Human Trafficking Expose: PREMIUM TIMES, Critics and the Limit of Falsehood

We at PREMIUM TIMES remain unperturbed by this peddling of falsehood against our newspaper and its reporters. We will remain focused on our work.

“Comment is free, but facts are sacred.”
– C. P. Scott

One of the planks upon which some commentators have been having a free rein on the report of the human trafficking investigation by our reporter, Tobore Ovuorie, is that which claims that Miss Ovuorie based her report on stories supposedly told at a conference organised by the National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons (NAPTIP), held in Makurdi, Benue State.

Of course, that is an absolute falsehood.

It’s necessary, at this point, for us to release more facts, which will go to the source of this campaign of calumny against our newspaper, but which, sadly, Miss Ovuorie has been used as the cannon fodder.

On January 23, shortly after we ran Miss Ovuorie’s report, an editor with THE PUNCH, Solaade Ayo-Aderele, contacted our Editor-in-Chief, Dapo Olorunyomi, claiming that the story was false.

And, what was her evidence? A claim by another reporter with THE PUNCH, Bukola Adebayo, that Miss Ovuorie’s narrative was almost similar to those told at a workshop held by NAPTIP on 5-6 December 2013.

Unknown to Mrs. Ayo-Aderele, Miss Ovuorie had filed her reports to both her editors in PREMIUM TIMES and our partners in ZAM Magazine between 21 and 27 November 2013 – long before that said workshop. Mr. Olorunyomi gave Ayo-Aderele this information.

Adesola Ayo-Aderele
Adesola Ayo-Aderele

If that was not sufficient to convince her, PREMIUM TIMES’ Managing Editor, Musikilu Mojeed, also had a long telephone conversation with Mrs. Ayo-Aderele. He explained to her in detail how the investigation was done, how the reporter turned in her report before attending the workshop and how the publication of the investigation had to be delayed following the death of Nelson Mandela in December.

Mr. Mojeed also suggested to Mrs. Ayo-Aderele to do more independent findings of her own before attempting to discredit the work of a colleague who risked her life to tell the world an important story.

Messrs Olorunyomi and Mojeed could well have been wasting their valuable time. Mrs. Ayo-Aderele was soon all over the social media casting aspersion on Miss Ovuorie and her report.

For the records, Miss Ovuorie, then on the staff of National Mirror, beat Mrs. Ayo-Aderele to second place in the 2012 Wole Soyinka Investigative Reporting Awards in the Health Category. The judges had commended her winning work: Travellers Shun Vaccination….As Touts Take Over “for its courage, its dare, and its sunny feelings that good reporting is as much about depth as it is about the renewal of community.”

It was such a frenetic campaign by Mrs. Ayo-Aderele that soon caught fire on social media, with some commentators joining her to discredit PREMIUM TIMES, via Miss Ovuorie.

It has also been falsely claimed by some commentators that Ovuorie tweeted consistently during the investigation. Fact is, Miss Ovuorie was undercover for several months but only checked in with the syndicate for less than a week in November. She did not tweet for the whole of November.

We remain unperturbed by this peddling of falsehood against our newspaper and its reporters. We will remain focused on our work because we know that truth is like a calabash, it will force its way back to the top no matter how hard you push it under water.

We also urge Nigerians to be wary of paid, mischievous, or/and attention-seeking individuals, who, as 2015 approaches, would want to latch on to their falsehoods to try to discredit PREMIUM TIMES, probably for their paymasters, but surely not for the good of Nigeria and Nigerians.

We assure our readers that we will always truthfully and courageously report abuse of office, corruption, and inefficiency by public and elected officials, no matter whose ox is gored.

We are however open to answering further questions on the investigation. As we have consistently promised, we are willing to grant law enforcement agencies access to all records concerning this investigation.

A fastidious reporter, Miss Ovuorie kept records during her investigation. Her timeline of events, as submitted to her editors and our foreign partner on November 28, is presented below.


Timeline of events:

May 26th: Met Ivie on board an Egypt Air flight on our way to Malaysia. She tried talking me into joining her group having studied me from the Airport in Lagos to Egypt where she started chatting with me.

June: First met Samuel in Lagos.

June: first contact with Oghogho- a pimp, in Abuja and met her through a ‘fellow’ prostitute/friend.

July: Met with other girls in Abuja while feigning to be a prostitute like them. They introduced me to seven trafficking groups who unfortunately don’t ply Italy how much more go through Cotonou.

