CAN speaks on Benue killings

Police on patrol [Photo: Beegeagle's Blog]

The Christian association of Nigeria, CAN has demanded an urgent action from the government to curb the menace of herdsmen attacks in the country.

In a statement signed by the CAN president, Samson Ayokunle, the association said the trend has reached what it describes as the ‘breaking point of its tolerance level’ and urged immediate action to stop the killings.

“We in the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) are forced to make this press release on the continuous inhuman and wicked activities of the Fulani Herdsmen all over the Federation who are going from community to community killing innocent farmers with impunity.

“They have killed more people than the Boko Haram sect and almost displaced more people than them. We are now reaching a breaking point in our patience and toleration of this wicked impunity before degenerating to a civil war.

“While the government has taken the battle to Boko Haram terrorists, the Indigenous People of Biafra, the Badoo boys, the Niger Delta Avengers and other groups, the government has not shown any serious willingness to checkmate the murderous Fulani Herdsmen. This to us is a betrayal of the confidence reposed in this government by Nigerians when they voted them into power,” the statement said.

The association also accused the federal government of failing in its constitutional duty of protecting the nation, adding that there was no excuse for the government’s ‘failure to investigate the sources of ammunition used by the herdsmen.’

“Similarly, the government has failed to uphold the constitution which they swore to uphold because they have failed in protecting Nigerians from the attacks of Fulani herdsmen in the affected areas. If they continue to allow Fulani herdsmen to be having a field day in killing people like this, is it not the Fulanis alone that would remain that they would be governing? God forbid.

“We need to know why the intelligence units of all security apparatus we have in this country have not been able to discover the sources of supply of ammunition to Fulani herdsmen living virtually in the bush. The Customs and the Immigration services together with the Police have case to answer. Who are the suppliers of these weapons? If the murderous herdsmen are foreigners, as it is being claimed in some quarters, why did we allow dangerous foreigners into our country to come and kill us? Our government has a case to answer too,” the statement added.

CAN also called on the international community to help in addressing the problem.

It said it has set aside a date for churches to pray against the menace.

“We urge all churches to set aside time this coming Sunday, January 7, to pray for Nigeria and for victory over the killings. Our nation can never be great in a state of insecurity and war as we are presently experiencing it. This government owes the entire Nigerians the responsibility of competent action, not just action by words of mouth,” the statement said.

Herdsmen attacked and killed at least 20 people in Benue communities last week.

The Police said they have arrested eight herdsmen over the deaths which they put at 10 persons.

“Eight herdsmen, six in Guma and two in Logo, had been arrested in connection with the attacks,” a police spokesman said.

There have been series of attacks by suspected herdsmen in many parts of the country with huge casualties recorded in recent years.


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  • Mufu Ola

    The killings is regrettable but CAN must advise & admonish Tivs from stealing cows.The attack doesn’t just crop up without reason.Let’s remove emotion & face reality. Any reasonable person must go to that place & ask neutral non indigenes living there.Both the Fulanis & Tivs are equally dangerous & satanic.

    • Gary

      So the Fulani herdsmen have a special right to kill Tivs for rustling their animals? The laws of civilized society donot apply to them because a Fulani is President?
      It is time for the Council of Nigerian Churches to draw the attention of the United Nations and the international community to the campaign of genocide in Nigeria’s Middle Belt.
      The institutions of our government have failed and to be candid, complicit in the ethnic-cleansing now underway in the Benue Valley, Southern Kaduna, Mambilla and Jos plateaux by the Fulani.

      Hundreds more people have fallen to the marauders since Agatu was sacked and Buhari said nothing.

      Nor have the Middle Belt people found protection from their legislators and leadership at the National Assembly.
      They have been cowed by the fear of Buhari’s Security Agencies while Speaker Dogara and Senate President Bukola Saraki continue to put party interests above the security and welfare of the Nigerian people.

      The next elections are still a year away before the people get a chance to deliver a verdict the return of Muhammadu Buhari.

