My agenda is to stop APC, PDP from winning elections in 2019 – Oby Ezekwesili

Oby Ezekwesili
Oby Ezekwesili [Photo: Daily Trust]

A former minister for education, Oby Ezekwesili, has said that her political agenda for 2019 is to stop the two major political parties in Nigeria – the All Progressives Congress, APC, and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP – from winning state and national elections.

Mrs. Ezekwesili, who is also a co-leader of the #BringBackOurGirls movement, tweeted on Thursday that the essence of her new agenda was to “disrupt and end the political and governance stagnation and retrogression that our cyclical low equilibrium political Russian roulette has cost our country and people.

“Enough is enough,” she said, through her Twitter handle @obyezeks.

“My political agenda is simple. I shall actively campaign against APC and PDP in the 2019 elections except in rare cases where they field new minds with a strong record of public interest.

“I shall actively campaign for the best candidates of all other parties in the elections.

“My individual effort to campaign against APC and PDP in the 2019 elections may not amount to much, but it is at least a definite expression of my personal conviction.

“My conviction is that it is time to end the tyranny of rulership of a wicked minority political elite class,” she wrote.

Mrs. Ezekwesili’s position is a reflection of the general discontentment among Nigerians against the country’s political leadership.

Nigeria, with its main earnings coming from oil, is Africa’s biggest economy. Yet most of its population still live in abject poverty.

The historic defeat of the ruling PDP in the 2015 elections ended the party’s 16 years of political dominance and gave the people hope of a new beginning.

But President Muhammadu Buhari and his party – the APC – have been severely criticised as being incapable of tackling the nation’s many challenges, including the killings perpetrated around the country by different groups other than Boko Haram.

Mrs. Ezekwesili, in her one of tweets, described the APC and the PDP as “twin brothers”.

“This for me is the #YearOfTheOfficeOfTheCitizen when all citizens lift their red card.

“Whether many other citizens feel the way one feels about our political status quo does not matter. Standing up for what I believe is what one was raised to epitomize.

“It is sickening to watch the repetition of a similar pattern of bad behavior by our political class,” she said.


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  • Abdullah Musa

    Oby’s anger is understandable, shared.

    • Anonymous

      What is her anger really about? That the Chibok girls have not been brought back? Is it not better to have about over 100 back than all gone? Is is not good to have reserves climbing daily? Is it not good that infrastructure is being developed? That the economy is out of recession? That Agric is contributing to GDP and youths are embracing it? That Npower is giving skills training to unemployed youths as well as stipends? That schools enrolment is improving on account of feeding of children in schools? that we are beginning to feed ourselves. Please criticise govt on areas where they are poor performers but recognise what they have done well. It is not fashionable to be a perpetual critic, it shows you have an agenda that is not altruistic

      • Okakuoofbenin

        All these Aboki peole sha. When it comes to power, you all have a united front. Pray the Southerners don’t ever agree to come together as one front, because when they do it will be the end of the problem called Nigeria where the blind leads the unfortunate.

      • Kola Koleola

        Could you tell us how many people have lost their jobs within these past 2 years? Let me help you..over 7 million in 2 years.
        How many rice mills has been built since this government call to power?
        How many power plant has this government added to the ones built before this government came?

      • Abdullah Musa

        Nothing bad in having an agenda.
        Were it mandatory that everybody must praise government then we wouldn’t have political parties or even politics itself.
        It was PDP that brought gsm to Nigeria, but Buhari capitalised on its other lapses and dethroned it.
        So it will be the same for APC.

  • ojomaje ijato

    Madam I agree totally. I have started my own advocacy at every level I have influence and appeal to all sane Nigerians to do same. Our mumu don do.

  • monnie uwa

    A good work, hope every Nigerian will see reasons and join in this worthy network. I am with you Madam. It is too much of same, same people, from their fathers to the sons and still preparing for their children to take over and continue with the damage.

  • Intrepid

    I am with you on this one. Madam you can even present yourself as a candidate. Will Nigeria see through their tribal lenses? That’s the crux of the matter.

    • Gary

      Thank you. The likes of Oby should run for office on the platform of a third party.
      Nigeria’s fate must not be tied to the corrupt and mediocre candidates of the APC or PDP.
      Run, Oby, run. Then others will take the cue and join hands with you to take our country back from the rule of morons.

