Why I withdrew my suit against EFCC — Innoson CEO Innocent Chukwuma

Dr. Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma, Chairman of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) Innoson Group. [Photo credit: YouTube]

The CEO of Innoson Group said in a statement Monday that he withdrew his fundamental rights enforcement lawsuit against the anti-graft EFCC after he learnt that the GTBank had allegedly compromised the process.

Innocent Chukwuma, against whom the EFCC slammed a four-count of fraud last month, said an ex-parte application he filed before a Lagos court was summarily taken over by GTBank before it was determined.

“GTBank became aware of the pendency of the suit, got all the copies of the processed filed in the suit, then filed a counter affidavit and on December 21 and got it assigned to a complaint judge,” according to the statement signed by Cornel Osigwe, corporate communications lead at Innoson.

Mr. Chukwuma filed the ex-parte motion on December 20 to compel the EFCC to respect his fundamental rights, a day after he was arrested by anti-graft operatives at his residence in Enugu.

He said even though GTBank was not joined in the suit, the bank allegedly sent its legal representatives to pry on the court process filed by Mr. Chukwuma’s lawyers.

Mr. Osigwe said the attention of the Acting Chief Judge of the Federal High Court had been drawn to the matter for a thorough investigation.

A spokesperson for GTBank could not be reached for comments Monday morning.

On November 30, the EFCC slammed fraud charges on Mr. Chukwuma, the industrialist owner of the indigenous auto manufacturer, Innoson Motors.

The allegations border on attempted fraud, stealing, and forgery of shipping and financial documents.

His arrest followed his failure to honour an invitation from the EFCC, the agency said.

Mr. Chukwuma, however, denied receiving any invitation for questioning. He challenged the EFCC to produce evidence of any invitation sent to him before the public.

The industrialist was released in the evening of December 20, but his trial is expected to commence soon, although no date has been fixed yet.


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  • Julius

    lol@ “he withdrew his fundamental rights enforcement lawsuit against the anti-graft EFCC after he learnt that the GTBank had allegedly compromised the process”…Sure !… Could this be another blame coming especially if the assigned Judge is from or anywhere near the Yoruba land.

  • Bayo

    This man is nothing but a criminal.
    What has GTB knowing about the suit got to the with the credence of the suit?
    Coward criminal.

    • Nigerian

      Don’t use such words. At lease for now its not for you to decide. It’s the same someone just calling your dad or your mum a criminal simply because some persons made an accusation. Allow the process before you call names.

  • FineBoy

    Once you file a case in a Court, it becomes public document.

    The whole drama has revolved around GTB and with sectional blackmail it’s only necessary that GTB will want to clear it’s name.

    You went to Court like Nicodemus in the night, sadly for u, GTB was awake and alert

    • Bayo

      The blackmail is shameful.
      Even Ndigbo that is supposed to be composed of elite and should be above board joined the fray and acted like an uncouth group of touts.

    • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

      “You went to Court like Nicodemus in the night,”
      Lol quite funny

  • tundemash

    I struggle to understand the reason given by this man; was the suit filed in secret and supposed to be heard by the court in secret ?
    Can any e-rat and tribal warlord please offer some clarity ?

    • Julius

      Merry Christmas bro. God bless !. Don’t expect any reasonable answer from those delusional morons. The reason he gave is laughable and everybody knows it. He went tribal simply because he knew he will eventually lose in the court of law. We are all staying tuned !

    • obiora

      There is no clarity here than Yoruba standard of understanding. How will Yoruba court allow GTBank to have a suit paper that is of EFCC. Is EFCC and GTBank thesame person?. This is just fundermental rights enforcement Suit on EFCC.

      • Sam

        Are court papers a secret documents? FOI

      • tundemash

        Yoruba court ? what a mor0n you are. I guess you didn;t also realise tat GTB was a Yoruba bank too when GTB granted loan to Innoson? You have very liitel chance of success with your bigoted mindset.

  • Chris Nonso

    Mr. Bayo or whatever your name is what you’re doing is prejudging Innoson and you shouldn’t do that because you know nothing about this matter or if you think that GTB is clean their management should have come up and clear there Bank name. So advice that shouldn’t talk like uneducated moron.

    • Julius

      Wouldn’t the same advice go to the tribal warlords singing his praise and abusing the Yorubas because he came from their side ?

  • Onye Obosi

    Innocent seems not so innocent with these confusingly explanation. It is your fundamental human rights we are talking of here for Christ’s sake, why are you scared?
    I personally got disappointed when I read your vote of thanks after your release. From the look of things, you may be opting for backdoor settlement.