      How many more people will die before an urgent appeal is made to world opinion to save the people of the Middle Belt from the bloody rampage of Fulani invaders?

  • Mentus

    Mufa Ola
    So if a car dealer gets one his cars stolen or one the traders in your area has his ware stolen they should go round murdering anybody in sight including innocent women and children. I thought people are not supposed to take the law into their hands, what about reporting to the police for the loss to be investigated and the culprits prosecuted.
    It was not long ago I read in this paper that several cows were recovered from rustlers while some of them were arrested, in one of the states in North West, why did the rescuers not go on a killing spree there. The community probably is made up of Fulanis.
    Please do not try to defend the indefensible, there is absolutely no justifiable reason for what you the Fulanis are doing. You are simply carrying out your plan to Islamize the nation, but you have to know that your plan will never work.

    • Singapore

      Nice one Ola.

    • Mufu Ola

      Report to police? Go & ask Igbo traders in Makurdi what they’re encountering in d hands of Tivs & police reactions. I witnessed a particular incident where a trader went to report his burgled shop in a residential area. The suspect is well known but his clansmen will protect him because all are in d same game. Getting to police station, the poor chap was told to forget d issue, that after all he must have been 419 who came to Makurdi to invest his loot! That’s why most Igbo traders (whose shops are regularly burgled) hardly go to police. I insist Tivs & Fulanis are same in nefarious activities.Your ‘Islamization’ theory is childish.

      • SteveOMarcus

        So why didn’t the igbos go on rampage if your infantile reasoning is anything to go by?

        • Mufu Ola

          Nonsense question! Igbos to go on rampage bcos their shops are burgled. How many rampages will they go? Nonsense thinking!

  • Dan Arewa

    What makes CAN Of Worms to accuse the Fulani of that gruesome murder on the eve of New Year in Benue? Is it because it is done in Benue and in New Year eve. If so, why didn’t CAN Of Worms accuse the same Fulani of Killings, in Rivers State since it happen at the same date and time.
    CAN Of Worms are just playing the game of PDP. Why is It that, the same CAN Of Worms always accuse Fulani of every killings in most Region of Northern minorities but keep mute when the same killings happen in Zamfara and Katsina or some where else? Is it because it want to paint the President black and divide the North according to religious lines? May be that’s why they block Northerners from becoming the President of CAN In which the North (Plateau State in particular) was initially it’s Birth Place.
    To me, CAN Of Worms are just agent of Destabilization who are hell bend to destroy Nigeria with their continue cries of Islamazatio of Nigeria, As if they were block from Christianizing the same Nigeria.

    At last, I sympathize with those that lost their love ones and I wish those injured speedy recovery.

    • Singapore

      Your post sounds insulting. What do you mean by CAN of worms?

  • tassajoh

    I think it is high time W report our leaders to Trump for punitive actions on them

  • Liberty

    I always get utterly disappointed by President Muhammadu Buhari when it comes to this issue of herdsmen wreaking havoc murdering efencrless compatriots whole the state watches on as if its a cinema show.

    Deep down within me, I have no difficulty believing that President Buhari is condoning arson by the herdsmen and probably even subscribes to the very brutal and violent ways of these people, in view of the palpable flat footedness with which the police and all the other security apparatus of the state react whenever the herdsmen strike.

    I vividly remember the incident sometimes ago in Oyo State during the tenure of Gov Rasheed Ladoja.

    It is very unfortunate and quite unbelievable that the Predident has, as it seem, either refused or is unable to rise above ethinic sentiments to find enduring solutions to criminality by herfdmen in this country.

  • Bassey Frank

    Those bothering President Buhari must bear in mind that he is flagging off his 2019 Presidential Election Campaign in the South West on January 20, 2018. That is the priority for now.
    Benue people can borrow Ayo Fayose to govern them for the remaining political term. Their governor, Samuel Ortom, is so afraid of PMB that he lacks the nerves to take any effective action. He is awaiting the flag-off of PMB’s presidential campaign.