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  • gwobezentashi janinjaka

    Rantings of a political neophyte. You were a Minister for 4 years. Nobody can remember what you did. No lasting legacy. The PDP government gave you exposure and you went to the World Bank. How come they didn’t extend your tenure? You came back to fight GEJ because he no give you another appointment. Buhari too no give you appointment. That na the reason why you dey form for APC too. Listen well Madam Oby. Na only you waka come oooo. You have one vote. Use it as you please. Other than that, you have nothing more to offer. Even your husband vote, you no fit influence. Dia riz God oooo! Aluta!

    • Kola Koleola

      When will people like you in this country, be tired of hopelessness and mediocrity living? So for you things should continue the way they are abi? koburo…some of us think differently, we think Nigeria deserves more than this. It’s not about Mrs Oby Ezekwesili, she’s an accomplished woman, read her profile. You should be concerned with your broke life.

      • Gary

        He’s earning his BMC stipend. Pay him no mind as they begin the web campaign to attack anyone who dares to say the truth about Buhari’s incompetent and wicked rule.

        • donald,the russian stooge

          it may not be about buhari per se,its about the hypocrisy from the likes of oby …………….. off hand,what exactly can you remember her for while she was in government??? i KNOW she feathered her nest thru’ (which of them didn’t under obj?) a front and owns several multi-million naira properties in lekki and abuja ……………

          • Say the truth

            Did you hear about madam DUE PROCESS. Due Process has outlasted her and it’s still helping the government safe a lot of money today. Some of these issues are for people with mental capacity to understand and not for remote controlled zombies and charlatans.

          • Anonymous

            She was Minister for Solid Minerals at a time I think, before Education-no legacy in solid minerals and none in education but everyday she will be criticising. Even when they took her on a flight to Sambisa she still came down from the Fighter jet or helicopter to complain. Empty vessel

          • Okakuoofbenin

            Sebi your hero said he is fighting corruption? If you have any evidence, arrest her. Bombooclat!!!

          • Kola Koleola

            If riff-rats can owe multi-million naira properties in Lekki and Abuja it would be strange if a former Vice President and a Consultant of the World Bank should not.

          • donald,the russian stooge

            no problem with her owning such from legitimate earnings……………………… problem is buying with money from the nation’s piggy bank …………….

        • Okakuoofbenin

          Very funny, but true bros.

    • donald,the russian stooge

      tell her!!!!!

      i tire for the woman hypocrisy …………………….the crap!!!!!

      these idio*ts in power and those that have smelt the corridors of power think all nigerians are fo0ls that can be played whenever they like!!!!!!!!!

    • Okokondem

      You completely ignored the issue of governance and lack thereof raised by this woman and instead focused on attacking her person. Do you truly believe you have contributed meaningfully to this dialog taken place here, or it really makes no difference to you one way or another?

  • Dan arewa

    But madam APGA cannot win a national election, you’re just an obstruct ionist with totally confused mind, not long you’re in government and did absolutely nothing,pls let Baba work if you’re not happy return to DC and rejoin the world bank.

    • Intrepid

      dan fooolani, the Aisha buhari fcuker. How long will it take the Islamo – analogue mind to perform?

    • Whalerolex

      Which baba are you referring to? Buhari? When is he planning to start working cos he has not started

  • Ogbole Abraham

    whoever is not tired is not a nigerian or must be a beneficiary of this insanity called leadership. enough is enough this is 2018. you have a chance use it wisely.

  • Emeka

    I may forgive this woman for her ugliness, but certainly not for her nativity…!! That you campaigned against pmb or not, what difference does that make?

    • Wale

      Can we see your faggoted face.

    • Intrepid

      Show us your akintola face.

      • Wale

        Very unintelligent.

    • Okokondem

      I wish you wouldn’t use the pseudo name EMEKA when you decide to be infantile during a serious discussion. It makes us look bad.

  • Wale

    I have said it on many occasions and wrote about it severally that these folks are same, same. Nigerians were bamboozled and played during the last election.
    Two years is more than enough to know if you have a good government or not.
    And personally; I think what Nigerians have now ain’t it.

    • Tunsj

      So do you want PDP back? Where were you when PDP was in charge for 16 years?

