Jonathan and the Ribadu report, By Reuben Abati

Reuben Abati, Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Goodluck Jonathan

It is so unfortunate that there has been so much ignorant carping and malicious tittle-tattling about the report of the Petroleum Revenue Task Force chaired by Malam Nuhu Ribadu, both failings arising from a deliberate attempt to individualize what was actually group work, a mischievous attempt to politicize one report out of three, and to smuggle into an emergent grand web of conspiracy, elements of blackmail, mischief and outright opportunism.

I should like to dispel the putrefacious stench of the fart that seems to have overtaken the subject by returning all of us to certain basics that have not changed since President Jonathan approved the setting up of committees to inquire into different aspects of the Petroleum Sector and particularly since the reports were presented and accepted. The facts are as follows.

The committees in question and the probe into the Petroleum sector were initiated by President Goodluck Jonathan to ensure transparency and accountability in the extractive industry; the goal was to transform the sector and raise levels of integrity accordingly. Every step that has been taken by this administration in this regard has been in fulfillment of this well-stated principle. This includes the decision to completely deregulate the downstream sector, which has now resulted in the exposure of oily deals in that sector, with consequences for the indicted persons.

It also includes the launch of a concerted fight against crude oil theft and illegal payments of fuel subsidy. Zakari Mohammed of the House of Representatives talks absent-mindedly about “lack of political will” to fight corruption. He certainly doesn’t know what he is talking about.  A legislative position should not confer a right to mendacity. He should know, if he had been reading the newspapers, that on the basis of both the report of the House of Representatives and the Aig Aig-Imokhuede committee report on fuel subsidy payments, persons are currently being prosecuted in the law courts by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The Federal Government has not done anything to stop or discourage the prosecution of indicted persons. We have made the point, again and again, that in this on-going fight against corruption, there will be no “cover ups”; and no “sacred cows,” and that President Jonathan’s only interest is the people’s interest. This same President has demonstrated the political will to deal with corruption in the country’s electoral process, to both local and global acclaim. He has no reason to make compromises in other areas of national life.  Interestingly, many of those who are now talking ignorantly about “political will” are beneficiaries of this administration’s commitment to the rule of law and fairplay.

On the specific issue of the Petroleum Revenue Task Force report, the mischief-makers should go back to the statements made by President Jonathan, and subsequently by the Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke, on the occasion of the presentation of the report. The President’s position that the work of the Ribadu Committee, and of the two other committees that presented their reports on that occasion, the Idika Kalu committee on Refineries and the Dotun Sulaiman Committee on Governance is useful and enlightening has not changed. Alison-Madueke has further echoed that position more than twice. The three committees were set up as fact-finding and advisory bodies. That fact was further underscored by the President’s mature response to the altercation that the Ribadu Committee Report generated when he said that those who have issues to raise should be free to make their own independent submissions. This shows a determination to get every possible piece of information and to accommodate all concerns. This shows a will to act. President Jonathan has not dumped any input, rather he welcomes every possible input and he has no private interest in this matter. So for anyone to say that the Ribadu committee was “calculated to fail from the beginning”, is absolutely uncharitable.

Indeed, for the benefit of those playing politics and doing quick business with this matter, the truth is that President Jonathan is already taking steps to address some of the issues raised in the various reports. When President Jonathan sets up committees to investigate particular issues, he does so, because he wants to address those issues. I had, before now, drawn attention to the fact that the President gave clear directives on the state of the refineries and that at least one meeting had been held since the presentation of the Report on Refineries, to act specifically on the recommendations made. President Jonathan has directed that he wants the refineries fixed and steps are already being taken; deadlines have been set. That didn’t make the headlines, rather, falsehood hugged the headlines, because these days it pays to fart all over the place, and attract attention.

To set the records straight, here is what happened. After the presentation of the reports by the three committees; the President directed the Minister of Petroleum Resources to take up the recommendations of the Kalu Idika Kalu committee on refineries. The committee recommended, in part, that the country’s refineries should be rehabilitated without any further delay. On November 8, the Minister and her team were at the Villa to brief the President about the state of the refineries, their current capacities, and steps that need to be taken to get them to function at optimum capacity.

