Pastor Adeboye, Kolade beg God to guide Buhari, others, rescue Nigeria

Pastor EA Adeboye
The general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Enoch Adeboye. [Photo credit: Komolafe Segun (MD/CEO), SKenhanced Images]

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the leader of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), on Wednesday led a number of men and women of God in intercessory prayers for Nigeria at the Redemption Camp of the church.

The three-hour interdenominational ‎meeting prayers were said for the end of the various problems of the country, including corruption and the recent upsurge of bloodshed across the land.

Opening the session after praise and worship songs, Pastor Adeboye said it was dedicated to prayers, with no formalities, and no introductions.

He advised the congregation of several hundreds of people at the Old Arena‎ of the Redemption Camp to take prayer positions they deemed fit as pastor after pastor led special prayers backed with scriptural quotations.

The first prayer was for forgiveness of the sins of the nation and for general repentance in a manner that will spare us God’s wrath as it happened in the city of Nineveh, which Jonah was sent to warn. When the call was heeded the City was spared from destruction.

The group said the leadership of a country has to be in right standing with God for it to witness peace and prosperity.

So prayers were said for President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, National Assembly leaders, Governors and LGA chairmen and well as the Judiciary. There were prayers for them to rule with the fear of God; for good leadership and for peace in the land.

For the 2019 elections, the congregation prayed for God to choose leaders He deems fit for the country at all levels of governance, and for violence-free elections. They prayed for courageous leaders with vision and creativity.

The national economy received special prayers for growth, prosperity, eradication of poverty in the land; and the wealth of the nation to return to the people of Nigeria.

For a secure country where people will live in peace without threats to lives and property, prayers were said ‎for security agents to do their work effectively with the fear of God.

The appearance of Dr Christopher Kolade, former Cadbury Chairman and former Nigeria High Commissioner to the UK, caught some people by surprise.

Stressing that God has blessed the country with both natural and human resources, he pointed out that indeed there is no reason for Nigerians to be poor. He led prayers for optimal and efficient utilisation of the country’s resources, without waste.

“Father teach us how to use what you have blessed us with: and by your mercy ‎give us the humility to learn to use our resources,” he prayed.

He lamented a situation where farms are destroyed or burned for whatever reason, and the inability of farmers to sell all their produce because of marketing problems.

With the threat of a growing youth population and idleness caused by unemployment, special prayers were said for ‎the creation of more employment opportunities and initiatives for self-employment, as well as God’s intervention to keep the youths from crime.

A female clergy, Mercy Ezekiel, offered prayers against evil doers; and all demonic plans and orchestrations to blunt the prayers. She prayed for God to come against those ‎who are working to keep the nation in darkness.

There were also prayers of peace and progress of the nation, during which the adversity that has been afflicting Nigeria was rebuked.

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, who led the prayers noted that, “the moment peace eludes a nation, the nation goes down.

Folu Adeboye, the wife of the General Overseer, prayed for families to stay in the blessing which God himself blessed mankind in the scriptures – to be fruitful and multiply and live in peace. She prayed for an end of all manner of abuses in the family.

There were also prayers‎ for the health sector and other key sectors, and for Nigerians in the Diaspora.

The day was closed ‎by Pastor Adeboye with special prayers for repentance and revival in the church, so strong to cause fire to fall as on the day of Pentecost. He prayed for unity in the church and against lukewarmness.

“Father, make us a unified and one indivisible church,” he prayed.

‎After that he gave opportunity for individuals to pray for themselves and closed the day with blessing for the country and the  participants, expressing confidence in the manifest ion of the prayers in  the life of the nation.

Over 10 pastors led the prayers.


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  • Dr Bunmi Binitie

    The prayer program was held yesterday Tuesday 13 Feb 2018

    • Atokebo

      Chief Binitie, why can’t this be a workshop where development ideas are generated and then prayed into manifestation?

  • Peter_Edo

    Pathetic… if these men of men only commit 50% of the money they have conned from Nigerians into the Nigerian project (actually development) and speak truth to power (not sentiments and political maneuvering) Nigeria will be a better place… when Adeboye was asking people to sow seeds of 1 billion naira, WHERE THE HELL DID HE THINK FHEY WOULD GET SUCH MONIES FROM?

