Goliaths will fall in 2018, Pastor Adeboye prophesises

Pastor E.A Adeboye [Photo: Segun Komolafe, CEO SK enhanced image ventures]

Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer World-wide of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, has prophesied that proverbial “significant goliaths will fall” this year.

He did not explain who the goliaths are.

Mr. Adeboye, noted for his careful choice of words, reeled out his 2018 prophecies for individuals, Nigeria, and the world at the church’s Cross-Over Service held at its Redemption Camp and watched in over 198 countries, where the church has branches.

“I have to put it carefully so I am not misunderstood” he said as he prophesied that, “Many people will wake up to realise that their future is not in the hand of any government and as a result a lot of lost ground will be reclaimed.”

Continuing the prophecies for individuals, he said “Erstwhile stubborn mountains will move; while saboteurs who pretend to be friends will be disgraced and displaced.

The international prophecies are as follows:

· This year there will be less fire outbreaks but there will be more floods.

· There will be misunderstandings amongst nation but no major wars.

· There is need for prayers against assassination attempts globally.

· There will be record breaking temperatures both high and low.

· There will be a handful of breakthroughs, both scientific and medical.

· Global warming, sexual perversion and others signal the countdown to the end.

Enforcing Victory

The prophecies came towards the end of his ministration, which centred on “Enforcing your Victory.”

Expressing his displeasure about passive attitude to prophecies and God’s promises, he challenged members of the church, and Christians in general, to possess their victories and live them with boldness and thanksgiving.

“It is one thing to be victorious and another thing to possess it,” he stressed, citing the example of the hen that still remained at the spot where it had been tied for days even when the rope was cut, until someone kicked it to make it move away.

Referring to the last Holy Ghost Congress where he said God promised the congregation a victory song, he wondered why some people were not looking victorious and singing victory songs.

He explained that it was God who chose the theme of the Holy Ghost Congress and that everything he did during the programme had God’s authority.

He said that prior to every monthly Holy Ghost Service, he shuts himself in for three days to communicate with God and that although he sleeps off sometimes, they communicate enough to know what to do during the service.
He taught the congregation that to enforce their victory, they have to exercise unshaken faith that what God has said is as good as done. Victory, he said, is also enforced by confession; quoting relevant Bible passages about the devil.

“The problem with some Christians is that the devil believes the written word more than they do. When the devil hears ‘it is written’ it shuts him up,” he said.

Other ways of enforcing victory, he explained, are through giving, hard work, praying and fasting. He urged the congregation not to ask for small things from God during prayers, buttressing his point with his testimony on his request for a flat when he moved from the University of Ilorin into a one room apartment in Mushin to be the General Overseer of the church.

Redemption Camp Testimony

The testimony: “Prior to becoming the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, I was the head of Department of Mathematics at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. I was living in a mansion with a two-bedroom guest quarters. I also had servants’ quarters with four bedrooms.

“All these were not part of the main house. But when I became the General Overseer, I had to live in a one-room apartment at Mushin (a relatively poor suburb in Lagos). I left my wife and children in Ilorin to be in Lagos to work in the church. Due to my difficult living conditions at that time, I had to tidy up things before my family could join me.

“Before bringing them over, I went to God in prayers and explained the challenges I was facing to Him. I told God to build a house for me. Left to me I did not mind using the one-room apartment, but the thought of housing my entire family in one room posed a great challenge to me.

God’s response to me was, “Son, don’t ask for house because I have decided to build you a city.’’

“That response was beyond what I could comprehend. After this encounter, I began to dream of a city where everybody would be a Christian; a city where there would be no molestation; a city where there would be no power failure or water shortages. God began to stretch my mind to see a city where His praises would fill every mouth.” That is The Redemption Camp, which is now a large town or city.

The beginning

Noted for punctuality, the church kicked off the day’s programme at 7 p.m. with worship and praise songs, even when the congregation was well below the sitting capacity of the expansive auditorium because the various parishes held similar events. Nothing much had changed though. Mr. Adeboye, who has attended every major programme of the church since he was appointed its General Overseer, and perhaps before then, since he was the interpreter of the founder of the Church, was present. So was his wife, Folu, who is also a pastor, as were many elders of the church.

While the singing was on going, arrangements were made for the administration of Holy Communion. There was no formal introduction of Mr. Adeboye, who was to administer the Holy Communion, but as his voice sliced through the air with a song, “You are the Mighty God, the great I am…..”It was obvious that he was already kneeling at the pulpit to pray.

To pray along with him, all knees in the twin auditoriums at the original Camp, and the new three-kilometre-by-three-kilometre auditorium went down. It ended shortly after with the popular “Let somebody shout Halleluyah!”