July 18th: First met James Etuk at Banex Plaza, Abuja. He is a recruiting agent to Mama Caro. Was referred to him by Sussan, a call girl I made friends with in Abuja. He recruited her elder sister who now lives in England having completely paid Mama Caro.

August: Being checked by Aunty Precious in Maitama Abuja. I was referred to her by five other traffickers who don’t take girls to Italy. I met the five other traffickers through ‘fellow’ prostitutes whom I made friends with.

August 18th: Had a telephone interview with John Olaiya who is presently in the Netherlands. I got his contact through my fellow researcher.

August 22nd: First met Saratu at her family home in Zabin Zaria, Kaduna state.

August 24th: I met Priye in Abuja through my fellow researcher who is a friend of hers.

September 6th: interviewed Saratu at her family home in Zabin Zaria, Kaduna state.

September 8th: interviewed Samuel in Oyo State.

September 9th: Met and interviewed Precious in Kogi State when she came visiting a relation of hers. I met her through a mutual friend who is also into prostitution.

September 12th: First interviewed Zainab Muhammad in Barinnawa, Kaduna State.

September 27th: Later interviewed Zainab Muhammad in Kano State when she relocated.

September 30th: Interview with Danno Baba in which he claimed some Nigerian leaders are involved.

September 29: Party with Oghogho and other traffickers

November 5th:

*Bought a box and bought several clothes and shoes- the type sex workers wear.

*Bought a Nokia phone, Glo sim and N5000 recharge card to keep in touch with my editors while under cover.

*Met with Mr. James and other members of the pickpocket team at Ikeja shopping mall popularly called Shoprite.

*We all took off to Ikorodu for our first pickpocket session where security operatives guarded us all through. We were 10 trainees.

*I lost my phone because I was fidgety. I have never picked a pocket all my life!

*Mr. James took my box of clothes but requested I bring more the next day.

November 6th:

*Bought another box and more clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, and cosmetics. *Bought another phone, sim and N6000 recharge card.

*Met others again at Shoprite where we took off for Ikorodu to continue pickpocket classes.

*My first day at the underworld camp and first meeting with Mama Caro.

November 7th:

*Manicure, pedicure, poise, strip and lap dance trainings take place.

*Five other girls join our group

*Four men and a woman alongside Baba later come to the camp in the night.

*the visitors wanted body parts while Baba was there to administer the oath.

*Four of us were rejected while two were killed for money rituals.

*Madam questions me all night about my alleged juju-priest. She gets angry when I insisted that I had none and thoroughly whipped me.

November 8th:

* The rejected girls- four of us, were taken to three native doctors while the qualified girls and boy joined another group on their way to Cotonou.

*The other girls are beaten blue black with a whip by the native doctor while my hair was shaved!

*Back at the camp that night, Baba still rejected us, he was particular about me!

* A terrible argument ensued between Mama C and Baba while I was locked up in a room again.

*Later in the night, a pickpocket trainer sneaks into the room to give me food. He reminded me about where we met in Abuja and how I returned his BlackBerry Z10 phone to him when he misplaced it. On account of that, he alerted me of Mama Caro’s plan to sell me in Burkina Faso to a controversial slave master.

*He helps me steal my international passport from where it was kept by Mama Caro and gave it to me.

* He collects all the money on me.

*He tells me how to escape.

November 9th:

*The armed Army officer guarding us discovers a phone on Isoken.

* She implicates me that I also have a phone.

*With the gun pointed at me, I reluctantly gave the army officer the phone. The previous night, the phone had refused charging. I had photographs, audio and video recordings of most of the events which transpired in the camp. Faces of the traffickers were in the recording.

*The Army officer spent over an hour charging the phone in order to access the content. But the phone refused charging how much more switch on.

*The Army officer thoroughly beats Isoken for lying against me that I had an active phone while it was a ‘toy’ I had in my possession. Yet, he refused giving me back my ‘toy’.

*For fear of being killed by the armed officer, Eno and I didn’t continue our plea that he returns my ‘toy’ which keeps me company.

*The pickpocket trainer ensures I sit by the door.

*Without hindrance, and with immigration and customs officers hailing Mr. James and Eno on the way, we cross the Nigerian-Seme border with so much ease.

* After the border, the pick pocket trainer stops the bus to ease himself while I jumped out immediately he started urinating.

*I run into several crowded places with the Army officer chasing me.

*He lost track of me because I tied my head with a scarf and removed the top I was wearing leaving the second top I had worn under to facilitate my escape.

