Forget 2019, Northern youth groups tell Buhari

Leaders of the 36 Youth Coalition briefing Newsmen Sunday AF Press Center

A coalition of youth groups in Northern Nigeria has called on President Muhammadu Buhari not to seek re-election.

The leaders of the coalition, called Northern Youth Coalition, stated this when they addressed journalists at the Press Centre in Kano on Sunday.

They said they were dissatisfied with Mr. Buhari’s performance as president and that seeking re-election “could be a disgraceful move.”

The leader of the coalition, Abdulmajid Saad and his secretary, Salisu Indabawa, spoke on behalf the coalition that they said comprised 36 youth groups.

“We observed with utmost dismay that three years after the current leadership came into power, Nigerians are already disappointed with the way things are going.

“This was characterised by the president’s deafening ears to the yearnings of the citizenry as witnessed in the falling standard of attainment of basic of life needed by ordinary Nigerians,” Mr. Saad said.

“We also observed poor healthcare services delivery to the whole nation. Corruption has taken new dimensions on high scale, standard of living of most Nigerians has deteriorated, while injustice, insecurity and high level of impunity has become a recurring decimal.”

The officials said the victory recorded in the fight against Boko Haram was insufficient to campaign with as insecurity had worsened in other areas with kidnapping and ethnic violence on the rise.

Mr. Saad, while answering questions from journalists, said his group is not being sponsored by any politician. He also said not all the groups that are part of the coalition are registered.

The group’s choice of Kano for its press conference may be significant as the state is the main political base of Mr. Buhari. It is also the state from which the president received his largest votes in 2015.

It is however, not clear if the groups that addressed the press on Sunday command any significant following to derail the president’s re-election ambition.


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  • Watch man

    Ah, they will say this group was sponsored by PDP and then by next week APC will counter by sponsoring their own gang. PDP and APC are two cults of the same parents

  • Abu-Mu’awiya

    Atiku’s moles can not speak for northern youth.Mr. Sa’ad your paymaster cannot win an election even in his Jada local government talkless of Nigerias president.The northern youth as you know has no any prepared candidate come 2019 than PMB.Your candidate is like a dead horse in Nigerian politics that no one can ride on its back.

    • Roland

      May God improve ur life as Buhari has improved Nigeria in the areas of Employment, Economy, Security, Power, etc. Say Amen to that

      • Anasieze Donatus

        AND AMEN

    • princegab

      No 2nd term for pmb. His administration is corrupt and incompetent. The northern youths are right and serious about dumping pmb in 2019.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        If you have a voter’s card, you can but only exercise your right to vote once.

        • Daniel

          Kay you now lurk around like a nocturnal creature online.

          From the pre-2015 excitement, I told you I would be on your tail to prove you wrong on Buhari.

          I guess you can now see how poor your judgement is. Yet still hesitating to acknowledge the Buhari governance disaster.

          Grow some balls and integrity to apologize for supporting this sorry state Nigeria finds itself.

  • pheliciti

    Noise makers…

    • Tunsj


    • Otile

      You will be calling them noise makers until corrupt Buhari and his criminal looters rape Nigeria lame.

  • Patriotism

    Ballot box not sponsored coalitions will reveal the true man-of-the-people. Let’s meet in the ballot box not noise making.

    • Roland

      May God improve ur life has Buhari has improved Nigeria in the areas of Employment, Economy, Security, Power, etc. Say Amen

      • Anasieze Donatus


  • Suleiman Alatise

    Too little too late.

  • Otile

    I know the educated Northern youths will not let this reptile(Mohamed Buhari) and his criminal gang ruin their future. Treacherous folks, praise singers, and parasites will continue to shout “Sai Baba” while con-men loot the country dry and reduce Nigerians to beggars.

  • Anasieze Donatus

    Do they really need a press statement for crass exhibition of this parochial idiocy? All you need is to galvanize the Northerners and their youths against the reelection and not this public idiotic show

    • thusspokez

      “An exhibition of parochial idiocy?” But I suppose your suggestion to northerners to galvanize northerners is not parochial?

      • Anasieze Donatus

        A suggestion is not same as an order

        • thusspokez

          Both remain parochial unless you believe (and it would only be a belief ) that your parochial suggestion is superior to their own so-called parochial suggestions. Besides, your use of “order” is a misuse of word: It would be an “order” only if the group has some way of enforcing it — powers which they don’t have.

          • Anasieze Donatus

            So many order or ultimatum has been issued by different groups without having the right or way of enforcing same and all boils that to freedom of speech which i also expressed as a constitutional right and you are doing everything to twist my comment to voicing an expression,

  • Jb

    These are people who are not known outside their homes. No body in today’s Nigeria can claimed to be speaking on behave of any body. They are just preparing to deceive people like Atiku and collect the little they can get from him. Kowa yasan
    gidan ubansa a arewan. Karya kukeyi.

    • Al

      Yes o

  • thusspokez

    (1) ”We observed with utmost dismay that three years after the current leadership came into power, Nigerians are already disappointed with the way things are going.”

    (2) ”… falling standard of attainment of basic of life needed by ordinary Nigerians,”
    (3) “…poor healthcare services delivery to the whole nation.”
    (4) “Corruption has taken new dimensions on high scale”
    (5) “standard of living of most Nigerians has deteriorated”
    (6) “injustice, insecurity and high level of impunity has become a recurring decimal.”
    (7) “ victory recorded in the fight against Boko Haram was insufficient to campaign with as insecurity had worsened in other areas with kidnapping and ethnic violence on the rise.”