  • Kickboxer

    GTB now acts as a criminal enterprise…in a ZOO where judiciary is being taking over gradually by CULTISTS, BADOO financiers & CORRUPT MINDS….

  • Nigerian

    I think what many has consistently failed to understand is that there are three separate issues.
    1. Case of Innoson against GT for Illegal deduction
    2. Case of Innoson against Customs/GT for auctioning of goods
    3. Case of GTBank against Innoson for forgery

    The more we confuse these issues the more we get it wrong

  • Samuel

    Simply, the matter was withdrawn in order not to attract a volcanic counter depositions from the opposing party who would have averred to the facts of forgery, stealing, conversion, conspiracy among others.
    Ultimately, the corporate image of the innoson is the loser at last. In the interest of Nigerian economy, this matter should be settled out if court.

    • aisha ani

      That’s all.

  • Phino

    Please the bank cannot clear its name in social media or alike. For it may amount to breach of confidentiality. Rather the bank can only follow legal process.

  • Madam C

    Is Innoson is a criminal or smart businessman?

    • kinsly


    • Bassey Frank

      Are you sure you painstakingly followed, understood and appreciate the FACTS? That is the smart way to go, Sir.

  • Candid

    ‘He challenged the EFCC to produce any evidence of invitation’ …. Are you people not tired of these lines? It only takes a phone call to invite you to the EFCC. We know the average Nigerian business man and politician would not honour the invitation until things get out of hand.

  • lawiri

    ogbeni shukuma , go and pay your debt

  • Bassey Frank

    The wheel of justice grinds slowly. Those who have taken the pains to dig into, and understand, the facts of the case will not hesitate to conclude that the pendulum of Justice will swing in favour of Innoson at last. It may take some time, but surely, it will. The EFCC and GT Bank are engaged in the dance of death.

  • thusspokez

    Mr. Chukwuma filed the ex-parte motion on December 20 to compel the EFCC to respect his fundamental rights, a day after he was arrested by anti-graft operatives at his residence in Enugu.

    This is gross abuse of “ex-parte” given that he was already in the custody of the EFCC. The Nigerian has a tendency to corrupt everything.

    Further, he was arrested in Enugu; are there no courts in Enugu states or he couldn’t find a ‘judge-for-hire’ as in Lagos to grant his ex-parte?

  • Intrepid

    What the yaribas cannot and will never do, they will find ways to bring it down . No mortal can bring down that which has been blessed by God.

    The great IGBOS are BLESSED..

    • Olu-Lion

      You need to sit back and be objective. If truly he forged shipping documents he should face the charges or negotiate his way out. This doesn’t look like debt issue.

  • thusspokez

    The allegations border on attempted fraud, stealing, and forgery of shipping and financial documents.

    His arrest followed his failure to honour an invitation from the EFCC, the agency said.

    This man is damaging the image of Innoson Motors. He doesn’t seem to realise realise the damage this case is doing to the company’s goodwill. I wonder when the shareholders of the company would meet and demand Innocent Chukwuma’s resignation as company boss before their shares prices plummet.

    • GusO

      I agree. He has a business to run and he just started targeting other African Countries for export of his vehicles. He should settle with the bank and let all this bad publicity disappear. Instead, he has locked horns with GTBank and the EFCC. No matter how tribally emotional some Igbo’s feel, want I saw in Sahara Reporters I’d a shameful forgery of bank documents by Mr. Chukwuma to claim knocked down vehicle parts at Nigerian customs. He should never have allowed this case to get to the EFCC. They’re charging him to court for

      • aisha ani

        Thank you for this @thusspokez and GusO, both companies have employees that depend on them for their livelihood. Instead of Nigerians to be concerned about how many of their brothers and sisters will soon join the unemployment market, they are screaming tribal war….wo me, I don’t have western union or money gram to give anybody.

        • Igee Great

          You can still send western union and money gram to me.

          • aisha ani


        • greatness

          When ll we end our tribal wars and begin to fight for a common goal.?until then this country will continue to suffer,because we all need each other. Yoruba,Hausa ,Igbo,etc.
          Fightfor a course that will help this nation move forward.

      • thusspokez

        If he was an American CEO, he would have settled the matter with the bank a long time ago. He will ruin his business by his greediness. Jonathan is no longer in power to protect his shady deals

        I don’t know if you remember John DeLorean, founder of the DeLorean Motor Company — sport-cars maker. The FBI arrested and handcuffed him for alleged involvement in drug trafficking.

