God told me to run for president – Tunde Bakare

Pastor Tunde Bakare [Photo: Punch Newspaper]

The founder of Lagos-based church, Latter Rain Assembly, Tunde Bakare, has announced that God has told him to run for the post of Nigerian president.

Mr. Bakare who is also a renowned social critic, made the announcement during the New Year service at his church.

According to Punch Newspaper, while giving a rundown of 12 revelations for the year, Mr. Bakare told his congregants that God told him not to abandon his political career. But God, however, did not reveal to him when the appointed time to run for the presidency would be.

“This twelfth one is a difficult one for me. It may draw excitement or condemnation. I have tried my best to keep it (to myself) but the Holy Spirit will not allow me to do so, he said.

“In my study around 4 a.m. on Sunday morning, God told me ‘you cannot bring your political career to a close; there is still more to do. Run for the presidency. I will do it at the appointed time,” the pastor added.

The pastor, who was the running mate to President Muhammadu Buhari on the platform of the defunct Congress for Progressive Change in the 2011 presidential election, further said he was aware the revelation might prove difficult to actualise. He, however, said he was unfazed by the challenge, because once God has spoken, it was left for God to make it come to pass.

“Joseph (in the Bible) did not contest an election; yet, he became the prime minister of Egypt. Why must I worry myself about where to get the resources for the task? Your own duty in this assignment is to pray along with me. When it is the appointed time, He (God) will do it. When He tells me the time, you will hear about it,” he stated.

Mr Bakare also prophesied that many political bigwigs in the country will fall “at the feet of women in 2018.”

Without mentioning names, the Pentecostal cleric said some of the most powerful politicians in the country would be replaced.

“In 1998, I told you that I saw your president dying between two women. Did it happen? I’m telling you again: some of these political juggernauts will fall at the feet of women and you will see it happen,” he said.

He added that women would break barriers in 2018 in many fields of human endeavours both in Nigeria and globally.


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  • tsunami1earthquake

    I don’t know why Nigerian pastors have begun to play with God and God’s Name! Tunde Bakare, when did God see you to order you to run for president? For your information, Nigeria is NOT a Theocracy.

    Please don’t take the Name of Thy God in vain. It is a very grievous sin. If you want to run for president, then go ahead; but don’t tell the gullible Nigerians that God told you to do so!

    • share Idea

      How they are able to know that our real God was the one that spoke them. Was it not stated in the bible that Peter once prevented Christ from fulfilling the main mission he came to mankind, when he told Jesus Christ that he would not allow him to be killed, and he was rebuked by Christ as that thought was of the devil.

      Could it be that devil’s thought fill our latter day religious people’s mind and they mistaken that as God’s voice.

  • Joe

    Hmmmmmmmmm, Bakare took off from where Chris Okotie stopped.


    Na waaooo .

  • emmanuel

    Na hallucination dey worry the man. Bakare is a very crafty, cunning and self-centtred ma.
    Let him tell his tories to the marines.
    This man knows how to shift his psychological sign post to suit his inordinate desires. They have aided in leading Nigeria into this painful state. Then he kept quiet with his publicity man Fasakin.
    They do not remember the Save Nigeria Group again. 419 Pastors everywhere.
    If you help a man promisi $1.00 to N1.00 AND $1.00 became N365.00, should you not help save Nigeria?
    419 in high places

  • emmanuel

    God kept Buhari alive for another self-centred Pastor to be put to shame in his inordinate ambition, because men would have increased the pace of his worship by ignorant followers by now. That was what my spirit told me. I do not know if that was God’s voice.
    Another confused one is in the South East. They cannot differentiate what their mind tells them and what the spirit of God says, because they have been blinded by the spirit of self

  • grand maze

    Whether it is God that told you or not is not my business. All I know is that I will never vote for Tunde Bakare because I see him as a dishonest two faced loud mouth.

    • Usher

      Shame that you got only 1 vote. Now run back to mama.

      • grand maze

        One man one vote I agree yet I also represent an opinion class, those who have a similar low opinion of Bakare. If God truly wants to make him president, then he doesn’t need my help. In Nigeria, we are tired of so called men of God who rip off their fellow citizens by saying God said so. Yet when you look at their life, they leave so much to be desired. If he wants the presidency, let him go ahead and contest without bringing God into it. That was how pastor Chris Okotie ridiculed God’s name the other time when he contested presidency.

