Current fuel scarcity a shame — VP Osinbajo

VP visits filling stations in Lagos by NOVO ISIORO2
Vice President Yemi Osinbajo with the Minister of Petroleum Ibe Kachukwu and Bashir Fakorede, Owner of Oando by Elegushi.

The Muhammadu Buhari administration is doing everything possible to quickly resolve the fuel shortages experienced by Nigerians, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, has said.

Mr. Osinbajo, a professor, said this during an unexpected stopover at Oando Filling Station at Lekki area of Lagos State on Christmas Eve.

He also stopped at Hayden Petrol Station, also on the Island, a statement by spokesperson, Laolu Akande, said.

In a chat with Nigerians on long fuel queues during the stopover, the Vice President said the Federal Government was moving as quickly as it could to solve the fuel crisis and reduce the difficulties Nigerians were facing as a result,” the statement said.

He reportedly said, “We are trying to move as quickly as we can. Obviously, people have gone through a lot of pain and anguish in the past few days, and that is deeply regretted. We were trying to do what we can to move as quickly as possible and there is certainly enough products to be able to solve the problem.

“We will be able to solve the problem; the short period of scarcity is quite a bit of burden, but we know that so long as products are enough and the trucks coming out and feeding the stations, this will be over very soon.

“I am going around with the honourable minister of state for petroleum resources here in Lagos to ensure that first, the trucks are being loaded from all the depots, and also looking at the filling stations to see that things are moving on very well.

“The GMD of the NNPC is also working in Abuja to see that that things are moving quickly and we are moving around the country. So we expect that it will be resolved very quickly.”

“It’s such a shame that Christmas has been, to some extent, with this sort of discomfort. This is deeply regretted, and l know that, despite the resilience and strength of people in Lagos and the Nigerian people, we would see ourselves through this and will enjoy our Christmas and have a great new year.”


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  • Akwaowo

    Shame on you and your government for putting Nigerians through this suffering. You said we are resilient and will recover? How? Who will repay the loses we suffered from the high cost of transportation, or the exploitation of black market petrol sellers? When we have used whatever monies saved to pay for transport, what do we use to pay our children’s fees in January? How do we make it through January, sir? Shame on you and your hypocritical government. You have run out of who to blame now. Shame on you, incompetent lot!

  • Makerson

    Any sane govt would have been pro-active, this season brings increase in fuel demand and prepare as far back as September to counter it.

    • Momo Ali

      Not just for this or any season, government should anticipate petroleum marketers and counter their activities. Federal government should have an emergency response mechanism. Unfortunately like all other problems, short and long term problems, they don’t.

  • UNEMPLOYED 9gerian

    Fake Pastor Osinbajo shud learn to shut up his mouth. If really it is a shame then the right thing to do is for you to resign to prove to Nigerians that you are really disgusted. God will punish you and Buhari for all the evil you mete out to Nigerians.

    • abodes_124

      I applaud Osinbajo’s words and actions. He is at the frontline to see what is happening His words ring true. Much better than empty statements by spokesmen enjoying themselves in Abuja. If APC have common sense they should field him for President in 2019

      • emmanuel

        You are very unintelligent, this is a problem they refused to sort out before it began. What useless words are you talking about?
        I wish you success when it is your turn to commit suicide and may nobody discover your plan until it is executed.
        Field who Osinbajo the mortal liar and shameless man? The man who keep releasing N1.2 trillion for capital vote every year since 2016, yet they actually release less than N500 billion?
        God will sure bring him to judgement for all his deceits and execution of evil agenda.
        As for Buhari, he has signed for his place in hell fire, so that one na given!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Not a single one of these people will be around to note, or even mourn, your worthless expiration.

          • emmanuel

            See yourself, usual appearance with several monikers. scum!
            I knew long ago that you deploy with several monikers, when the failings of your masters are manifest like this fuel disgrace.

          • Julius

            None and he will probably die being alone !

          • emmanuel

            You have only confirmed my post, after all suicide bombing na still suicide as you hope to die with other people in your suicide so you hope to die with some other people?
            I did not come with anyone and bound to die alone. You must be cursed to expect Osinbajo, Buhari or Liar Mohammed at your death

          • Julius

            Retard, it means you will die being lonely with no one, relatives or otherwise giving you comfort and peace… besides you. You are a monkey and I shouldn’t have expected you to know what it means.

