Nigerian Governors back state police

File photo of Governors Willie Obiano of Anambra; Abdulazizi Yari of Zamfara; Abubakar Sani-Bello of Niger; and Aminu Tambwal os Sokoto State, at the National Economic Council Meeting in Abuja on Thursday (24/5/17). 02801/25/5/2017/Callistus Ewelike/BJO/NAN

The Chairman, Nigeria Governors’ Forum, Governor Abdulaziz Yari, on Monday said creation of state police would help in addressing spate of insecurity in the country.

Mr. Yari, also the Zamfara State governor, said this at the end of a two-day summit organised by the Senate Ad hoc Committee on Review of Current Security Infrastructure in Nigeria.

He said that, “Today we have reiterated the position of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

“And the position of the security summit we held in August, that there is a need for the state police; we can say it is the only answer.”

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that the Vice President had during the opening of the summit last week drummed support for state police.

He had said, “We cannot realistically police a country the size of Nigeria centrally from Abuja. State police and other community policing methods are clearly the way to go.”

The governor said that internal security was supposed to be handled and managed by the police, and that the police of today were inadequate.

“There are about 4 million people in Zamfara and we have fewer than 5000 policemen.

“We in governance agree that we can find a way through which we can fine tune the issue of state police,” he said.

On the cost implications, Yari explained that, “It is not all the states that are supposed to have the state police, those that could, should be able to have it.

“It is something we cannot take off at the same time. We were created differently,” he said.

He said that the issue of security was not something to play with, adding that the primary responsibility of any government is to ensure that lives and properties of citizens are protected.

“Many challenges of Nigerians for the past ten years ranging from Boko Haram, cattle rustlers, armed banditry, and militancy in the Niger Delta are dwindling the Nigerian economy, and threatening the unity of the nation,” Mr. Yari said.



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  • Olodu

    We need to be very careful with the issue of state police here. It’s all fine for us all to agree on this issue but, we also have to be wary of state Governors turning state police into a tool to intimidate and harass political opponents. The issue of state INEC springs to mind. State INEC was meant to bring democracy closer to the grassroots but, what do we have today. State INEC have become a joke and a play tool to state governors. We all want state police but, it must be done in a way that they are completely independent of state politics. How this is going to be achieved, I seriously do not have a clue giving how Nigerian politicians can easily manipulate anything.

    • Jon

      Southern Nigeria and Middle Belt must be free first. At a later time, let’s talk about your assertion that Governors might abuse the use of State Police. Freedom from the radical, Islamic Jihadists from Foutta Jallon Mountains is more important for now.

      “We gotta be free – we want it right here on earth”. ….. Jimmy Cliff.

      • Olodu

        Freedom depends on how one defines it. The issue of the Nigerian police force goes way beyond the idea of Islamic Jihadist (as you put it). The discussion is about ensuring that the idea of a state police is well thought out. Vi pointed out the issue of funding, yes that needs to be ironed out as well. When you have states that cannot even generate enough revenue to pay workers, how on earth are they going to fund state police. If state police at not paid as of when due, what we currently have now will be a child’s play. Police corruption will stink to high heaven. The police will become a law on to themselves. The state police issue, is a sleeping time bomb. I would suggest we stay well clear of that at the moment because, nobody has elaborated on how this will work. I support the idea in principle but until a fully working concept is put in place, I will definitely say no. Nigerian politicians are never to be trusted.

      • Bakanridi

        It seems you existing in a different planet. Wake up and go to school. Or put it mildly, Purify your indoctrinated mind and understand that we are in 21st century. Or se you be ignoramus ni?

    • Vi

      The point raised by you is one of my chief concern because governors know too well, they can abuse the idea of a state police. If this should be agreed upon, then ways of preventing the abuse of this system should be put forward.

      Another concern is funding. I just learnt the federal government’s funding for the police is at a very bare minimum.

      How will these governors who cannot afford to pay their current staff, take care of the men in uniform?

      If we should solve a problem, it should take a multi disciplinary approach as well as a long term view with solutions for each step.

      The state police should be independent from the powers of the state governor. In the instance when the chief of the state police isn’t playing ball, he may be replaced with someone more pliable to their selfish agenda.

      I believe a lot of thought needs to go into this subject. Not just chanting state police alone.

  • man

    everything is about control to these governors

  • DemDem Alexis

    So Hausa-Fulanis have finally agreed that we should have state police?


