Osun Governorship Elections 2014 – Live Updates #OsunDecides


The Osun State governorship election holds today August 9, with 20 candidates representing 20 political parties vying for the ticket to the Osun Government House.

Apparently, the contest is between Rauf Aregbesola, the incumbent governor and candidate of the All Progressives Candidate (APC) and Iyiola Omisore, a former Senator and candidate of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP).

Fatai Akinbade, a former Secretary to the State Government and candidate of the Labour Party (LP), is, however, hoping to spring a surprise on both major contenders.

A total of 1,407,222 registered voters (INEC’s post March 2014 CVR) spread across three Senatorial Districts – each of the Districts have 10 local governments – are expected to cast their votes.

The gender distribution of the voters shows that there are 661,394 (47%) male and 745,828 (53%) female voters across 332 Wards, 3,010 Polling Units, and 3,379 Voting Points in the state.

Osogbo, the state capital, has the highest number of registered voters with a 110,670, followed closely by Ife Central with a voting population of 95,471. While Mr. Aregbesola enjoys a huge support in the capital, Mr. Omisore hails from Ile-Ife.

19 domestic and 10 foreign observers were accredited by INEC to monitor the election. PREMIUM TIMES’ Festus Owete and Ben Ezeamalu are in Osun State and will be bringing you live updates on the election.

You can also follow our live updates on twitter with the hashtag #OsunDecides.

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Atakunmosa East





Atakunmosa West















Ede North





Ede South















Ife Central





Ife East





Ife North





Ife South




















Ilesa East





Ilesa West






























Odo Otin





Ola Oluwa




























APC – 22,

PDP – 8

Above table is courtesy Prof. Mobolaji Aluko


Ejigbo LGA

Wards: 11

Reg voters: 50,674

No. of accredited voters: 33,752

APC: 17,700

PDP: 12,495

LP: 391

Total valid votes: 31,301

Rejected votes: 1,604

Total votes cast: 32,905

“We had a problem a problem in a polling unit where we discovered over voting and forging of signatures of EOs and POs,” said the Collation Officer.



Ife South LGA

Wards: 11

Reg voters: 44,555

No. of accredited voters: 23,033

APC: 7,325

PDP: 12,811

LP: 146

Total valid votes: 20,901

Rejected votes: 1,108

Total votes cast: 22,079




Atakumosa East LGA

Wards: 10

Reg voters: 31,136

No. of accredited voters: 17,597

APC: 9,287

PDP: 6,294

LP: 120

Total valid votes: 16,395

Rejected votes: 974

Total votes cast: 17,369

“Election did not hold in one of the polling units because of some disagreements there,” the Collation Officer said.



