As The Carnage Begins, By Femi Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode

I am proud of the decision that the British Parliament has taken not to join in the attack on Syria. Prime Minister David Cameron has been badly humiliated and this is a great triumph for Ed Milliband, the Leader of the Opposition. Kudos to my friend Mr. George Galloway MP for his brilliant and stirring speech on the floor of the House of Commons on this issue.

I must confess that the only speech that has moved me as much as Galloway’s in recent times was the riveting and spell-binding speech delivered by the Irish MP,  Mrs.Clare Daly, on the floor of the Irish Parliament where she described President Barack Obama as a ”war criminal” and a ”murderer of children”. People like Galloway and Daly are amongst those that I would describe as today’s ”servants of truth” and history and posterity will be very kind to them regardless of the contempt, anger, insults and ridicule that they have been subjected to by the retrograde forces of conservatism that presently control the world.

The resolution of the British Parliament not to go to war in Syria gives us hope that sanity may eventually prevail in a world that has proved to be increasingly insane. Yet sadly it appears that France and America are as eager to go as ever. As the assault on Syria is about to start and the carnage is about to begin please take note of the following words- the biggest mistake that President Barack Obama will make in his distinguished political career and in his Presidency is to strike Syria on the false and contrived premise that President Bashir Al Assad has used chemical weapons against his own people.

What we are witnessing today is the laying of the foundation and the planting of the seeds for what will eventually be World War 3. I am not suggesting that the military strike on Syria will witness the beginning of World War 3. What I am saying is that it will lay the foundation for it. I believe that the war itself will come at a much later stage and probably long after both Obama and Russia’s President Vladimer Putin have both left office.

However the military action that America is about to embark on in Syria will be the first step on the road to that terrible final conflict. After they have struck Syria nothing will be the same again and we shall finally be on that long-awaited conflict-ridden slippery slope to Armageddon.

And after that war has been fought and won historians will have cause to say that the brutal, unjustifiable, indefensible and illegal attack by Obama’s America and her allies on Syria is where and when the die was finally cast. They will say that that is when the Americans finally crossed the line of no return, of no fear and of no shame. They will say that that is when the Americans should have been stopped.

Nothing describes the frightful situation that we are faced with today in the Middle East better than the words of Mr. Dmitry Rogozin, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, when he said, just a few days ago,  that ”the west handles the muslim world like a monkey handles a grenade”.

The events and bloody carnage that we are about to witness being unleashed by America and her allies on Syria, a relatively small country of 22 million people, will be so brazen, so vicious, so chilling and so ruthless that for the first time in world history Russia, Iran and China will come together, finally pick up the gauntlet and muster the courage to say ”no more” to American lawlessness, manipulation, deceit, double standards and butchery.

At that point there will be no going back and, slowly but surely, one thing will lead to another in the Middle East and the conflict will spread until the final conflagration comes. The truth is that just as Shakespeare wrote in his famous play “Julius Caesar” over 400 years ago, in the world today “Caeser has crossed the Rubicorn, war is inevitable”.

Yet many have bought into and wholeheartedly accepted the American propaganda that Al Assad has used chemical weapons against his own people. It is in the same way that they bought into the propaganda that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and chemical weapons that he was about to use against his own people and the rest of the world.

They bought into that propaganda just as they bought into the propaganda that 911 was carried out by Osama Bin Ladin, just as they bought into the propaganda that Muammar Ghaddafi was a monster that was about to kill all his people, just as they bought into the propaganda that Obama was the Messiah who wanted to spread democracy in the Middle East, just as they bought into the propaganda that Hosni Mubarak had to be removed to bring stability to Egypt, just as they bought into the propaganda that Tunisia would be better off with an islamist President.

They also bought into the propaganda that Iran is evil, just as they bought into the propaganda that the Saudis are angels, just as they bought into the propaganda that Israel can do no wrong, just as they bought into the propaganda that there was no coup in Egypt, just as they bought into the propaganda that Hamas must not be recognised, just as they bought into the propaganda that Hezbollah are terrorists and just as they bought into the propaganda that Lebanon did not deserve to be stable and must be nothing more than a weak and crisis-ridden buffer-state which exists at their pleasure.

I suggest that those that have bought into all this absolutely ridiculous and nonsensical propaganda take the time out to listen to what the distinguished and respected American General Wesley Clark (the man who had the distinct privilage and honour of leading the NATO forces in Europe during the attack on Slobodan Milosovitch’s forces in Serbia and Belgrade in the 90’s) said in 2007 about America’s intentions in the Middle East and about how those plans had been hatched as far back as 2001.

