Trump slams Nigerians for not returning to their ‘huts’ after seeing America — Report

Donald Trump
U.S. President, Donald Trump

United States’ President Donald Trump described Nigerians as people living in huts which they would not want to return to whenever they visit America, the New York Times reported Saturday. 

The paper published accounts of some administration officials who were present at a meeting about the administration’s immigration policy in June. 

Mr. Trump has pushed controversial immigration policies since becoming American president in January.

Amongst his first policies was to ban visits from several countries — mostly from the middle east. 

The policy has been overturned and upheld by different American courts.

The Times reported that Mr. Trump had a ready-made excuse for almost all the countries his controversial immigration policy targeted. 

He said he was banning people from Afghanistan because the country was a terrorist haven.

When asked about why he was restricting people from Haiti, he described them as being infested with AIDS. 

On Nigerians, Mr. Trump said they would never “go back to their huts” in Africa, the Times reported, citing two officials who were presented at the meeting held in Mr. Trump’s office but who sought anonymity.

Although some administration officials acknowledged that the meeting took place,  they denied that the president used “AIDS” and “huts” at the meeting. 

Nigeria was eventually not included in the list of countries whose nationals were banned from entering America.


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  • Maitama Tambari

    The last part is probably true because President Trump with all his comedy wouldn’t have used these two words.

    • rules_emmanuelO.

      Really? I doubt you have heard the man speak!

  • Momo Ali

    The guy is right, in a way. We like to live in organised societies but can not organise or country. There are far too many illegal immigrants in the US, Saudi, UEA and Europe from Nigeria.

    The language and attitute of Trump is unfortunate and not helpful.

    • Goodkind

      You said the right thing then veered off with the condemnation of of his language,I don’t know your age but there used to be one Andrew then that wanted to check and he was reminded that the country he was going to was made up the good attattitude of the people who own the country

    • Otile

      Most people who moved to America are/were economic refugees including Trump’s ancestors plus his present wife who is an economic refugee from the former Soviet Union. Africans who berate their people living in America or the EU are just jealous.

    • kanen

      The language if at all it came from him is intended to provoke positive reactions and not the negative you have in mind.

  • rules_emmanuelO.

    Talk about irresponsible leadership!

  • Sanssouci

    Interesting how he does not mention fulani, yoruba, Igbo or hausa, as far as he is concerned all our black asses are the same, and we r here ripping each other apart because of useless ethnicity…

    • Annabelle

      Please help me enlighten them! This primitive, ethnic mentality will take Nigeria nowhere! Unless Nigerians stop recycling these ancient, archaic, self centered, corrupt tribal rulers and fight to recruit competent, young men/women in politics regardless of ethnicity, the country will continue to revolve in its retarded economic, and epileptic socio-political cycle for many centuries to come!

  • Arabakpura

    Well we are yet to hear from Mr Trump for dumping Jerusalem; Trump does not suffer fools gladly!

  • Usher- Join The Revolution

    Well, he is referring to all those guys who are slaves over there but return here pretending to be kings.

    • Otile

      Imam’s government has not lifted a finger to save Nigerians suffering slavery in Libya, why would those acquiring good education, sending money back home, and doing relatively well in US be envied by your ilks?

      • osilo

        That was harsh. chaei

  • marcos avelino

    Up to you mr Fani Kayode the man you admire so much despises you so much ? Poor african !!

    • Otile

      Actually President Trump is directing his attack on the Nigerian president who is in a position to provide decent housing for Nigerians or attract qualified Nigerians working in US to come home and do the same for Nigeria. Does the government not have any responsibility to provide jobs for citizens? Were they elected to server themselves only?

    • kanen

      This is a wrong understanding of what Trump said if at all he said it. It has nothing to do with FK.

  • Angela thorpe

    I think there should be an additional amendment to the Constitution….One that states that if a President’s stupidity falls below a certain level, they can be removed from office and also if a Vice President’s sycophancy exceeds a certain level they are removed from office. That way the despairing World and those who still believe in intelligence and truth could be saved from Trump and Pence.