        He was acquitted because the FBI had entrapped him, but his image was for forever damaged. His famous word was: “Would you buy a used car from me?”

        That is why I am wondering why the shareholders of Innoson Motors are not doing something to stop the damage to the company’s image and the value of their shares by forcing Chukwuma out.

      • Madueke Okechukwu

        You suddenly come out here to be the judge in these matters. The injustice in this country you people support & perpetrate is alarming but what you fail to understand is that whatever a man sowet must he rip.

    • aisha ani

      Thanks for this.

  • Intrepid

    When shall it dawn on the yaribas that all things being equal, the great Igbos had been blessed by God, to ever remain their superior Competitors?

    No matter what the Genocidal war COLLABORATIONISTS do. It will remain futile.

    I ask the yariba, where is the Nigeria you treacherously fought for? No light, no gas in the midst of plenty? God has abandon the INJUSTICE call Nigeria.

    • Manuel Tobby

      Please why didn’t your innosson borrow money from the igbo banks but was funding his buisines with yariba yorobber money

      • aisha ani

        Thank you O!

      • Intrepid

        The major shareholders in your so called yorrober banks might be Igbos, you never can tell.

        • D’analyst

          “might be Igbos” – you are not even sure!

      • Conscience

        Thanks for slapping him. They are brainless.

        • Intrepid

          Slapping who? your yariba iye?

  • Ezomon Ehichioya

    @thusspokez: This case of Innocent Chukwuma withdrawing his fundamental cause against EFCC due to GTBank prying in is a very serious matter. Chukwuma’s ex parte application was against the EFCC. Ex parte can be taken in open court or in the Judge’s chamber. In most cases, when the Judge is satisfied with the application/affidavit, he will issue the prayers sought without the other party’s knowledge, in this case EFCC. But sometimes, even if the Judge is satisfied with the application, he still insists that the other party (EFCC) be put on notice and adjourns the matter. But in this case, as alleged by Chukwuma’s lawyer, GTBank that was not a party to the case, got all the processes, filed a counter-affidavit and got the case assigned to a Complaint Judge – just like that on the same day. That’s a wonder in Nigeria’s very, very slow judicial system. How could all this be possible? It’s not a matter of the case being a public record. Who told GTBank about the case? Is it EFCC or Court officials? And how and why did GTBank file a counter-affidavit to Chukwuma’s when it (GTBank) was not a party to the case, and when there was no ruling yet on Chukwuma’s application. As I said, this is a very serious matter, hence Chukwuma has filed a complaint before the Chief Judge of the Court. This matter may go the Narional Judicial Council (NJC) for investigation.

    • Simon Bonny Nwankwo

      Does it mean his fundamental rights were no longer breached? You seem to be a dilettante. Under the extant Fundamental Rights Enforcement Rules, any interested party can file an affidavit in any fundamental rights application before the court. I can’t see how somebody will come out here and be chewing the curds of ignorance and expect the public to dance in it’s celebration.

  • Gbenga Adekunle

    EFCC should step up their game most especially when it comes to invitation, investigation and prosecution. Their methods are barbaric and uncivilised. Let them borrow a leave from the DSSS an agency based on equal legal provisions but carries out their operations with civility, decorum
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    and respect. Being anti graft agency does not make EFCC not to obey the rules of existence called human rights. They should know that we are not animals we are Nigerians. Despite that the agency is established for a good motives no one is guilty until proven guilty in the court of competent jurisdiction. Pls treat Nigerians with respect we are not criminals we are Nigerians.

  • Kayode

    let Innoson say nothing but truth so that his igbo people can understand the whole issue of the case & apologize to Nigerians for act of misleading.

    How could someone enter agreement with the bank & trying to place smart at the same time.

    This is a case started long time for him to have settled with the bank.

    • Addison

      kayode , you are a muroon, innoson did not mislead any one, rather your bankers are the frauders, i guess you are poor person because you have never experienced bank deducting money from your account unlawfully that is why you talk like this specially GTB

  • Sanya Ebenezer Adelola

    Please stop all your acts of tribalism. The Igbo and Yorubas have been living together amicably for years collaborating on all fronts especially economically. Without any sentiment, EFCC is obviously wrong. Court should have been allowed to determine the case btw GTB and Mr Innocent Chuckuma. It’s either EFCC or court, moment GTB opted to go to court, it has no right to report to EFCC again. It’s like goinģ to court and at the same time saying we cannot be guilty. This is prejudice because only the court can determine the outcome of the case. EFCC on the other hand acted illegally arresting party that has a pending case. It’s laughable.