Okorocha ‘anoints’ son-in-law to succeed him

Gov. Rochas Okorocha‏
Gov. Rochas Okorocha‏ [Photo Credit: Twitter - @GovernorRochas]

Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha, on Monday anointed his son-in-law, Uche Nwosu, to succeed him as governor of the state in 2019.

The governor stated this at a meeting with members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) from Owerri Municipal Council Area, who visited him at the Government House in Owerri.

The governor said he would support the governorship ambition of Mr. Nwosu who is currently his Chief of Staff.

Mr. Okorocha said he would support Mr. Nwosu because he has the qualities of an “ideal leader”.

However, Mr. Okorocha said Mr. Nwosu, who is married to the governor’s first daughter, Uloma, is yet to inform him of any governorship ambition.

The governor said the “monumental achievements” of his administration will not be left in the hand of just any person.

“The Chief of Staff has not told me that he wants to run for the governorship of the state. But if he comes out I will support him,” Mr. Okorocha said.

He said he had known Mr. Nwosu for years, and described him as an honest man who, “whatever he tells you in the morning is what he will tell you in the evening”.

“Uche Nwosu is hardworking and never gets tired. He is a very humble young man. Not proud or arrogant. So, power won’t enter his head. Despite the position he occupies you can’t see him quarreling with anybody or maltreating anybody.

“He does not segregate against anybody whether from Orlu or Owerri or Okigwe zone. He relates with people enviously. I have checked him in and out, I have not found him wanting.

“What the state wants is Imo governor and not Owerri Zone or Orlu Zone or Okigwe Zone governor. Zoning does not put food on the table of anybody. The young man is a team player, who does not use his office to molest anybody. He has the qualities of a good leader. If he says he will run for governor, I will support him.

“Obviously it might be as a result of these qualities that most people are talking about Uche Nwosu for governor everywhere even when he has not declared for the governorship. It might also be the reason for the endorsements he is getting from all quarters. You see, you don’t hide a good product. And the joy of every leader is to have a worthy successor. You don’t mind political opportunists. We have done very well as a government and we should be concerned about what happens to the achievements after.

“I am not from Owerri zone, but my administration has done more projects in Owerri zone and Owerri Municipal in particular more than al the administrations before me had done put together. We need Imo governor and not a zonal governor. I have done in Okigwe zone what the man from the zone could not do for them. The records are there,” the governor said.


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  • Intrepid


    • Olusola

      My brother I tire oooh! No wonder Buhari is feeling cool not listening to us. So this dude made his son-in-law his chief of staff and we call Buhari’s “Nepotism” You are right this is pure lunacy, scheming son-in-law to replace him. Imolites please free yourself from this man and God that delivered you from Ikedi-Ohakim will see you through. They never really had a governor after Sam Mbakwe.


    your Excellency i can’t believed you can play over the intelligence of ibolite to the extent of anointing your son inlaw to succeed you. this will be the highest nepotism of the first degree.

  • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

    Haha you just enforced his loss by this declaration.

  • KBE

    The young man will win automatically because Imo people are so passive and its unfortunate. My people my people their governor their governor. Carry go Okoroawusa. They are your slaves and as long as there is cash you will settle them.

    • Höly Wähala

      Hopefully, you are just being sarcastic. Imo people removed and short-changed Ikedi Ohakim for similar power drunkenness… Imolites, men and women, are the most vociferous electorate in Nigeria if I walk you back to history. You fall my blokos!


        What is happening in Imo surprises me, they are educated and wise people , how and why are they allowing this crook ride roughshod over them. They are propably under a spell, this is not the Imo I know.

        • Höly Wähala

          The electorates have only power of the vote, once every 4yrs! I would expect that you know that much about modern democracies. They cannot impeach him, for instance. Nigerian Governors pocket their respective Houses of Assembly by cutting-in our corrupt politicians at all levels and that’s why the system doesn’t work. It is organized crime, period!


            True, its just a pity that he won a second term, some say he rigged it but that was the only chance lost.

          • chinedu

            You know that the speaker of the assembly is the proprietor of busy brain academy. The infamous academy responsible for the tragic accident in Edo state that consumed youngsters from Abia and Imo states who were taken to a special centre for waec exams sometime in the early 2000s. What can such an assembly be up to?

      • KBE

        Yeah, it is to move my people to respond appropriately when the time comes. I believe the governor has gone too far in taking our people for granted.

    • chinedu

      There you are wrong. Imo electorate decided when to take and when it was over for ohakim. They also resisted the imposition of PDP in 2015 elections because they still liked what the governor was doing then. To the contrary Imo has a very revolutionary electorate. I trust that the people will not fail in 2019.

  • Okokondem

    “He said he had known Mr. Nwosu for years, and described him as an honest man who, “whatever he tells you in the morning is what he will tell you in the evening”.

    Let’s see, if he denies misappropriating public funds in the morning, for instance, you can rest assured he would tell you the same thing in the evening. Wao, that’s great; what other qualities do the people of Imo state need in their governor? What is this, a freaking joke? It’s already a known fact that Nigeria is a banana republic, but how low can it go?

    • otitokoro

      As in my dear father-in-law, I only misappropriated $25 million in the morning and true to who I am, your lovable son-in-law, I will declare the same in the evening lol.
      Just keeping it real. Okorocha thinks everybody around him is daft. What rubbish is he spewing?

  • Wale

    Genius Okorocha. From Governor to Governor’s Father in Law and Father of the First lady


    Poor Imolites, they allowed a fraudster for eight years of thievry and misrule now he wants to create and impose a dynasty of thieves.