  • Ceejay ilo

    It’s high time we speak truth and straight to powers that be. In my opinion, praying wouldn’t do much since these chaps believe they are religiously bound to perpetrate their agendas. The christiandom needs to speak up and make these religious and violent land grabbing adventurists very uncomfortable in their schemes. It is currently engulfing Ondo and it won’t be long before it gets to Ogun and your so called ‘Redeemed camp’.

    • Dr Bunmi Binitie

      Oh yes, praying will do a lot! It has done so in the past and that is why this program was arranged. Responsible adults dont gather abd do something that does not work. Why dont you wait and see?

      The God-given assignment of the Church in the nation is precisely what GO Adeboye led the Church to do yesterday INTERCESSION. It is not the work of the Church to “speak up”, but to cry to God about the situation of the nation..

      “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
      2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV

      This remains God’s unchanging formular for the Church if they want a change in the land. If any Church leader has a message or counsel for our leaders, he must go and see them and tell them privately, not blast it openly in their services or online. That is not Biblical and it dishonours a leader when they do that.

      • Sheikh Messi

        “It is not the work of the Church to “speak up”???
        Did John d Baptist not speak truth to power which cost him his head eventually?
        Were the prophets of old ever silent in the face of tyranny?
        Would our lord Jesus Christ ‘pray only’ without rebuking those who deserve it?
        How can you take 2 chron 7:14 in isolation and infer we are to cry to God ONLY and not speak up.

  • Yego V

    Thanks for praying. Patriotic Christians will continue to pray for God to deliver us from the evil intent of Buhari and the administration, Federal and state/s

  • Ben Ikari

    The curse on Nigeria can’t be broken by fake prayers or any other thing, but knowing and doing right by all. Surely, only freedom, justice, equality and peace will break the timeless curse on this fake Rogue British concoction known as Nigeria. Therefore, Nigerian rulers know what’s right but too wicked and lazy yet corrupt to do right. They know how to not use oil communities’ wealth by allowing the owners control it to complete their knowledge of how to use these communities’ natural resources criminally called national wealth. These so-called prayers declared decade after decade with wicked heart and spirit are fake; so these guys should stop deceiving themselves and the public. If prayers have any meaning thus effect Nigeria and Africa in general should be best developed and in great shape and spirit than anywhere else. They’re mere waste of time! Nigeria must be purged of criminally minded and actual rogue politicians and rulers, cabal, private business sector owners and ordinary people who are blinded by the fruits of cheat, corruption and violence. These fake pastors themselves must know right from wrong, stand for righteousness, truth and justice for any real change to enter Nigeria. They’d first change and see true light, even when their ethnic groups, states and churches, families or friends would forfeit certain benefits and wealth they don’t earn thus don’t deserve. Until Nigeria is honestly and sincerely, morally restructured and regionalism reintroduced to allow for revenue and resource generation, ownership and control, and current 36 states which more than 90 percentage can’t create monthly budget so depending on sharing oil money and pressuring, polluting oil communities, are scrapped and regions create states based on their respective viability so that fair and healthy competition can thrive while the economy is diversified to capture other fronts including science and technology, Nigeria will continue in suffering, pain and shame, though its mostly criminal and lazy, incompetent politicians and rulers, their largely blind, ignorant supporters have no shame. Finally, until the wrongs done to oil producing communities are admitted by Nigeria and sincere apologies rendered for the unjust and barbaric hanging of Ogoni Nine, thousands of others including other oil community citizens unjustly pursued, imprisoned or killed, Nigeria shall remain in its sorry and dying state. The story and cry will change when all necessary corrections are done to the current military constitution favoring largely Hausa-Fulanis, Yorubas and Igbos, and implemented. It may change when pollution and degradation in oil communities are cleaned and land, people restored, the communities developed while about 90 percentage or more oil blocks unjustly and unlawfully, criminally allocated to northerners, especially Hausa-Fulanis are taken from them and returned to communities, which own them. Until when justice has been properly served and all individuals, ethnic groups treated respectfully and fairly as equals, Nigeria will remain a laughing and shameless stock. No amount of fake, unrealistic prayer (European introduced male God) will change this and ongoing curse even though the so-called politicians and rulers including president, vp and national and state assemblies, governors and other government representatives aren’t feeling any pain but pocketing, many stealing mostly oil communities’ money misnamed national wealth while the owners and others tagged commoners roast and die in hunger.