*Later connected with Reece a fellow journalist in Cotonou.

8. As stated in my drafts, the visitors’ appearance indicated they are influential Nigerians with enormous affluence. Their names were never mentioned while being introduced to them. As regards what was going on there, as stated in the draft, they asked for their package while Mama Caro said she hadn’t been able to get that. Then the only woman among the visitors pointed at me to be sacrificed since I wasn’t going to be useful but the native doctor refused. Rather, the native doctor chose two other persons.

Editors Note: The drafts Tobore refers to are her two-part drafts she sent to her editors and partners. The first part was sent on November 21, 2013, while the second was sent on November 27, 2013. Based on PREMIUM TIMES’s and our partner’s best editorial judgment, the drafts were edited to the final published version.
Tobore later attended a NAPTIP-UNODC workshop on human trafficking on December 5 and 6.

NB: The materials would be shared with law enforcement agencies that choose to investigate the revelations.


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  • Bodum

    It’s obvious that Ikhide is seeking attention by any means necessary. The guy is a lunatic and a loose cannon.

  • ola

    oh Please. I still do not believe this Premium Times report. The fact that they are even desperate to convince us shows they are on the defensive. A story shouldn’t be that hard to believe. If its too hard to prove, it probably is a lie

    • Oluwaseun Aderibigbe

      Stop it Mr. Ola. And stop inusulting people’s intelligence. I have followed this silly thing some people are doing for some time. I do not think PT is “desperately” trying to “convince” anyone. A fellow called Ikhide woke up to start casting aspersions on a story and its writer. PT waited. This fellow called Rowland Ikhide or something did not stop his mischievous and silly outbursts. What do you do when you have such a questionable character cast aspersions on you and when he continues endlessly after yu waited for him to be more sober and be respectful? Ola what do you do? Will yu go and take a beer and doze off? Think man. On this Premiumtimes is right, and this man called Ikhide is loudly wrong but he can continue with his campaign of mischief and disrespectful outbursts. .

      • Bodum

        Mr. Aderibigbe,

        Thank you!

      • ola

        oh Pls Mr Aderibigbe. Stick to the topic at hand and stop wallowing in fallacy ad hominem? This write up even makes no mention of Ikide but the PUNCH people. I have read the write up myself. No picture whatsoever and real names are omitted. We need a better evidence than some timeline. Go and read award winning stories, they are not that hard to believe. Go read stories that have won Pulitzers, they are factual and even have pictures. I need something more than this

        • Oluwaseun Aderibigbe

          You are free to waste your time. Go to Ikhide’s so called blog and see the nonsense and rubbish he has been spewing. There is no difference between ikhide’s rubbish and the moon light tales Punch people carry-Okay? I can see thru the two of them-Ikhide and Punch people, hence my post. Let me have the next one. Sensible people and readers have kept quiet enough for the rubbish and publicity seeking posts to come to an end. If you and Ikhide continue to spew rubbish I as a reader who believe in that story, and whose member of family nearly fell a victim of these evil traffickers will give it back to all the ghost posts in equal measure. So please bring it on.

          • debbeljo

            I do not need Ikhide to call bluff PT story on traffiking. We are 5 from different parts of Nigeria and all of us believe the story is spurious.

          • Oluwaseun Aderibigbe

            I deal with facts. Yes there is a place with the rubbish you insinuate , the 5 in yur head in the equation of the parts of Nigeria, I am not dealing with that equation now. I am dealing with a life and death story, and the different parts of Nigeria you claim you come from has NOTHING to do with facts. Okay? Fact are facts, they do not have the COLOR of your “different parts of Nigeria…” And by the way and this is on the side, does the way you, debbeljo, this character called Ikheloa Ikhide and the rest of the rest of the usual “different parts of Nigeria street fighters” are going with the rubbish you spew have something to do with the insinuation and color of the regular narrative of “different parts of Nigeria?” Have the “different parts of Nigeria been waiting for the “right moment”” to hit back at what PT is doing? You and Ikhide and his gang from the so -called “different parts of Nigeria” should bring it along since the issue is now getting clear, and some of us who have kept quiet will take it back headlong. You betray a lot by your “different parts of Nigeria” narrative. Since it is clear, please bring it along and some of us will take it back. I am concerned because a member of my family nearly fell victim to what Tobore wrote about, and you want some us to just keep quiet at this nonsense your gang spew around. So Enough is enough. Here I am dealing with the facts of death and not your “different parts of Nigeria” cock and bull story even when I will will confront that at the appropriate time.

