Aribisala’s Hallucinations and Other Varieties of Nightmare, By Sunday Dare

Sunday Dare

“Aribisala should ask himself in good conscience what he would have done if he was in Asiwaju’s shoes and there is an open threat to democratic norms and values.”

“It seems Mr Aribisala is having endless sleepless nights over the person of Bola Tinubu and indeed the emergence of APC as another big political party in Nigeria. I believe that by standing on the side of the voiceless since 1999 till date, the duo of Buhari, Tinubu and other leaders of APC deserve the accolade of well-meaning Nigerians”. -George Kalu

One of the beauties of democracy is the latitude it provides the citizens to freely express their views on any subject under the sun. Such opinions are however, expected to be factual, informative, rich and robust to raise the stake on political re-engineering. They should be thought-provoking; to ask the right questions and make valuable suggestions in order to proffer likely solutions to current social and economic challenges. That, combined with the active participation of the citizenry as the main stakeholder in governance would serve to deepen the democratic culture.

But when opinions are taken to ridiculous heights of over fixation on pull-them-down syndrome, especially those whose patriotic efforts have brought to bear the fruits of such democracy, it calls for urgent concern. In the light of this, therefore, one cannot but question both the motive and morale of one Mr. Femi Aribisala who has chosen to cast aspersions and castigate every patriotic move Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has made to salvage the hole-riddled ship of state from sinking under. The other day, it was Aribisala and his tactless tirade over: What does Bola Tinubu really want? Now, it is another self-serving vituperation over the unduly orchestrated Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket for the All Progressives Congress, APC. So sad, Aribisala and those behind beating the drums for him, think as if the people’s wishes and electoral value count for nothing.

Let us consider this, from Aribisala’s jaundiced viewpoint. “The prospect of a ticket with Tinubu as vice-president is already ensuring that the APC is badly in need of aspirin. An APC vice-president that is not Tinubu poses grave political danger to Tinubu. It means Tinubu has been sowing for somebody else to reap. If that person happens to be Yoruba, he or she could quickly become a contender for Tinubu’s much-vaunted position as the Asiwaju of South-West politics in Nigeria.”

If for anything else, by this statement alone, Aribisala has exposed his vain and vacuous understanding of the political ideology, motivation and persona of the famed tactician and political strategist called Ahmed Tinubu. For the records, he was the last progressive politician standing, when the rigging machinery of the PDP bulldozed its way through the South-West geo-political zone, claiming in its dusty wake the states of Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ondo and Ekiti during the heady days of the Chief Olusegun Obasanjo-led PDP.

Back then, when Tinubu and his allies met at the residence of late Pa Adesanya in Apapa, Lagos to review the rather crude onslaught of the anti-democratic PDP, only Tinubu stood his ground; maintaining that it was not in the best interest of the Alliance for Democracy, AD or Nigeria not to contest the outcome of the fraudulent elections. The PDP-led government had ensured that the governorship elections were the first to be conducted, with the obnoxious aim to use it ostensibly to influence the outcome of subsequent elections. And of course, to whip the so called ‘dissidents’ into line. Asiwaju it was who saw through the smokescreen and stood his ground, against the formidable reactionary forces.

With his unwavering moral support, candidates on the platform of AD who contested for the posts in the Senate, House of Representatives and various state House of Assembly in the South-West were able to clinch the desired victory and returned to the hallowed chambers to discharge their duty to their people. Furthermore, Tinubu served again as the catalyst who galvanized the progressives to reclaim the lost states, such as Osun and Ekiti, even including Ondo that was saved from the clutches of the PDP and went to the Labour Party.

If Tinubu was a selfish politician, as Aribisala imputes in his highly opinionated essay, he would not have embarked on that messianic mission. All he wanted, and still pursues with unrelenting vigour is to ensure that indeed, the people’s votes count. That their wishes hold sway. That their choices are validated on the veritable platform of credible elections, as against foisting the wishes of a few greedy and self-serving politicians on the majority.