He claimed that just two weeks after 911 America had taken the decision to remove the leaders of no less than 7 Middle Eastern countries by any means necessary in order to fully secure of the Middle East. He actually listed those countries, Today, and for the last 5 years, we are bearing witness to everything that he said would happen and those things are unfolding before our very eyes. It is only the dull, the shallow and the naive that can possibly deny this. Clarks’s tape can be found on youtube for those that doubt what I have said.

Finally let me make two two points. Firstly there is absolutely NO evidence to suggest that it was Al Asssad’s forces that actually used the chemical weapons that were unleashed on the civilian population in Syria the other day and it could well have been the rebels that did it. The fact that Assad’s troops were also affected by those weapons tells me a lot.

No sane leader poisons his own soldiers with sarin gas. And he certainly does not do so on his own doorstep, on the day that international weapons inspectors arrive in his country and in the middle of a war which he is on the verge of winning. Secondly the fact that America and her allies have decided not to go through the U.N. Security Council on this matter makes whatever action they take against Al Assad and Syria manifestly illegal. It violates every rule of international law and it creates yet another bad precedent.

The resolve by America not to go through the UN Security Council before doing anything creates the greatest problem of all.  Who appointed America as the policeman of the world and who annointed her as the spokesman for the international community?

The Security Council was established to stop and prevent precisely the type of cruel, illegal and arbitary use of power that the American government is about to indulge in and unleash on Syria. No country should be allowed to play God and when they choose to do so they must be told clearly and categorically that they are operating outside the law.

The truth is that America has gone beserk and the power it wields today has caused many that are in positions of authority over there to be reckless, arrogant and delusional. There is an evil agenda that is unfolding before our very eyes which many people that are not discerning, bright or knowledgeable enough can possibly recognise or appreciate.

Many have argued that the rebels could not have launched the chemical attack because they did not have the heavy weapons, the know-how or the capabilities to do so. This is hogwash. The Syrian rebels can do anything and muster or use any kind of heavy weapons as long as their American, French, Saudi and Turkish friends are ready to help them. That is the bitter and ugly truth.

The fact that the rebels are led by brutal cannibals and Al Qaeda islamists and that the American government is in an unholy alliance with such beasts tells me everything that I need to know.

The American government is ready to get into bed with even the devil and do just about anything to get rid of or discredit Al Assad, including turning a blind eye to the use of chemical weapons against Syrian civilians by those rebels and then blaming it on the Assad regime. I for one do not believe for one minute that Al Assad used chemicals weapons.

The fact that the Syrian rebels are killing christians and secularist muslims in droves and that they wish to establish an islamic fundamentalist state on the borders of Israel also tells me that those that support such people are misguided individuals that do not care for muslims, christians or jews. The Americans are effecting the agenda of satan, pure and simple. They should go ahead and use their power.

We know that nothing and no-one will stop them. They should satisfy their blood-lust and kill as many people as they like in Syria. They should remove as many governments and conquer as many nations as they choose in the Middle East and elsewhere. They should take as much oil as they like. They should do as they please and establish their ”new world order”. One day God will rise up and avenge the weaker nations of the world whom they have manipulated, discredited, cheated and destroyed.

They should revel in the moment and enjoy the killings and carnage that they are about to unleash. However the one thing that they shall not do is to compel those of us that are discerning enough to see through their lies, their greed and their wickedness to clap for them and sit back silently as they slaughter the world and impose their values. All we can do is create awareness about their evil agenda to those that care to listen. And we shall continue to do so whether they like it or not.

One day the good people of American themselves will understand that they have been deceived by their own governments. American governments and American Presidents are simply puppets and middle-ranking representatives of a much greater force that seeks to destroy mankind and control the entire world. All you need to do is to be a student of eschatology to appreciate this.

The assumptions that many have made about what is true and what is not true in Syria and elsewhere are simply wrong. Yes chemical weapons were used and many people, including innocent women and children, were killed but the question is who by, who gave the order and what was the motive and purpose for such a heartless act?

In the May 6th edition of the Washington Times newspaper it was reported that Mrs.Carla Del Ponte, the former International Court For Criminal Justice prosecutor and a respected member of the United Nations Independant International Commission Of Inquiry On Syria told Swiss TV that ”there were strong concrete suspicions that Syrian rebels that were seeking to oust Al Assad had used the nerve agent sarin”.

This honest Canadian lady certainly seems to know what is really going on but who is listening to her? One day the American people will open their eyes to the evil and manifest injustice that their governments, particularly Obama’s government, have inflicted on the people of the Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan and north Africa. Until then we shall sit back and watch American forces kill perhaps as many Syrians as they did in the first few days of the bombing of Baghdad when they snuffed out 150,0000 innocent Iraqi souls, including women and children.