Preaching from Exodus 12, he said a time comes in everyone’s life when God decides that enough is enough – enough of pain, enough of weakness, enough of life in bondage, enough of poverty, enough of oppression.

Giving the examples of the Israelites who laboured in slavery for years, and the man at the pool of Bethesda‎, who lay there helpless for 38 years, he said that God was going to step into people’s lives to put an end to their suffering before daybreak.

Since sinners are barred from taking the Holy Communion, there was an altar‎ call, which was responded to by over 600 people.

The Holy Communion was taken with prayers of: “Enough of sickness; enough of pain; enough of weakness” after which Pastor Adeboye also prayed.

There was a break for the choir to prepare for the next session. The colourful over 1,200-strong Mass Choir of the church was not assembled because of the holiday season and the need for some of the members to attend their local parishes. But those who were present did well, churning out inspirational songs. They were later commended by the pastor, who is himself a musician, and the composer of many of the songs sang during the programme

The second part of programme began with songs and prayers after which Folu Adeboye and a group of women, all dressed in white, rendered three thanksgiving songs on behalf of all parishes/branches of the church around the world.

A play re-enacting the freedom of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt by the church’s Drama Group, entitled ‘Songs of Victory’, was beautifully performed to a loud ovation. And as the cast left the stage, Mr. Adeboye clapped in admiration, while his wife followed them.

Songs and more songs by the choir followed, with the congregation singing along.

Many more people, targeting the midnight prayers, poured in as the programme went on. The New Year was welcomed with loud cheer, jubilation and prayers.

Mr. Adeboye revealed that in 2018, the church is going to take the battle to the enemy, starting with the first Holy Ghost Service on Friday.


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  • thusspokez

    Pastor Enoch Adeboye yada yada yada predictions to his múmú and gullible followers.

  • Epsilon_Delta

    Can this man tell us which year that fire and floods did not happen, or “big men” did not die? Please keep your yeye predictions to yourself.

    • aisha ani

      No, he sees nothing and hears nothing.

    • Mufu Ola

      That’s d problem of these “predictors”. They think all dimwitted. In a year, anything can & will happen.Why would a pastor prophecise that “people will die of hunger” when this had been happening for centuries. Or predicting fire & floods.Which year have we not had fire & flood incidents?

  • Nigerian pastors with their predictions tagged prophecy. That’s how Suleiman was telling us the obvious about what will happen to Fayose after leaving office and how Okorocha will turn Imo govt to family affairs as if we don’t know this before. Yeye baff una

  • Apostel

    The only thing that’s true is sexual perversions. They take place mainly in his church.

  • sta

    Fake prophet . Be specific like biblical prophets. Anybody or thing can be goliath.

    • May

      Brother, who told you biblical prophets and prophecies are specific? Some are, many are not. Thats why many Prophets in the bible ended up being killed because the people thought they were telling lies. Go and read the Prophetical books of the bible again – Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel etc. and then read Revelations. You can hardly make sense out of some of them. It takes a spiritually active mind to discern many prophecies. For many reasons, prophecies may not be blatantly black and white. Inter alia, it depends on what God wants to achieve with them and who the intended audience is. When the wisemen / shepherds went to Herod to enquire abour where Jesus was to be born King Herod nhad to rely on his own wise men to tell him where Jesus would be born despite the fact that it had earlier been foretold in the scripture (Read Matthew 2 and Luke 2).
      I agree that many Pastors (globally and in Nigeria) are fake and that many extort their members for personal gain but then many are true Prophets of God and Adeboye is, no doubt, one of them. The Bible explicitly stated that there would be many fake prophets towards the end time but there are yardsticks for determining them.
      Let’s watch idle talks and speaking evil of true men of God, the bible says we shall give account for all these things on the day of judgement.

      • dan

        The Bible is the only truth .MY 2018 PROPHECY more an more chasing people who claim God said.None will seek to discern a word they say.I am no prophet.You love the false and are easily fooled

  • emmanuel

    Fake Pastor Enoch, please shut up ya mouth make person hear word. I mean keep quiet and stop irritating people with your useless prophesies. By the way where is our Tithe monies? Chief swindler and religious 419…collecting monthly 10% and all you can see is Goliath? Why can’t you see industrialized Nigeria? Why can’t you prophesy that Nigerian Engineers will manufacture Passenger planes and Fighter Jets? Or that the Nigerian Astronauts will place a Nigerian to not only walk on the moon but sleep and wake up on the moon in 2018? Why can’t you prophesy that Nigerian hospitals will begin to work perfectly in 2018 and that Nigerian scientists will find a cure for AIDS and EBOLA? latter day Pastor! Money Money Money pastor. Yeye!

    • Emy

      Good one!
      I agree with you. These Pastors are confused.

  • Usher

    Prayer against global assassination attempts? How is that my business? Hundreds are assassinated yearly worldwide unless you mean criminal politicians? …..well that’s their business, let their family pray for them.