Olorunda LGA

Wards: 11

Reg voters: 71,981

No. of accredited voters: 38,301

APC: 26,551

PDP: 8,483

LP: 410

Total valid votes: 36,234

Rejected votes: 1,263

Total votes cast: 37,497


4: 29AM

Osogbo LGA

Wards: 15

Reg voters: 118,535

No. of accredited voters: 56,741

APC: 39,983

PDP: 11,513

LP: 673

Total valid votes: 53,387

Rejected votes: 2,066

Total votes cast: 55,453


4:24 AM


Reg voters: 66,898

No. of accredited voters: 41,229

APC: 20,827

PDP: 15,493

LP: 790

Total valid votes:  38,377

Rejected votes: 1,996

Total votes cast: 40,373



Ayedire LGA

Wards: 10

Reg voters: 25,880

No. of accredited voters: 17,200

APC: 7,724

PDP: 7,813

LP: 423

Total valid votes: 16,268

Rejected votes: 799

Total votes cast: 17,067


4:15 AM

Egbedore LGA

Reg voters: 33,547

No. of accredited voters: 19,293

APC: 10,615

PDP: 7,024

LP: 157

Total valid votes:  18,144

Rejected votes: 819

Total votes cast: 18,963



Obokun LGA

Wards: 10

Reg voters: 37,985

No. of accredited voters: 22,063

APC: 11,696

PDP: 8,618

LP: 84

Total valid votes: 20,932

Rejected votes: 871

Total votes cast: 21,803



Irewole LGA

Reg voters: 52,885

No. of accredited voters: 31,731

APC: 18,328

PDP: 10,330

LP: 117

Total valid votes: 29,850

Rejected votes: 1,131

Total votes cast: 30,981



Ayedade LGA

Wards: 11

Reg voters: 51,108

No. of accredited voters: 27,311

APC: 12,801

PDP: 11,255

LP: 137

Total valid votes: 25,428

Rejected votes: 1,441

Total votes cast: 26,869



Ifelodun LGA

Wards: 12

Reg voters: 56,058

No. of accredited voters: 32,613

APC: 17,447

PDP: 12,442

LP: 96

Total valid votes: 33,113

Rejected votes: 1,298

Total votes cast: 32,129


3:43 AM

Ede North LGA


Reg voters: 49,253

No. of accredited voters: 28,289

APC: 15,403

PDP: 10,427

LP: 54

Total valid votes: 26,591

Rejected votes: 1,288

Total votes cast: 27,879



Isokan LGA


Reg voters: 28,472

No. of accredited voters: 22,194

APC: 9,758

PDP: 10,028

LP: 197

Total valid votes: 20,860

Rejected votes: 1,028

Total votes cast: 21,888



Ife North

Wards: 10

Reg voters: 45,457

No. of accredited voters: 21,175

APC: 8,603

PDP: 9,841

LP: 265

Total valid votes: 19,506

Rejected votes: 1,231

Total votes cast: 20,737




Wards: 10

Reg voters: 25,550

No. of accredited voters: 16,495

APC: 7,927

PDP: 4,963

LP: 2,476

Total valid votes: 15,735

Rejected votes: 614

Total votes cast: 16,349



Ife East LGA

Wards: 10

Reg voters: 81,437

No. of accredited voters: 39,008

APC: 13,821

PDP: 20,831

LP: 297

Total valid votes: 36,142

Rejected votes: 1,836

Total votes cast: 37,978



Ife Central


Reg voters: 94,722

No. of accredited voters: 37,955

APC: 9,680

PDP: 24555

LP: 102

Total valid votes: 35,308

Rejected votes: 1,742

Total votes cast: 37,054



Irepodun LGA

Wards: 11

Reg voters: 36,521

No. of accredited voters: 22,426

APC: 13,314

PDP: 7,386

LP: 343

Total valid votes: 21,401

Rejected votes: 856

Total votes cast: 22,257




Wards: 11

Reg voters: 33,577

No. of accredited voters: 20,076

APC: 10,825

PDP: 7,916

LP: 43

Total valid votes: 19,150

Rejected votes: 727

Total votes cast: 19,877

“However, in Ward 1, 571 votes were cancelled for the following reasons: results of the election was not collated as there was some anomalies reported at that polling booth,” said the Collation Officer.


3: 00AM

Ede South

Wards: 10

Reg voters: 35,941

No. of accredited voters: 21,250

APC: 11,738

PDP: 7,462

LP: 46

Total valid votes: 19,933

Rejected votes: 933

Total votes cast: 20,866



Atakumosa West LGA

Wards: 11

Reg voters: 24,625

No. of accredited voters: 13,173

APC: 6,928

PDP: 5,142

LP: 76

Total valid votes: 12,575

Rejected votes: 446

Total votes cast: 13,021



The Returning Officer inquires from the Collation Officers if there were any cancelled results.

They replied, “No.”



Oriade LGA

Wards: 12

Reg voters: 47,140

No. of accredited voters: 25,398

APC: 12,523

PDP: 10,214

LP: 136



Orolu LGA

Reg voters: 24,914

No. of accredited voters: 16,882

APC: 8,558

PDP: 6,786

LP: 440

Total valid votes: 16,070

Rejected votes: 569

Total votes cast: 16,639



Boripe LGA

Wards: 11

Reg voters: 47,100

No. of accredited voters: 24,497

APC: 12,723

PDP: 9,344

LP: 249

Total valid votes: 23,014

Rejected votes: 1,004

Total votes cast: 24,018

“However, we received a petition from APC complaining about over voting in Ward 11,” said the Collation Officer.