The President made it clear that the government is committed to getting the refineries to work, so that we would no longer have to import refined petroleum products, which he considers shameful, and by so doing, government would have succeeded in creating jobs and put an end to the hardship that attends importation. The meeting discussed the possibility of ensuring the Turn Around Maintenance of the refineries by March 2013, and subsequently, the rehabilitation of the facilities. The meeting ended with a directive that the Minister and her team should return with further presentations on the technical details of the agreed plan of action. This is one clear example of prompt action and demonstration of commitment.

President Jonathan has no reason to embarrass anyone who served on any of the three committees. While receiving the reports, these were his words: “…we have seen that the people that have been selected in these committees are people that are known by Nigerians, people that are credible, most especially people that are patriotic and I believe that they put all that into consideration for the interest of the country not for the interest of any individual. You have submitted your reports today. We have to thank you very sincerely and government will surely make use of these reports… because we feel that the oil industry as it is, need to be reformed.” I urge you to note the emphasis on all the reports without exception!

Thereafter, President Jonathan commented on the work of the individual committees. On Dotun Sulaiman committee, he said: “…we feel that our governance and control, (in the oil and gas sector) we need to look at it. And of course quite a number of issues raised by the presenters link up with even the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) issues and I believe it will even help the National Assembly robustly in terms of looking at some aspects of the PIB. So we thank you very sincerely for that.”

On the Kalu Idika Kalu Committee he said: “In the case of the refineries, I really have to thank you because I was listening, trying to see the kind of recommendations you will bring up…Maybe some of you don’t know but those of us who are in politics, they used to “yab” us some years back that in Nigeria we import what we have and export what we don’t have. They say we import what we have because we have crude oil for God’s sake. Ordinarily if it is a country where we placed our focus right, we should be having filling stations all over Africa and all over the world …It is disgraceful that we are importing petroleum products. If in the next ten years this country still imports petroleum products then all of us who have the opportunity to be here, in fact when we die they should write something and put behind us that we did not rule this country well, because we must stop the importation of petroleum products.”  Hence, the President held the aforementioned follow-up meeting on refineries.

Now, on the Ribadu Report, President Jonathan said, inter alia: “…Probably not everybody agreed on some of the conclusions but I don’t think we need to bother…what we would say is that any member who has one or two observations should please write it either directly to me through the Chief of Staff or through the Minister of Petroleum Resources…But the issues of finance, if it borders on corrupt practice or outright stealing, definitely it will go to the EFCC for investigation…If there are errors of calculation or misinformation from the relevant agencies of government that are supposed to give the correct figures, that will be filtered out. It will not be used against anybody, because the interest of government to set up these committees is to help us do what is right. It is not to help us do what is wrong. And that is why we have to be careful and do what is right. So I plead with you.  But let me assure you that government has no interest in hiding anything…”

Let me cut this short, at this point, by saying that President Goodluck Jonathan has no reason whatsoever, personal or political (since at least one character has said that the furore over the Ribadu Report has something  to do with 2015!) to protect wrong-doers in the land. He took on this assignment to make Nigeria better and that is what he is doing everyday: working hard at the Nigerian project and taking every step to transform it for good.  The Nigerian people are enjoined to stand on the side of truth and to reject the mischief of all hunters of fortune whose interest is their own ambitions, for in this Ribadu Committee Report matter, personal ambitions are beginning to becloud the facts. President Jonathan will continue to provide leadership. Nobody should drag him into the cheap arena of opportunistic demagoguery.

Dr. Abati is Special Adviser to President Jonathan on Media and Publicity.


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  • Kayode Adesola

    Dr. Reuben Abati,

    These are the facts commentators have objected to about Ribadu Report.

    1. Ribadu presented the report.

    2. Mr. Orosanye the Deputy Chair of Ribadu’s report openly disagreed with the report on “procedural” ground. (please note that he did not say content).

    3. President said Mr. Ribadu should respond. Mr. Ribadu responded and raised some ethical issues. he said (I) his panel worked for 90 days. (ii) Mr. Orosanye worked one day out of the 90 days his panel worked, (iii) Mr. Orosanye took a job in NNPC when his panel was working, (iv) consequently Mr. Orosanye had time to put forth his positions on the report to the panel he did not.