It therefore, amounts to a grave insult to insinuate that Tinubu does not want another person to reap from where he has sowed. He knows he is not God, who has the power to determine who benefits from what. That is pettiness from a warped mindset. Perhaps, if Aribisala has an inkling of those whose lives God has used the Asiwaju to touch outside of politics he would not descend to the low level of thinking that all there is to life is money; or sowing and reaping. Until Nigerians stop thinking of politics as an avenue for self-aggrandizement instead of selfless service to the state we would not make meaningful progress.

And that also underscores the penchant of progressive parties for identifying the best of candidates not just from the South-West geo-political zone but across the Nigerian political spectrum for public service. Unknown to the likes of Aribisala, that clearly explains why Tinubu threw his weight behind the candidature of Aminu Tambuwal for the exalted position of Speaker, House of Representatives as against Mulikat Akande. Tinubu saw in Tambuwal what was missing in Akande, who would be a quisling in the hand of PDP. That they share the same geo-political heritage was immaterial and mere base sentiment. The Yoruba race, well-known for political sophistication would always project their best of brains to the limelight.

Now, Aribisala should ask himself in good conscience what he would have done if he was in Asiwaju’s shoes and there is an open threat to democratic norms and values. Especially with Dimeji Bankole, then the Speaker House of Assembly promising Ekiti people that the military would be used to win election in that state during the controversial re-run governorship election in 2009.Would he have stood aloof, arms folded to allow the monster of impunity to plunder the land? The answer is his’ .

And that brings us to Aribisala’s gross misunderstanding and misrepresentation of the well-acclaimed victory of John Oyegun as against his man, Tom Ikimi. Said he: “ Tinubu needed to ensure that the APC chairman is not his new arch-enemy, Tom Ikimi, a known Atiku Abubakar man. So he shopped for a more malleable alternative. He finally settled on John Odigie-Oyegun, former governor of Edo State. But when the permutations were done, Odigie-Oyegun could not be assured of victory in a democratic poll. The answer, therefore, in typical Asiwaju fashion, was to truncate democracy in APC.”

Reading through this cheap assessment of a credible election that had even the PDP congratulating the APC makes mockery of Aribisala’s perception of political issues.

Firstly, he has insulted the collective intelligence of other APC stalwarts by claiming they are dummies who could not choose between two candidates with clearly well-defined antecedents and opposite character traits. Secondly, and this is instructive, he has inadvertently given Tinubu the power of a demi-god before who others could never say “no”. That scenario cannot play itself out under a democratic dispensation, more so that of Nigeria’s vibrant polity in the 21st Century.

May we remind Aribisala that Tom Ikimi was never a democrat and even as an adept political chameleon cannot metamorphose into one overnight. What role did he play during the dark days of the NADECO struggle to emancipate the Nigerian nation and its good people from the iron grip of military despotism? That of an ignoble anti-democrat who chose to turn his back on the people and became deaf to their cries of anguish by dining with Abacha.

He, Ikimi, it was again who practiced bolekaja diplomacy in the face of a clear injustice that triggered global outrage, when he openly supported Abacha’s death sentence on Ken Saro-Wiwa, acclaimed human rights activist and internationally recognized environmentalist, and the Ogoni-Four. No democrat would have justified and defend that type of brutal, barbaric and bestial murder of his people’s conscience and voice. For Ikimi to have assumed that Nigerians have so short a memory and would embrace his foray into party politics without questions betrays his understanding of the word, ‘democracy. And even Aribisala has the moral burden of acting as a megaphone to such a person. ‘Show me your friend and I would tell you who you are.’

Perhaps, Ikimi’s people understand him far more than Aribisala does. For that reason they elected Chief John Oyegun, as against Ikimi’s candidate, Lucky Igbinedion, as their first-ever democratically chosen state governor. And why not? Oyegun has over the years remained a consistent and committed democrat unlike Ikimi who, more like an unprincipled politician pitches his tent wherever he feels the grass is greener and romances any government in power? Such a person does not have any moral authority to put himself forward for any elective post in the first instance. Leadership goes far beyond that.

It is mix milieu of one who has vision in quantum; one with the capacity to feel the pulse and the pains of his people; one who has the courage to do right and the boldness to say ‘no’ to evil in all its shade; one with the compassion to right the wrongs bedeviling his people.