      • Wale

        Let me break it down for you; “these folks are same, same” means what?
        I’m not a fan of PDP, everyone thought Buhari was coming in to do a clean-up or at least attempt to, but……..
        Nigeria cannot move forward until she start dishing out the consequences of being a culprit.
        Why are your corrupt one still walking the streets????????
        More reasons why western world do not take you guys seriously, and you can’t survive being an island.

        • Okakuoofbenin

          Don’t mind the APC e-rat. His level of comprehension is too low bros. Any time you catch them pants down, they call you PDP.

        • Tunsj

          Wale, you’ve got a point about the corrupt one still walking the streets. On this topic, I’m still very disappointed with President Buhari and the EFCC. Politicians are all cut from the same piece of cloth and they will do anything to protect the members of their political parties, their friends and those that contributed to their campaigns. PDP failed Nigerians too. I do believe all members of PDP will eventually get their comeuppance! It’s only a matter of time.

  • donald,the russian stooge

    oby,reapply for a job at the world bank,you NEED IT ………………….. stop indirectly begging for a job and attention from both parties…………….. should you “stop” the two parties (which is not remotely possible by a political liliputan and novice such as yourself),what do you have as alternative? nothing ……………………. my suggestion,form a political party,advertise and pursue your programs to a logical conclusion ………………..yes,logical conclusion with you as president ultimately ………………balls are in your court …………..yes,balls if you have them …………………….

    • Whalerolex

      In as much as I don’t like Oby, I think her comment made a lot of sense. APC and PDP have nothing to offer Nigeria and they must not be allowed to get into power again. Yes there are alternatives we only need to create a level playing field with no religious, ethnic, regional, gender sentiments. TV debate should be a critical factor

      • Okakuoofbenin

        Are you answering the Buffon? Any wonder why the country is the it is?

      • donald,the russian stooge

        “they must not be allowed to get into power again”

        how? not voting either one of them?

        “es there are alternatives we only need to create a level playing field with no religious, ethnic, regional, gender sentiments. TV debate should be a critical factor”

        lolxxx!!! RELIGION,ETHNICITY AND GENDER sentiments are factors that would NEVER go away from naija politics no matter how hard we try ………………

  • Say the truth

    Any day it becomes clear that APC and PDP will not win the rotten politician will cross carpet, deploy their ill gotten wealth and hijack the ‘new’ platform. But it is good to stand for what you believe just others will see the light and know that PDP is APC, APC is PDP.

  • kolawole

    the same woman that asked Obasanjo to sell Unity Schools in the Country. wonder shall never end in Nigeria

  • SHAME to Niger DELTA leaders

    Just last December the Nigerian Senate REJECTED the move to establish an EPZ (Export Processing Zone) in Edo state. The Northern Senators and Senators from the West of Nigeria voted against it. The port would have created jobs and opened up business on a larger scale but it does not suit the agenda of the North so the bill was killed. Just one month after, today January 4, the same government commissions a DRY port in Kaduna- Northern Nigeria. Honestly I believe the Southern leaders and politicians are in-sane. Is John Oyegun not from Edo state? What will he now tell his people?…….I am not even sure Gov Osakesi of Benin is even aware of this politics. Oh my Niger Delta Avengers when will you avenge this injustices?

    • Okakuoofbenin

      We are creating it anyway! Don’t mind the animals. The Oba has decreed it and every Edo man will readily go to war in support.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    I shall give you every support and vote for any strategy with both hands and feet! The two political parties are USELESS! But my only worries are that we have not seen yet any political party in the horizon that would take the place of these IMPOSTORS. We wait and see; 2019 is at least 12 months away.

    • EP

      Prepare for more boko haram attacks as Bokohari is sure to respond from the North East.

      • tsunami1earthquake

        So the APC is using the Boko Haram as Big Stick over Nigeria? Hmmmmm, interesting!

  • .tundemash

    Buhari has lost it. I see no hope in Atiku or any other politician in APC or PDP. Not even the pool of dead men from which Mr Buhari occasionally selects from. I believe the time has come for an independent candidate and the person must be a well educated, experienced, smart, eloquent, corrupt free Nigerian (with no known ethnicity or religion) with brains. He/she must also undergo medical tests and brain scan with certificates from both tests made public. It is this individual that I will support in 2019.