    Dr. Reuben Abati, as I woke up and I saw your essay, given your introduction and tone of your essay I thought those who have commented are in trouble because they must have made some factual errors. I thought you were going to address the serious ethical issues people have been talking about. Given the tone of the introduction of your write up which gave the impression that you were going to rebut the ethical issues in the Ribadu report, I thought “eh those writers who have commented online on this report are in trouble because of their possible gaffe…” . But alas Dr. Reuben Abati you gingerly in a swagger swayed and strayed off the ethical issues!!! I put it to you Dr. Abati. Given the way you have written we have to be frank with ourselves here: Will you recommend Mr. Orosanye’s work ethics and morally duplicitous act to your biological children? Will you recommend Mr. Orosanye’s work ethics and morally duplicitous act to Nigerian children? if you are a lecturer in a Nigerian university, will you recommend Mr. Orosanye’s work ethics and morals to your undergraduate students? if you are Nigeria’s minister of information, will you recommend Mr. Orosanye’s work ethics and moral duplicitous act to Nigerian children as patriotic civic lessons? Sir, Dr. Reuben Abati, these are the questions raised by commentators. I honestly thought you were going to engaged those. Either through an act of omission or commission you adroitly DID NOT. With a swagger and a stroke of the pen you strayed off! I will not know why you did not . I am only saying that you did not. What is the consequence of this? It has one sentence: Sir, Dr. Reuben Abati, you only called attention to the existence of the other reports(Kalu and Sulaiman), you did not rebut the serious ethical violations of Mr. Orosanye in Mr. Ribadu’s report. Therefore on the point of simple and basic thought you have not shown anything in your essay.
    You have a right to do your job, which is to dress up President Jonathan. But you do not have the right to becloud issues. if you do you will be told point blank.

    Thank you.

    • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

      Please Kayode, is it the job of Abati to take sides with one section of the panel by defending either Oronsaye or Ribadu? Do you really think that is his job? it is Oronsaye who should defend himself not the Presidency. What stops our lazy journalists from interviewing oronsaye?
      I wont join you to play Pontius Pilate on Oronsaye’s work ethics( i doubt he rose to become nigeria’s top civil servant by being lazy). But it might interest you to know that the report itself is incomplete as Ribadu himself admitted in paragraph 4. Please read it yourself and don’t join the ignorant commentators.Most diligent people I have come across will tell you it is better to submit a report later than to do a ‘shallow’ job. Now I have not said the report is shallow but I have sympathy with professionals who insist on thorough job. (And I think thats what Oronsaye meant when he said; ‘the president asked us to submit a report, so what?’ He intended no offence and no offence was taken to the dismay of mischief makers, who are crying more than the bereaved)

      • segun

        mpiti, Orosanye worked for one day out of 90 days. And you said he is a professional who insists on thorough job. These are your words. So if there is a 90 work day and you worked for one day, and you went to take a job from those you are supposed to investigate like Orosanye did, then you are a professional. Mpiti I read your posts when this broke out, you pretended to understand Ribadu’s ethical position. Here you made a roundabout turn. baby given this your post I now see why our Naija will never make it if people like you are govt spokespersons. baby how can a “professional” work for a day out of 90 days? if that s the way the presidency which you defend works, yu see that we are going nowhere? Gradually all of yu will unmask yourselves.

        • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

          my bastard son., can you send my love to your mother. I used to like her a lot. too bad she got too old.
          I will talk to you when you are decent enough.

          • segun

            baby mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa,

            you do not need to be angry and resort to uncouth language. But i guess you do this when you are caught by your own frame. when yu said Orosanye is a professional and I asked what is professionalism if a person worked for a day in a work that took 90 days? Yu got angry. It is not good to be angry my boy. You only need to say that yu goofed because you over did your job. You do not need to resort to abuse. Anyway, not a problem if you did. It shows some level. Talk with you thru our regular post soon.

          • Enemona

            Mpiti, this your job is driving you mad o. Take it easy, you don’t need to go this low na. I think it’s time to dust your cv and get a better job. I can provide one, let’s talk if you’re interested but bear in mind, you will be competing with Phds.

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            Anybody who insults me will get what he deserves.

