Blood In The Land: Time for Jonathan to Quit, By Femi Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode

Permit me to begin this contribution by quoting the insightful and powerful words of Hon. Dino Melaye who is undoubtedly one of the rising stars and stronger voices of the new and up and coming generation of political leaders in Nigeria. On the 19th of March 2013, just a day after the terrible bombings in Kano in which between 30 and 65 innocent Nigerians were killed (depending on whose report you choose to believe), Melaye wrote the following words on his facebook wall.

“The Kano bombing is barbaric, callous and wicked. God save us in this country. The Federal Government and indeed President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has demonstrated incapacitation and ineptitude by their inability to contain this growing insecurity. According to our constitution, the fundamental objective of government is the provision of security and welfare for the people. Unfortunately Jonathan has failed in both regards. Our President is overwhelmed. He should take the path of honour, take a bow and resign. There is too much blood in the land. There is blood in our roads, air, police stations, army barracks, churches, mosques, clubs, car parks and homes. There is blood every where”.

This is a courageous contribution from a young man who obviously has tremendous passion for our country and who is deeply troubled by all that is happening today. I only wish that there were more young men like Melaye in Nigeria. Can any serious-minded person disagree with his observations on this matter? Is Nigeria not in a state of undeclared war today? Is this not a season of complete anomie in which human life no longer has any value and where life itself has little meaning? Do we actually have a government in this country today? Are the murderers that killed the innocents in Kano on the 18th of march worthy of life letalone amnesty? Are they really human beings?

Though bitter, the simple truth is this- Nigeria will not know peace until the blood of every single one of the over 4000 innocent souls that have been cut short and slaughtered by Boko Haram, Ansaru and all the other Al Qaeda-affiliated islamist terrorist groups that have plagued our land and bled our people in the last 2 years, is fully avenged. Until this is done that sea of innocent blood that has been shed will continue to cry out to God in heaven for vengeance and it will attractall manner of misfortune and curses on our beleagured land.

My solution to the Boko Haram scourge is simple and clear. The President, the Federal Government and the people of Nigeria must join hands together, rise up asone and seek them, their secret backers and their secret sponsors out. They must be unmasked, brought to justice, systematically eliminated and sent to hell where they belong. Enough is enough. Call it what you like- a crusade, a war against terror, a fight for justice and righteousness, a war against the kingdom of darkness, the final battle for the soul, liberation and independence of Nigeria or any other name that you choose. Let us take our country back from theseheartless men called Boko Haram that were sent to our shores by the devil himself to slaughter and torment our people and to paint our land red with the blood of our women and children.

Mr. President needs to wake up, smell the coffee, rise up to the occassion and do his job diligently by defending and protecting the lives and property of the Nigerian people effectively. He must have no sense of restraint and he must give no quarter in this war.  Yet if for any reason he cannot muster the will to do so then I would have to agree with my brother Dino Melaye that it is time for him to do the honourable thing, to resign and to leave the job for someone else who has the guts, the strength of character, the sense of urgency and the courage to do what needs to be done.

Nigeria is dying. She is being bled to death by Boko Haram, Ansaru and Al Qaeda. Who will deliver her? Who will save her? Who will take the bull by the horns and ”fight the good fight”? We need a President that has the stomach for that fight. We need a leader that harbours no fear, that has the courage of the biblical Joshua,Jehu and David and that is ready to stand up and openly confront the greatest evil that our country has ever known. It is time for old men to hold their peace and for young men to rise up in rage and anger and defend their lifestyle, their values, their families, their faith and their nation. It is time to put on the mantle and recite the inspiring words of young King Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt. It is time to invoke the spirit of the great Greek warrior, the noble Achilles . It is time to remember the words of Mark Anthony and to scream ”Cry havoc ! And let slip the dogs of war”. It is time to save our beautiful nation Nigeria from the evil that stalks the land and from the enemy that resides within.


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  • Godsavenaija

    Pls, ask for what u will do for ur country and not what ur country will do for u, acording to JF kennedy. Is Jonathan d cause of Bombings? Even if a Northerner is d president d Niger delta millitancy will still resume, so that’s Nigeria democracy for u, I think we should stop Bulk passing !

    • What is the update on the Senator who was linked with Boko Haram. I mean Sen Ndume, a serving PDP senator? He was treated with kid’s gloves. He was allowed to travel out for religious rites. Is Nigeria serious about war against terrorism? What of corruption in high places? Don’t forget that terrorism is fueled by drugs trade, arms deals and corruption. Don’t tell me that it is not the duty of the government to protect lives and property. I’m not refuting the fact that we have individual contributions to make. But if the government cannot protect lives and property, then what’s their need? To loot our money? I’d be goddamned to accept this, except I’m drunk.