        • aliflabconsults

          Do you consider the circumstance in which this undercover job was carried out? with no support in terms of technology (except a mobile phone, no tracking device, no video recording device), security etc. Do you really consider taking pictures in those scenes she described.
          why will you compare stories that won Pulitzers without rightly considering the contexts and limitations that surround stories. We dont have to make mischief to make a point, we all know some of this undercovers dont live to tell their stories because they deal with dangerous worlds

          • Dunga

            Thank you, by the way the so-called govt agencies used other people stories as their achievement and I was once a victim. After doing a research on trafficking in persons in one of our border some years ago and submitted to their office the next thing I saw was that report in punch credited to them.

        • Dunga

          I work in the field of migration and trafficking in persons and I will to let you know that real names and picture are not used in most cases except you just want to use any picture to narrate your story. Human trafficking is the third largest criminal industry in the world and the cartel s are highly connected.

  • Angryman

    Premium Times please be careful how much information you release to the public
    I am sorry for the pickpocket trainer who stopped the vehicle to ease himself – he’s probably gone by now[eliminated]

  • waloms

    Nobody is trying to discredit premium times, but the unassailable, incontrovertible, indubitable fact is that Ms Ovuorie;s story is riddled with so many inconsistencies, these just dont add up!, To me , i felt she was narrating some fiction!, Even if she was really undercover, i can categorically say as a media practitioner,communications advocate, writer and security analyst with over 17 years of field and desk practice that her claims were grossly exaggerated and padded up!, Nice try, but this story cannot stand the test of legitimacy, candor and veracity!

    • Sweeper

      My friend go and sit down with your brown envelop media practice. We know your iik. If you truly knew your work your name will tell.

    • aliflabconsults

      you have this years of experience and we have been living with this trafficking issue for sometime now and you decide to discredit somebody that put her life on the line.
      I dont know if you really understand what it means to be an undercover journalist (not even a trained security personnel) in Nigeria with no technology apart from mobile phone even without a tracking device.
      I don’t want to conclude that you think the scourge is not with us, as for your allegation of ”grossly exaggerated and padded up”, this is a spurious allegation for someone that has not done any investigation/research about human trafficking.
      This your claim may however hold water if you are part of the trafficking ring.

  • Abdulrazaq Kayode

    Cock and bull story or cat and dog, who cares? I’m forced to believe this story after seeing what some unscrupulous elements in and out of Nigeria do in the context of this story. I live here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and see what our girls who are supposed to be mothers do, I feel ashamed for our dear country. Sometimes, I feel like not even telling people where I come from due to what some useless and ill mannered idiots have turned to.
    I have had the opportunity of chatting with some of these girls (for research purposes) who claimed they were brought to Malaysia just to deliver some pennies to some ‘lord mammas’ after going into prostitution. They told me their mode of operation from Nigeria to Malaysia. They have different passports while the original is kept with the ‘lord mammas’ until they finish paying up their bills. Their average daily repayment ranges from N20,000 (RM 400) to N 30,000 (RM 600) depending on the ‘lord mammas’.
    So, whether this story of PT don’t add up or anything, I don’t care. All i care about is the substance of the argument in the story. The fact remains that we have a corrupt and porous security system. If you check the numbers of Nigerians awaiting death row for drug trafficking in S/East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam etc.) its not a matter of tens anymore, there are hundreds. They all checked out through our airports, how manage did they escaped through our porous borders? Yet we still live in denial, all we care about is criticism always.
    I think we should just leave out the supposed loopholes in the story and lets face the substance in the story.

  • igbiki


    They are supposed to call their quisling to order.

  • Usen Akpan

    Whether it is Premium Time or Punch, You guys are the same, copy and paste.

    • Memphis

      Its “Times” not “Time” ode!

      • Usen Akpan

        OK, thank you Mr copy and paste editor

        • tatu

          Usen, so you forgot your grammar rules and spelling rules and you suffered discomfort when you were caught and then helped with correction! Premiumtim(e)! Hm Too bad. I guess you copied and pasted your grammar rules and spelling rules in your head in primary school years ago. You did not learn them. This is why can commit basic errors and feel discomfort when you are corrected. Grow up Akpan.

          • Usen Akpan

            I said thank you for corrections, copy and paste outfit,out shit papers.stop publishing speech Mr grey hair

  • Black queen

    But why are you bothering to convince the doubting Thomas,e.