  • Otile

    After his inauguration Buhari rushed to Washington to borrow and beg money from Trump. President is diplomatically telling Buhari to use Niger Delta oil money to provide decent houses for Nigerians and demolish the mud houses around. If you go to Porto Rico and Guam you will be impressed to see decent living places the government provided for the people. Israel too has done wonders for her citizens; the people enjoy protection, good healthcare and decent housing provided by the honorable government. Buhari and his relatives ruling Nigeria constitute a colossal failure, and disappointment. When Buhari wept bitterly after losing election people thought he was weeping for the country not knowing that he was weeping for his selfish interest.

    • dhepo

      Otile while am not holding brief for Buhari as am not his supporter but on this particular issue the failure to provide decent housing is to be shared by preceding governments before this one.

      • Otile

        You are right, but the fact that previous administrations did not provide decent housing does not mean that Buhari should do nothing either. What then is the difference between him and those he is blaming?

        • dhepo

          What can he do? He is as clueless as Jonathan. The only difference is his watery anti corruption mantra.

          • TONY OSAS

            anti corruption in discards ,people are starving.we never withness it during president olusegun obasunjor not even during yahaduwa or Jonathan, why buhari ,the same thing during the military area.

      • kanen

        And you forgot so soon that Buhari is among the previous regimes and does not think and plan in such direction even now that he is there again.

  • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

    How true is this ? Coming from NYT who remain one of Trumps most acerbic critics after CNN and Washington Times, is it on record ? is there a transcript ? The coalition of sodomites are not resting in their pull Trump down efforts

  • Tunsj

    45 is a mentally ill moron. I’m not surprised about the statement coming from a 72 year old toddler. 45 is the same psychopath that promoted a racist theory about former President Obama. He is a narcissistic fascist.

    • Sword of Damocles

      additionally, the clock is TICKING for his Presidency. It is common knowledge here that the man is a stooge for putin, and a rank traitor. Former FBI Director Mueller is his nemesis. Quid Pro Quo is the term to remember

      • Gunnermachine

        Nonsense. Trump is his own man. If they really had anything on Trump he would have been long gone

        • Sword of Damocles

          if you say so boris……

    • Biafran 1967

      You don’t have to believe everything you read in the media. This is quite clearly fake news. Trump is against Islam for reasons that are clear to most people. But he won’t use such offensive terms to describe many people. He would not offend Haiti since many Haitiens in America campaigned for him after the Clinton foundation stole the money they were to receive after the 2010 earthquake.

      • Smart

        Trump deport those inferior slaves back to their huts please,

      • Tunsj

        I trust NY Times more than 45. Everything to him and you is fake news. That’s your opinion.

    • Gunnermachine

      Shut up and stop regurgitating language ‘snowflakes use. Use your brain and think.Ask questions if you don’t know. For one is this story true or fake? Funny that the article does not quote or name any witness. It’s purely fake news.

    • Annabelle

      He’s not mentally ill, he’s just spewing out what whites think and say behind the curtains! He may be a moron and tactless, but that’s exactly how the world sees Nigeria and Nigerians because the dimwits ruling Nigeria are too ignorant and unsophisticated to get it and put their house in order! They would rather steal the money and stash in the same countries denigrating them and their children! Pathetic!!!

    • UZEZ0168209

      and the pedophile jets out to bank his ill gotten money abroad. good news …now road block is mounted everywhere by order of the dull looking IG.
      zoo country for you.

  • Folahan

    When was this said, i dont believe this article. I believe that this article is supposed to get nigerians offended towards Trump especially as Nigeria sent a representative to Organisation of Islamic Countries and then went ahead to vote against US after fully aware that the US sponsors a lot of aid in NIgeria. This article was just brought up to create a distraction as APC does when ever it is caught with its pants down for another crime.

    • princegab

      Cool truth, thanks


      you r very correct ,i don’t believe it my self , this can not be a transfer of aggression in respect of the vote against in UN,it was a clear democracy which was introduce to the house at the UN decision table . but if this is true our leaders need to put there heard back to other because one day .the citizen of this great country will raise up ,there will be no where to go not even the US and UK where there hide there family’s.

    • Biafran 1967

      You are correct. This is clearly fake news. Trump is an international businessman and won’t use such crude words. A lot of the media are mischievous.