2:28 A.M

Ilesa West


Reg voters: 52,397

No. of accredited voters: 23,553

APC: 15,427

PDP: 5,449

LP: 32

Total valid votes: 21,641

Rejected votes: 1,128

Total votes cast: 22,769



Odo-Otin LGA

Wards: 15

Reg voters: 48,577

No. of accredited voters: 27,398

APC: 11,950

PDP: 12,902

LP: 518

Total valid votes: 25,946

Rejected votes: 1,146

Total votes cast: 27,092


2:18 A:M

Ilesa East

Wards: 11

Reg voters: 54,566

No. Of accredited voters: 24,718

APC: 16,106

PDP: 5,913

LP: 44

Total valid votes: 22,970

Rejected votes: 1,104

Total votes cast: 24,074


2:13 AM

Boluwaduro LGA

Wards: 10

Reg voters: 16,839

No. Of accredited voters: 10,603

APC: 4,891

PDP: 5,035

LP: 19

Total valid votes: 10,175

Rejected votes: 355

Total votes cast: 10,530



The results:

Ifedayo LGA

Wards: 10

Reg voters: 13,044

No. Of accredited voters: 8,627

APC: 4,225

PDP: 3,982

LP: 17

Total valid votes: : 8,405

Rejected votes: 165

Total votes cast: 8,570


2:08 AM

About 15 representatives of political parties have introduced themselves and release of results begin

2:00 AM

After a short prayer by Mr. Oladimeji, the INEC Director of Operations, the Returning Officer takes over the mic.

Mr. Omole introduces himself as a Professor of International Relations and the Vice Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.

“We started now because we were waiting for some of our officers who were coming from far distant places.

“My assignment will be in this form. First and foremost, I’d like to publicly show to the media that this form EC8A is sealed and unbroken. Please can you see it?

1:55 A.M

The announcer says that the final collation of the election is about to begin.

“We thank God for the safe arrival of the state returning officer for the 9th August 2014.

“The Returning Officer is no other than a great erudite scholar. He is none other than Professor Bamidele Omole,” he says.

He also introduced the National Commissioner supervising the election, Ambassador M.A Wali, and the Resident Electoral Commissioner of Kogi State, Olusegun Agbaje.

The introduction continues.



INEC officials arrive the collation centre at the INEC secretariat in Osogbo at about 1:45 a.m.

1:47AM Sunday, August 10

As at 1:35 a.m. on Sunday, journalists and party agents were gathered at the INEC secretariat in Osogbo waiting for the electoral officials to commence announcement of results.


Wild jubilation by thousands of APC supporters in Oke Fia, Osogbo, as a large screen displays (INEC-unapproved) results showing Governor Rauf Aregbesola as winner of the election.


Osun Election: APC alleges plot to change results as Atiku urges voters to resist manipulation

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has accused the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, of planning to subvert Saturday’s governorship election in Osun State by declaring a false result.

The APC said while its candidate, incumbent Governor Rauf Aregbesola, leads in the polls, there are plans by the PDP to declare Iyiola Omisore as winner. Mr. Omisore is the PDP candidate.

“Credible information at our disposal indicates another criminal plot by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and its allied forces to corrupt the open results of the election which have shown clearly the excellent outing of our party,” the APC said in a statement by its Osun state spokesperson, Kunle Oyatomi.

The party said the PDP officials were in “hurried and clandestine meetings to subvert” the process after failing to win in the fields.

“The people of Osun have spoken and spoken well. The result of the election must be upheld,” the APC said.

Collation of the results in the intensely-contested poll is ongoing.

In a separate call late Saturday, a former vice president, Atiku Abubkar, called on Osun State voters to defend their votes, saying peoples choice must be respected “no matter who wins”.

Mr. Abubakar is a member of the APC.

He urged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) “to ensure that the will of the people is not subverted”  in order to restore confidence to the electoral and democratic process.


At the final collation center in INEC headquarters. Journalists are setting up their equipment while INEC officials are tidying up the seating arrangement.

Outside the headquarters, there is a heavy presence of armed soldiers and police.