    • Anonymous

      If Audu Ogbeh is one of the dead pool I would rather have the deed pool. Is Fashola a dead pool inhabitant or is Kemi Adeosun dead pool inmate? Emefiele dead? JAMB oga dead, Alli of Customs dead?

      • Lanre

        JAMB Oga is not dead? Our education is not dead? …Ok! Can you tell me which of the 173 Universities that one of the children of those edddi.ots you mentioned attend? Why do they send their useless children abroad? Buhari treats himeself in London. His son got accident and they secretly flew him to London and lied to 200 million mumus that he is in Abuja.

    • Okakuoofbenin

      I am in full support bro. It is time for the revolution. We all have a common enemy which we have to conquer collectively. The ruling elite is our common enemy. We must be resolute in our resolve to savage ourselves from the abject misery and subjugations of today and our children the miseries and subjugations of tommorow. Down with these animals!!

  • Okokondem

    No doubt Mrs Ezekwesili’s frustration is shared by many Nigerians who watch as successive presidencies and legislatures of different political parties fleece the country.

    However, believing that the problem of misappropriation of our wealth is only party centric is flawed. We have witnessed a pattern of behavior among the country’s rulers that transcends party, tribe or even religion. So not only is it foolhardy to think you can deny one of these two parties victory in the next election, succeeding in doing so still would not solve the intractable problem of financial malfeasance. Any new reconstituted political party is bound to have some of the same corruptible elements from PDP and APC as its members.

    The country must first come to terms with the failure of our system, and the corruptible mindset of our people. Only then can we begin to address what is a serious systemic problem, corruption.

    • Gary

      The problem is systemic but unfortunately, tribe and religion stand in the way of a solution. The concentration of power in Abuja under a military style President has worsened corruption, undermined the federal system and democracy.
      The AGF works for the President and not the people and the constitution. Then each President can irrationally Fire and replace the Police and military chiefs who then become loyal to him rather than the country and the constitution.
      The President of Nigeria can make himself Oil Minister and direct a pliant CBN as we presently witness. So who and what institution is there to control or check the president, be he a dunce (Jonathan) or an autocrat (OBJ, Buhari)?
      Certainly not the National Assembly that is largely populated by some of the most despicable, greedy and corrupt political miscreants in the nation.
      Then our judges became corrupted too, as they are the products of an educational system that was watered down to equalize mediocrity on the alter on national unity.
      So dear sir, Nigeria’s problem are multidimensional but at its root, systemic. Talk about Restructuring and the Northern elite interpreter it as an attempt to deprive them of federal oil revenues and the advantages conferred on them by population and land mass by decades of military rule. Maintaining these advantages and his commitment to Islam has become the core focus of Buhari’s Presidency and the reason he enjoys fanatical support in the core Northern States.
      But Buhari cannot remain in office nor live forever so what will happen to his people after he’s gone? HIs much younger wife and children will inherit the hatred and growing animosity he has bequeathed to them and the Fulani people in Nigeria. Or they believe another President will not come along to purge the NNPC, DSS, Police and the military of Buhari’s people just like he did? So the cycle of corruption and retrogression simply continues.
      That is the Nigerian conundrum. It is one of Rotational Corruption and Malfeasance until we decide to break the cycle.

      It may not happen in my lifetime but all it takes are a few determined people to change the course of a nation. We should vote and keep voting until we get a government that will serve the interest of ALL Nigerians.

      • Okokondem

        @Gary thank you for expressing views that not only are true but also reasonably practicable. And when you said this which I wholeheartedly agree with:

        “That is the Nigerian conundrum. It is one of Rotational Corruption and Malfeasance. At least until we, the people, decide to break the cycle.”

        The question is how do we, the people, begin the process of breaking the cycle? What should an average disaffected Nigerian do to be a useful contributor to this process?

        How is information diseminated to serious minded disaffected Nigerians?

        How is an average disaffected Nigerian convinced that overcoming tribalism, sectionalism and religious sentiments is in everyone’s best interest if we are to overcome Nigeria’s systemic problems?

        How do you get the word out to average disaffected Nigerians that what is good for a politician he identifies with either by tribe, party, religion or any other factors, is not necessarily good for him and therefore should desist from being an apologist and pledging unconditional support to that politician?

