PDP, APC clash over Trump’s ‘shithole’ remark on Africa

Donald Trump
U.S. President, Donald Trump

The opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, sparred on Saturday with the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, over which African leader’s conduct informed a series of disparaging comments that U.S. President Donald Trump has hurled on black countries.

Mr. Trump singled out Haiti, El Salvador and parts of Africa as “shithole countries” during a meeting with U.S. lawmakers about immigration Thursday, according to the Washington Post.

The comments came during a White House meeting held to explore a bipartisan immigration deal, said the Washington Post, which broke the news.

The paper reported that Mr. Trump favoured immigrants from Norway and Asia, saying they helped the country economically.

But he wondered “why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

“Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out,” the Washington Post quoted Mr. Trump as saying.

But the president denied describing making derogatory remarks about Haiti, and appeared to also deny insulting Africa.

This came about three weeks after the New York Times reported that Mr. Trump slammed Nigerians during a June 2017 cabinet meeting that they don’t “go back to their huts” once they enter America.

The paper also said Mr. Trump castigated Haitians as people living with AIDS and Afghanistan as a terrorist-infested country.

The White House denied the comments at the time.

Mr. Trump’s latest comments drew worldwide outrage this weekend, especially leaders from black countries.

Although Mr. Buhari has not officially commented on the outrage, the PDP said the president has no moral grounds to do so.

“President Buhari laid a very bad foundation for all the bad impressions people have about Nigeria as a whole,” said Diran Odeyemi, the deputy spokesperson for the PDP, in a telephone interview with PREMIUM TIMES.

President Buhari was criticised in February 2016 when he described Nigerians as having reputation for crime in an interview with The Telegraph in London.

A few months later in May, Mr. Buhari said Nigeria is a “fantastically corrupt” country, effectively agreeing with the then British Prime Minister David Cameron who had earlier described Nigeria in the same language.

“It’s unfortunate that we found ourselves in a situation where our leader does not understand the weight of statements he makes internationally,” Mr. Odeyemi said.

“Even recently, the president said he thought he was 74 until he was told he had turned 75, meaning we have a leader that doesn’t even know his age,” the spokesperson added.

“So if Trump comes out to say anything bad about us, it is the outcome of what our president has said in the past,” Mr. Odeyemi said, adding that “the PDP will present a candidate that understands international politics and how to talk intelligently.”

But the APC has lampooned the opposition party for trying to score political points from the comments that have earned Mr. Trump serious reprimand across the world.

“Every black person everywhere, every African everywhere, every rational person everywhere is unanimous in condemning the disparaging statements attributed to Mr. Trump,” said the APC spokesperson Bolaji Abdullahi.

“It is only the PDP that appears to agree with him and actually feels those unfortunate comments that have been declared racist could actually be justified,” Mr. Abdullahi further told PREMIUM TIMES. “You don’t need to join others to rubbish your own people because you want to play opposition.”

But a human resource expert who weighed in on the matter, said both parties should see Mr. Trump’s comments as a challenge for improved leadership on the African continent rather than taking cheap shots at each other.

“Instead of the political parties bickering, it should be for us to prove to the world that we can do better in Africa,” said Yomi Fawehinmi.

Mr. Fawehinmi, however, slammed Mr. Trump for his comments, which he described as “unbecoming” of a leader of his status.

“It is unbecoming, even though it could be factual. But it is unexpected of him as a leader,” Mr. Fawehinmi said, while emphasising that “this is a challenge for us in Africa.”


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  • Maitama Tambari

    Diran Odeyemi, there is a Yorubas saying that someone who knows his father cannot abuse the elders especially the way you put it. I lived and attended Mississippi State University, Starkville and attended Kent State University Ohio and finally attended University in Hartford Connecticut before returning back to Nigeria. Donald Trumps comments is not new to some of us who attended University in the Southern States of USA. I used to tell Africans that going to Southern States of USA was a good ground for Africans to learn what South Africans were going through with Apartheid. This was in the early seventies. When I came to Kent State University which was about twenty six miles from Cleveland and eleven miles from Akron, the type city of the world, the situation was not that different not to talk of Hartford which is eighty miles from New York and eighty five miles from Boston any different. Donald Trumps is a typical American.