I hope that they can sleep well at night when this happens. The blood of those innocent souls is as much on the hands of those hapless cheerleaders that believe everything that they are told by the international television networks and that defend or seek to justify this abominable action as it is on those who actually ordered and executed it.

Permit me to end this essay with an interesting contribution from a deeply courageous and insightful englishman by the name of Mr. David Icke. He said, “These genetic liars are so desperate to bomb the Assad regime into history. This is because the global plan to subvert and conquer the Middle and Near East has had its timetable scuppered by the Syrian Government’s refusal to fall in the wake of a civil war. That civil war was orchestrated through psychopathic mercenaries by the hidden forces behind NATO. Those forces are now planning to bomb Syria via their political puppets who dare not refuse to take orders – not that this lot need much encouragement. They are planning to kill and maim even more people with brown faces on their way to controlling the whole of the vast region known as Eurasia.

“The plan was for them to have invaded Lebanon and Iran by now so they are seeking to bomb away the blockage and stalemate in Syria where the NATO armed-and-funded ‘rebels’ have been losing ground to the Assad military. To do so, they are claiming with no evidence, that Assad ordered a chemical attack on his own people. They have tried this before without success when it became clear that the alleged ‘Assad’ chemical attacks were instigated by the very ‘rebels’ that NATO controls to manufacture an excuse for NATO to invade. Now, in pathetic desperation, they are doing the same thing again and this time refusing to take no for an answer or produce any credible evidence (they can’t) because their masters’ timetable demands that Assad be removed now – just as it did with Gaddafi in Libya. And the global corporate media is playing its usual part in repeating the lies as fact. By doing so the blood will be on their hands as well, just as it has always been throughout corporate media history. They are so stupid, so uninformed, so moronic, that they can’t see that they and their families are going to be subjected to the same Orwellian fascist society that they are providing the daily propaganda to justify”.

These are powerful and instructive words from Icke. As Sir Winston Churchill once said ”the truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is”.

May God bless and protect the good people Syria.



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  • Frank

    Right on point! I agree with you 100%

  • Just Contributor

    Frankly speaking, Femi Fani-Kayode is good but he should have used his intelligence on something meaningful and beneficial to the country than all those trashes of ethnic writings against Igbo tribe.

    • Lincon

      Is igbo going to war with syria?

  • Just Contributor

    Let me quickly add that Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK) needs to be ” taken in” as Oby Ezekwesili earlier begged, though she meant the Kayode being called to order based on the trashes he has been writing.

    Taking my stand on this article, FFK contradicted himself. I believe he had forgotten the article ( he wrote last year prior to Barack Obama re-election. He was busy writing that Obama overlooked the mass slaughter of innocent citizens by Assad regime apparently because the US would not gain anything there. I quote from FFK article in 2012 ” The sheer mess that has been created in Syria and the indecision and procrastination of the Obama administration who have abandoned the opposition forces in that country even as thousands of innocent people are being slaughtered by Assad’s brutal regime”.

    The same FFK in this article is now blaming Obama and the US, throwing up unverified dribble of random trashes of conspiracy theories, for allegedly preparing to attack Assad (Syria) for using chemical weapon (sarin- a nerve gas) on his people.

    FFK should be truly taken in as he is dire need of help!

  • Lanre

    Chief Femi Fani-Kayode. Mo mi kanle (I just took a deep breath). You are right on some points but wrong, so wrong on many.
    1). Who controls or has access to Chemical Weapons? What is the International Convention on the control, ownership and use of these banned weapons? I blame George Bush for the cold feet many have on this issue. But Obama is more calculating, reflective and thoughtful and will carry out actions with the most desired impact.
    2). The United Nations is only as strong as the countries that make it up, including the Security Council. Were Chemical Weapons used against the people of Rwanda when close to one million people were killed? The United States (with willing allies) should carry out, after appropriate Intelligence reports and United Nations Weapons Inspections reports, limited, surgical military strikes that will take out sites that have chemical weapons.
    3). There is a genuine desire for greater political freedoms in Syria. Do not underestimate that. The Assad Family has ruled that country for over forty years, from Father to Son. Why? In such a beautiful country with a rich history? The mistake that the East and the West have made is to prop up dictatorships. The people (electorate) then don’t know how to handle democracy when it comes e.g. Libya, Egypt, Tunisia.
    4). The United States has a beautiful government, in spite of its imperfections. It runs an accountable government, accountable only to the people. That is why elections on a national level are held every two years. If half of the world had governments like the United States, the world would be a far better place to live in.