        Gary, I know there are no easy answers to these questions but these are necessary steps average Nigerians must take for there to be any hope of tackling the country’s problems. I await your response.

        • Gary

          Why do we come online to debate and express our views about state of the country?
          So somebody somewhere might pick up on it and maybe do something about it. That is civics and participatory democracy. I believe, strictly based on anecdotal evidence and maybe that some the views and ideas expressed on forums like this influence public policy. At the least, the good politicians still have to feel the pulse of public opinion or their constituents in the positions they take or how they vote on the issues of the day.
          I speak only for myself but I would not bother to come here if I thought that sharing my honest views is an exercise in futility rather than helping to advance democracy in Nigeria.
          I went to school for free in Nigeria and even got paid State bursary and a great education. Those in Nigerian universities today cannot say the same.
          So sharing my passion for democracy and good governance in Nigeria my homeland is my way of giving back to those without voice in my community and the country in general.

  • Okakuoofbenin

    This lady is suddenly becoming beautiful in my eyes. Now that is the idea. The earlier Nigerians realise that the only thing worse than the 16years of PDP banditory is allowing the APC criminals take us for another long ride of abject misery and deciet.

    • Okokondem

      You are absolutely right but how do guarantee that a newly reconstituted party would not have these same corrupt individuals from PDP and APC as members?

  • aisha ani

    From some of the comments made here, it is very obvious that it is not the government that is bad but the people. It is 2018 and we are still talking about what happened 16 years ago or who is looking for a job, please lets make some progress.

  • Okokondem

    We all seem to be in agreement about one thing even though it has taken this long to do so, the problem is the people, our people, irrespective of party, tribe or religion. Meaning most Nigerians if given the same opportunity would likely embezzle public funds.

    So what do we do about it as a nation? How do we free ourselves from this mindset? Time has come for us to start proffering ideas and not just identifying the problems.

  • Okokondem

    The commentary has gone cold, everyone has said their piece, unfortunately no one proffers a solution, or suggestions how to free the country from the intractable shackles of corruption and malfeasance. Everybody is ready to jump on to the next enticing headlines. This is what troubles me about Nigeria and Nigerians, lack of resolve, ideas.

    Does anyone truly believe that forming a party in the next 12 months that would have the same crowd as its members would change the status quo, I don’t. So, why don’t we be honest to ourselves and our country and face the truth. The problem of successive failed leadership in the country is perpetuated by the lack of willingness to hold corrupt leaders accountable.

    • Simon Templar

      Thank you for this response.

    • Gary

      Were you hoping to form a political party from a PT thread? No, people share their ideas as well as frustrations and from that move others of likeminds to act.
      Oby has watched and read the opinions of others and her own thoughts to take a public stance.
      Her position will spur others to act for or against her stance; as we see from this thread.
      That’s democracy. First it rains, then it becomes a stream and that itself becomes a river. Revolutions don’t happen overnight. The seed has been planted that Nigeria should not be hostage to the debilitating antics of both the PDP and APC. We have other registered parties that credible candidates and voters will now consider if the negative public sentiments hold against the leprous twins forcing the people to choose between Atiku and Buhari.

      PS Nothing stops anyone here from getting involved and running for office – from State Assembly to NASS. Most of us have more than a verifiable School Certificate and better standing in ethics and competence than Buhari and the gaggle of morons in elected office today. Buhari did not even know who Mark Zuckerberg is while the boy was in Lagos jogging at Ikoyi-Lekki Bridge. That is how far out of touch the sick old man is yet he wants to continue to hold us back till 2023 out of a sense of entitlement.

      • Okokondem

        You’re quite correct, Rome was not built in a day. However, I am in favor of a movement or process (nonviolent of course) to mobilize like-minded disaffected, especially younger Nigerians to identify with a new Nigeria, a Nigeria no longer tolerant of corruption and bad governace. A Nigeria that holds judges accountable for willful miscarriage of justice due to bribery and corruption.

        A national assembly that doesn’t allocate to itself more salaries and outrageous allowances than any of their counterparts anywhere in the world. So, let’s get started. Let’s repeat these and other facts about the absurdity that is Nigeria and her institutions.