          • emmanuel

            Very dull indeed. I am not surprised because your masters who engaged you to launder their non-existent images are as a block headed as you are.

      • Julius

        Merry Christmas sir. God bless !

        • abodes_124

          Merry Xmas to you and yours also

      • Yego V

        Nonsense. If Osinbajo wants to become president, he should resign, condemn the incompetence of this administration then come up a blueprint.

  • Julius

    There you..what else is new from you. I’m surprised you are not telling us where he came from too. Oh, wait, you will do that under another name. I have no idea why you hating so much. Something must have happened to you along the way that leads you to a miserable existence. Poor you !

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Iya ile okan fe’di si ni when the sad moment of his unfortunate birth occurred.

      Please exercise patience with him.

      • Julius

        Abi ooo, he is a retard for sure ..Merry Christmas bro. Eku ojo meta. Hope Santa is good to you..lolz.

        • emmanuel

          Santa means the payment from Liar Mohammed and the ritual wen una don do. criminals.
          Why will he not be good to you for the evil jobs you do for him? Santa kó santana ni.

  • Momo Ali

    This is a serious problem, please stop trivialising it. We need solution not sentiments.

    • emmanuel

      Which solution? You are a cow.
      What is more serious than killing an economy, cleaning out the middle class and sending majority of entrepreneurs into bankruptcy?

      • Momo Ali

        I think you should be matured enough to moderate your language. If I didn’t proffer solution abusing Osibanjo would not solve the problem.

        People are stranded, unable to travel for their religious festival and others continue to suffer for daily transport.

        Please advance immediate solution and how to avoid it in the future.

        My suggestions are to put in place strategic reserve and for government to use alternative means of transporting petrol. We also need robust public transport system. These are the general ideas, there are other specifics.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          You are wasting time and effort on a certified id!ot who was dropped on his dead after being deprived of oxygen at birth.

          • emmanuel

            You have no place among reasonable humans, as your position on Nigeria issues indicate that you are a common scoundrel, a nitwit whose only exposure to societal issues is limited to APC government.
            Unfortunately for you, my verbal tirade is more honourable that your violent religious brothers who would rather deploy violence from a remote location.
            Soyemi. you are not worth more than used toilet tissue paper. Do not take my response to you as honour, because you are too cheap and brainless to be engaged.

        • emmanuel

          Sorry for that.
          This government is overdue for disbandment. That is my offering as it is not statutory to wait for four years to change a failed government. Must we wait until the country turns a Banana republic be fore we take action?
          I have heard of a situation where Germany increased the pump price of fuel and the people abandoned their cars on all roads. It did not take hours before the price was reversed.
          January 2012 was organised by same people who have insulted Nigerians on every side who now go about filling state to show concern, when all they are bothered about is themselves alone.

        • Yego V

          You voted in a dense head, and this is what you get. With all the brains surrounding him, as Ministers and Advisors, what are they doing and why are we paying them for nothing.

    • Yego V

      You misspelled your name. It’s Mumu Ali. Can you get your message to Lai Mohamed and Buhari.

  • emmanuel

    False prophet and co-excutor of Mohammed’s backward agenda. What has his going around got to do with a strategic attempt to frustrate Nigerians.
    There is a viral post stating that the assistant Petroleum prefect sent a memo to the Buhari, hinting of a possible PMS shortfall in late November; which should be mitigated. Unfortunately, they did not do anything and there is the fake Pastor holding Petrol pump nozzle to make Nigerians believe he is doing anything.
    When the wicked rule, the righteous suffers.
    I learnt of a family that woke up at 3.00am on Thursday to travel from Lagos to Benue for the Christmas celebration, only to get to Ojota and discover transport fare of N15,000.00 against about N5,500.00 at this period. They had to return back home disappointed.
    Imagine the emotional trauma of not celebrating with their people who already were waiting for them and having to stay back reworking new plan a day before christmas and being subject to run around in just one day, with fuel queue traffic everywhere.
    It is satanic for the APC to wish that they lead Nigeria again. I suspect that Nigeria may go on fire and the military would turn their backs on them when insurrection takes place.