      • Sword of Damocles

        your reply indicates that you probably have never travelled out of Nigeria, Do you know that the international Businessman you speak of has filed bankruptcy 6 times? Speaking of crude words have you heard the “access Hollywood” tape where he talks of grabbing women by the @u$$y? My friend knowledge is power. Watch this space: Your man will not finish his term, he will either resign or be removed.

      • Annabelle

        Not true! You got it all wrong, it is not fake news! Trump has no filter, he’s an uncouth, trash talker and has said worse things on live tv – go watch trump live on CNN or other stations. We’re talking about a mobster here, that is quintessential Trump! He may be a businessman but the kind of businessman whose father owned a brothel. I don’t know what else you’d expect from a kid in that environment!

  • Du Covenant

    Thank you Trump. If Nigerians are normal human beings, this statement should send them thinking real hard!. Moreover, this exactly how the civilized world thinks of Nigeria and Nigerians. Instead of flogging to go and enjoy what others have built, we need to come back home and build our own country then people will respect us once and for all. Look at the clowns we have as governors meant to take care of our immediate local needs, are the capable?. The moment they enter office, their next port of call is the US etc. The entire legislative branch creates every opportunity to visit the US just because we claim to practice presidential system of government, what a shame!. We can only be respected when we sit down and get to work.

    • Jonathan

      Those goons will never learn…
      They have no respect for themselves or this country.

    • Annabelle

      Everyone who has attempted to build Nigeria and wipe out the humongous corruption has been killed! The politicians use the same dejected, left over, abandoned Nigerians to kill anyone who tries to change the system for all to live comfortably. They send hired assassins, armed robbers, poison, assault, even members of your own family to kill you – the same people you trying to help! Our politicians create and benefit from the chaos called Nigeria because, they’re too ignorant and unenlightened to understand that there’s no magic in the US! But, ordinary Americans make sure that their leaders do what they are elected to do. Are Nigerians that determined to fight to the end? Are Nigerians willing to call out the giant thieves in the polity and say, enough? Are Nigerians irritated enough to stand up against those stealing and using their money to buy private jets and send their children abroad while Nigerians suffer and languish in excruciating poverty? What exactly is the price Nigerians are willing to pay to change the trajectory?

      • NonPartisanElder

        The answers to your posers are “No” and “None.” Nigerians only grumble about corruption and bad governance. No, we are not prepared to call out and really fight the giant thieves in governments, public service, parliament and even in the churches. Rather, we engage ourselves in wars between CAN and Islamiya or whatever, between South and North, between Yoroba and Ibo, etc; while these pirates of all tribes and shades – the Mainas, Badehs, Dezianis, Obanikoros – loot the nation’s resources, That’s why the imbecilic megalomaniac in the US White House can keep on insulting Nigerians. What a pity!

  • thusspokez

    Yeah like Dotard’s own mother Mary Anne MacLeod who never return to her cold, remote, depressing Outer Hebrides in Scotland or his wife Melania who entered the US on tourist visa and worked as model or escort illegally — consequently violating the terms of her tourist visa – before acquiring green card.

    • Annabelle

      Talk about living in caves! His mother lived in caves before she emigrated to the US to marry for green card! Melania comes from Slovania, a hungry, depleted, East European coven and married trump for survival to get her green card and has used him to bring in all her family from Slovania! Trump’s an ignorant moron elected out of frustration. However, Nigerian rulers know no shame, they don’t care if their citizens are sold as slaves or denigrated by an imbecile as long as they can continue to steal and rape the country’s treasury to stash in America, Europe and offshore accounts. It’s too late for Nigerians to wake up and challenge their corrupt politicians, the originators of the international humiliation and assault Nigerians have to contend with daily!

      • GusO

        I wish I could say that Nigerians would challenge their corrupt politicians in the not distant future. But I don’t think so. I’m a Nigerian living abroad and reading Nigerian newspapers such as this one, I have been amazed the extent to which tribalism has reared its head since I left Nigeria.