    On unkindness words you said on PMB because of politics was very unfair because PMB said the truth you wouldn’t like to hear. I remember while at Kent, Samson, a student from Nigeria traveled to Canada for the Christmas in 1973. He went to Disco and met a beautiful and wonderful girl who got carried away with him. She finally asked the question where he came from. He said Nigeria and she wept and asked, why was he unfortunate to come from that country? Her sister was cheated by a Nigerian there are one thousand and more like her.

    PDP did not portray Nigeria in good light with Dasukigate and many things that happened during President Jonathan Administration. Have you read President Obama’s book before he became USA President? What did he say about Nigeria? Why did he not visit Nigeria but went to Ghana, South Africa and his paternal father’s country Kenya? Though BILL Clinton and George W Bush both visited Nigeria during President OBASANJO. It is shameful for PDP to turn serious Diplomatic crisis in the world into local Nigeria politics. What a shame.

    • Factual Bob

      You can’t approbate and reprobate same very facts though delivered by two different personalities.By approving Buhari’s acceptance that Nigerians are fantastically corrupt as posited by Ex Prime Minister David Cameron,you should not disapprove President Trump’s assertion that Nigeria is a shithole. Both are very factual though uncomfortable truth.

      • Tola

        What is factual in calling us shithole? What is shithole? We are corrupt, that is a fact. PDP doesn’t want to hear the word corruption. You cannot solve a problem without recognising it. Nothing is wrong with our environment, our heritage. Only the thieves that are fighting to destroy us. Nigeria is not shithole.

        • Guest

          The obsession with ‘corruption’ as the only problem wrong with Nigeria is mind boggling. What about injustice, nepotism, incompetence, mediocrity, lack of vision, religious extremism? If you stop ‘corruption’ (which many wrongly regard as stealing of money) and still exhibit the earlier mentioned characteristics, we will still remain a ‘shithole’ country.
          This unthinking, reactive attitude led us to elect a man whose only qualification is that he can fight ‘corruption’ (he has’nt by the way) and see where we are today………..

          • Tola

            I am surprised you see an obsession. Corruption is the root cause of all our problems. All the other vices thrive because of corruption. We have allocated mountains of resources to education and health since independence but they are wretched. Policies on taxation, duties, examinations etc don’t work because they are distorted by corruption. If we have well educated citizenry it will be difficult to prey on religion and ethnicity as people shamelessly do today. A well educated person will not see another view point as ‘unthinking’. Those are all attitudes of poor education. Einstein (arguably one of the greatest scientists ever) once looked a a criticism of one of his theories and conceded that he was wrong. It was later found out after his death that he was indeed right. That is the hallmark of intellectualism. What if my viewpoint is wrong?

          • Du Covenant

            Well put!.

          • Du Covenant

            In my opinion, it is you who is exhibiting obcessive compulsion with one man’s qualification. Our last accident in history put a PhD holder in Aso rock, the whole world has now seen what this experience was like. Leaders are born NOT made as we are used to in Nigeria. Similarly, you do not need any university degrees to be patriotric, it is a mindset. Once corruption is stemmed in Nigeria, you will not believe what can be achieved and many other African countries follow suit.

    • Du Covenant

      Thank you my broda, I posted my comment before reading yours and I do not know if this will be posted at all. America is a very hypocritical society, I did my graduate studies in the US and it often amazes me how some Nigerians think the US is such a perfect country to emulate. I have many stories and experiences of my years off the shores of Nigeria. It is just unfortunate that such an asshole became the president and again it has to do with all the hypocrisy I started off with!. The mad man is a KKK member and I stand to be corrected.

      • omo56

        “perfect country to emulate” No country is perfect,
        major difference is that institutions in western countries work. Most of us in USA work harder than most
        Nigerians, and even have our cars/homes on credit (most Nigerians pay cash for their houses and cars).

        In short, good governance

        You get services you pay for (light, water, police etc)

        Teachers and workers are paid on time

        Pensioners do not die on line waiting for what they worked for and deserved

        No fear of losing a case in court because your adversary is connected to people in power

        I can go on and on

        And what do we have to show for over fifty years of independence?

      • Tunsj

        Well put! Asshole and Shithole indeed.

        • Annabelle


      • Annabelle

        You right but, people hardly believe that until they actually live in the US, not just visit for a couple of months.