    • Nath

      Those are the signs of 419 Pastors aka Fake prophets. I can do better than that after taking just 5 bottles of 1759.

  • O’tega

    Fake Prohet! How the market?
    Please I am a jobless Nigerian. Can you please as a man of God assist borrow me N1m to start business? I know that is less than 0.000001% of the Tithe you receive monthly from your global conglomerate of Churches. Pls Fake Pastor, Oh sorry Pastor Adebs, sow a seed in my life and see how the seed will blossom. Try God and see how God will not only open the windows but also the doors and roof tops of heaven for blessings to bombard you this 2018. I bet you Daddy freeze will stop put sand in your garri this 2018 if you sow a seed of only N1m in my life.

    • Usher

      …Haha! If you need 1m, pray. If church needs 1m even 100k they ask members.

    • kraney

      go and establish your personal church too and you will see how easy it is to run church affairs with green leaves.. This is 2018 instead of you criticizing men of God… And when you ask them to join any business they will say its scam the thomas

    • Osaretin

      Do you need prophecy to leave your lives? Why dueling on issues concerning them. Imagine a guy gave 50 prophecies, no be permutations be that, at least some go enter, na wao Nigerians.

  • obiora

    Is it not Devilish that Prophet/pastor Enoch Adeboye is Heaping Billions of US dollars in Bank while Nigerians and his Church Members are Hungry. There is no ATM in the grave or is he building his own Paradise Here on Earth.

    • Kona

      Observe what your concerns are.. pastor having billions , while some members are hungry.. Observe what Judas Iscariot was concerned and angry about, the perfumed box poured and wasted on Jesus feet could have been sold to feed the hungry .NOTE THAT your concerns are similar. We know how Judas ended his life bcos of MONEY, watch your life so you won’t end up same way..Leave other people’s lives and focus on yours.

      • dan

        MY 2018 PROPHECY more an more chasing people who claim God said.None will seek to discern a word they say.I am no prophet.

      • Reginald Dandeson

        I feel thoroughly disappointed that you are now equating Enoch Adeboye to Jesus. Too gullibly. If some misfortune came upon a traitor of Jesus then something similar may befall a critic of Pastor Adeboye, huh? You might equally just start praying in the name of Adeboye rather than in the name of Jesus.

    • Maria

      He has bought two jets that he will use to ferry the money to heaven or to God so that when he dies he will have plenty to spend in the great beyond..Foolish man.

  • Onye Obosi

    This man has just lost it, and to think that people still believe these comedy makes it more irritating.
    Comon, a primary school child can hazard more accurate guess than this!

    What in the world is a goliath when you can’t ascribe it to any identity?
    Or have we not been witnessing both extreme high and low temperature across the globe. This year alone has it’s own record.
    Scientists are busy doing research on how to make life better, you are here deceiving people with you lazy scam idea.
    You are getting old Mr. It is better you do the right thing.

  • Mercy John

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  • Man_Enough

    In 2018, there will be political rivalry,

    • Usher

      …more Politicians will decamp from one party to another.
      …ND militants will issue some threats
      …Boko will react one place or another
      …. and many more

  • Anigioro Oluwatobi Olusegun

    After reading so many comments about the prophesy. I pray that those who do not believe would have a change of mind to enjoy God’s blessing this year and beyond.

    • Usher

      Delusion at its finest.

    • tundemash

      I am also prophesying that there would some rainfall and some sunshine this year. There would be cross-carpeting of politicians from one party to the other. Donald Trump would continue tweeting this year. Easy peasy !!

      By the way, when will your man-god Adeboye being prophesying medical breakthroughs and technology breakthroughs in Nigeria ?????

  • Oluyewa Bamidele Ariyo

    Funny… they always make their prophecy vague,ambiguous and fluid so that.. whatever happens…they can twist,turn and interpret it to suit their fake prophecy….advance 419…

  • Maria

    Fake prophecies!

  • dan

    MY 2018 PROPHECY more an more chasing people who claim God said.None will seek to discern a word they say.I am no prophet.

  • tundemash

    I am also prophesying that there would some rainfall and some sunshine this year. There would be cross-carpeting of politicians from one party to the other. Donald Trump would continue tweeting this year. Easy peasy !!!

  • Onye Obosi

    This man is a complete disgrace. You are busy prophesying about the fall of a goliath, and did not see the massacre of about 21 christians coming from the church, Which god is your god? Running a franchise enterprise that you called church. You might have proved yourself as a successful pastorpreneur, but you are nowhere near the seat of the Creator God. Take your fake prophesy with you to your grave. Mr.

  • They keep deceiving themselves.

  • Joe

    Did this man of God said “goliaths or goliath” please. very important!