Fortunately, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is blessed with all these character traits. And as amply demonstrated during his struggles for democracy, his eight years qualitative leadership as the Lagos State governor, against all odds he is eminently qualified to lead this nation to greater heights. That he is from the South-West or a Muslim should not matter, should it? Of course not.

What the citizens need at this critical moment of our troubled history are men and women who would frontally tackle the monsters of corruption, mass youth unemployment, insecurity, and the insidious culture of impunity to deliver the dividends of democracy at their doorstep.

As George Kalu rightly admonished: Let Aribisala stop wasting his precious wisdom in producing such acidic and derogatory articles. We already know why he hates Tinubu with such passion and why he derides APC.

What should matter most to Nigerians now is quality leadership that understands their pains; that has a sense of direction and would salvage them from the clouds of cluelessness and storms of selfishness to the harbour of our collective hope, for a better Nigeria.

Sunday Dare is the Special Adviser on Media to Mr. Bola Tinubu. He sent this article from Lagos.

Read Femi Aribisala’s article on Tinubu here.


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  • Dorothy

    Aribisala is broke… his bible teaching does not bring to him required and expected financial gain… now into politics…when he makes enough noise on the net, he would be invited to the vila for a meeting like Kayode.

    • emmanuel

      Dorothy a re known jobber is doing what he or she is paid for. No one is deceived by your alias.

      At least, Aribisalas numerous write- ups clearly distinguish him as a genuine human, not a fake like you morally bankrupt fellows who work for hand outs!

      • Dorothy

        Like your father did and died in penury… who are you by the way? If indeed you are not what you just called me, tell us where you come from and who truly you are… you are nothing but a useless fellow, with no conviction… just to bootlick and call those man enough to speak their mind names. Aribisala is a known backslider who is suffering from mental injury.

        • emmanuel

          My father is enjoying a healthy and comfortable life somewhere in his old age and has a correct child he is proud of.

          You are a scrunger leaving off on those who trouble Nigeria

  • John green

    Thank God someone is seeing the same vision like tinubu, aribisala has lost touch with reality and his case is like a scientist who goes deeper daily into his work, at a point in his life if he’s not careful with the work and the limit at which he wants to dabble into his work, he will come out and say there is no God but in reality, we all know that there is God and he’s here watching all of us. The same problem can be associated with mr femi whom is so dedicated to his work but getting himself confused as times pass-by, if probably we noticed back then, he started canvassing and hailing the emergence of opposition (APC) and. Putting serious blames on PDP but as time pass by, he tends to join the clueless and start seeing lesser of reality in. Aribisala is confused and needs to be neglected because he just want to be recon with again.. Tinubu and APC had done the best for this nation and it gives people much joy whenever they see that a man brought the idea of voices for the common man and we are all enjoying the dividends of democracy till now.. Jonathan is a long gone and it’s certain by 2015

  • alowonle

    Aribisala is mad. He is looking for cheap popularity. He’s attacking Asiwaju unjustly. You poor man attacking Asiwaju who has brought succur to the face of many Nigeria through his generosity. Femi Aribisala becareful. You nonentity! Mad Man! Poor man!

  • Amaka

    Aribisala has finally got what he wants: attention. Buhari refused to join words with him. Amaechi refused him attention. Stephen Keshi ignored him. Sanusi was too busy to be distracted by his falsehood. Olu Falae continued distancing from him. The Ibos cleverly ignored his suspicious solidarity. The SS people have so far refused to ask GEJ to trust him for an invitation. He cried and shouted until he got the attention of Tinubu from where he will join issues for ultimate recognition as a pastoral politician. What he can’t get from ‘tite’, he wants from loose (treasury) thieving politicians. Tinubu has promoted this prepaid columnist beyond just ranting. The devil responded that ‘he is wandering up and down the earth’ looking for whom to destroy. Some columnist are wandering up and down the political space looking for whom to accuse and destroy. Devilishness in man have always followed a familar pattern. Christ simply refused honouring the ‘accuser’ with an answer or debating him.