      • Fire4fire

        The Ku Klux Klan (/ˈkuː ˈklʌks ˈklæn, ˈkjuː/),[a] commonly called the KKK or simply the Klan, is three distinct movements in the United States that have advocated extremist reactionary positions such as white supremacy, white nationalism, anti-immigration and—especially in later iterations—Nordicism,[7][8] anti-Catholicism[9][10] and antisemitism.[10] Historically, the KKK used terrorism—both physical assault and murder—against groups or individuals whom they opposed.[11] All three movements have called for the “purification” of American society and all are considered right-wing extremist organizations.

    • Tunsj

      Very well-written and insightful. The main problem with PDP is that they talk a lot without saying anything of significance.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      It is indeed an unfortunate matter that an event that should generate a common front for umbrage against the careless words of Mr. Trump has been turned into making cheap political points.

      Whilst I am not surprised at the utterances of ‘Diran because of his antecedents, I’m only disappointed that APC chose to dignify it with a response.

      There are times when silence is golden indeed.

      • Tunsj

        Well said! Happy New Year to you and your family.

    • Nwa_Africa

      What do you think Lai Mohammed would have say if they are still in opposition? PDP is not shooting APC as APC did to them between 2013 to 2015………………………

  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    Donald Trump has become a diversion for Nigeria’s political establishment.

  • Bisi Abiola

    The issue is not whether Trump is right about Africa or the thinking here in Nigeria that we need to get our acts together. My take is that the POTUS should exercise some restraint in his pronouncements, manage his anger, and exhibit some diplomacy in his relations with international governments.

    • Otile

      Yeah, but do the rulers of shithole countries like Biya, Buhari, Bashir care? They will still go to USA, France, England to beg for bullets to shoot their rival tribesmen.

    • Annabelle

      Hahaha……Your advice would’ve been relevant if you were talking about a normal human being. Unfortunately, trump is an animal that sees and treats non-whites as nothing. You don’t negotiate with such “things” you just pay them back in their own coin.

    • Peter_Edo

      He can’t…

  • fidelis auve

    Africa is a shithole, people are killed everyday and no one cares, youth unemployment is almost 80% and please accept the reality, fix your shitholes


    When a government fails to respect its people and kills them without trial in thousands while at the same time begging for bullets which can be bought with her earnings ,then that regime loses its moral high-ground on issues of this sort. Botswana can call in the US ambassador for explanations, Kenya and South-Africa can but Nigeria cannot because our leaders are killers and corrupt men with a lot of skeletons in their closets.

    • Tola

      The reason Trump insults us is because we are poor and he sees economic migrants at his door step. That reinforces his ignorant and discredited belief in a superior race. Those who cause this are those who loot our resources and make us poor. Nigerians are hard working and intelligent but the thieves have destroyed the country. No country pumps 2.5m bbl/d at more than $100 for more than 4 yrs with only $29b reserve. The PDP should look inwards to find out why we still shout over price of Thai rice when they governed for 16 yrs.

      • man

        tola, we wasted 60billion dollars in reserves during jonathan. are we not shitholes??? please go and cry in backyard.

  • Anonymous

    We all hate the truth, although Trump was wrong to make those remarks, those are the gospel truth that you don’t say in public. Some countries are indeed shitholes.

    • MG

      Nigeria is no. 1 on the list.

    • Annabelle

      Actually, that’s how whites see Africa and blacks.They just won’t say it out!

      • man

        actuallly, they say it in their private parlours. trump forgot the whitehouse is his residence and office. heheheheheheh

        • Annabelle


      • Anonymous

        That’s exactly my point.

  • Annabelle

    “Shithole” Of course! Although, the author of “shithole” is himself the biggest, loudest, ugliest shithole on the planet!