      • Abubakar Sokoto


        But Reuben Abati has taken side when he Abati describes those who are critical of the ethical infractions of NNPC/Govt appointees on the Ribadu Panel (Orosanye and Otti) as “ignorant carping and malicious tittle-tattling about the report of the
        Petroleum Revenue Task Force chaired by Malam Nuhu Ribadu,”-Abi mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa dont you understand English language anymore? Please mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa make yu no abuse di way you dey always abuse people. So before you talk, read the Reuben Abati post as I copied and pasted it here, and make your position known. When the media adviser to President Jonathan describes Nigerians who object to the moral violations of govt appointees(Orosanye and Otti) the way Reuben Abati has done, (he has a right to describe Nigerians the way he wants, after doing that please do not tell us he has not taken side,) then he Reuben Abati has (i) defended these men(Orosanye and Otti) who have engaged in unethical work ethics (ii) he Reuben Abati as the President Jonathan’s megaphone has told us that the Presidency stands by what Orosanye and Otti did. Please fault this if you can, but do not go outside what Abati has written in faulting this deduction if you can. In other words when you criticize those who object to a bad and horrible work ethics on the part of certain govt appointees(Orosanye and Otti), what have you done? Think before you answer.

        • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

          Abati clearly was referring to mischief makers who are twisting that incident to suit a narrative. There is no way you will read Abati’s article above and concludes that he abhors free speech. Abati’s rage is with the ignorant commentators. Look at the start of that article;’…so much ignorant carping….’

          Now are the commentators ignorant? Yes many are and these are why:

          FICTION 1. Report was conclusive

          FACT Ribadu admitted in paragraph 4 of his presentation that some aspect of the report, especially verification of figures, is yet to be concluded. Same reason why Oronsaye and Otti felt the report shouldn’t have been submitted yet until those figures are verified.

          NOW, how do you build your case when figures are not right? Do you not see why the president feels both sides need to be heard?

          FICTION 2. Oronsaye attended only one meeting in 90 day period.

          FACT According to the panel’s secretary Samaila Suberu ; ‘Oronsaye was FOND of complaining about the harsh ways the Task force was going about its assignment whenever he attended MEETINGS.’

          NOW, the word FOND suggests more than one occasion. When you combine it with MEETINGS (In plural, if you haven’t noticed), it becomes clear that Ribadu wasn’t exactly factual when he said Oronsaye attended one meeting.
          NOW, I am too old school not to believe a secretary in matters of attendance in a meeting.

          • Abubakar Sokoto


            We know you mpitikwelu, Abati and president jonathan are not serious about fighting corruption in Nigeria, but let us humor ourselves more by “arguing” with you! Sometimes it good to just play and humor ourselves. Why? You people do not take Nigeria serious. So let us just play. If you, Abati and president Jonathan are serious about Nigeria, you will be alarmed at the depth Naija is sinking into while other less endowed countries are moving on. An example is a small country like Ghana beside us. Just wait for four more years and you go to Ghana, Nigerians will begin to beg to go there. Why? People like you, Abati and Jonathan are just happy with everything. You are not shocked. You are not surprised at the everyday collapse of things . You are just happy making your money. And that is fine. Now that is my intro to. Now
            mpitikwelue_na_Ugwu_Awusa, since the presidency and Abati
            the megaphone have directed you to respond on their behalf,
            I am very happy. This is what we have said all along that the
            presidency and Abati should not hide. So given your “Facts” you have
            virtually agreed that Abati was defending Orosanye and Otti. That is what you wanted to deny but ended affirming without you knowing that you are doing that. So? the question is not that Abati abhors free speech. he cannot because he is not in a position to even abhor free speech. Who is he? I mean Abati is just happy making his money serving in the presidency. So Abhorrence of free speech is NOT the issue. The issue is that while doing his job Abati defended Orosanye and Otti on behalf of the presidency, and you said he did not. But you ended showing that he did. Now let us take your “Facts”

            1. What Suberu said. Your interpretation is that what Suberu said amounted to the fact that Orosanye was ATTENDING MEETINGS. Can you please tell us THE NUMBER OF MEETINGS Orosanye ATTENDED. That will clear the fog. And I think Orosanye should say Ribadu was wrong in his information. That will settle it. Okay

            Now let us take the facts as made PUBLIC and not as reported vicariously from the presidency where you work.

            1. Ribadu said the panel worked for about three months.

            2. Orosanye SAT there , Orosanye DID not contradict Ribadu.

            3. It was reported that Orosanye, the Deputy Chair of a panel the Nigerian govt set up to work was FLOWN in from abroad on the eve of the presentation of the report. Orosanye SAT there , he did not contradict this information.