We will bring your the final results, as announced by INEC, if our reporters are not singled out for exclusion. In both Anambra and Ekiti elections, PREMIUM TIMES reporters were not allowed access to the the final collation centers. 


Osun Election Result: By our own collation , PDP is ahead  of APC — Fani-Kayode

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, [PDP], Femi Fani-Kayode, has responded to claim that the candidate of the All Progressives Congress [APC], Rauf Aregbesola, is coasting to victory in today’s governorship election in Osun state.

Speaking to PREMIUM TIMES via telephone, Mr. Fani-Kayode said the tallying of the votes was still going on and that it was therefore too early to award victory to any of the candidates.

“As far as we are concerned, by our own collation, we are ahead,” the former minister said. “We defeated them (APC) heavily in our strongholds and in their strongholds, the race has been very close.

“All these claims that they have won is not true. It is disinformation and we advise that people wait for INEC to announce the authentic result.

“I can tell you that it is not over.”

Analysts have however pointed at early results from polling booths as indicating a lead for the APC.

While the PDP candidate, Iyiola Omisore, performed well in parts of his Ife stronghold, the APC candidate appears to be leading in most parts of the state.

Results will however first be collated at the local government  level before they are forwarded to INEC’s headquarters in Osogbo, the Osun state capital, for final collation.

The Chief Returning Officer for the election is expected to announce final result by Sunday morning.


Result at PU 4 Ward 2, Ile Olojin, Gbongan, in Ayedada LGA.
PDP 142 APC 155

The crowd’s celebration is muted due to the presence of armed security officers who had ordered them to move yards away from the counting point.


Things are getting charged at PU 4 Ward 2, Ile Olojin, Gbongan. An APC agent slapped a PDP agent during an argument over the validity of a ballot paper.

Armed police and army officers have arrived to restore calm.

The INEC officials are still sorting the ballot papers.


6.10 p.m. Sorting still ongoing at PU 4 Ward 2, Ile Olojin, Gbongan, in Ayedada LGA. The crowd wait patiently.


Below is the full text of Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s statement after voting.

The People Will Protect their Votes, Aregbesola says after voting

“Beside the initial show of unwarranted force shown by a section of security agencies, one cannot understand why this is heavily biased against my party. Starting from 1am this morning not less than 150 of my party members have been harassed, threatened, bastardised. Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General of my state was manhandled and maltreated. When you have such a discriminatory attitude such action in a democracy, this is a bastardised democracy. Let is be known that we are under the siege of gun.

“Having said this about the run up to the election, I must not fail to recognise the smooth nature of the process in my polling g centre, the people received us enthusiastically and in a very orderly manner which was void of any crisis. What I witnessed when I visited the polling centre was commendable. My hope is that what happened when I visited this polling unit is the experience state wide. It is my hope that if this is the case, we will sing a good song of the strength of democracy.

“The strength of the people in a democracy is to freely, fairly and transparently choose whoever is most appropriate to govern them, by their own judgement.

“We expect that the enthusiasm of our people is sufficient to douse the exuberance of the over zealous miscreants”.

Aregbesola. August 9; 2014


Results at PU 4, Ward 3 in Modakeke (there are three ballot boxes):
1. PDP 33 APC 103
2. PDP 73 APC 161
3. PDP 53 APC 126

The crowd jubilate as the last result is announced.

Earlier, a couple of motorcyclists from Ife, a short distance away, had sped past the polling unit celebrating the PDP victory in their own polling units.


The Labour Party’s candidate has issued the statement below saying he is the candidate to beat in the ongoing election and advising his major challengers to step down to save themselves from imminent defeat.

Read full statement below:

“The All Progressive Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party have failed in their unholy strategies on the Labour Party candidate, Alhaji Fatai Akinbade, aimed at confusing the electorate.

“The APC through one Adabanija and the PDP through Diran Odeyemi had claimed separately on their facebook accounts, that Akinbade had teamed up with their cursed parties

“The question is: how many parties will Akinbade merge with at the sametime? Anyway,we at the Labour Party know that both the APC and the PDP are already seeing defeat that is why they are dropping Akinbade’s name all over the place but they have failed! The people of our dear state are wiser and have rejected the APC and the PDP. It is Labour Party they want.