      They have no option, they had to wait for thousands of lives to go before seeing reason.

    • Bakanridi

      You want state police adopted so that innocent travelers, settlers or even federal civil servants to be butchered, upon slight provocation; because they are minorities. Anyway, let the states adopt, definitely, chaos, anarchy and lawlessness will reign.

  • AryLoyds

    This animals should restructure the entire country. State police is useless under a federal system! Parasites will never let go!

    • Medicineblazer

      Federal system?

  • thusspokez

    I have perused the yada yada yada of each speaker and advocates for state police, and their arguments are very weak.

    The problem with Nigerians is that (much like the so-called ‘restructuring’ solution) they always start by advocating solutions to imaginary problems — imaginary, because no two advocates agree on the nature of the problems. It would seem that, in Nigeria, solution comes before problem clarity.

    • Otile

      Your logic is very poor and miserably asinine. Perhaps you have been clapping for yourself, thinking that you make sense.

  • Eze_nsogbu

    Igbo policemen for Igboland. We don’t want Muslim terrorists masquerading as police officers in Igboland…STATE POLICE WE WANT! To your tent oh Zoo mumus!!!

    • thusspokez

      Exactly the reason state police will not happen in your lifetime.

      • Eze_nsogbu

        Keep deceiving yourself with the NON EXISTING one Nigeria. The Zoo must disintegrate! boohari and his blood sucking foolani baal demons have started the Zoo’s DISINTEGRATION PROCESS.

        Keep watching!!!!

      • Jon

        99% of Police officers in each of 50 States of United States are residents of those States. Whether, you all like it or not Southern Nigeria and Christian Community of Middle Belt must be free from the radical, Islamic, Jihadists from Foutta Jallon Mountains. I mean the parasites who want things to remain as it is.

        • thusspokez

          99% of Police officers in each of 50 States of United States

          We are discussing Nigeria here!. Who gives a damn about effing murderers on steroid in the US?


            You vehemently defend a dysfunctional status-quo often without solutions . I cannot figure out why ?

          • thusspokez

            often without solutions

            Yeah the Pope does not pray every day! Clearly, you haven’t been reading my comments or you don’t understand them. They are full of solutions.

          • Frank Bassey

            But you are paractising American system of presidential government; are you daft?

      • Otile

        This is your opinion. You wish. Odale

    • Kickboxer




  • GusO

    State Governors will abuse citizens with State Police if they can fire the police chief. The condition for having state police must be that the Governor can appoint a Police Chief but he cannot fire him or her. Every State should have a five-member Police Commission with 2 members each from the two largest political parties in the State and the fifth member should be a retired and respected judge who will chair the commission. A police chief can fired by the commission by a vote of no less than three members of the Commission.

  • Bakanridi

    It other words, rigging of elections will be assured and guaranteed. Opposition will have to relocate to other states that are more friendly and accomodating. Sons, in-laws, party loyalists and even thugs can appointed CPs , officers and rank and life. Perceived enemies lives will be at stake. Above all, chaos,unrest and anarchy will reign. Non indigenes/settlers’ lives will be at the ransom of ehnic bigot governors or legislative. Anyway, let wait and see how this state policy joke will come to play.

    • Frank Bassey

      The Nigeria Police is already protecting. supporting and covering political parties linked to the centre. What difference does it make?

  • Dan Arewa

    I say capital NO to state police. Imagine in Benue were state governor inaugurated and arm Anti Grazing guards with AK47 to go kill or arrest and confiscated their cows just because they do not share the same tribe and language with him. State governors will use them for their personal and political use.
    It is better for Nigeria to Have Regional Police and most have it’s Head Commander by some body outside that Region.

  • Frank Bassey

    This must happen NOW. Those who have been feeding fat on the awkward, murderous system cannot stop it.

  • Chuma Anierobi

    When civil servants are not paid what will happen to so called state police. We have more pressing problems with healthcare, education
    starvation, drinking tap water ……… I say big NO to brutality. Our badbelly cannot handle state police. We do not need it.

  • Tickle

    State Police! Tufiakwa, that would have been an association of goons for the benefit of the state governors who usually have and have been settling scores with their perceived political enemies. That would have been a disaster in the making………… NO WAY TO STATE POLICE!!!!!!!

  • david

    we need the state police and this is the only way we can eradicate killings let the president sign what matters on security purposes and what matters on youth anti idleness …