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Quite very unfortunate that president Muhammadu Buhari, as Nigeria, leader fails to damn the consequences and react like Malawi,Ghana and South-Africa, leaders, along with Africa Union, that demand that USA-racist,misogynist and sexual-harasser-Republican-Party,s president Donald J. Trump.who called all African nations and Haiti,” Shithole”.
    The old-dementia virus and common-sense-deficit suffering leader, of USA, whose election campaign warranted the special-counsel-Robert Mueller,s “Russia-Trump-campaign”,s investigations, lacks caution as he often shoots his dirty-mouth like a virus as he displays a characteristic of a third-grade-student,very unstable who lacks personal-control and is facing fifteen women accusations that Donald J.Trump, sexual-harassed them at various locations over a long period of time.
    HIs wife, Melenia-Trump, who was a high school drop-out originally came as immigrant from Eastern Europe,Slovenia and Donald J.Trump, is on his third-marriage having divorced twice before and Donald J.Trump, ran real-estate business, he inherited from his late father, Trump-senior, who were both petitioned to the human right agency in new York, for discrimination against African-Americans, as the Trumps, were convicted and fined thousands of USA-Dollars, for discriminating against African-Americans, by not letting out Trumps, apartments to any African-Americans-tenants.Donald J.Trump, is also a hater of Muslims around the world as he issued presidential order to ban Muslims from coming to USA.
    @omo56:disqus :There is no country,s central government, that creates employment for graduates as being graduates, qualify every graduates to be able to initiate your own business-idea and start operating on your own and provide jobs for others like secretary,clerk and salesman and others.If you study a viable profession, you would be able to stand on your own.

    • man

      you are very unfortunate. why should buhari comment to such silliness?? so if a child insults you, you will cry?
      doctor nonsense.

      • rules_emmanuelO.

        Are you slow? Or just ignorant? Would the US President (and it’s people) react if such was said about his country by another?

        • Julius

          People call the UNited States names all the time….hellooooooo !

    • Dan arewa

      Nigerians dont see or understand any of the very valid points you raised Dr Pat, snd thats what make me feel we as a people are indeed inferior to others, the very readon why slavery lasted for 500 years still exist today.


    ZOO !!

    • Julius

      You are one of the barbaric, ugly animals in that ‘zoo’. You are also the shit in that ‘shithole’

  • JasV

    When the big elephant shit, hopeless flies hover and collide over the shit in the shithole

  • man

    people like bolaji abdulahi should not be in charge, even on any national matter. this is why we are shitholes. because we have dullards, people that always cheat in classes in leadership positions everywhere.
    why respond to such silly comment???? you see why we have shitholes as leaders. they dont know how to resolve conflict, only how to chop and enjoy.

  • Mama Kay

    I really don’t understand the outrage of our people.

    African leaders and elites with the connivance of IMF and World Bank have made Africa hell for the people.

    Africans were happy with their continent and didn’t have to go round the world looking for wealth until hell was sent to them with the coming of colonialists and their fake missionaries who connived with the leaders and stole everything to develop their own countries because of course they were wiser than our people having had the luxury of seeing poverty and hunger first hand in their countries.

    The African Union should not demand any apology but make determined efforts to make sure that African youth stop risking their lives because of the endemic poverty brought upon them by their greedy and selfish leaders.

    Send your wrath upon the African leaders who insist on impoverishing their countries.

  • NoSpinEd

    When somebody tells you a plain and unflattering truth about you, you can repond 2 ways: You can either react with anger and waste a lot of energy demanding “apologies” but remain arrogant and unreformed, or you can acknowledge the veracity of the claim, however unkindly stated, and redirect all your anger towards a relentless effort at self improvement and win the grudging respect of your detractors by the dawning of a noticable change for the better.

  • Bassey Frank

    Trump cannot be referring to “giant of Africa” which is governed by a highly educated, well exposed, well informed leader. Maybe that is what APC wants to hear.

    • Julius

      Trump has no clue of what da hell he was talking about. I was looking for your comment on this and I must say that you did not disappoint. I guess you are not the shit in the shithole he was calling us. He took ‘Bassey Frank’ out of it…abi. Self denigration /hatred is the worst. You are what you accept what other people call you. Run for office and id its a National office, I’ll look at your agenda and if it makes sense to me, I’ll vote for you so you can be the highly educated, well informed leader you are talking about. Think about that.

      • Bassey Frank

        Nations and their citizens are SYMBOLIZED by their leadership. That is why you do not enthrone a brainless minion as a leader. That is what Trump meant. Who are you to argue that Trump has no clue of what da hell he was talking about. You think he is as clueless as CERTIFICATELESS leaders? I don’t expect you to know the difference anyway because you operate zero based wisdom.

