A Jonathan Beyond Liturgy, By Husaina Ishaya Audu


Bully: to hurt or frighten someone who is smaller or less powerful than you, often forcing them to do something they do not want to do (3rd edition of Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary)

Some weeks back when Nigerians, with our usual obstreperousness, demanded for answers about the alleged missing $20 billion, what we actually got for having the audacity to demand accountability from our Government was a fuel scarcity which we all knew to be artificial; but it was severe enough for us to unanimously agree: we want fuel – not answers.  We give up. When Jonathan was sufficiently satisfied that we had been deservedly humbled the fuel scarcity ceased and the situation normalised.

Three weeks ago, over 200 girls were kidnapped from their dormitories in a Federal Government School in Chibok.  Jonathan did not say anything.  He did not make a statement empathising with parents of the missing girls or stating what actions would be taken by his Government.  In fact, a misinformation was communicated to the Nigerian public claiming that the girls had been recovered, only for our rejoicing to be cut short when parents of the missing girls cried alarmingly that if indeed the girls have been recovered, where are they?

Today (9th May 2014), David Cameron said that right after the kidnapping the British Foreign Minister contacted his Nigerian counterpart offering Britain’s help, but the offer was not taken up. It took close to two weeks for the Federal Government to rouse itself into some sort of action and even then all that could be managed was the institution of a fact-finding committee!!!

Question: why did it take the Government so long to even acknowledge the kidnapping?

Answer: they had no intention of acknowledging it. That explains why they did not respond to Britain’s offer.  No.  The only inference we can reasonably make is that they were compelled to finally acknowledge the kidnapping due to the international attention the issue was receiving thanks to the #bringbackourgirls campaign.

What inferences can we reasonably make from these events?

1. Jonathan is a bully.  Rather than respond to demands for accountability he will bully the country into quiet submission by making difficult conditions unbearable.

2.  Like all bullies, Jonathan is a coward who will capitulate when forces stronger than himself (the international community) demand a response he is not willing to give to the people of this nation.

I totally agree with Jonathan that the abduction of the Chibok girls is the beginning of the end of BH.  My prayer is that it is also the beginning of the end of Jonathan.  Nigerians, how can we maximise this global intervention into our nation’s affairs to free ourselves from the shackles of this grossly insensitive, callous and inept leadership?

Ms. Ishaya Audu, a public commentator and lawyer lives and writes from Abuja.



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  • saleem

    You have summed it up Ms.Audu, GEJ is a tyrant who in the best interest of Nigeria should go, to hell preferably.

  • Gimbiya

    Ms Audu, don’t be so hard on our President. It’s matter of priorities. Why should he bother with the abduction of our girls when there are more important political party issues in Kano demanding his attention?
    As for this probably marking the beginning of Jonathan, well, I don’t know. When an elected representative facing re-election treats his electorate with such utter contempt, you can’t help but wonder how he expects to be re-elected. Perhaps he’s got another bullying trick up his sleeve.
    Meanwhile, as further indication of their contempt for their subjects the Dame attempted to appease them by putting on the most basic act you could imagine. Her performance brings the phrase “incompetent dramatics” to mind.

  • concerned9ja

    Fantastic piece. The Chibok kidnap is a good opportunity to run PDP and Jonathan out. They believe our votrs do not count at all during the polls. How I wish we utilise the digitsl age to tell these leaders they are animals who deserve yp live in the jungle. Should a csmpaign page to run this village headmaster out then you hsve my support.

    • HaramBoko

      Who, by the way, will you replace PDP and Jonathan with anyway, if you run them out?

  • Lanre

    Ms. Audu. Interesting piece. Your name reminds me of that eloquent Foreign Affairs (then External Affairs) Minister we used to have, Ishaya Audu. Anyways, I digress. Why are you despairing? Over what? Where I am currently, we are all relieving the pain of the shame Nigeria has become by joking to ourselves “Diar is a godu o….Chai… Diar is godu o, all the Borno blood that you are sharing……..”. Ms. Audu. Nigeria is a joke. I am not in the least perturbed. The Jonathan you see is just the effect. Dig deeper and you find the real monsters, Obasanjo, Babangida, Anenih and co. Nothing is going to change in Nigeria and what we see today is the effect of years of misrule.
    Welcome to The Brave New World, Ms. Audu. And I doubt if I have to tell you about Aldous Huxley’s work.