    The Northern Youth Coalition continues to surprise me. They are not what their name makes them to be. On the contrary, no other group in Nigeria is as patriotic as this group. Chineke! Here is a northern group harshly criticising a president who is from the north.

    Not long ago, the extremely tribalist Yorubas, in this case, the so-called ‘Congress of Yoruba sons and daughters” within the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, had expressed anger that someone had describe the “father of corruption” Obasanjo as a failure in his presidency. But not to be outdone in tribalism scale, the Igbos were also angered that to hear the arrest by the EFCC of one of their dodgy sons, one Innocent Chukwuma (boss of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Ltd.).

    I would suggest to the The Northern Youth Coalition to open its membership to patriotic like-minded patriotic Nigerians from other parts of the country. Every non-tribalistic and patriotic Nigeria should be proud of this group and should be able to apply to join the group..

    • Onye nsogbu

      The evil Zoo must fall.

    • Oty

      When last did you see your psychiatric?

      Your.consumption of those illegal stuff is getting outta hand.

      • Emeka

        “Psychiatrist” you mean? I know he just escaped from “Yabaleft” yesterday, so don’t bother yourself with his meaningless submissions…

      • thusspokez

        You must be a Nigerian!

        • Mufu Ola

          Ignore the dumbsters.

      • Mufu Ola

        U people are so parochial that simple honest views are alien to u. You think everybody parochial? I have always insisted that an average northerner think better than u clowns. Even aboki shoe shinner.

    • Anasieze Donatus

      Please what did PMB inherit from PDPs 16years rule that you think he would
      have built on to perform magic?

      *Did PMB inherit constant power supply? How many mega watts of power
      generation and distribution did he inherit?

      *Did PMB inherit a robust and functional transportation infrastructure with functional rail lines and highways at the very least?
      Not talking waterways and modern airports?

      *Did PMB inherit a national carrier? Rather he inherited the debt of
      Nigerian Airways staff whose payment he has offset or made provision to be
      offset late last year.

      *Did PMB inherit functional refineries or even refineries working at 50%

      *Did PMB inherit a functional police force and military that were on top of
      their game? Rather he inherited a military that was running away from Boko
      Haram in what they termed ‘tactical manoveres’.

      *Did PMB inherit a reserve that provided a buffer for the economy? He
      inherited $30billion which was depleted to that level from a high of
      $62billion. It was $47when GEJ came in.

      *Did PMB inherit an efficient civil service? Didn’t PMBs government uproot
      thousands of ghost workers from the federal civil service payroll?

      *Did PMB inherit an efficient ministry of Niger delta and NDDC? By the time
      he came in, NDDC has expanded $40billion with nothing to show. Ministry of
      Niger delta has spent more than #420billion on several hundred projects but
      didn’t achieve up to 30% completion rate.

      *Did he inherit a country that was growing its food to feed it’s ever
      increasing population? Were we not spending billions of dollars per annum
      importing rice?

      *Did he inherit any on-going mass housing project initiated by PDP?

      *Did he inherit a stable and secure polity? When he came in, people in Abuja
      including me were scared BH will overrun the city. The Shiites were holding travelers
      to ransom along the Kaduna highway by blocking roads. Herdsmen/ farmers crisis
      was unresolved. Kidnapping remained in top gear. A well equipped militant’s
      cell through PDP pipeline defense contracts was waiting. Was the security

      *When PMB came in, didn’t about 26 states owe workers salaries?

      *what was the state of education when he came in? Was it fantastic? Weren’t
      universities extorting students with post JAMB test? Didn’t he inherit an ASUU
      crisis with a backlog of unmet demands same as in the health sector?

      What is it that PMB actually inherited from PDPs
      16years rule that put him in the stead to do the magic you expect of him? What?

      • thusspokez

        Google is your friend. Don’t ask me questions. Besides, this is a discussion forum and not an interview forum.

        • Abu-Mu’awiya

          You are unserious

    • Abu-Mu’awiya

      Which group are we going to be proud of?,
      Only mole can be proud of moles.

  • Onye nsogbu

    Boohari is evil

    • Abu-Mu’awiya

      You are devil.

      • Onye nsogbu

        Muslim pedophile

  • Peaceometer

    Insignificant group

  • Daniel

    Buhari is president to shallow-minded Northern youths and their Southern collaborators.

    Despite being decimated by poverty, his supporters have resolved to embrace FALSE HOPE.

    I feel sorry for them.

    Imprisoned minds!

    • Abu-Mu’awiya

      Which mind are you?

  • Mufu Ola

    How many ” youth groups” are in the North? This one is just the PDP wing of youth group. There are hundreds of youth groups.

    • Onye nsogbu

      Yariba Muslim mumu

      • Abu-Mu’awiya

        You are a religious bigot mr. Man you are among the haters of development.

        • Onye nsogbu

          Islamo wahabbi barbarian

      • Mufu Ola

        U & your gang are very local. U think d world begin & end in your cursed enclave.

        • Onye nsogbu

          yoroBADOO barbarian. Spit!

    • Otile

      So what?

      • Mufu Ola

        U hate truth,abi?