    • samy

      Are u sayin d Niger delta militancy were killin innocent ppl simply bcuz a northerner was in power? Now I see why every southerner n xtian think boko haram members r killin ppl bcuz GEJ is d president but wat d foolish southerners 4got is dat boko haram started killing during ‘yar adua regime so it has nothin to do wit d fact dat GEJ is d presido. Southerners r those takin sides even wen they r wrong but we northerners don’t do dat. GEJ shud wake up n do sumtn dat is why he is d president

  • The entire solution to all these bloodshed has been captured in this piece. We need action. When we hear the President, Governor, Senate President, PDP, CAN, etc, have ‘CONDEMNED’ the bomb blast, it means they have ‘NOTED’ the blast ‘WITHOUT ANY INTENTION TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT’. In Nigeria, CONDEMNED means NOTED. We’re tired of the Presidency NOTING the masacre of innocent citizens which he swore to protect.

  • don

    So if jonathan resigns,u are sure boko jaram will cease? Obasanjo’s tenure as president witnessed the most incident of air crashes in nigeria, people were killed in odi,zaki biam, jesse fire disaster, and several others, the fight on the plateau. Did anyone ask obj to resign? Agreed jonathan is dull and seems clueless,but that’s why he has advisers and military chiefs to guide him. Ffk u will be kidding your self if u think its sensible for jonathan to resign, of all people u shd know his resignation will be seen as victory by boko haram,and will u also suggest namdi sambo shd resign? They both share a mandate.

    • samy

      U just agreed to d fact dat GEJ is dull n clueless, we Nigerians don’t need a dull n clueless fool as d president. We need someone active, intelligent and smart. If GEJ is dull wat do u think his so called advisers and military chiefs will be? Bunch of fools… Let d dull n clueless person go home we need someone wit focus n direction. I think xtians shud be ashamed for producing such an idiot as d president. Shame on u ol

  • Anonymous

    Femi Fani-Kayode has obviously not been properly healed from the mental sickness that required his referral to Ghana in search of a cure. His public comments in general and prescriptions to the boko haram scourge relect the depth of his mental affliction.

    Boko Haram is not a simplistic problem that can be obliterayed overnight through violent onslaught and brute force as presumed in Fani-Kayodes deranged fantasy. The problem is more structural and systemic, and requires a two-pronged approach involving force and constructive engagement. What Nigeria has been doing is to rely on coercion alone over the past 4 years and this has not only failed in abating the menace but has escalated the conflict beyond its core territories in the northeast to wider areas within and beyond Nigeria. This is what a simpleton like Fani- Kayode is unable to understand.

    Moreover, the failure of security forces to deescalate or contain the conflict has led to greater sophistication of the insurgency while exposing the weak capacity of the army in counter-insurgency and internal security operations.

    My advise to Mr Fani-Kayode is to first seek to properly salvage his sanity and the dangling noose of criminal conviction and imprisonment hovering over his head and stop ignorant utterances about issues which he knows nothing about and is not willing to learn.

  • sadiq bello

    Imagine an Agbero (Yesterday’s Man) talking…Why didnt u tell ur Oga d Wizard of Ota to resign???

  • Lanre

    Chief Fani-Kayode, I disagree with you. Jonathan needs to go no where. As long as he is not the one behind Boko Haram, he should stay-put and fight this War (with its many battles) to a logical conclusion. What do we have Gen. Ihejirika for? The I-G of police? The Service Chiefs. We must encourage Jonathan to do the right thing which is to seek out and destroy these terrorists.

    Egbon Femi, you are still not following my advice/suggestion. As an aburo to you I am appealing that Yoruba Elders meet to safeguard the Yoruba Nation. Just three days ago, A retired Colonel of the Nigerian Army, A former National Chairman of the ruling party of Nigeria, the PDP – Ahmadu Ali made an irresponsible statement against Yorubas. A whole Ethnic Group in a multi-ethnic society. And we peace loving Yorubas have kept quiet. He said we are ungrateful people. Yes I am reporting him to you. Just like Chinua Achebe said against us and one of our Leaders Chief Awolowo. For how long are we going to take these insults? I know you know Ahmadu Ali and so I will not insult the man, so you can deliver this message to our Yoruba Leaders.

    We Yorubas need to stop Talking!!!. Stop it! Let us gather ourselves together and be visionary and find out how we are going to survive the inevitable. Attacking Jonathan endlessly is fruitless if we cannot look inwards and try to protect our own and attacks against our identity by enemies like Ahmadu Ali and Achebe. Enough is enough. Yoruba Ronu.