    • Dan maikoko

      Thanks Lanre but your premise on a lot of issues is not very correct. The big countries of the world and especially the US has and always controls access to chemical weapons. They and no one else have the precursors. Where ever they are found and you have the patience to investigate you will ultimately trace it to the US or its puppet regimes. I know you remember the famous photo of Saddam shaking hands with Rumsfeld after the provision of loans and chemical weapons precursors during Iraqs war with Iran. The US provided the chemical weapons in exchange for cash and valuable data after the Halabja attacks. It is now common knowledge that terrorist could not have defeated the trillion dollar NORAD on 911. So also consider that in order to get a share of the booty in Syria and provide valuable defence jobs back in the US, Obama will not care sacrificing a few thousand Syrians.
      The UN is only as strong as the nation that finance it, that nation is the US. That is why even though the majority of the security council members and the general assembly were against the Iraq invasion, the US went ahead and it was not sanctioned. a “surgical” attack on a chemical weapons depot is the dumbest idea cos the consequence is the spread of deadly chemicals. Even when you disable the detonators on a chemical monition, you still have a very lethal weapon on your hands, worst when you bomb it. Those who want to attack Syria should give another reason this wont fly. Intelligence report says that Saddam has chemical weapons. Why do you still rely on “intelligence report”?
      I don’t know if the Syrians want freedom but I believe if they cant face a dictator and get it (like Egypt or Tunisia) without foreign intervention then they don’t deserve it.
      Finally an accountable govt does not subject its citizens to humiliating searches at airports and on the streets. It does not go to war against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of its citizens.

  • emmanuel

    Did Femi sleep with the Irish Prime minister too?

    Okayyy, Galloway na im friend and they used to run around the streets in Lagos.

  • Horrison

    This article could have done better on critical analysis of the fluid and evolving situation in the middle east and the world. Perhaps it could also have been shorter. There are issues to do with peace and conflicts here; there are issues to do with governance, international diplomacy and international law here; there are issues to do with the use of chemical weapons and international conventions here; and issues to do with the balance of global power. How these issues are analysed and understood within the context of emerging new world order should be the important basis for informed commentary on what is otherwise a difficult and challenging situation in Syria.

    There is no indication that Obama and the top echelon of America’s military command are war mongers to make up intelligence to justify an attack on Syria. Public opinion in the West (and that is because the media is strong and politicians really engage with citizens) is not in support of Western involvement in another protracted war in the middle east and it is understandable why politicians may capitalise to score some political points as they spin public sensitive information to draw emotions and sentiments (as in the UK, Germany, France, etc). To the contrary is the fact that in the US, most of the war veterans and American foreign policy experts especially in the Republican party have been pushing for military intervention. The Obama administration and Collin Powell (rtd Gen and Chairman JCS) are however conscious of a possible “mission creep” scenario as they weigh options to pressurise political and diplomatic solutions. If the Syrian government realises that the world would not and cannot watch atrocities in the name of civil war continue, they will be forced into more serious political negotiations to end the war.

    Russia and China would most often take a different position from the West sometimes rightly other times wrongly. What is important in Syria is that mass murder and the civil war must stop. The world must act and bring perpetrators of war crimes to judgement. The images that we have seen on TV could not have been acted out. Somebody is responsible for the use of chemical weapons and it does not matter what side is responsible. Based on Western intelligence, America and its allies are blaming it on the Assad regime. Russia and China disagree and are blaming it on the rebels. Let Russia and China provide their own intelligence and call for the rebels to be punished, But Russia and China surprisingly are not doing that!

    UN inspectors will in the next few days provide evidence (or no evidence) on the use of chemical weapons in Syria and perhaps there may be some pointers to the guilty party. It will be painful if after that the world does not unite against the perpetrators of this heinous crime against humanity. If America and their allies would want to act alone, they will have justification and I fail to see how this will lead to 3rd world war and the doomsday scenario of the use of nuclear weapons. The world powers know that the stakes are high and a nuclear war is a no win war. There are greater interests and concerns than preserving a Syrian regime that has pursued self preservation over the good of its people, so world leaders will find a way to resolve differences.

    The real issue to me is how this concerns Nigeria. Where are we in the scheme of things in the world? Our politics is still centered around tribe and ethnicity, and corruption stagnates us and threatens our common existence. We need to be more ambitious as a country to address our vulnerabilities and to compete with the rest of the world. Yes, I understand that we are now making a few more $million due to uncertainty in oil markets as a result of the situation in Syria but how long will that last? How will we use this money? What will happen to our economy with the discovery of shale gas and new oil finds in other countries even in Africa? What will we do after oil? Who are thinking for Nigeria and what competitive positions are we getting into? What investments are we making in education and youth development? Who is inspiring Nigerians? What about research & technology and enterprise? What about matters to do with multiculturalism and social mobility? These are some of the big issues that we need to be reflecting upon within the global context that Kingsley Moghalu speaks and writes about an African World View. Let us be highlighting these issues in public discussions and debates in Nigeria as we go forward and as we match towards 2015.