  • Dr Pat Mumuwole Awosan

    Papa Adeboye na wetin dey worri you sef? I hope you are ok? You think say Nigerians na mugu? No be you suppose beg God to forgive you your chronic sin of Tithe collecting from poor & rich Nigerians to build University that the poor who pay Tithe cannot attend? Abi na to beg God to guide you so you go realize say e bad to use Tithe & offering take buy Private Jet? Haba pastor, person wey dey cry dey se road o! Make you no thinks say Nigerians be mugus. You must apply the Biblical principle of removing the speck in your own eyes before attempting to remove the log in Buharis eyes.

    • Dr Bunmi Binitie

      The Lord’s parable of speck and log in the eyes speaks about criticism of others when you have a greater sin in your life.

      Praying for the President in no way falls under this parable; rather it is to strengthen his hand in the work of running a nation in crisis. GO Adeboye has only done what Christians were told by our God we should do for a nation in trouble…

      “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
      2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV

      • Dr Pat Mumuwole Awosan

        You chose to ignore the kernel of my comment – Tithe collecting and apparent use of the funds for self – to buy Private Jets and money yielding enterprises like a University where at least 60% of the congregation would not be able to pay tuition for their wards should they decide to attend. Such act by any Pastor by any name is criminal and far removed from the noble principles which the gospel requires of Christians. Christ despite his status as Prince and Kings of Kings lied with the poor, fed the poorest of the poor, and certainly would never have built a University with the Tithes of the congregation which the poor around him could not attend.

        • Dr Bunmi Binitie

          I leave God to judge His Servants.

          Please note that there is usually a robust scholarship scheme for any bright and qualified student to attend some Christian universities. The money is contributed willingly and separately into a trust fund by the congregation.

          Also note that a number of Churches do take care of the poor and needy and the sick among them and in their environment. I am positive about RCCG and MFM

  • Pete

    Prayers do not stop or reduce corruption. If this is the only antidote Nigeria has then people like Sarakin, Bruthai, Grass cutting contractor, all Senators, state Governors Ministers and people like Rotimi Ameachi and many many many more will not stop their trade. What Nigeria should do is to begin to arrest and execute politicians who steal and/or condone stealing…including the money swallowing Snakes

    • Dr Bunmi Binitie

      Sure, prayers ALONE does not stop corruption without justice being done as well. But prayer moves the righteous God against the thieves and causes their matter to be brought to the front burner or whatever. Prayer is essential. More essential and effective than Pastors lambasting the government. All lambasting does is to allienate the Church from the government! What good is that?

  • oyoko

    Thank you, our Religion Leaders. This is what we expect from you; I join to say Amen to your prayers.

    • Julius

      Don’t you think they have a hand in what’s going on in the country now ? I will say AMEN to a good prayer regardless but, truth must be told.

  • Sheikh Messi

    “ALL those in Scripture who spoke up to the kings were the OFFICIAL Prophets to the king”
    I wish you will refrain from using words like ‘ALL’ and ‘ONLY’ where the Bible doesn’t expressly say so. SEVERAL prophets abound in scriptures where they were not ‘the official’ prophets to the king but sent word to the kings and spoke openly as the lord directed.
    ISAIAH’S COMMISSION: Isaiah 6: 8-9
    8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”
    And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”
    9 He said, “Go and tell THIS PEOPLE…

    Again: 1 King’s 20:13
    13 Meanwhile A PROPHET came to Ahab king of Israel and announced, “This is what the Lord says: ‘Do you see this vast army? I will give it into your hand today, and then you will know that I am the Lord.’”

    From the (2) excerpts above, you see Isaiah and the second prophet were not appointed ‘officially’ to the king, but spoke as directed by the lord.
    Don’t put God in a cage, he works in diverse ways.

    • Dr Bunmi Binitie

      Pele o! Theologian teacher! You dont know who you are talking to and that’s why you are arrogantly telling me what to do and what not to do. Learn to share the word with a humble spirit.

      We do kmow those who are speaking for God becos God confirms His Word in any Christian who is filled with the Holy Spirit. Besides, track records of unfulfilled prophesies also reveal those not speaking for God.

      I insist there was always only one official prophet to the king and the nation and he would then be in charge of a ‘school’ of prophets called the “sons of the prophets” and the Holy Spirit can move any of them occassionally to bring a word to the nation. That did not make him the official anointed prophet.