    • segun

      Lanre, I just want to say this to you and other Nigerians who are challenged by the misrule in the land which had led people to resort to their ethnic cocoon in the 21st century. Nigerians of different cultural origins go to America and other parts of the world. If they decide, depending on their situation, they become citizens and residents of these countries. I want that kind of global citizenship practice to happen in Nigeria and other African countries. That is when we would have shown that we are part of the world. That was part of Obafemi Awolowo’s cosmopolitan agenda. He induced that cosmopolitanism through EDUCATION. It is the reason Nigerian citizens of Yoruba cultural extraction are unapologetically cosmopolitan both in Nigerian and anywhere they are in the world-they simply melt with their environment in a dignifying way while holding to good aspects of their culture. I am not saying other Africans, other NIgerians are not cosmopolitan-they are . we all are, but I am FOCUSING on Yoruba because of your post and because (i) I am Yoruba and I want to challenge you and your error, (ii) you are Yoruba and (iii) your arguments are often misleading, they are confusing hence you end up shooting yourself in the leg, you end up confusing a lot of things and innocent Nigerian youths of Yoruba extraction. Now having said that I want to say the following. (a) Col. Ahmadu Ali has a right to his opinion even when he is sick man-I mean sick physically, intellectually and morally-but more morally-he needs to take care of his thieving son-his oil thieving son who may need another criminal pardon from the immoral President Jonathan. Culturally, you should know us with language, so when a Yoruba person uses this strong language on his/her opponent you know that person has crossed the moral line as Col Ahmadu Ali has crossed (ii) Col. Ali of the “Ali mon Go Educational Crisis” must say what he said because he is such a human who is beneath moral contempt, he sees Obasanjo as a hero. But Obasanjo is Ali’s hero, and NOT OUR HERO. In Yorubaland Obasnjo is someone , another person on the street. We do not notice him until he meses up once in a while like he does and we give it to him big time. And this fellow called Ali wants us to see Obasanjo as a hero. Unfortunately, your egbon(since that is what you call Femi Fanikayode) Mr. Femi fanikayode also sees Obasanjo as a hero. For me as a Nigerian citizen and as an African Obasanjo is ONE OF THE WORST EXAMPLE OF A DEMOCRAT. OBASANJO IS NOT ONLY BENEATH CONTEMPT MORALLY AND INTELLECTUALLY BUT LIKE PRESIDENT JONATHAN HE IS AN EXTREMELY AND CONSISTENTLY SAD PERSON FROM BIRTH . AND HE WILL REMAIN SO BECAUSE HE WAS UNABLE TO CURE THE SOURCE OF THIS SADNESS. Please ask Prof Soyinka about General Olusegun Obasanjo, or people who know Obasanjo personally and the story will end. Now this is the point and the contradiction you run to ALL THE TIME when you lose the scientific analysis of Nigeria’s problems and you go for the ethnic. Your egbon Mr. femi Fanikayode is a FAN AND LOYALIST OF OBASANJO. So he will conceptually BUT WRONGLY agree with what the sick man Col Ahmadu Ali said. This is the same Mr. Femi Fanikayide you run to for guidance!!!! So given the challenge of your ethnic analysis YOU LANRE, YOU ARE ACTUALLY ACCEPTING LOGICALLY COL ALI and THE COL ALI POSITION ON YORUBAS- A POSITION YOU CRITICIZE. why ? you cannot call on Mr. Fanikayode who does not see ANYTHING WRONG WITH AND IN OBASANJO AND YOU STILL WANT TO DISAGREE CONCELTUALLY WITH ALI. And if Col Ali’s intellectual and psychological problem is that WE NIGERIAN CITIZENS OF YORUBA CULTURAL EXTRACTION HAVE CONSISTENTLY SAID A BIG NO WAY TO OBASANJO, AND FANIKAYODE IS ACCEPTING OF OBASANJO AND HENCE ALI, AND YOU RUN TO FANIKAYODE, THEN YOU ARE ACCEPTING IN A ROUNDABOUT WAY WITHOUT YOU KNOWING IT WHAT ALI STUPIDLY SAID. You see my point? You see where this ethnic nonsense will lead you to? I will not talk about what Chinua Achebe said. Enough have been said about that and the point has been made. We do not need to wake an issue that is dead-because we had good arguments and that is where it should end as rationally thinking Nigerian citizens. Someone says something. You disagree, you publish your disagreement and you move on. WE MUST NOT GO BEYOND THIS CIVIL, MODERN, CIVILSED AND INCLUSVE MANNER TO START THROWING BOMBS AGAIN IN THE WESTERN PART OF OUR COUNTRY. I WILL OPPOSE SUCH MOVE OPENLY AND I WILL CAMPAIGN AGAINST ANY MOVE THAT GOES BEYOND CIVILSED DISAGREEMENT USING RATIONAL ARGUMENTS LIKE AWOLOWO TAUGHT AFRICANS AND AFRICAN YOUTHS. So as democrats, you must be able to allow someone’s freedom of expression even if that person is a morally and intellectually questionable fellow like Col Ahmadu Ali. His highly morally compromised person which led Col Ali to make a historically and morally irresponsible statement MUST NOT LEAD ANYONE TO CALL FOR ETHNIC MEETING OR ETHNIC WAR. As for me and my family as Nigerian citizens, as Africans of Yoruba extraction, I WILL NOT BE PART OF SUCH ETHNIC MEETINGS OR ASSEMBLY. I trace my position back to Awolowo-he enjoins us to seek the world, AWOLOWO DOES NOT ENJOIN US TO LOOK INWARD INTO OUR VILLAGES OR ETHNIC COCOONS. AWOLOWO WANTS BIG AFRICA WHERE EVERY RACE IN THE WORLD CAN COME TO. HE KNOWS EDUCATION AND GLOBAL EDUCATION IS THE TOOL FOR THAT, HENCE HIS FOCUS ON EDUCATION. Based on this, I concede to you your views but some of us ARE NOT PART OF THAT PRE-STONE AGE MEDIEVAL PSYCHOLOGY WHERE I HAVE TO RESORT TO SOME ETHNIC ASSEMBLY EACH TIME SOME SICK PERSON LIKE ALI OPENS HIS SICK MOUTH AND TALKS GARBAGE. I am a democrat enough to concede to Ali his right to open a sick mind, but I will give it back to him in a devastating manner as I have done here. And this MUST NOT LEAD US TO START CAMPAIGNING TO BREAK NIGERIA. WE HAVE PASSED THAT. BLACK PEOPLE SHOULD STOP THIS NONSENSE OF ALWAYS RESORTING TO ETHNIC LOYALTIES. OTHER RACES ARE GOING TO SPACE, TO THE MOON ARE REACHING FOR STARS, WE BLACK PEOPLE ARE HOLDING TO OUR VILLAGES. I ASK : IS THIS BACKWARDNESS GENETIC.? Please check my posts here, I am a Nigerian citizen, an African of Yoruba cultural extraction and I sign this post. In other words, I disagree very intensely with your ethnic analysis for the reasons I outlined above but as a democrat I concede to you your views even when I find them to be unhelpful and problematic.