            4. Ribadu said Orosanye, the Deputy Chair of the panel that was looking into the workings of NNPC and other oil related bodies TOOK job from NNPC when the Panel was working. He said Orosanye had the honor of resigning (from the panel to pursue his private life career and agenda in the NNPC, but that he did NOT) like it will be done in decent countries because it will contradict the need for the panel NOT TO BE PARTISAN, Orosanye did not resign. Orosanye SAT at the presentation , Orosanye did not contradict Ribadu. Actually, our “loving” President said smilingly and harmlessly !!! that there was NOTHING wrong with Orosanye taking a job from a body whose work he was to examine!!! Can you see the contrived joke and humor? President Jonathan AGREED with Orosanye. MPITIKWELU_NA_UGWU_AWUSA CAN YOU see why Abati, president Jonathan’s employee will DEFEND Orosanye by abusing those who criticize Orosanye. Mpiti try to think here a “little bit”. President Jonathan agreed with Orosanye’s work ethics. Nigerians disagreed with Orosanye’s work ethics. Abati who works for President Jonathan abused Nigerians(on behalf of his employer President Jonathan) who disagreed with Orosanye’s work ethics. And you said Abati has not taken side? What are you talking about? This is elementary , and I guess it should not be difficult for you to see.

            So mpiti, it is important that you respond to these on behalf of the presidency. Why did president Jonathan agree with Orosanye’s work ethics by saying there was nothing wrong with conflict of interest? Why did Abati abuse those who say there is a problem with a conflict of interest? Why will you say Abati has not taken side when Abati has the job to defend his master President Jonathan because that is what he paid to do. He must do his job. And Abati DID SO by first abusing those who criticize the person president Jonathan TOOK SIDE with (Orosanye) in PUBLIC?

            5. mpiti, for you to get yourself out of the bind you put yourself in all the time, (a) you must first address the FACT that Orosanye TOOK JOB from a body he is supposed to examine. You must tell us why that is not a conflict of interest. That is the honorable thing to do. (b) Second you must tell us FACTUALLY the number of “meetings” Orosanye “attended” in a 90 days of work . (c) You must TELL US why Orosanye HAS NOT CONTRADICTED THE INFORMATION UP TILL NOW THAT HE ATTENDED MEETING FOR ONLY ONE DAY out of a three months work. (d) You must tell us why Orosanye has not told us why it is correct to work for NNPC and work for a panel that is looking into the activities of NNPC. (e) You must tell us why our “loving” and ever “kind” President OPENLY sided with Orosanye on this issue. Finally, people who read news on this platform have commented on your notoriety which is that you become emotional, curse and abuse a lot and that you use bad language. So try to avoid this when you respond . And if you have nothing to say, just say “i do not have anything to say. Okay? Let us have your FACTS from the presidency about all these.

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            CAVEAT EMPTOR: I DO NOT SPEAK FOR ABATI NOR ANYBODY. I can accuse you of been paid by anybody but I won’t. Because I assume you can make your own decision, all I ask is that you respect mine. I believe this government is a better alternative than the jihadist mediocrities that want to upturn it . I have a right to hold my views just like you, as a private citizen.

            That said.

            On your questions.
            1. I do not speak for abati, I merely agreed with his reasons. do not mistake my opinion as his, because his opinion is there for you to read. I can not see any where in the article where ‘Abati abused those who have problems with conflict of interest’. Please re-read.

            2. If you want to know how many times Oronsaye attended meetings ask the secretary of the panel. That’s the sensible thing to do. I have already repeated his statement, which suggests clearly that it was more. I am more likely to believe the panel’s secretary on this particular issue, than oronsaye.

          • Abubakar Sokoto

            I have made my point. Your answers have helped readers lot to see the point. You do not need to bother yourself anymore. Do not sweat. We know who you work for. The tell tale signs are clear. Your posts here say everything when you contradict yourself from one thing to the other and you do not care. Remember what another fellow Nigerian said about your posts on another issue. He asked what you do before submitting your posts. I am just wondering if you are doing a good job for the ogas. Because really you are not doing a good job for them. Just say hello to your paymasters.

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            all those big talks about civility and you descend to that rough head’s level.shame on you.

          • Abubakar Sokoto

            mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa, Have you got your pay today? How much is the pay per post? This job of posting any distraction must be lucrative. So how much is it per post? Just wondering?

