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#AdeosunGate@50: Nigerians knock govt, NYSC over silence on finance minister’s certificate scandal

By Ben Ezeamalu

August 26, 2018

As Nigerian graduates enlisted in the next batch of the National Youth Service Corps begin their orientation course on August 28 at various camps across the country, prospective applicants trooped to social media to seek for the latest information about their postings.

It, however, served as another opportunity for Nigerians to remind the corps that it is now 50 days since the finance minister, Kemi Adeosun, was accused of forging her NYSC exemption certificate.

PREMIUM TIMES on July 7 exposed how Ms Adeosun skipped the mandatory one year scheme and forged a certificate that showed she had been exempted from participation.

The revelation elicited a public outrage from Nigerians, with the Human and Environmental Development Agenda, a nongovernmental organisation, petitioning the police inspector general demanding an investigation into the claims against the minister.

The corps only response was a short statement on July 9 saying that it would investigate the claims.

Nothing has been heard of the matter ever since.

Two weeks ago, a civic group, the Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) sued the NYSC over its failure to disclose details of the certificate paraded by the minister.

The group had earlier made a freedom of information request to the NYSC which the agency refused to honour.

Nigerians react

On Sunday, exactly 50 days after the scandal broke, Nigerians trooped to social media to berate the government over its silence on the incident.

Also on Sunday, an advocacy group, EnoughisEnough Nigeria, began a social media campaign to highlight the government’s inaction despite a strong evidence showing that Ms Adeosun forged her ceriticate.

Yemi Adamolekun, EiE Nigeria’s executive director, said they are trying to ensure that the story doesn’t go away by making sure it remains on the front burner.

“50 days later, there’s been no response either from the minister or the government, which basically means you either get over it or you forget it,” Ms Adamolekun told PREMIUM TIMES on Sunday night.

“The main thing is the impunity of it, that government had been asked to address the fact that a serving minister did not fulfill the requirement to be a minister of the country and there has been no response.”