U.S. proceeds with moves to sell war planes to Nigeria

Super Tucano Aircraft (Photo Credit: Aviation International News)

The United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington, on Wednesday presented the Letters of Offer and Acceptance, LOA, in respect of the A29 Super Tucano Aircraft to the Nigerian Air Force, NAF.

The LOA represents the official U.S. government offer to sell U.S. defence articles and services to the Nigerian government.

Speaking while presenting the LOA to the Chief of Air Staff, Sadique Abubakar, at NAF Headquarters in Abuja, the U.S. ambassador noted that peaceful existence in Nigeria was strategic to the security of the entire West African Sub-Region in particular and the entire world at large.

Accordingly, Mr. Symington expressed the commitment of the U.S. government to helping Nigeria completely defeat the Boko Haram terrorists and also eliminate all forms of terrorism from its territory.

In addition, he conveyed the U.S. government’s belief that the capacity of the NAF could greatly be enhanced by the acquisition of the Super Tucano Aircraft.

According to him, the U.S. government would therefore continue to support the NAF in its capacity building efforts, including the timely supply of needed aircraft spares.

The ambassador also indicated the readiness of relevant U.S. officials to work with NAF officials to facilitate the early delivery of the aircraft once payment had been made. In that regard, officials of both the U.S. government and the NAF would be meeting in early January 2018 to jointly study the LOA prior to subsequent endorsements by both parties.

The CAS, while receiving the LOA, expressed the appreciation to the U.S. government for its steady support towards sustaining NAF air operations. He also praised the personal commitment of the ambassador to ensuring that the Super Tucano aircraft deal became a reality.

Mr. Abubakar, an air marshal, agreed with Mr. Symington that the wellbeing of Nigeria was closely linked to those of other African countries, and indeed the entire world, as terrorism is a global phenomenon, which had to be confronted by all stakeholders. He then reassured the ambassador of the commitment of the NAF to the stipulated deadlines in the LOA. Furthermore, the CAS assured the ambassador that the NAF would ensure the readiness of proposed home base of the Super Tucano Aircraft in Nigeria before the aircraft’s delivery. He further said that the NAF would nominate and prepare all the pilots and maintenance crew to be trained on the Super Tucano Aircraft, ahead of their training in the US.

It is expected that the LOA would have been signed and necessary payments made before February 20, 2018 to ensure the commencement of production of the NAF’s Super Tucano Aircraft. It would be recalled that the US State Department had earlier approved the sale of 12 x A29 Super Tucano Aircraft to the NAF to further aid the nation’s counterinsurgency campaign.


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  • obiora

    USA Nigerians need FOOD and not BOMB. Save poor people´s Lives and not Bomb them. This is Blood Business. If all the Money Buhari spent on Bombs are used to buy Foods for Boko-Haram Boys Terrorisms would have stoped in Nigeria.

    • Julius

      But, you usually fake cry about BK…see una self so ?

  • bigbang

    waste of money. We are better off buying hellicopters if we cant get a better aircraft.

  • Dr Pat Mumuwole Awosan

    While Donald Trump takes all decisions in the interest of America, our daft Buhari takes decisions not in the interest of Nigeria but in the interest of America. Shouldn’t Nigeria be buying research technology and industrial technology from America? Shouldn’t Nigeria be exchanging and engaging in productive bilateral relations with US that would propel her to innovate and be self reliant? But our so called president who does not even know his real age until being told on his birthday wallows in a self invented orgy of self-righteousness cum integrity. Truly indecent and tithe collecting chief congregation swindler – Pastor Tithe Adeboye was right after all when he declared; “Nigerians are cursed people”!

    • Muhammad Kabir

      You are indeed a cursed person.

    • Julius

      Egbon, you are kidding…right ?..Equipping the NAF is looking out fr the interest of America ? Okay oo…eku ise.

    • GusO

      You really believe they would sell us research technology and industrial technology so that we will stop buying industrial goods from them? A developing country gets industrialized by stealth and not by appealing for technology transfers. Once they know that you want to compete with them in selling industrial goods to other developing countries like they do, they will sabotage you. They

    • Mfon Ikpima JP

      Ask me o. With this, i don’t even know where we are heading to. Nigeria is like a living body in motion without head. You can’t give what you do not have.

  • share Idea

    All this PR to justify the request for $1B withdrawal from ECA. Nigeria we hail thee

    • Julius

      What ?…for something that has been in the works for almost a year ?

    • Mfon Ikpima JP

      Abi o!

  • thusspokez

    The United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington, on Wednesday presented the Letters of Offer and Acceptance, LOA, in respect of the A29 goSuper Tucano Aircraft to the Nigerian Air Force, NAF

    What a coincidence. Call me sceptic and I will ask you not to insult me-o!