    Imo people should watch APGA governance in Anambra and see how a state is governed. They need to get rid of this 419 guy and his cabal of rogues.

    • Julius

      It’s Buhari , Tinubu, the Fulanis and the Yorubas fault !..right ?

  • Kez Ebed

    I am not surprised. Okorocha knows where he is coming from certainly, and also where he is landing. He is coming from Nigeria. In Nigeria, they promise the Igbo a turn after whoever’s turn. After whoever’s turn, they tell the Igbo that zoning is an unrealistic idea, that the Constitution guarantees anyone everywhere the right to contest. The Igbo invariably would be schemed out of the race. Four years later Mr whoever looks straight in their faces and declares, “I will handover to an Igbo after my second term”. And so it continues. The game is already on now. And Rochas is simply applying the tactics to Owerri. Did Rochas not say some years back that it will be Owerri/Okigwe zone after his time? Rochas reversed an age-long popular song and wants Owerri to wear the garment of the reversed version to the end. Orlu zone has an undue head-start advantage over the rest of Imo in governorship race. He might have his way just as the North always do in the case of Nigeria to the South.

  • NwaIgbo

    Sorry my Governor, Imolites do not believe in dynasty for there are million Uche Nwosus all over Imo. We, the people will make our voice not you sir.

  • Frank Bassey

    Frivolity of APC leadership,

    • omo56


  • Himan

    lol, rochas okoroawusa your status will vote nwosu into power.

  • mensah

    na kingship?igwe…….

  • Yego V

    I don’t know which state I should mourn for , Borno or Imo. On the one hand you have an external terrorist in boko haram, on the other an internal fraudster called governor. I cannot believe that this crook is governing a state. And second term for that matter.

    • here hear!

    • Julius

      Mourn for both as a matter of fact, mourn for the country.

      • omo56

        and how does one define S….hole country? APC governors through out the land are not taking Buhari to task on the issue of fulani herdsmen killing the very people who they are supposed to protect

        • Julius

          We all should hold him and his administration responsible!!

        • Julius

          It’s unbelievable. I guess they won’t do anything till their family members meet the same faith in the hands of the terrorist a.k.a herdsmen.

  • Konkolo

    Anything is possible in the Zoo.

    • Julius

      Oh, so Igbo land is a zoo too ?

      • Konkolo

        Is Igbo land not part of Nigeria????

        • Julius

          Nope, na biafraud land. Ask Tawanda and his delusional co-travelers


            That is the REAL ZOO!!!!!!!

  • Mizch

    Up Zoogeria!!!!
    Oh Monkey-pox, attack!!!

  • Lord Vader

    Why will he not endorse his son in law? He appointed his sister Commissioner of Happiness recently, and did the heavens fall? No, Amadioha the settler of all disputes will settle this one once and for all. May the thunder the laid bare the yansh of the fowl for the world to see scatter this insult to the spirit of Alaigbo. May his Chi seeing the challenge that this man who has over eaten has dropped turn his back and refuse to fight a mad man in the ilo! This disgraceful man too shall pass as surely as the sun rises in the East.

  • Kenny

    A deliberate ploy to cover his filthy financial dealings while holding sway as Governor! A ploy to run away from probity and accountability. Is Uche unblemished? Certainly NO. A trip to West brook hotel, New Owerri will tell Imolites the ugly story of how their commonwealth have been plundered by the Okorocha Administration.

  • Long live the king.


  • Fada4Life

    This be the joke of the year I presumed

    • Julius

      I hope so . If not, Buhari will bear the blame.

  • Quency Olajide Oyegoke

    Very unfortunate. This is African man for you. Only his son-in-law that has leadership qualities in the state. What a shame and impunity.

  • RemiDanielU

    This is not a joke oh okorocha have weight the imolites and known that there is a lot of hungry in the land just give them bags of rice and few cash and the votes is his.

    • thusspokez

      Imolites is incorrect, It is either Imoites or Imoians

  • JasV

    So this statue building goat has a daughter that is worth marrying. Obviously the son-in-law must be a goat because birds of the same feather fock themselves together. The only pity is that the state citizens will definitely endorse his choice because all they care about is fraud and money. Later they will claim it’s Buhari and Yorubas that punished them whereas they were the ones busy screwing themselves in the stomach.

  • thusspokez

    The Okocroacha family is born to rule-o! Chineke! PhD holder in every household; most intelligent people on planet earth, but what do we have here? Something we only see in backward country ruled by despots. Chineke! this is marginalisation of other Imo clans. Imoians must demand restructuring in Imo state or call for a break up.

  • Julius

    C’on governor, you used to be my favorite governor but you have been doing stuff lately that is making me question my faith in you. Well, I believe the people of your state will choose who will be their governor if you allow them . I hope you will.

  • Whalerolex

    No comment on this zoo

  • Nnamdi Ugwuadu

    To you o king Rochas Anayo Okorocha, we have nothing to answer you in this matter, but be rest assured that the God we serve who delivered us from the hand of Ikedi Ohakim will also deliver us from your hand.

  • omo56

    And we are upset about being labeled “S.. ..country”

  • chinedu

    The god of Imo has spoken. Mr Okorocha has forgotten that he is a beneficiary of the revolutionary tendencies of Imo electorate. Our elders say that it is after nza the bird became overfed that he challenged GOD to a contest. He should also not forget what happens to the dog that death is after.