  • Gary

    After the Arab-led oil embargo caused massive disruptions to fuel availability in America in the mid-70s, the US responded by creating its Strategic Oil Reserves to make sure America would never be held hostage oil supplies again.
    So whenever there’s a shortfall in supply or harmful spike in oil prices, the US government will release oil from its reserves to make up.

    Just like Ayo Fayose, (say what you will about the man) has now done for his people in Ekiti State in ordering the release of fuel from the Governor’s fuel dump to be sold to the public to alleviate the sufferings caused by the current shortages.
    Foyose is not just wearing an Awo cap and going round gas stations to express belated regrets for ruining Christmas, he has taken practical steps to alleviate the problem. But outside Ekitiland, he’s a subject of politically-motivated media derision for daring to dance to the beat of his drum and not the one from Bourdillon Road in Lagos.

    Under Buhari, the NNPC has so far spent about $4B (four billion dollars), plus wasted lives in the terrorist-ridden Chad Basin prospecting for Oil amid global oil glut and falling value.

    Then add the $1B Buhari wants to raid from the Excess Crude Account (without NASS approval or Appropriation), that will add up to $5B in two years.
    I’m not an expert in Oil and Gas to know how much it costs to build a new refinery, but I’m sure that money would have been enough to refurbish at least one of Nigeria’s moribund refineries if he put the national interest above the sectional interest of his people. And the oil, of which he made himself Petroleum Minister, does not even belong to them. I digress.

    The same amount could also have gone into building a strategic reserve of petroleum products to alleviate shortages and more importantly, break the ability of the subsidy-seeking fuel marketers from ever holding the country hostage again.

    Folks, this is what we mean by constantly harping on Buhari’s obvious shortcomings and lack of education to competently lead Nigeria at this juncture in world history.
    We cannot build a functional, progressive democracy in Nigeria if we continue to pick leaders based on a sense of entitlement and geography. While subordinating education, competence, democratic temperament and a practical vision for the overall progress of the nation.

    For all it’s worth to my fellow Nigerians home and abroad, here’s wishing everybody Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year.

    • emmanuel

      Some calculated how $1 billion equal N365 billion, meaning Buhari will spend N1 billion Niara every day in 2018 (365 days by N365 billion) to fight a war that was won in November 2016.
      Neither Idi Amin or Abacha came near Buhari in rot, using mal-governance, stealing and killings as fundamentals for assessment

    • Yego V

      After reading your comments, you’d think “educated and competent” Nigerians around Buhari would help fill in the void in him. Unfortunately that’s not the case. While praying that this man finishes his term and get out, I cannot imagine the same group that you described as educated and competent are chorusing for a second term. I cannot believe it !. Is this country cursed or what !

  • Otile

    He is not a real pastor, he is a juju priest posing as a Christian pastor. His lies and deceptions sell him out. Nonsense

  • kumi

    The Muslim party say they don’t want Christans to celebrate Christmas in Nigeria but the Almighty God pass them

  • Otile

    I hope fake doctor Patrick Kolawole Awosan will not appear from nowhere on this Christmas day and praise Imam Mohamed Buhari. It is very unbecoming of touts and all kinds of fake professionals to shamelessly abuse people in their defense for dullard Buhari.

  • Lanre

    Not impressed.Nonsense! Yes, emi ni mo sobe. Prof. Osinbajo, I am so disappointed. After Chief Awolowo, Bashorun M.K.O. Abiola, Oladipo Diya. Another Yoruba tool? But why?

  • Yego V

    Where is loud mouth lying Minister Lai. He should be walking alongside the VP to amplify the lies.

    • Truthman

      You are perhaps the only one who does not know that Osinbajo has always been better at lying than even Lie Mohammed.

  • okenwa

    I red where osinbajo was advised to stop talking anything that comes in his mouth. This same osinbajo has just told Nigerians that in a desperate bid by fuel marketers to increase fuel prices which federal rejected is here telling Nigerians that there is enough stock of fuel. Why don’t Nigerians stone this man in that petrol station. Make l dey waka dey go before dem come for my head