        Gary, how can we as a nation that produces more than 2 million barrels of oil in a day, on a good day, not built and operate a functional refinery? How can we as a country with possibly the highest GDP in Africa not operate a functional national airline, even as we have foreigners who are involved in oil exploration flying in and out of the country regularly?

        These are the facts worthy of repetition so our young Facebook, social media generation don’t become immune to the failures of our government.

    • jayjay

      For, Nigeria, the only one solution people always don’t discuss extensively is very good population census synchronize with security no. and electoral system will solve great percentage of our problem and will be the lead to resolving other issues i,e credible electoral, crime, corruption, finance and economic, private sector planning and projection, secondly, is the issue of transportation, it (transportation) should be well manage by groomed professional with government, taken out from tout. i (as ordinary citizen) should be able to get to the length and breath of the country within 5hrs at a great affordable price (not for profit), this will even out cost of living and inflation to great extent and lastly,produce at least 70% of Nigeria consumption. These with justice and equity, we will be the envy of the whole world. Else will split and free ourselves from ethnic shackles that is holding us and Africa at large down for long very long time.

  • Simon Templar

    419 woman


      Na your mama teach am 419 abi ?


    Can someone please tell that woman to come out and contest?? I’m fully in support of all her submissions. While we hope to get a credible leader, we must make our institutions functional to deal with corruption sincerely, weed out inefficiency, abolish nepotistic and religious style as being blazingly displayed. Baba Buhari, you fold my hand. Can’t defend you anymore!

  • Comfortkay

    Madam oby-ezekwesili is a complete joker, forget her, never take her serious, she has serve this country before under PDP as minister and what legacy did she leave behind?
    The difference between a corruption PDP and an honest APC is that the corrupt party has a price while the honest party has a value.
    If you love Nigeria and support this government say Yesssssssssss.

    • GoodNijaProject

      She is speaking the truth. APC failed us. Not one of it’s campaign promises has it fulfilled as at now.

      • Comfortkay

        Bros they are just two years in poewer and the interesting thing is that none of you gays were making nose when PDP were busy sharing money.

    • Passionate about Nigeria

      I love Nigeria but truth is that this government has failed. To support them is to support failure and retrogression – surely Nigeria deserves better

      • Comfortkay

        Tell me the alternative

    • Chukwuka Okoroafor

      A lot of the people in APC were from the PDP. Let us not forget that.

  • Frankly Speaking

    I hope fake professor and ego seeker – Mr Soyinka is listening and can see how to be an educated critic. He tore his green card to attract attention because of D. Trump and when it comes to Nigeria he begins to speak useless grammar and writing incomprehensible jargon. Igbos (Men or Women) are known for action. I am not surprised that Oby Baby is the first to take on the line of direct action. Not like all those tribes that only write, write and write about the problems but once they appoint them into political positions they begin to write the opposite, e.g., Femi Adesina, Rueben Abati, etc, etc

  • Du Covenant

    Madam, with all due respect I honestly thought you were better than this. I have supported you on a number of issues, the moment you started to parade yourself as a ‘biafra girl’, my doubt about your sincerity as a citizen of Nigeria kicked in and on this topic you have lost it completely. You just cannot compare APC with PDP no matter the current state of affairs. Honestly speaking, I thought in your position you should know that since it took over 50 yrs of mis-management to bring us to the level we are today, how on earth do you expect Nigeria to be fixed in just 2 yrs?. It always takes a lot longer to build anything solid and strong than to destroy the same structure. I find your criticism of APC to be misplaced and I am sensing nothing but personal grudge for being sidelined by the APC government for not inviting you to play a role. This is unfortunate as I thought you know we can all contribute our bit without having to occupy highly placed offices or positions in our society. Long live APC and very long life to our President!, if he chooses to run it is the Nigerian electorates that will decide whether he continues or not.






      The above two will get my support any day as well.