  • Pastor Okotie once said the same thing and we all remember how it turned out for him.
    He must definitely be hallucinating.

  • Sam

    “And they laughed Jesus to scorn, but a time came when no one laughed anymore.

    People once took Trump for granted.

    If God is in it, sir go ahead. People don’t realize how God works.

    • emmanuel

      Trump is not fake. He is a real human who think beyond the sentiments of Political correctness and ethnic neutral psychology, while those who call for such use that as platform for cheating his people. He told the world when he began his presidential pursuit that he walks his talk.
      Trump knows what he believes and has leaved up to that since he became president.
      Bakara is pure fake and a self-righteous man who only look at himself in the mirror of himself

  • thusspokez

    The founder of Lagos-based church, Latter Rain Assembly, Tunde Bakare, has announced that God has told him to run for the post of Nigerian president.

    I don’t know if I should trust God any more. Near every election, he would come to my house; have tea and biscuits with me, and before he departs, tell me that Nigeria is waiting for me, and that I should run for the presidency. Little did I know that he is telling many other people to do the same. What kind of God is this-o? And I thought that I was the special one!

  • Ajantala

    Nigerians are so funny people. These are same people commenting Buhari is no good; too old; an illiterate. Now, they have started making jest of a Nigerian who is tired of same shenanigan. These are same people who want EVERY good things to happen BUT when election days come, they would refuse to vote because ” they don’t want their good image to be tarnished.” or collect bribe from politicians to get their votes. Hahahaha, I dey laugh o, because una suffering still dey “do press up.”

    • emmanuel

      I will rather vote for you if you have good intention for Nigeria and have some good leadership exposure and skills, that have a Bakare lead.
      Did you not say we wanted change from 19 years of waste and that someone with good intention – Buhari should be allowed to? Another vain man is offering himself again and you want us to also let him come?
      Na lie, fake people offer fake promises, wear suit at election and carry herdsmen’s stcik and AK 47 after they get rigged in to office

      • Ajantala

        Nigeria is pretty much a nation of “What is in it for ME.” Very, very few, has ANY thought or care for the “common man.” I can tell you that Nasir El Rufai or Donald Duke, is one person I believe can handle this Nigeria right now IF he can take his chance. So, tell me another.

  • Watch man

    That was how Okotie came out and said God told him to run for pesidency and at the end where is he today? People keep saying God said and gullible Nigerians keep beliving.

  • Say the truth

    “It is still befuddling that despite the fact that Pastor Bakare is yet to tell the truth about his previous prophesy that the then General Mohammadu Buhari would never become the civilian President of Nigeria, he has been able to exude blatant temerity, flagrant effrontery and obstreperous audacity to gallivant up and down the length and breadth of Nigeria calling himself an Overseer of a Christian Ministry.” Word on marble. “Let me tell you the truth by the spirit of God, neither (President Olusegun Obasanjo), OBJ, Atiku (Abubakar), IBB and this tall one, (Muhammadu) Buhari are part of the new. They are part of the old that is decaying. That old one is passing away. The new is emerging and these ones are not part of that new.”
    – Pastor Tunde Bakare, the Serving Overseer of The Latter Rain Assembly, Lagos and the Vice Presidential Candidate to Retired General Muhamadu Buhari, on the platform of the CPC in 2011 Elections, in the PUNCH of October 2, 2006. Buhari is a sitting president inspite of Bakare’s prophecy. Enough said.

  • Jimi

    I am waiting for someone to tell me which of our candidates has been asked to run for office by the Devil.
    The few people within APC who have the holistic and futuristic vision that is needed to transform Nigeria will not challenge Buhari for obvious reasons. The person with the resources to pose a formidable challenge to Buhari and probably defeat him is the corrupt Atiku of PDP. Either way Nigeria is in trouble. They either get a man who is not corrupt but for some unknown reasons has no problem watching his officials steal from our coffers or have Atiku who will steal and also allow his officials to steal. Under which scenario the country is worse off is difficult to decide but either way we are in trouble.

  • Akiika

    Dear Nigerians, what more evidence do you need that these pastors are fraudsters.

    • sola


    • dele20


  • Olatubosun

    Pastor Bakare…
    You better go and sit down

    • dele20

      Bakare is a lair

  • Hero

    I just pray you heard right, Sir! One thing we know, God does not mix up things or people in His calling for them.