    This announcement is an attempt by the US Ambassador Mr. W. S. Symington to distract Nigeria’s anger at Trump’s comment or (others might say) to mend fence with Nigeria following last week report in Nigerian newspapers of his dotard boss’ offensive remarks about Nigerians not wanting to return to their ‘huts’ after seeing America. It generated discussion and great anger towards Trump and the US on social media.

    So enter Mr. W. S. Symington who like any experienced diplomat to quell the anger. His method, however, was to recycle old news of a deal that had even been reported in one Nigerian journal in late August 2017 or four months ago.

    BTW as usual with the benighted Nigerian government, no comment has been issued in response, let alone a rebuke to Trump’s remark. As with “Nigeria being fantastically corrupt” comment by David Cameroon – the worst UK Prime minister in history —; the benighted Buhari government is allowing Trump to get away with his own comment too

    When Trump claimed of the existence of no-go areas in London, he was swiftly rebuked by both the Mayor of London and The UK Prime minister. I can imagine the benighted Buhari even thanking Trump for the insult as he did with the effing David Cameroon insult of Nigeria.

    • Otile

      You Buharists don’t get it. PM David Cameron was right to call your god fantastically because he knows that
      Buhari is corrupt from childhood. Did he not forge School Cert, did he not swear false affidavit to cover it up? When Buhari was first in charge of Petroleum as he is now did he not swear that Abacha stole no money? Up till this day has he apologized to the public for exonerating thief Abacha?

      Why shouldn’t President Trump tell Buhari to create jobs and bring back Nigerians working in America so that those professional can build decent houses and pull down the unsightly huts? Both Cameron and Trump have nothing to loose by telling Buhari as it is about his(Buhari’s) corrupt nature and bad management.

      • Mfon Ikpima JP

        Bros, abi bae, I totally agree with you. Let’s remove the moth in our eyes before pointing accusing fingers on those far better than us. The FGN is fantastically corrupt.

    • NoSpinEd

      Nigeria is not “fantastically corrupt”?

      • thusspokez

        Irrelevant question.

        • Innosaint Nwoke

          It is not irrelevant question. He is telling you that nobody was or even felt insulted at the alleged remarks of Trump about Nigerians. Just as Buhari took the direct statement from the UK minister about “fantastically corrupt” Nigeria. Instead Buhari took it on all fours and was requesting in hope that they refund our looted funds. If the minister can say that on live TV with recieveing so much as a bad stare, wetin you wan do the almighty Trump? The guy who is literally the next power after God himself!!!

          • thusspokez

            It is not irrelevant question.

            It is my thread and comment the poster responded to; and I decide what is relevant response to my comment. I am therefore telling both of you that the aforementioned poster’s question is irrelevant to my original comment. Good day to you!

          • Innosaint Nwoke

            Ok kid… Now go and drag your rubber ball with your neighbour’s kids. If they refuse to give you, cry to your uncle, he will get the ball for you… (na my comment, no be your own) lols… You suppose to dey drag rubber balls and pencils, not comments.

    • Dr Bunmi Binitie

      To me, Trump’s comment about the huts rather revealed his crass ignorance than belittle us

      • thusspokez

        Dotard Trump crass ignorance is indisputable even by his hardcore supporters!


      The Ambassador need not worry because the USA has the four aces up her sleeves while Nigeria has none as far as the military industrial complex is concerned. Nigeria hardly manufactures a bullet and is busy taking down any industralist or region with the potential to do so . As head of logistics in the Nigerian Army in the early 60s, Dim Emeka Ojukwu was the brain behind the Defence manufacturing industries in Kaduna, it was a shinning star with huge potentials but after the war it was destroyed by corruption and reckless policy making military establishment who would rather import and get kick-backs than manufacture locally.

  • FreeNigeria

    They’re trying to sell us Brazilian crop dusters while they sell Israel F22 and gift Pakistan F16s. Na wao for Nigerian government oooo

  • bigbang

    We need 3 not 12.

  • Olugbenga Roberts

    In this time and age, what do we need propeller driven fighter aircraft for? If these were Apache helicopters I wouldn’t mind. This is a joke gone too far

    • Alex Sandru

      I don’t think Nigeria can afford anything else.
      16 brand new F-16’s cost at least 3.6 billion $.

    • Mfon Ikpima JP

      It shows how daft your leaders are.
      Countries that do manufacture their military arms are they more blessed in resources than Nigeria.
      It’s a real travesty that we are where we are today, A BIG SHAME!

  • Dan Arewa

    So upon all the noise from Defense Headquarter, no single aircraft is been bought talkless of lunching it in Opeartion Deeppunch. America is a Yeye country. They said they support war against Terrorism nut will not urgently supply aids to victims. What a hypocratic country?