        • Julius

          Yes, your hero Trump is clueless and I’m not the only person saying it. Talk to some of his cabinet and member of his own party…don’t even bother asking the opposition . I know the difference..Mr. know it all, why do you think his NSA called him a moron ? I guess you know more than the 4 star General. Right genius ?

  • Damian

    Disgraceful PDP as if they are not black people from an african country…cutting their nose to spite their face.
    Party of shameless thieves.

  • thusspokez

    “Every black African person everywhere, every African everywhere, every rational person everywhere is unanimous in condemning the disparaging statements attributed to Mr. Trump,” said the APC spokesperson Bolaji Abdullahi.

    Except Buhari, the President of Nigeria who has not condemned it — This would imply that Buhari is not a rational person, according to Bolaji Abdullahi, the APC spokesperson.

    • man

      you are disappointing all of us. why comment to silly palour talk? bolaji abdullahi is a shithole since he thinks trump insulted him.

      • thusspokez

        Than that makes you a piece of shit — presumable from the shíthole!

        • man

          do you know what all these white americans say in their private palours about africans, indians and co? they think you are all shitholes. so should you cry? no. show them you re not shithole s by improving the standards in the country.

          • Fire4fire

            Thats true

  • Julius

    Smdh !, I guess Africa became a shithole when the Pdp lost re-election !. THe nerves of these morons is unbelievable…Nigeria ‘was’ the greatest country on earth when Jonathan was ruining us. Priceless !!

  • rambo

    Nigeria officially became a shithole the moment Buhari took over. He broke all his election promises and, see the herdsmen issue that he totally ignores. Locking people up without trial. No transparency at all in the country’s finances. If APC say Nigeria is not a shithole, why are thousands of young Nigerians willing to risk death in Libya and the Mediterranean Sea just to escape from the country. If it is not a shithole, why don’t the president receive medical treatment at home? Why was his son flown to Germany for treatment? Because he knows the oppressive system he created is a shithole.

  • Dan areewa

    None of issues you raised give the us president the right to insult us, i can give 24 major problems in the US today but no Africa leader uses that to insult all white people…you need to reason well and know who you are and where you come from?

  • Dan arewa

    Nigerians or i should say black people never disappoint, even in times of slavery some black people though and still think it was a good thing or it was our fault. Nigerians never disappoint, if Trump called us slaves there will be alot of Nigerians supporting him or try to sell him their sons, daughters or even mothers. Welcome to shitholes

  • man

    bolaji abdullahi is a shithole since he thinks trump insulted him.

    • Dan arewa

      i beg go chop your gari and shut up

      • man

        dont cry in front of me. go and do it in the toilet.

        • Dan arewa

          Thats why they called you shitholes e everywhere you go

  • Ezekiel. J.

    Is Africa including Nigeria not a shithole country? In fact smelling bad with corruption and backwardness. So African leaders and Africans including Nigerians should rise up to clear the mess, the man Trump spoke the simple truth about all the countries mentioned. It is a wake-up call!!

  • serubawon70

    Trump statement must be condemned by all. No matter how much you hate your fellow countrymen, racism is an ideology that must be condemned because it will eventually be defeated.

    • Life is Good

      Racism begins at home. Our leaders that hate their fellow countrymen are they not racists?
      Leave Trump alone, lets face our irresponsible leaders.

      • aisha ani

        And lets face our irresponsible countrymen.

  • apcecum

    This country is really a shithole

  • apcecum

    Countries that are not shitholes provide power, security, health care, technology, good governance while shithole countries allow their president and families to go abroad for medical treatment, they don’t have steady power, no value for human lives, backward technologically.

  • emmanuel

    Does the President of Nigeria not fit into a shithole man?
    Trump is not a racist, but irked by Nigeria’s sheer backward and senseless leadership

  • Buchi Lucci Ezeokeke

    Funny Nigerians. Here we are defending PDP and APC, as if there has been a difference between them. Instead of seeing all of them as our common problem, we are jumping to defend one or the other. Chai!!! Slavery reasoning. And as for what Trump said, there is only ONE shithole country in Africa, and if you want to see that country, then look no further. Take a look around you. Trump is NOT really in the right position to say it, but that doesn’t mean he has lied. Christ, even Lagos streets smells like shit!!! Come on!!