeeeeeeeem that reminds me–why cant the ibos contest elections in lagos under APGA–AT LEAST IN AJEGUNLE–not in Mushin ooooooh

  • ismail umar

    The State Assembly PDP should have listened to the President when he asked them to drop the charges, they have made themselves a laughing stock. They should not initiate an impeachment without substantial evidence.

    • kick ’em out

      They are fools like all other PDPigs.

    • john micheals

      I agree with you 100% . An APC law maker came out to say the President was not involved and has asked the PDP lawmakers to drop the charges but they refused. Maku and Ewuga were fingered to be responsible for it. Shame that the lawmakers objected to the pleas from the presidency.

  • john micheals

    The lawmakers should come out and pressure their charges, This acts of false accusations should not be found in our system, The rule of law has taken its course. The President warned them about this.

  • Ayo

    Na real ‘how for do’, madam: in a contest between ‘semi-illiterate’ Buhari and a PROFOUNDLY functional-illiterate, Jonathan Good-luck!!! But if Buhari wants to succeed on the security front – if, I hope, he wins- he must make use of the massive intellectual resource at his disposal than rely on military framework that has no combat readiness. Perhaps we should now have a minister and ministry for Home Rule dedicated to security, like America; and bring back Oby Ezekwesili into govt. Perhaps we now, more than ever, need special forces along the lines of UK’s SAS for rescue and anti terrorist operations. Yet our politicians continue to steal and waste money that in reality, we do not have or own. Talk about not having a clue! But, you said it all.