        • thusspokez

          These Nigerians never stop complaining about corruption and bad government, and yet when one of their tribesperson is arrested for corruption, they would disregard the evidence and defend him or her to the hilt; and claim victimisation, marginalisation or what have you.

          These hypocrites don’t realise that they are much of the problem as corruption and bad governments are in Nigeria.

      • Lanre

        Thank you Annabelle. You are a refreshing delight to read. Nigeria is a lost cause and some of us are working for our own independent Yorubaland. Just like our forefathers fought for independence from the British, we will continue to work for our independence from Nigeria, as a free and sovereign Yorubaland.

      • thusspokez

        Talk about living in caves

        Maybe your own parents live in caves, I can trace my ancestors to the 16th century and at no time did any of them lived in cave.

        Further, my ancestors thrived in commerce not with the help of any government but through their own effort as with many Nigerians then. They were like the early American pioneers who developed the USA that attracted the likes of the dotard Trump’s parents to migrate to the USA.

        You will be surprised to know that many of my relatives who once lived in the US and Europe had returned to Nigeria to help develop the country. Further, none of them were ever recipients of any form of government aid.

        So how did your ancestors faired before Nigeria became a country and before any form of central government. Take a serious look at yourself and ask yourself what you have contributed to make your country great.

        My bet is that your are one of the useless type who never stop complaining about governments – waiting for government to come and house and feed you. You think that Nigeria is the only country in history that has had corruption problems and even poor government? Well I suggest that you read world history and you will find names, like Britain, US, Italy, China, etc. But it didn’t stop its citizen from building their respective economies.

        Go to any street in Nigeria and see for yourself the level of commercial activities going on. These Nigerians are not like you, moaning about corruption and bad government and waiting for handouts from governments but working hard to help develop Nigeria. Learn self-help and pioneering spirit from them

        • Annabelle

          thusspokez, You clearly misunderstood my comment! My reference to caves was about trump whose European ancestors lived in caves before migrating to the US and now has the guts to say Nigerians live in Huts! It was actually in support of your comment not against it. However, it would do you a lot of good to think through in future before you set out to say what you don’t know. It is because people like you want to gag Nigerians from complaining about their contemptible state that Nigeria is where it is today! Have you lived in any of the countries you just mentioned? Do you know US citizens, Britons and most of the west have freedom of speech and expression that works to hold their leaders accountable? How about China? D’you see how Chinese leaders hold themselves to the fire to develop their country? Tell me about Nigeria! Make the history you know applicable and functional in today’s universe. I’m not on this site to bolster your relatives or anybody, and I really don’t care. My goal is to contribute my opinions to the abuse and debilitating poverty in Nigeria due partly because of people like you who wish to stifle other people’s right to speech, put their heads down and wish Nigeria continues business as usual. You met the wrong person – think again!

          • thusspokez

            I often peruse comment before writing a response. The impression created by the aforementioned comment of yours was what had led to the misunderstanding. Indeed, whilst reading, I paused at the “However, Nigerian rulers…” statement, but the change in direction
            was not convincing enough to change my earlier view that you were mocking my comment.

            Have you lived in any of the countries you just mentioned?

            This question is irrelevant but if you want to know, I have been to all of them except China; and spent most of my life in them and still do, albeit soon to migrate to Nigeria, there!

  • Otas

    I am pained by that comment….. But is just the simple truth….

    • Annabelle

      The only pain is when Nigerians would rise up and say NO to moronic rulers instead of allowing themselves to be used to kill everyone that wants to create a better life for all!

      • thusspokez

        The only pain is when Nigerians would rise up and say NO

        Lead the way! It is no use egging on others whilst you sit on the sideline.

        • Annabelle

          We won’t need people like you in our fight to uplift Nigeria because, your kind has set us in the present retrogressive cesspool called, Nigeria. Your complacency and embrace of the status quo have made thousands to be sold into slavery and lose hope on life itself. Our children will not be abused by the world due to our rulers’ ineptitude and theft! Besides, your opportunity to shut us down is extinct!

          • thusspokez

            We won’t need people like you in our fight to uplift Nigeria because, your kind has set us in the present retrogressive cesspool called, Nigeria

            Hahaha but I don’t live in Nigeria – at least not yet.