      And Elijah was the official prophet to Israel in the story you quoted in 1Kgs20 but one of the sons of the prophets was given the word at that time and he was not even named.

      God can never be put in a mould but He is not untidy either as you want to make Him. He is master planner and strategist! You just quoted from Isa ch 6 where Isaiah was called by God and anointed to be prophet to the nations yet you said he was not. Wow! Then what happened in Isa ch 6 where he saw the Lord?

      • Atokebo

        So Chief Dr Binitie, please who is the “Official Prophet” to the king(s) in Nigeria today?

        • Dr Bunmi Binitie

          Again, not a chief.And I detest that title!

          In the Church Age which we are in now, the Holy Spirit is freely given to Believers and God talks to us directly; so there is no need for a national prophet as in those days where a prophet would be called and anointed into the office. However leaders may choose a reputable Man of God (or more than one) who can guide them with the Mind of God but it will be a personal choice.

          That does not mean God cannot talk to another Minister not chosen by them or even known to them. When that happens, the Minister must find a way to give the message privately or if he cannot, he would speak to the head of CAN or PFN or another Minister who has access to government.

          What we have now is just chaos! God does not operate in this kind of confussion!

  • Sheikh Messi

    “Those who have been lambasting the government here, who made them the mouth-piece of God?”
    How do you know who is the mouthpiece of God? Is it only when they are what you call ‘prominent’? When Isaiah, Jeremiah, and some others were called, it was not in the open..but God appointed them.

    You wrote: “Not God for sure or else they would all have BEEN SAYING THE SAME THING and not the cacophony of unrelated words/prophecies we are hearing.“

    NOTHING can be further from the truth! Read 2 chronicles 18:
    11 “All the other prophets were prophesying the same thing. “Attack Ramoth Gilead and be VICTORIOUS,” they said, “for the Lord will give it into the king’s hand.”
    16 “Then Micaiah answered, “I saw all Israel SCATTERED on the hills like sheep without a shepherd, and the Lord said, ‘These people have no master. Let each one go home in peace.’”

    • Dr Bunmi Binitie

      OMG! That’s not what i meant by prophesying the same thing in Nigeria’s context! You have sited a time of near apostacy in Israel; a time when most of the prophets has strange fire! Jezebel was reigning with Ahab and she is the mother of divination which is the demonic counterfeit of prophecy

      Normally, in the Church Age, the Holy Spirit is freely given to us all and many prophetic voices could arise over a matter; so if the word is of God, He will always confirm it thro another….

      “Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge… For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.” 1 Corinthians 14:29‭, ‬33 KJV

  • Sheikh Messi

    You wrote: “As for the Lord Jesus, He is the King of kings and can lambast any king; and even then He didnt“

    Christ at that time was ‘appointed to the lost sheep of israel’..but yet, he NEVER shied away from questions put to over payment of Taxes.
    I believe if he were to be here with us and his opinion is sought, He will DEFINITELY point out the truth of the situation. He called out scribes and Pharisees..he will call out Buhari too where he errrs.

    • Dr Bunmi Binitie

      He will minister to him privately as He would to us all. If any of us think he is more righteous than anybody else, thats self-righteousness which is called “filthy rags” in Scripture. We Christians are only righteous becos Christ imputed His righteousness on us

  • davids

    Mark of true man of God. Others run to the gallery, choosing moments of crisis to abuse, condemn and mock leaders believing they are doing God a service. Jesus operated here on earth when the Pharoahs and Herods were political leaders. He knew His leadership was inclusive and above political, thus, He never saw political leadership as a hindrance to His assignment. He had power to kill or pray to be killed all political leaders that were not His converts but He did not. Those who take it a pastime to abuse and disrespect political leaders simply because they are not Christians are Biblically uninformed. Yes Christians are required to speak against corruption, injustice and wickedness but not to disrespect leaders. They are not required to speak against leaders when they face hard times resulting from process of change to a greater nation. were it to be so Korah, Aaron and Mariam would have been commended for opposing Moses during hard times in the wilderness. The other paradox is that must who criticize this government also have others as family members, church members and subordinates under their leadership, and they have not successfully provided all that their leads require. They can excuse themselves that they are trying and things will get better. But when it comes to judging others particularly political leaders their judging is that: if all things are not all right right now, then the political leader is a failure.