    • emmanuel

      The devil gives birth to evil and that is what you and your ilks are.

      I read on Sahara Reporters a few minutes ago how Isoko people are prosecuting Leo Ogor for complicity in diverting N2.1 billion meant to construct 28.2 kilometre road by NDDC.

      I felt like crying, because this same amount was used by Fashola and Tinubu to restructure a 2 kilometre aeterial road and you want the same rogues to rule Nigeria.

      God purnish you and you sponsors like Paul would say at PMNews! Rogues and crooks who want to birry Nigeria alive.

      Bastards in roguery achievement.

      God bless Aribisala.

      • Amaka

        Animal. You have been misruled beyond repair. Your life is a revolving misery hinged on venom against anybody opposed to your bigotry. You too can benefit from deliverance. Stop being hopeless. Amnesty allowance is not amnesty against frustrations.

        • emmanuel

          I am too cool to get Amnesty from anyone.

          Those who enjoy amnesty payouts rightly deserve it. And I worship no man, how much more crooks.

          Compare NDDC’s 28 kilometre road for? N2. 0 billion to your masters N2.0 billion for 2 kilometres.

          Saint Amaka Oludare abi Amaka Balarabe?

        • emmanuel

          Vampire Hausa goat.

          Nigeria is no more for sale

      • Ken

        This foolish Emmanuel prefers someone who diverted billions of public money to his personal account and wasting further money on prosecution costs to another that used the same amount to build even 1 km of road.

  • Angry Nigerian

    It is still amazing that almost all nigerian politicians are always defending themselves with words instead of let their deeds speak for them. I am not impressed by any of our politicians or our leaders. Every politician is concerned with what is in for me instead of delivering what were promised when they campaigned for people’s votes.
    Nigerians are tired of your empty promises and lies. We are also tired of your attack dogs that are ready to defend you if anyone writes or say anything negative about you.
    Tinubu, Jonathan and the rest of the cronies are nothing but day light robbers who are only out there to steal the endowed resources that Nigeria have. They are so selfish that they failed to see the amount of destruction they are doing to our current and future generations. All what these ridiculous politicians care about is what is in for me and my family.
    You guys should consider yourselves lucky that you and your cronies are not in Egypt, Iraq or China, where you would have been delt with severely.

  • emmanuel

    Gani Fawehimi was also broke and needed attention and settlements between 1999 and when he died, hence he prosecuted your crooked master who is tainted with all kind of godless vices.

    We would rather stay put with PDP than ride along with dictatorship which Buhari is also known for.

    At PTF during Abacha era, it was also dictatorship.

    Aribisala cannot be deterred by agents of fraud in this country.

    • Dorothy

      When PDP’s control shifts to the fulanis, we shall see where you will stay put….

      • emmanuel

        I talk am say you be Hausa Fulani Muslim. I at least used my skills to frustrate you and you have given up your identity. For your foolishness, Tinubu would turn his back on you people if the coast is not clear.

        Who wan give you power again?

        South West +South South+ South East+North Central is your waterloo in 2015 and 2019.

        • bisi

          Hilarious delusion!

    • abey

      please say amen to this prayer, may ur life and d life of ur generation unborn be run d way pdp is running d affaires of nigeria,amen in jesus name,

  • Dr Patrick Kolawole Awosan

    Aribisala is a disgraced and shameless idiotic thief who stays wherever he is getting some looted public funds to butter his dry mouth.Shameless maggot that commands no honour at home.

    • emmanuel

      Mumu Okada rider you don show?

      Aribisala at least has conscience, unlike your soul that is sold to your grand father the devil.

  • imagine_2012

    I agree with Aribisala’s opinion. Tinubu has over reached himself. He has gotten to the peak and its now time to fall.