            I am getting tired of all the moaning about corruption and then people defending their tribesperson when the latter is arrested for corruption. If you want to know what I think about corruption: anyone found guilty of fraud of 50 million naira or more should be executed.

          • Annabelle

            Good for you! But how d’you use words like “useless” to people you don’t even know? How d’you call somebody making a comment a “useless” what? That is despicable and unacceptable! It only reminds me of trump and the fact that I’m on a Nigerian website!
            Do better next time!

          • thusspokez

            Yes I had “useless” in my initial draft but dropped it by my final draft And because I often over-write and in real-time, you might have caught sight of the former, posted before I was done.


    My brothers and sister let us come together and create a forums and think on how to construct our country like never before
    our street are so Wong constructed ,our housing ,our road r bad ,our health care is the worst ,we can make it right . there is no
    playing ground for children. no CCTV on our street ,even that will create job ,what are they doing in the US that we can not do ,let put all the system in US down in Nigeria believe me , it will bring more job . please guys let bring this idea to work for our live and that of our children. let make Nigeria Great again it is possible ,there must be a system in which a poor man and a market woman can buy at list two bed room apartment ,we need to have our Nigeria social security number working so that other black Na boring country can be identify and not benefit because we have lost live of people trying to find a good life outside country if our bvn can work perfectly well then it will work perfectly well not the national ID,our police need a total reform to met the new united state of Nigeria. there is job if only the government put our ideas together believe me Nigeria will be great again . i can also contribute my ideas to the greatness of this nation, i am not looking for job but we need to do this, God bless United state of Nigeria ,we need to start thinking Big as a Nation . my name is tony Osas thank you .

    • Annabelle

      Unfortunately, your Nigerian rulers have neither shame nor self worth! They would rather steal money and hide in the US, Europe, or offshore than build their own country. America, Europe and every country knows that Nigeria has great potential but the people allow morons to rule them and steal their resources to sell to Europe and America for a dollar!

      • Ambrose Igbokwe

        This is why Nigeria makes 10…steps forward and 1000..steps..backwards. Absolutely correct.

      • kaydutch


      • GusO

        Yes, very much so, we allow morons to rule us. We allow corrupt national parties to impose political candidates on us because we’re passive. If we don’t shape up our political institutions and have our traitorous politicians and administrative elite put in jails, the worst of what’s to become of Nigerians living abroad in every nation is yet to happen.

    • Bassey Frank

      Buharists will accuse you of trying to demean the President.

  • Smart

    Deport them back to their Hut trump, but wait a minute is it not this Trump these people were praising yesterday on the issue of Jerusalem, up to a point of raining curses on their country.
    This Orange albino Trump isn’t a Christian, but a jew because he has no love for his fellow……………

    • Annabelle

      Truth is, he doesn’t love anyone , not even himself! If he loved himself, he would control his leaky, sewer mouth!

  • Annabelle

    “Haitians have Aids, Nigerians live in huts, Americans elected an imbecile!”

    • UZEZ0168209

      annal_thing. You are an imbecile ,and fines it difficult to comprehend blue prints.

      • Annabelle

        Of course, it’s obvious you got an annal culture, that’s why you couldn’t comprehend your own blue print when you elected a nitwit!!!

        • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

          Don’t be a pun in the chessboards of powerful media brokers, by this comment you just bought hook line sinker their false narrative and very likely as they expect you will spread the misinformation to folks, but have you spared a thought to consider whether the man actually said so.


          • Annabelle

            There may be puns on so called “powerful media” Chessboards but you certainly aren’t responding to one! There’s no false narrative about the man/kindergartner called trump, except the false narrative that he, himself spew in his twits/media. You can watch trump live and hear him say abominable things about black people and those he doesn’t even know. He spreads more misinformation than the media can ever catch up with, but gullible people believe him because they intimidated by his bullying and silly threats!