    • Gary

      Oby is also part of the “electorates” (sic) and perfectly entitled to her opinions and a right to run for office. Just like Buhari.
      Your cult hero has made things worse for the country, rather than fix the things he and others messed up over 50 years as you stated. Or you forgot Buhari’s blood-stained rule of 1983-85 after he overthrew Nigeria’s Second Republic. He ordered the execution of people convicted for offences retroactively declared as capital offenses, jailed innocent journalists for reporting embarrassing truth, selectively jailed Southern politicians, cancelled the Lagos Metroline project (Lagosians should thank him for their transportation woes today).
      Nigerians starved, the Naira collapsed and the economy went into recession. Buhari blamed the West and then turned on our ECOWAS brethren as “illegal aliens” and ordered them to leave Nigeria within six (?) weeks. Some of them died in the stampede to leave our shores.
      Thirty years later and largely aided by propaganda (such as you’re doing here) and a compromised media, Buhari returned as civilian President and in 30 months has shown another generation of Nigerians that he has learned nothing and forgotten nothing about his incompetent and brutish ways. It barely took six months for him to order the mass murder of almost a thousand Shiites of Zaria for the crime of not being SunnIs.
      He’s holding an innocent man and his wife in detention for over two years; in spite of court orders. He’s ordered the DSS to kick down the doors of judges in the middle of night over unproven charges of corruption. In addition to trying to block a Southerner from becoming the CJN as was his due.
      Lest, I forget, Buhari again plunged Nigeria into recession and almost 8 million Nigerians have lost their jobs since Buhari’s return to power. Boko Haram he once called freedom fighters continue to thrive and lay waste of the Northest despite Buhari’s claim of having defeated them. His Fulani kinsmen continue their rampage to overrun the Benue Valley and fertile highlands of Nigeria’s Middle Belt.
      The Naira is in collapse, so is electricity and the refineries. But Buhari’s priority, after making himself Petroleum Minister, is to spend $5billion searching for oil (for the umpteenth time) in the North. If he’s re-elected, he plans to expend Nigeria’s dwindling oil wealth for an ambitious $15B (yes, Fifteen billion dollars) to divert water from the River Congo to refill Lake Chad. No such luck or project for the devastated ecology of the Niger Delta and it’s peoples.

      That in a nutshell, is a profile of the uneducated, sickly, 75 year old (officially) man, some heartless sycophants want to remainin office until he turns 82 (officially, since he doeyeven know his real age).
      Tufiakwa- God forbid.

      • Justice and Fairness

        BRAVO! On point


    Madam Oby, we know you can lead , we know of your tenacity and passion when you have an objective to attain so go and get other trustworthy like minds and you will have a media backing on the http://WWW……..TRUST ME PEOPLE ARE READY TO ORGANISE AND JOIN YOUR REVOLUTION, WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THE SAME OLD SCHOOL MISFITS IN POWER AND THE SUFFERING IS JUST TOO MUCH. WE ARE WAITING !!


    All bad politicians who kill, steal, deceive, deny and under-perform are in for a rough ride……….HENCEFORTH NIGERIANS WILL VOTE FOR PERSONS AND NOT PARTIES.MADAM OBY ,WE ARE BEHIND YOU ,WE ARE WAITING IMPATIENTLY !!

  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    May this be done and our society and government be replaced by true nationalists.

  • man

    i no understand this woman with her mix mix big words. anyway, form the party, we go join you.

  • man

    i still never undderstand how many failed ministers gget positions art the world bank, imf, un???? osohtimehi, ozekwesili, oteh, environment min. amina mohammed.

    are they deliberately failing the natoni and being rewarded with all these international positions? Look at okonjo, she now blames corruption, misappropriation,etc for us losing 4 million jobs. can you believe her, she should have been doing her job as coordinating minister of the economy. you see why soludo was insulting her.

  • Jo Elue

    You are an Ewu. You will go into exile when Baba wins

    • Odinaka

      You now insult her because she is determined to campaign against your demi god, Buhari. But you hailed her in 2014 to 2015 when she supported your incompetent Buhari and opposed Jonathan. What a hypocrite! Can you enumerate the achievements of your god?

  • Lanre

    Mrs. Ezekwesili. Please go and sit down somewhere. I am so tired of all these activists. From Itse Sagay to Femi Falana. Why not support restructuring of Nigeria like most progressive minds have been asking for. No, you wouldn’t do that since your mentors – did I hear Obasanjo will disown you.
    For the gullible, the activists wake up one morning with a bright idea, by evening they are ready to switch. Until they get a government job. Any student of politics knows that if you do not use a political party as a vehicle to champion your ideas for elective office in a democracy, you might as well just be a gadfly. Enough of the noise, please.

    • Chym

      Don’t mind her

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