  • TopeLamas

    Exactly! All dis old man wants is attention which I tink shud nt be given to him, its nt worthit, his words are baseless which all reasonable human cn see,ignore dis man pls he is jobless. Femi shud respect his old jare nd stop saying senseless things

  • Yinka F Holloway

    It is obvious this was written merely in the bid to earn your keep Mr Sunday Dare but in the process you’ve exposed the surreptitious plans of your dubious principal to actually impose himself on the people using his NADECO caucus. I wonder why you chose to attack Tom Ikimi as this really has nothing to do with him. He is by far a better individual and Democrat than your boss will ever be given a billion years more. Femi Aribisala’s write up was objective enough for any dunce to understand and draw an inference upon. Get another job and don’t mess up your career with this fraud.

  • Abiodun Sopitan

    The Afenifere chieftains are the people betraying Awo’s philosophy,going from one government house to the other seeking hand outs,for which they have to give endorsements!!!
    The other day,Gbenga Daniel was invited as the principal speaker at an Afenifere conference
    It was these same chieftains who refused to divorce Afenifere from AD then to suit their own pecuniary needs and they have always been seeking to undermine Tinubu!!
    Aribisala is just being their attack dog

  • King Carlos

    Finally, Sunday Dare wakes up. He should deploy his arsenal not only towards Aribisala, but also Fani-Kayode. Through this new found newspaper-article style of politics, I believe more will be revealed and Nigerians will know more.

  • Thecreed

    The man Aribisala reminds me of a man named Ruben Abati!LOL one of those hungry, attention seeking paid journalist or columnist as the case may be. Which right thinking man who is conversant with the political history of nigeria will compare Asiwaju of the black race to the characters of Tom Ikimi and the likes. Who God has blessed no man can curse, Asiwaju ignore them, himself and his pay masters all delusional and obsessed with your achievements in and out of the political space. By 2015 they shall all have no choice than accept the will of God as he uses you to propell APC to victory at the center.

  • Lanre

    I have written many times and will repeat it. Aribisala is a gadfly.


    The charlatans should go back and read Aribisala’s article again. It is nothing but the truth and the whole bitter truth. TINUBU is a slave trader who rely on ill gotten wealth to buy anything. Sunday Dare, Tunde Fagbenle, Kamarudeen and Abimbola Adelakun are some of the brown envelop journalists being used by Emperor TINUBU for media propaganda. TINUBU is using these shameless writers to spin everything in the media to suit his purpose. Like Aribisala said he has overreached himself. TINUBU’S cup is full and he will get the deserved disgrace. Aribisala was on point and Tinubu’s supporters will soon jump into lagoon or go hug electric transformers.

    • John green

      When he’s doing what he’s been paid for?? He’s a fustrated blogger who is now seeking attention.


    The article is a pack of contradictions. TINUBU believed in getting the best to serve and that is why he single handily substituted Remi Tinubu for Oloninbe Mamora? His daughter is more business woman than any other in Lagos? Tinubu idea of decency and civilization is his violent disposition to election results? His popular ‘rig and roast’ phrase similar to that of his equally violent friend Buhari of ‘baboons soak in blood’ fame portrayed him as a leader who cares about the led? Obasanjo that threw AD out of South West is now the messiah that the ‘progressives’ led by Tinubu asked to lead them in reclaiming the land. IBB and Obasanjo are Tinubu’s ideal pathfinders that Nigeria need at this crucial time. The tactical and political strategist in Tinubu did not see anything wrong in openly endorsing the demons he once openly fought? Something must really be wrong with Tinubu and his zombie followers’ definition of ‘political strategy’. Dare has earned his pay but he failed to sell a bad market to majority of smart Nigerians.

  • Olu Olawole

    Very good sir very clear message I hope he stands down

  • john

    Sunday da’lies”. It is not true that Chief John Oyegun, was Edo’s first ever democratically chosen state governor!, what about Ambrose Alli in 1979 or Samuel Ogbemudia in 1983?, As for Tinubu, he is a political trader that cannot and should not be trusted at all. he was settled in the 2007 and 2011 presidential polls!, We are aware of how he backhanded atiku for yaradua in exchange for some billions of naira in 2007 and the fact that he scuttled Ribadu in 2011 and he was rewarded with the dropping of his case at the code of conduct bureau, the granting of the license of first nation airlines and some billions of naira in tow. I wont be surprised if he sells out the APC in the 2015 polls again.