          • Lanre

            Wonderful, Annabelle. I never imagined that there will be a day when an American President will call the bastions of American Freedom – New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, ABC, NBC,CBS purveyors of fake news. Today, Lai Mohammed of Nigeria is also saying published information about the activities of the Buhari Administration is fake news. Putin of Russia and Erdogan of Turkey now also use the term. Just like Duterte of The Phillipines. Meanwhile who has spinned the greatest fake news – Donald Trump. From claiming that there was a terrorist attack in Sweden on a day there was none to distributing unverified information via his twitter account. His ambassador to The Netherlands, Pete Hoekstra just got caught lying [blaming it on so-called fake news.] Thank Heavens The West is not in 1933 Germany when Adolf Hitler took over and the first things he did was to initiate an attack on the media. We all know how that ended for Germany.
            When you have something to hide or you are suffering from an incurable complex or debilitating mental situation, you attack independent institutions. The situation in America is very sad. Donald Trump is attacking known, reputable institutions to weaken them and mold them in his own image. Let’s see if America will survive this. For the sake of humanity and decency, I hope it does.

          • DJA1804

            While he may not have said so, his dispositions does not make it unlikely. I only do not see him as one likely to deny if he said it, going by his ‘I don’t give a damn’ utterances

    • Lanre

      Thank you Annabelle. The only thing that will save America is democracy. They just elected their first dictator in Donald Trump. It is sad that a beacon of the world is being ruled by an insensitive, inconsiderate, uncouth and divisive character. All empires have fallen including the Third Reich under Adolf Hitler. Again the only saving grace for America is democracy.

    • Ifeanyi

      Annabelle, you’re just nagging, even if Trump used some other worst word like “tree” or “forest” as they use to, he will still be right. What did you do to David Cameron the other time? You can’t stand the truth.

      • Annabelle

        Really? “Nagging?” Ifeanyi? Really? Hmm! I’m struggling against all odds to convince myself that you do know the English meaning of “nagging.” You may want to take another look at the dictionary!

  • Solomon Obong

    Premium Times there is no such report in the whole of NY Times . I am a subscriber and I searched the whole data base without finding this report. Shame on you.

    • Annabelle

      It was on all the national TV news, you just haven’t seen it yet. Besides, its not something that’s anathema to trump. It’s quintessential trump to say filthy, disrespectful, sewer, trash talk! He’s said worse things in the past about people who don’t look like him. His hatred for blacks is public record and there’re court cases to buttress that fact!

  • Special Acumen

    Why do we Nigerians tend to have an unfairly and unduly high opinion of ourselves and our country? So why do we always find fault with others and become annoyed when others find faults with us and tell us the truth? The truth is that things have always been bad in Nigeria.
    There is nothing new, strange, or inaccurate about what Trump said about Nigerians. What Trumps remarked is what we already know about ourselves and our country.
    Let’s analyse Trump’s assertion. Trump hypothesise that Nigerians live in huts in Africa and do not return home after visiting the US. Trump arguably implies that the condition of Nigerians in Nigeria are not impressive enough to compel Nigerians to return home after visiting the US. Of the whole world, the US is among the best in economic conditions, job opportunities, security, human rights, healthcare, housing, educational prospects, and more. Any reasonable human being will value these features and a visa to a country with these features is simply a key to heaven on earth. Nigeria’s indices are at the opposite pole. So, disadvantaged Nigerians who happen to visit America tend to overstay. Even rich Nigerians sneak their children and relatives to the advanced world! Trump’s huts don’t literally mean that Nigerians live in the architectural structures called ‘’huts’’. Even if that is what he means, he still has a reason for asserting so. Granted, there are descent housing structures in Nigeria. But how many Nigerians have them? Except in the south east where most people have managed to build somewhat beautiful houses, most Nigerians lack descent shelters. Wait a minute, a country that lacks access to common drinking water, people who do have it have only managed to build boreholes; people in such country should not come close to trying to refute Trump’s claims.
    Many Nigerians seeking non-immigrant visas to the US tend to have it at the back of their mind that they would not return to Nigeria after entering the US. Nigerian authorities should work towards providing opportunities in Nigeria to make living in and visiting Nigeria attractive. Corruption, incompetence, inefficiency tribalism/nepotism, religious fundamentalism are having negative impact on Nigeria and are basically responsible for motivating Nigerians to seek opportunities outside Nigeria.

