Buhari to contest again in 2015

Former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari
Muhammadu Buhari

The Presidential Candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) in the 2011 general elections, Muhammadu Buhari, has declared his intention to re-contest the seat in the 2015 general elections.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Mr. Buhari made his intention known while addressing CPC supporters in Kaduna who visited him.

He told the crowd that he would not quit politics.

“I am still in until the polity is sanitised and people enjoy the fruits of democracy at all levels of government,” he said.

The CPC leader also pledged to ensure that the party continues to field credible candidates at the polls.

He urged party supporters to close ranks for victory in future elections.

Mr. Buhari advised security agencies, the judiciary, and INEC to exhibit a high degree of professionalism and patriotism at all times for the progress of the country.

He also urged youths to shun acts of violence, thuggery and money politics to make their future better.

Mr. Buhari enjoined the people to canvass for their rights by emulating Nasarawa and other areas where CPC triumphed.

Ibrahim Kailani, the Leader of the group and Igabi Local Government Council Chairmanship aspirant in Kaduna State, had earlier urged Mr. Buhari not to abandon the people.

He solicited for Mr. Buhari’s support ahead of the upcoming local government polls in the state and subsequent national elections.


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  • Og

    This man should just go and rest, he can’t do much anymore.

    • Jenny

      We are seeing very good works from those that are not tried, Good Governance, Roads, Constant Power supply, Very secured Country, Increase in number of Employed youth, Free Kerosine all over the country etc

      • Zazzau

        I pray God bless you guy!!! That is what really democracy is all about, and that what Nigerian voted for in the last election and that Nigerians are seeing right now on the ground!!!

        • Oluwakemisalman

          I pray to Allah to choose d best 4 us bt I think Bukhari will be d best

      • Nurashehukd

        @jenny U r not serious nd u dont know wat u r doing.

  • Ogundejiyemi

    inordinate ambition

  • Osarobo

    hmmmm! i heard him very clear the last time when he lost and was disgraced that he will not participate in politics again. This man can never rule this great country, he’s a lier, power hunger, cheat, wicked etc. He does not have a reputation.

    • albarika

      Osarobo God will purnish you and may poverty never leave you. Wait, there will be no imrovement in your lives btw now and 2015. continue to believe those your yeye leaders who are using propaganda to deceive you. I wish you know how rich your so-called leaders are since you said you voted for them. Has anything changed in your life?

      • albarika

        Osarobo with that your useless name, have you heard that those u elected are just collecting bribes? Buhari is your saviour, embrace him before you die in poverty

    • ZAZZAU

      Osarobo, you need to remember we are in digital age! thus, if you can’t defend any thing don’t utter it out, please. If OBJ, GEJ and the Whole PDP couldn’t prove Buhari to be a liar, looter, wicked I can’t understand how you can prove that!. You need to understand that, all Nigerian power mongers are in PDP, thus the crisis that bedeviling the party and the country at large. Please, you need to back to school at finished your carry over classes on POL 101, HIST 101, GOVT 101 and ECON 101.

    • Adam

      I dont believe that this guy named osarobo is real.It could be one of those abuses that go with internet since identities and names can easliy be faked in order to make statements that the person couldnt otherwise make.So i dont believe in responding to such,for he (if he is real and sincere) is not to blame i guess. Adams.

  • Jameel

    I read this story with keen interest, but I did not see where he categorically declared that he will contest in 2015. Remaining active in politics is not the same as contesting election.

    All the best.

  • Belam123

    @ Osarobo. Lack of manners and proper upbringing make you to start insulting people you know nothing about, simply because they are from a different world other than yours. I am not surprise at you, because I am sure the only education you have is from the streets. So keep the insults flowing, and I assure you that it will not bring real food to your table, or electricity to your hamlet, or good education that you so urgently need. Keep the good work, evil guy. Hope it will get you somewhere.

  • Isa

    There is nothing in his statement that suggests his ambition to contest in the 2015 election. his saying that he will not quit politics does not necessitate running for a political position. I can be a politician with out ever running for a public office. I hope our journalist will stop putting words in to people’s statements.

  • Chi Chi

    Osarobo! Osarobo!! Osarobo!!!,

    I am sure you know what you are saying and may be more educated than one can imagine. But the truth is physical disciplined to tolerate others is what makes us human. I don’t know if that is what you have just portrayed.

    I pray for you and your likes to really see the light and know that a trusted man is really what we lack as a leader and by the words of OBJ himself “He cannot fault the behaviour of Mr. Buhari before and now”. That was his BOSS in the army and a running contender during the 1993 elections. Then who are you to pass this judgement on a man that you may hardly have had chance to meet.

    Remember, what ever we say follows us to the grave. That is if you believe death will one day be a path that you MUST cross.

    Thank you.

  • Abdulmajid Hamzah

    I think that, no despute among the sensible people on fitness of this man (BUHARI) to lead NIGERIA. So, whatever his decision is going to be, I hereby call NIGERIANS everywhere to sincerely deeply think on who they are going to elect for these great posts, because things cannot be changed until the kind, sincere, and and suitable elements hold the powers.



  • Lanre

    No General. This is the time to groom a successor. Go deep and think hard. At 72 (by 2015), you will not be too old to contest for the presidency. But really, your focus now should be grooming a successor and engaging other groups on a political platform of Fiscal Federalism and Constitutional Federalism. This federation is not working, General. It is time to give greater devolution to the constituents parts (regionalism, confederation) and as a military man you should know better than me. Changing your tactics in the face of new realities is not an admission of weakness. What is Yinka Odumakin et al doing? Haba!