    • ayodeji babawale

      That there are problems in the land is obvious. That there is violence is obvious. That some people use violence and ethnicity is obvious. That ethnicity and violence have beget ethnicity and violence is obvious. So Lanre given your suggestion what is to be done? The Yorubas should also resort to ethnicity and violence? I am trying to understand the logic in your suggestion. Are you saying we should meet to plan violence, resort to the use of ethnicity, resort to the use of religion, begin to defend our own “Alamieyeseigha” our own “Ibori” our own “Lawan Farouk” ? Is that what yu are saying? If an inclusive society is created as we struggle to do, you think that is not an antidote to violence? Dont you think that we have less violence in yoruba land because of the kind of society we have? Just think about it. USA is a multiracial, multilingual, multinational country and which is bigger than NIgeria-You do not have the kind violecne we have there because issues are rationally engaged-what you wrongly call TALKING BY YORUBAS! If you do not TALK, then you WAR. That is why we have less of this violence in Yoruba land. I prefer to TALK than TO WAR. Those who want to WAR have the option of moving to where they WAR. So my question is : What exactly will your call achieve? I disagree with it. I do not know if you are indeed a Yoruba man for your post sounds like posts from mpitkwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa, it sounds like posts from a character called afam, it sounds like posts from another character called deri. And using a pseudo name is possible given the open nature of platform like this. I can imagine mpitkwelu hiding under a Yoruba name and writing this kind of post to just provoke and cause havoc. But whether it is a false post from indecent characters like mpitikwelu or it is genuine, my question is: what will ethnic meetings achieve? What will religious meetings achieve? I think the MEND creek terrorist problem is a Nigerian problem that is mis-handled. The Boko Haram terrorism is a Nigerian problem that is mis-handled. They are not sectional problems where Nigerian citizens can say “oh they do not concern me.” They are our problems. So the solution has to be a Nigerian solution, it cannot be a sectional or religious solution. So I do not really know what your suggestion will achieve. I just do not know.