    My advice is tru all false our young ladies and boys should take and learn lessons from the story.

    • Oluwaseun Aderibigbe

      Black queen, this is what happens when readers do not have background to an issue. It is possible that you are just reading this story, and that you have not been reading the garbage a character like one Ikheloa Ikhide and some character from Punch have been doing from behind. I read some of these things. So this particular PT post is a response to the garbage Ikhide and others have been spewing. So? I do not think this particular PT post is an attempt to convince anyone. My reading of it is that the story is “On Your Face” kind of thing to characters like Ikhide and others from Punch. The point is that it has been exposed that these characters like Ikhide and one Ayo_Aderele have their own agenda and they lead the gullible public by the nose. Who will ever know that Ayo-Aderele also competed for a prize Tobore competed for and won? This is the same Ayo-Aderele who did not reveal this fact in all the garbage she and Ikhide and others spew around. Perhaps this revealing what they do behind and why will teach these questionable characters a lesson.

  • Jamgbalajugbu

    He he he he! Dem don catch PremiumTimes for wrist o. All the lies! Why not just own up and apologize simply. Another Next outlet.

  • musty lala

    Very soon we will expose what Journalist do behind the scene. All we have are lazy men and women jumping up and down in search of news piece to write and get apid by Politicians for few thousands. In advance democracy, Journalist are part of civil society that put politicians into check but our here are being pocketed by the corrupt politicians. The few ones that could raised their heads above that are here fighting over nothing. Make una continue d run una cef down na. Na una sabi.

  • Lanre

    Premium Times, there is nothing to doubt in this story. Unfortunately, nothing is going to happen in Nigeria. A country where people are killed and the police have no clue; where billions of dollars gets stolen and no one has a clue? Where is redemption for poor, unlucky souls in Nigeria? May the Good Lord guide the forsaken and lost in Nigeria.

  • Adesola Ayo-Aderele

    Premium Times, your diatribe here refers

    To start with, I only contacted Mr. Dapo Olorunyomi
    via his twitter page, and he promptly tweeted that he was out of the country
    and that he would get across when he returns. He did not; so, he didn’t offer
    any explanation to me whatsoever as the Premium Times claims.

    I did receive a call from Mr. Muskilu Mojeed, and in an 11-minute talk frequently
    interrupted by network problems, he informed me that based on the timeline on some
    email exchange between him and Ms. Tobore Ovuorie, the writer submitted her
    report long before she attended the workshop on trafficking in persons in

    Anyone who has read any of the postings I made on
    the said story would see that at no time did I “cast aspersion on Miss Ovuorie”
    as alleged by the Premium Times. As a mature mind, I discuss issues and not
    personalities or their character; and that was what I did with the story in

    If anybody attacked anybody, it was Mr. Mojeed that did,
    and now, the PT management. On my Facebook page, Mojeed had asked, “Adesola
    Ayo-Aderele, What’s your interest in this story?” In answering, I referred him
    to the opening of the Tobore story where she alleged that “Six out of 10
    people who are trafficked to the West are Nigerians.” I had asked Mojeed
    the source of the spurious statistics, but instead of answering, it was yanked
    off the (initial) copy published on ZAM Chronicle website.

    I also drew attention to the fact that if Tobore was
    “whipped all night” as she alleged, how come the nude picture of her upper body
    was as smooth as butter, with no trace of trauma to the skin whatsoever? Did
    she undergo laser surgery to have the wilts removed or what? Again, no answer
    was provided; rather PT removed Tobore’s implicating photograph and replaced it
    with the silhouette of a woman.

    Needless to say, these actions tend to give the
    impression of a desperate bid to hide what I don’t know, thereby drawing more justifiable
    questions from the readers.

    As for the namby-pamby reference to my second place
    at the Wole Soyinka Award while Tobore clinched the prize, to say the least, PT
    is just being pedestrian. Pray, must you degenerate to this level? What is there
    to a N100,000 award, compared to my Knight Fellowship Award worth nearly N6m
    (six million naira)?

    Mr. Mojeed, having just returned from Stanford, will
    bear me witness that the Knight (at Stanford), Nieman (at Harvard), Knight-Wallace
    (at Michigan) and the Knight Science (at MIT) are the crème de la crème of
    journalism awards globally, considering the amount of money involved and the indescribable
    prestige fellows enjoy.