“Akinbade has said it severally that he would never step down for anybody because it is him the people of the state want.

“He is in the race to win and not just to partake like the olympians. So disregard all rumours from the APC and the PDP.

“If Aregbesola and Omisore are threatened by Akinbade’s profile,they should just withdraw from the race to save their face. It is never too late!”

@pmnewsnigeria is reporting that former governor of Osun State, Isiaka Adeleke, could not vote as he fled from his home to avoid being arrested by security operatives. ‪#‎OsunDecides‬

More results:

Ward7 PU002 Ede North PDP 99, APC 138, APA 2, PPA 2, Void 14

Ward7 PU001, Ede North result: ADC 1, APC 180, PDP 169, PPA 2, Void 9 

Ward7 PU008, Ede North result: PDP 161, APC 183, ADC 1, PPA 3, UDP 1, Void 9 


4.30 p.m. at PU 3, Ward 4 in Modakeke. The INEC officials are sorting the votes, the voters wait patiently.


More results

Ward7 PU003, Ede North result PDP 91, APC 139, AA 01, ACPN 02, PDM 02, Void 13 

 Ward7 PU006, Ede North result APC 223, LP 03, ACPN 02, UPN 01, NNPP 01, PPA 01, PDP 110, Void 20


More results from Ife Central. These wards are few meters away from the palace of Ooni of Ife.

Iremo 4: PDP 141 APC 79

Iremo 5: APC 52 PDP 143

Iremo 6: PDP 150 APC 49

The people have taken to the streets here in wild jubilation.


Voting still ongoing at Ward 01 Unit 11 Church Street Olorunda LGA. 439 accredited voters, out of 863 registered voters.


Final results in Ward 10, Ife Central:

Unit 3: PDP 140  APC 62

Unit 8: PDP 95     APC 26

Unit 12: PDP 148   APC 47

Unit 4: PDP 100    APC 64

Unit 11: PDP 34   APC 14

Unit 2: PDP 118    APC 61

Unit 10: PDP 101   APC 41


Result for Ward03 PU005, Ejigbo LG: ACPN 01, APA 01, LP 04, PDP 43, APC 122 #OsunDecides


There is rowdiness at Ward 8 Unit 7, Iragbi Road, Olorunda over suspicion that a young man is planning something untoward. Again some voters are complaining they have been denied right to vote even though they were accredited.

INEC polling officials said at the time they were counting people and marking fingers for the actual voting those complaining were not around.

Meanwhile, voting is in progress and out of 1324 registered voters only 691 were accredited and 683 were on queue when voting commenced 12.30pm.


Wild jubilation at Ife Central.


More results from Ife Central.
Unit 9 Ward 10: PDP 52 APC 21

Unit 6 Ward 10: PDP 94 APC 47.

Unit 7 Ward 10: APC 19 PDP 37


The results are out at Ward 10 Unit 1 in Ife Central.
APC 73. PDP 149.

The crowd erupts in cheers.


At Ward 007 Unit 005, Owode 2, in Olorunda LGA, voting is going on calmly. Officials said out of 1007 registered voters, only 300 accredited to vote.

In Ile-Ife, a helicopter hovers overheard.


At ward 008 Unit 3, Osofiri Olorunda LGA, 359 out of 700 registered voters were accredited to vote. Voting going on smoothly.

At Ward 4 Unit 001, by 7UP, Gbangan Road, Osogbo, Voting has commenced. 264 out 1041 registered voters were accredited to vote.


Brutalization of APC members may “affect” election results – Aregbesola

Mr. Aregbesola after casting his vote told journalists that the “brutalization of several” of his party members could affect the entire result.

“Several of our party members were singularly intimidated, harassed, terrorized, and brutalized.  After all of these, were equally arrested.

“The Attorney General, a known officer of this state, was without justification brutalized and taken into custody. They released him barely 45 minutes ago, since 1 a.m early this morning.

“My Commissioner for Agriculture, Wale Adedoyin, was equally brutalized and taken into custody since 1 a.m, he has just been released.