  • Suleiman Muhammad

    Buhari’s comming back to recontest in 2015 is a good omen to our nation. I pray that Nigerians now will know who the right person to vote for.

  • M

    Don’t we have any young, fresh and dynamic new candidates with new ideas? Must we have to be ruled by people recycled every decade? Knowledge in a fast pace developing world becomes obselete every 2 yrs, thereafter, urgent retraining is needed.

    How can a man relying on over 20 yrs ago experience to take us forward in todays society? Are we burying our head in the sand like the ostrich or do we REALLY believe this man can make an ounce of difference?

    The desperation for a second-chance-presidency by almost every past elected president is a concern. This should teach everyone that “When you are given an opportunity…Do the BEST with it”. Otherwise, you’ll forever be CRAVING A SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION.

    Putting it bluntly, if Buhari can honestly admit this to himself…he has to humbly accept a certain decree of failure during his first tenure.

    • Umsasaif

      In as much as you are entitled to your opinion I think you assumption is quite uninformed.
      you don’t expect the caliber of the man in question to be living in the past bereft of current happenings economically, politically and otherwise do you? no you don’t.

      • M

        @ Umsasaif,

        I’m sorry to burst your bubble but what you call “My Assumptions” are actually “FACT”. Nigeria has too much at stake here. We need a sound ADMINISTRATOR with relevant (recent and measurable) experience.

        Nolstagia alone towards Buhari isn’t enough. For experience to remain relevant, it has to be CURRENT and not obsolete. After 2 yrs you need fresh experience or retraining to reach the minimum standard…Unless you’ll want Nigeria to be governed using old style management (over 20yrs old).

        For instance, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, with all his experience in the UK will struggle to govern Britian TODAY. Not because he is old fashioned…but because things have moved on so far with the capital market, finances, internet technology, social responsibility, infastructural requirements, voters expectation, current internaional affairs, mordern day policing, social responsibilities, etc.

        Politics is the selection process to assend power. Once elected, the person needs the qualities of an astute ADMINISTRATOR to manage the countries INCOME (oil) and EXPENDITURE on development, infastructure and social services.

        Unfortunately, our political hustler interprete governance to mean “playing politics throughout their tenure”. The “Adminstrative Role” is completely ignored or consumed by a newly acquired role called “Looting”.

        Buhari is a VERY credible candidate to become Nigeria’s president. However, credibility on it’s own isn’t enough to propel us into a noticable position in the world like Malaysia. We URGENTLY NEED experienced administrators with RECENT RELEVANT EXPERIENCE. That my brother is far lacking on our political landscape. There is almost NOBODY at the moment to play that role.

        I repeat…IF CREDIBILITY IS THE ONLY REQUIREMENT TO BECOME NIGERIA’S PRESIDENT…BUHARI WILL HAVE MY VOTE! Unfortunately “Credibility” is only ONE of the NUMEROUS skill set required to position Nigeria as the “Giant Of Africa”

        Enough Said!

  • dantalaDantala

    Well done Buhari. I hope Nigerians will vote for the right candidate in 2015

  • Talatu

    I do not know why you guys are just defending someone that does not know of your existence. If Buhari wants to contest with whoso ever, let him do so. Time will tell. We shall all hear of the winner! Your insults just show that there is no maturity in you! we shall watch and see!

  • Sanusi

    Is Goodluck not young and fresh? What is he doing? Please we need people with integrity, experience,
    and above all fear of God.

    • concernednigerian

      @ sanusi. Who told you Jonathan is not doing something? Where were you when your people threatened to make the country ungovernable for the Jonathan Presidency? What action have your people taken against their foot soldiers called Boko haram? Is the oil not still flowing to lubricate the economy of the country? Think before you make statements irrespective of your political affiliation. The salvation of Nigeria is in the hands of Nigerians and not necessarily that of the political leadership at the highest echelon. Jonathan has done tremendously by containing the Boko haram menace and bottling up the terrorists. There is oil revenue to distribute to the various states of the country while at the same time projecting an image of normality to the international community. The lack of accelerated development is due to the fact that much revenue is being diverted to combating terrorism. Also those with the economically active population, such as your people are unable to generate wealth, hence lack of revenue for capital projects. We all depend on oil revenue. Buhari was a military dictator who could not even insulate his administration from his fellow rampaging soldiers, hence he will be a misfit in a democratic dispensation of 2015. There is a time and a place for everything. Buhari’s time belongs to the past and as a people our best is not behind us but yet to come.Jonathan therefore, is in a better position to lead us to our future.

  • Abdussalam El-Suleiman

    My dear Buhari, I for one will continue to be on your side till Nigerian politics see the light of the day. However, if what I just read is true, sir, it is my honest advise that you start grooming someone for the no1. position so that you remain as our elder and adviser. I think this will be most appropriate in the nearest future. May Allah assist us.

  • Masters2060

    The real fact here is dat whether Buhari contest or not that is not the issue what every nigeria shld understand is that now power to elect belongs to the people assess the candidate well then place ur vote we made big blonder in the last election the media fooled us.

  • Salisuzigau

    we are behind you,vote for you,support for you till death do us part

  • Kabiru

    My Dear Gen. Buhari, I believe you should step aside and allow others to continue from there, bacause of the following reasons:
    1. Time and age are not on your side.
    2. There could be as competent people from the north that could be given a chance, only if you step aside.

  • archibo

    We ar alwayz with u General. thanks for your good intentions

  • lalas

    Poorverty no go ever liv ur family