  • A Aminu

    Ms. Audu. May your prayers be answered. But action speaks louder than words. Sometimes louder than prayers. Let us be united in voting out incompetent leaders in 2015. I just wonder why Jonathan should waste his time seeking re-election in 2015. To rig an election, you need competence as well. And it is just absent. Did you notice PDP with it’s big mouth, all of a sudden is quite? Did you notice Mr Fix it- Chief Tony Aniene is quite. So is Metuh, the big mouth spokesman of the incompetent fraud called PDP. Did you notice the information minister who failed to show up at a CNN interview has buried his face in shame.

    • Thepeople

      Correct. I thought I was alone in thinking this. Nigeria’s image is being battered abroad in every reputable news media in the world. Where is barrel-mouth Maku who thinks he has exclusive privilege to wisdom? where is gutter-mouth Abati who thinks he is adept at media manipulations? They have all gone underground. They are mediocres who found themselves by mistake in positions of power like their boss.

  • Thepeople

    Ms Audu, I say Amen to your prayer and our prayers. Let this be the beginning of the BK and Jonathan for Nigerians have never had it so bad. History would remember this days as our darkest hours.

  • chidi

    Every country gets the leader it deserves. Nigerians voted overwhelminly for Jonathan and Patience in 11. Recall, change of air campaign. If you want them out, be prepared to use your vote again. My concern is that Nigerians have very short memory. In 6 months time, after chibok and bh, we would have all forgotten this incompetence and callousness you talk about. And it would be business as usual. Tell me, if not for our collective intellectual laziness as a people, what would it have taken anyone to discover that mrs jonathan is not the grammarian we needed in aso villa or Jonathan himself the messaiah we wanted.

  • Bimbo

    May God bless you miss awudu! I have never seen a write up on Jonathan that has hit the nail on the head like this one. You went straight to the heart of the matter – Jonathan kept quiet for two weeks because he never intended to say a word or do a thing about the kidnap. He planned to let things just coast along till everybody forgot about the girls. How callous. And yes he is a bully and a coward! He is also a weak-minded vindictive human being, as ugly on the inside as he is on the outside.

  • indiana jones

    the worst affliction of humans is HYPOCRISY
    now everything wrong with Nigeria is caused by GEJ
    when the governor went against security reports and allowed WAEC to conduct exams in those schools, no one is asking the governor why he did that.
    it is obvious there was an ulterior motive
    the real persons behind these heinous crimes are talking about 2015 elections and their expectations that GEJ will be forced from office so their hausafulani stooge can have an easy ride to Aso Rock and return Nigeria to status quo of mediocrity
    all these sudden “human rights crusaders” were dumb to the tragedy that is Nigeria for the past 50 years and now suddenly want an overnight fix.

  • Kabiru Bala Indabo

    Bravo! Ms Audu,may our collective prayers be answered.A nice piece with no iota cowardness and bigotry,more grease to your elbow.

  • Darlington Mudiaga Atumu

    The comments on this page leaves me with the impression that some people are happy with the actions of Boko haram rather than the leaders in the north coming together to arrest the monster they created in Boko haram, they are shifting blames…well those in thf Niger Delta are silently watching and waiting

  • Okechukwu Ononaeke

    Thanks Hussaina for making my day. We need an end to the mediocrity masquerading as leadership at all levels in Nigeria and the time is Now!

  • van71

    Why wont you castigate GEJ for the present happening in the government today after the likes of your father contributed to the present rot that jonathan is trying hard to clear, you have no iota of shame to point the 38yrs of northern misrule because you and your family benefited from immensely or you think by your parents building church in Samaru Zaria will clear the fact that they contributed in the mess Nigeria is, please go and get life and leave us alone we Nigerians know the truth we don’t need hypocrite that want relevance in public domain to be preaching what they are not practicing.