  • shorebattery

    Two questions are pertinent here:
    1. What were the reasons that informed government to commission the Ribadu Committee?
    2. Were these reasons satisfied in this Committee Report?
    In my view, the overflogged issue of Oransanye’s opposition and the altercations between him and Ribadu are not important. In fact such an issue could be considered a red herring with respect to the expected contents of this report. That Oransanye worked for one hour or two hours in the committee was not important. What was intrinsically important was the use the government would put to the contents of this Report.

    Information reaching readers and observers in this unfolding histrionics is that Ribadu himself admitted that the report was not complete! Phew! Then why did Ribadu decide to submit an incomplete report? What was he thinking when he decided to submit an incomplete report?

    The conclusion that can thus be drawn from this drama is that the report is practically useless for the following reasons:
    1. It cannot be a resource material for government whose intent is to stop the scam in the petroleum sector;
    2. It cannot be used as a source of evidence in case government would want to prosecute the dramatis personae in the petroleum sector scam.

    Therefore I recommend the following: that government commission another serious-minded committee to study this incomplete Ribadu Report and then continue from where this report ended in order to produce a workable and effective document that should meet government’s need and become a source of evidential materials for prosecutors that would be commissioned to arraign the oil thieves before a court of law.

    • adams

      shorebattery,These are what you are saying.
      1. The issue that Orosanye worked for one day out of 90 days and is claiming to object to content of the report is an “overflogged” issue. Look Orosanye was the former HEAD of Nigerian public servants. You are saying it is an “overflogged issue” that this is being raised? In other words, you are saying Orosanye’s unethical behavior does not call to question the basis of his so-called objection? Do you think the head of service of western countries where our elites send their children to for school will behave this way? So you are saying that ‘oh it cannot happen in western countries-France, britain US, … and it is right that it cannot happen there, but it can happen here in Naija, and there is nothing wrong that it can happen here in naija…” Is this what you are saying shorebattery? Just tell us. You see if it is being conceived as “over-flogged” issue and therefore it does not matter, then those who claim that the presidency planted Orosanye there for that purpose have a point. In other words if presidency is not shocked to the point that the President himself did not see that this fellow took a job from NNPC while “working” on the report, then those who appointed Orosanye into the panel did so deliberately hence his unethical practice is an “overflogged” issue to some.

    • jare

      yes report “practically useless” because Presidency programmed it to be so. That is no news shoreberry. Do you knw what some people said? they said the Presidency never wanted any honest job anyway. They were forced to do all they “did” to save face during and after the protest against increase in oil prices. How can govt be serious if the same govt that put Orosanye and Otti on the Riabdu panel also gave them jobs in the NNPC? See what I am saying shorberry. And unlike what you said I do not think the govt should constitute any new panel on anything. It cannot deceive Nigerians anymore. The looting, corruption and stealing should just continue in the Jonathan presidency. We thank Ribadu for helping us see this consistent corruption and looting in a clearer way by refusing to compromise and by exposing Orosanye , Otti and the presidency for their deceit.

      • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

        Why did Ribadu not object to these appointments,initially, if he felt strongly about it? Was he hoping to use it as a blackmail if they disagreed with him?

        These are legitimate questions. I am making no conclusions until i hear from both sides.

        • wura

          You are very sick mpiti. Ribadu could not have rejected the appointment initially because he had no reason to. Your uncle Orosanye should have done so when he had conflict of interest. Reading your notes makes me sad for Nigeria!

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            you apparently lack understanding of english, except rude words. Ribadu could object if any member accepted such appointment. they could be asked to excuse themselves if he thinks it is relevant.

          • segun

            ah mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa, ah ah ah ah you sef dey accuse someone say e dey use “rude words” !!!! Na wa ooo for Naija!!! Wonder no go end. Come hear me oooo Nigerians, mpitikwelu is accusing people of using ‘rude words” bobo mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa do you recognise these words or have you developed the usual “amnesia” against what you do not want to “see” or ‘remember”. Okay sa dis na your words “my bastard son., can you send my love to your mother. I used to like her a lot. too bad she got too old.” Look up some posts above you will see those words in your posts. You even went as far as talking about “private” matters with mama on a platform like this. I am sure you are something else !!!! Wonder no go end for dis our obodo naija ooo. But those are your words. Are those rude words or “fine” words. ? Answer mpitikwelu without abusing. Just answer.