“Several of our people, people who have demonstrated some interest in the election were arrested and brutalized.

“Election is just an aspect of the democratic process. It is not just the art of voting.  A democratic process begins from the registration of voters to verification of people, and collation of voters cards.

“The question we must ask is, what we have witnessed here, is it replicated statewide?

“I pray that our security agents live up to their billing.  Leading members have been at the receiving end of their molestation.

“The authorities in Abuja are just abusing their powers. This could affect the overall effect of the entire result.

“I wish that the orderliness we have witnessed here would permeate the entire state.”

Aregbesola addressing journalist on election dat


The governor has cast his vote and is now addressing journalists.

voting in progress in most polling units at the moment. At ward 5 unit 05 Salvation Army School, Alekuwodo, Osogbo, a total of 468 voters, out of 924 registered voters were accredited and are currently voting.


An argument at the governor’s polling unit. Two female SSS operatives, standing too close to the ballot booth, refused to move away. They have been let alone.

The INEC presiding officer has finished explaining the voting procedures. “Make sure I sign, stamp, and date your ballot paper. Else, it will be invalid.”

Voting has begun.


550 voters accredited out of 866 reg. voters in Ward2 PU001, Ejigbo LG. Voting is yet to commence at 1pm.


Security is intensified in many locations as voting begins.

Aregbesola is waiting to cast his vote in his hometown in Ilesa-East.


At Maitainmi Mosque 001 PU ,336 voters were registered while 228 were accredited.

Aregbesola waiting to cast his vote in his hometown in Ilesa-East.

At Ward 10 unit 002, Dada Estate, Egbedore LGA, accreditation has ended. Voters are queuing to vote. They formed three long lines. the turnout is huge.

Women hold the key to deciding this election.


The governor, beaming with smiles, steps out of his family home to cheers from children and supporters.

He waves his trademark two finger salute to the crowd.

The children scream “APC!” But were quickly cautioned to stop. Voting is about to start.


Rowdiness as voters struggle to queue for voting at the state governor’s polling unit in Ilesa-East.


At ward 8 unit 7, Iragbiji Road, opp Police station, Olorunda LGA, five party agents – PDP, APC, LP, PPA and NCP are complaining that they were not allowed to get accredited. At the unit, INEC officials said 1324 were registered to vote and accreditation is almost concluded.


A lot of people are waiting to vote at Ward 8, Unit 1, Mr. Aregbesola’s PU in Ilesa East. All of them have been accredited.

Adekunle Busuyi, a PPA agent, says that accreditation began at 8 a.m.

“Everything is alright so far,” he adds.

The governor had been accredited five minutes ago.


So far so good.

Osun Election: Voters on queue for accreditation


12 important facts to know about Osun Election

1. Osun State was created from old Oyo State in 1991.

2. It has 30 local governments.

3. Each of the three senatorial districts in Osun has 10 local governments.

4. Osun has 9 federal constituencies (House of Reps members) and 26 State Assembly Constituencies.

5. According to the 2006 census, Osun has 3,423,535 people.

6. Valid Number of Registered Voters (post March 2014 CVR) – 1, 407, 222

7. There are more female voters in Osun Gender Distribution of Voter Population: Male: 661,394 (47%) Female 745,828 (53%)

8. Number of Registration Areas (Wards) – 332

9. Number of Polling Units – 3, 010

10. Number of Voting Points – 3, 379

11. Osogbo has highest number of registered voters, 110,670, followed by Ife Central, 95,471.

12. There are 20 governorship candidates recognised by INEC for the Osun Election. None of them is female. There are, however, 7 female deputy governorship candidates.

(All facts sourced from the website of the Independent National electoral Commision, INEC).


At Unit 5, College of Education, Ilesa, no accreditation going on. The INEC officials say they are done with every voter on ground and waiting for more people to come. Stephen Kolade says that “things are okay.” “We are just waiting to start voting,” he adds. Mr. Kolade, a 300 level Agricultural Science student, however, said that they had been unable to sleep in their hostels due to soldiers’ disturbance. “Yesterday, a group of people were about entering the school, the soldiers told them to sit on the ground and arrested them. Up till now, we don’t know their whereabouts. Up to 20 of them.” Another student says, ” We don’t know if those soldiers are genuine or fake soldiers.”