    For avoidance of doubt, there are just three
    Nigerian-born Knight Fellows: the first fellow participated 10 years before I
    did, and Mr. Muskilu Mojeed did 11 years after me. I remain the only Nigerian
    female journalist to have won the award, based on my journalistic works.
    Globally, there are less than 700 Knight Fellows, which tells you it’s not an
    all-comer affair.

    If I must say, in addition, I’ve won several
    journalism awards at national and international levels before the WS award,
    while I’ve trained in many countries, from Israel, to the United States of
    America, Malaysia, Ethiopia, etc. This being the case, why should I lose my
    bearing for coming second in a national award two or three years ago? Small
    minds think small, that is.

    And if I was riled that Tobore beat me to the second
    place at the WS award hence my criticism of her story, did she also beat Messrs.
    Ikhide, Akin (a blogger), Bukola Adebayo, and a host of your readers who also
    expressed concern about the story?

    I’m rather surprised at the way Mr. Olorunyomi took
    my observations. May I remind him that as a reporter with African Concord, his cover
    story on Babangida, whom he compared vividly with Machiavelli, led to the
    closure of Concord Group, and subsequently led to the birth of The News
    magazine? But before any chest-thumping, may I say if journalists like him had
    kept quiet in the face of the ills that plagued the nation then, who knows
    where Nigeria would be by now? So, what have I done differently, Messrs
    Olorunyomi and Mojeed?

    In essence, what I’m saying here is that all it takes
    for lies to thrive is for good people to keep quiet when it is being told, as
    is the case with the story under reference: it just doesn’t add up. Apart from
    the fact that there’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING NEW in the “world exclusive,” there
    are many gaping holes that remain unfilled.

    Ms. Tobore claimed to have identified Reece with her
    Facebook photograph, yet even her so-called interface with the faceless woman —
    as published by the PT — has no photograph of Reece. What’s the explanation for

    By the way, thanks for putting up my photograph. But
    did you have to bother this much, considering that my pictures are on my
    twitter and Facebook pages for whoever wishes to see my face? The Washington-based
    Population Reference Bureau, NMMA and DAME web sites also have my photos for
    effect. Or, is your own publication meant to cow me into silence, intimidate or
    put me up for YOUR hit man?

    In fact, what business deal did I spoil? Or, have I
    bruised your ego so much so that I gave you sleepless nights and you thought
    you could intimidate me? You are mistaken.

    May be you are the mafia to be feared and not the
    imaginary human traffickers that you blab about, after all!

    And this, “We also urge Nigerians to be wary of
    paid, mischievous, or/and attention-seeking individuals, who, as 2015
    approaches, would want to latch on to their falsehoods to try to discredit
    PREMIUM TIMES, probably for their paymasters, but surely not for the good of
    Nigeria and Nigerians.”

    Talk of self-gratification! Who are the paymasters
    here now? And who is to be paid: Me — for criticizing your non-story? LOL!!

    By the way, PT, since you are allergic to
    criticisms, please remove the reader feedback slot from your web site. The only
    problem here is that even if you do, whoever wants will still comment on the
    various social network pages that abound all over the place. I wait to see how
    many heads you can bash.

    • Akin

      PT!!!!! You guys need to bury your heads in shame, and while at it, tender an unreserved apology to Nigerians, whose intelligence you’ve so obviously and blatantly insulted with this gibberish and outright concoction.
      We understand, and it’s true that evil thrives in the Nigerian underworld, but going the sensational cook-up route, and trying to disparage peeps who have rightly called you out is an equally grave EVIL!
      Adesola, keep ur head up. You’ve more than earned it. To the many gullible Nigerians out there who just won’t get it no matter how hard you try, well…

  • Armsfree Ajanaku

    Reece’s picture didn’t have to be in the timeline of the facebook chat, it could have been in another folder called photos! True her skin was as smooth as butter, but the whip may not necessarily have landed on the parts of her body visible to you, except you are also saying she should have shown us a picture of her shaved pubic area. It is just so silly, this whole doubting Thomas business. May be some people are interested in earning a PhD by doing a line by line critique of this story. But while at it, confront the facts, and stop the idiocy of just parroting that the story is false without providing hard and incontrovertible facts. In the end, this is one problem with social media, it democratises crass stupidity. People who ordinarily should think before making statements, simply hide under the facelessness of this media to parrot inanities.

  • Uba Babs

    I want to say that Premium Times should as a matter of fact,stand on the word of God which says ‘let your ye be ye and your nay be nay’,so if you know you are saying the truth,you don’t need too much explanation.