    • Innosaint Nwoke

      Make America carry Ur problem for their head abi? Who ever made U believe others will want to help you out against terrorism without making their own profit is killing you.

      War is money, Americans and others make billions by selling military hardwares. That is how they survive, just like how you sell oil. They don’t give 2 shits about your terrorists. They don’t have any on their shores…

      • Dan Arewa

        I agree with you my Brother.


    Too much noise about these 2nd world war replica single engine propeller planes. They are just trainer aircraft fitted with rockets and of no offensive value in real air combat. These slow aorcraft can be shot down by hand held anti-airctaft fire because they are too slow.

    • loveNigeria

      Do the Nigeria Airforce generals knows this analysis. Exposure is very important, I think the world should just wake up and fearless US and go for real deal. Russian and Britain could possibly give better deal.

      • FineBoy

        War expertise isn’t on social media.

        Keep watching your Cartoon Network and talk as if u have knowledge

    • FineBoy

      Why do u prefer a B 2 Bomber for local wars?


        Instead of running us down , give us the type of support South Korea gives to Samsung and in ten years if we do not export better fighting aircraft in Anambra you can blow up my penis and testicles.

        • Alex Sandru

          What a joke. Are you in your right minds? Who will give you billions of dollars for nothing? Even with that type of support Nigeria would remain s*it. I would love my country to be like SK as well, but I should aspire at first for the execution of all traitors and corrupt morons in power who drag millions of citizens down.


            Fighting corruption should be an on going effort without pause because corruption can never be eradicated completely. Nigeria cannot wait for corruption or as you put it traitors to be executed before developing her potential and if I may say this idea of killing does not argur well with modern civilization. I am not a supporter of capital punishment.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      It’s okay, you can deploy your set of Keke NAPEP to Sambisia Forest to do the job better.


        Give us support in Anambra and in10 years if we dont produce an aircraft better and more adapted to our fighting needs you can blow my penis and testicles up.

  • loveNigeria

    Honestly, I do not support purchasing these Aircrafts from US, not even with Trump as President. Trump do not love blacks and Africa in general. Do US love Nigeria, No!, do US support fight against Terrorism, No!…..If truly US supports Nigeria and fight against terrorism, why then they could not tell Nigeria the location of the Chibok girls. Let me analyze, when the 86(?) girls were released, US and other powerful nations, particularly USA saw the girls using their Satellites coordinate and focuses in that area. Do anybody would imagine by now where those girls picked from, the locations of their contact and one would think, US did not know the location or Terrorist den?. A simple analogy is using google map, and type your local Nigerian street address, and display satellite pictures, then you would agree with me that US knows the location of boko haram, but they would never tell Nigeria because they want all the country to be unstable so that they can depend on US for economic slavery. God is Bigger than US, Britain and Russian are more reliable than USA. …God bless Nigeria,

    • FineBoy

      Then u buy from where?

  • loveNigeria

    Hey don’t be sentimental and insulting, better still let save our country. You do not need to insult Buhari but a collective contribution for picking the wrong fighter jet. The Airforce Generals or Nigerian Defence chiefs should know better and duly advise their Boss, CinC

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, I’m neither sentimental nor insulting in this matter. Far from it.

      I’m a Buharist to the core and appreciate him and his efforts fully.

      I am equally pragmatic enough to know that Nigeria doesn’t even manufacture Keke NAPEP, so how dare I say any fighter jet procured from the US to battle Boko Haram is substandard?

      I’m not misguided by quasi-pride, neither am I deluded by a false, pompous and self-serving sense of pride.

      Buhari and his team did well to remove us from the pariah status of common currency smugglers in the name of “arms procurement” that the ineffectual buffoon reduced us to.

      Appreciate that fact as a starting point, Sir.

      • Dr Bunmi Binitie

        Not so. We have been making keke napep for a long time here

  • emmanuel

    Until we stop electing daft and dumb id.i.o.t.s as presidents and vice presidents and hardened tax evading criminals as Senate presidents, Nigeria will never make progress and be a developed industrial nation. Tell me, what does Nigeria manufacture and export to other country apart from Islamic terrorism?

    • FineBoy

      We also export in large numbers, Drug Couriers like you and Internet Fraudster like your fellow Bifraud

  • pheliciti

    Abi o…. there’s no pleasing these guys. No equipment for the army, na problem. Now Buhari’s getting fighter jets, complaints again.
    What do these guys really want?

    • Dr Bunmi Binitie

      They are not happy that we are being told what the $1bn grant to the army is for since their ogas have postulated that it is for 2019 elections


      Those are not jets.