The APC in Osun sent the below updates to our newsroom from its Situation Room in Osogbo. PREMIUM TIMES is unable to confirm any of the claims at this time. We are trying to reach out to the appropriate authorities to confirm the claims.

1]. A huge number of APC agents denied tags in many local government areas including Osogbo, Ifedayo, Atakumosa West. In Osogbo, only 60 out of 227 agents were given tags.

2]. The Good Governance Forum in Osun has urged all eligible voters to go out en-masse to cast their votes and not be intimidated by the presence of security agents in the state or news of arrests of political leaders.

3]. Clampdown on APC leaders in Osun continues as Alhaji Tijani Oladosu, (aka TILAD), Quadri Owonikoko (a.k.a Integrity) were arrested midnight and whereabouts unknown.

4]. After hours of interrogation, Lai Mohammed, Sunday Dare released by security agents.

5]. Over 40 voters arrested in Erin Osun while on queue for accreditation.

6]. Alhaji Raimi Shitu, Vice Executive Secretary, Odo-Otin LG arrested midnight.

7]. Chairman of O’SCHOOL in Osun and Chieftain of APC, Alhaji Lai Oyeduntan’s house invaded in Osogbo.

8]. APC stalwarts Octogenerian lawyer, Pa J.O Fakayode, being detained in Ora Igbomina after being picked up by security agents from Oke Ila 9]. All APC agents in Osu, Atakumosa West have been arrested by soldiers


At Gbangan Rd Polling Unit, opposite Omisore’s campaign office, Osogbo, accreditation is going smoothly under the rain.


In several polling units in Ilesha West voters are done with accreditation, they are now waiting for voting to commence. Election proper starts at noon, about 120 minutes away.


Premium Times spoke with John Oyegun, National Chairman of APC and he confirmed the arrest of Lai Mohammed and 4 others but have been released. He said he was released in such a way that his day has been made useless.


PDP candidate cries out over of unfair treatment of agents

Diran Odeyemi, director of Media and Strategy for the Senator Iyiola Omisore governorship campaign in Osun State, told PREMIUM TIMES that INEC officials at Polling Units in Obokun local government were requesting for a letter of introduction from PDP agents.

“How it works is that the party writes a single letter to INEC to introduce all the agents, and then INEC will issue tags to them. But what’s happening now is that when our agents get to their respective polling units, they will request for another letter introducing the individual.

“I’ve complained to INEC and they have rectified the problem. But we have lost about two hours,” said Mr. Odeyemi.

Mr. Odeyemi is Mr. Omisore’s Director of Media and Publicity.


At Ward 05 Salvation Army School, Osogbo accreditation is in progress. There is huge presence of voters anxious to get accredited. Agents of PPA, PDP, APC and ADC are here.


At ward 10 Dada Estate, Osogbo, accreditation commenced 8am. However some voters cannot find their names in the register and they are worried. Only one party agent – Oyerinde Ayodele Lukman of APC is here for now.


At Ward 005 unit 002 Osogbo Grammar school, the turnout is impressive. Voters are queing up peacefully for accredition which began a few minutes past 8am. A total of 900 persons registered to vote here according to INEC adhoc staff. There are 4 party agents out of 20 – PPA, PDP, LP and APC


Accreditation ongoing smoothly in many polling units in Osogbo. 20140809_083738 20140809_083525 20140809_083716


There is light showers of rain in Osogbo. Many voters came prepared with umbrellas, it appears. Voters queue under umbrellas, accreditation not disrupted.


Accreditation has begun in PU (Polling Unit) 16 Ward 4 in Osogbo.


Accreditation of voters commenced at 8:00 a.m. in Agbale Vill PU (009), Agbongbe II, Ede North LGA.


It’s a humid morning in Osogbo. The temperature is 24 degrees Celsius. Voters have begun to head towards their polling units for accreditation which starts by 8 a.m. Military checkpoints dot several locations around the capital.

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