    • Arkhuma

      Nice insight! Didn’t know that it is only in the South East that you have most beautiful houses in Nigeria. Interesting. We learn everyday.

      • Special Acumen

        You most probably misunderstood my viewpoint. I did not say ”most beautiful houses”. I rather said most people…”have managed to”…”somewhat beautiful”. You might want to read through my write up again. You could safely argue that the best, most beautiful or most expensive house may not be in the south east (and of course this is not intention of this argument), but what you most probably would notice is that at least a simple majority, say 50.1%, of the people of the south east ‘’have managed’’ to build a beautiful house (I assume this beautiful house to be a modern-Nigeria style bungalow).

    • Andrei Izmailov

      That’s right,we think way too much of ourselves in Nigeria when there’s nothing to be proud of.

    • DJA1804

      Except in the south east where most people have managed to build somewhat beautiful houses, most Nigerians lack descent shelters.
      Do you really have to let people know that you have lived all your live in the south east and have never traveled out of the zone nor have access to information about other part of Nigeria through any form of visual media. Even on this kind of media you must have been selective about what you read.Otherwise you would have been better informed not to make such an unreasonable claim.

      • Special Acumen

        For your info sir. I lived 9 years in Yorubaland; I have a home in western Nigeria; 5 years in Samaru Zaria; Northern Nigeria is my second home. 10 years in the south east and 3 years in south south. I proudly represent every part of Nigeria any day. Although I did not attach any robust research evidence to support my claim that ”Except in the south east where most people have managed to build somewhat beautiful houses, most Nigerians lack descent shelters”, I am sure more than 50% of Nigerians would agree with this opinion. I do not state claims to denigrate anybody. You might want to read through my write up again. You can safely argue that the best, most beautiful or most expensive house may not be in the south east (and of course this is not intention of this argument), but what you most probably would notice is that at least a simple majority, say 50.1%, of the people of the south east ‘’have managed’’ to build a beautiful house (I assume this beautiful house to be a modern-Nigeria style bungalow). If you are still in doubt, please consider taking up a study on this issue. Happy New Year in advance.

  • Lanre

    Thank you Donald Trump. When the time comes, we hope we will get the support of the United States for an independent Yorubaland. Yorubas don’t live in huts like Nigerians.

    • Chukwuka Okoroafor

      But if Trump really said this, he was talking about you. He was talking about me. He was talking about all Nigerians. No one cares about your ethnic group. This is something you have failed to understand up until now.

      • Lanre

        Lazy Chukwuka Okoroafor. Was your name given to you by Lord Lugard or your Igbo parents? Many of you are so lazy and cannot think outside of the box. I guess Sweden, Finland, England, France, Germany and Italy were imposed on their citizens by colonialists. I am proud of my political and cultural heritage and I am not committing any known offence for desiring a nation for Yorubaland. Since you are always trolling me and wasting your time trying to make me think like the herd, this is my last response to you.

        • Chukwuka Okoroafor

          I am just speaking facts. No one cares about your ethnic background. They will see you as a Nigerian. Lets not forget that the nations you mention in Europe are not one happy family. In Italy, they are seen as Italians but there are people in Venice who see themselves as a separate nationality. In fact, Germany was a confederation of tribal allegiances prior to unification. There is a secessionist movement there today in Bavaria. Again, you are free to agitate, but I was just giving you facts and I highly doubt a Yoruba republic will happen. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

    • Julius

      Something is seriously wrong with you. Keep pretending to be Yoruba..we know who we are and you are definitely not speaking for us. You fucking thinks Trump gives a shit about any tribe anywhere ?.

  • Steve

    This will bring the demise of this man called Trump, Proverb 14:31, 22:16. He takes joy in despising the less privileged.

  • Harrison

    All of you calling Trump different kinds of names. Let me just remind you these few things:
    First the man is a multi-billionaire which you can never dream of all your life. Has one of the best families ever in the United States with well-mannered kids who are currently running his business.
    Secondly, Trump is the president of USA. For God sake he is not the president of the WORLD. that is just the bitter truth. So he is trying to protect his country and bring it to well or MAGA as he puts it. That a good thing. If Nigeria has that kind of president who really cares about it’s citizens and this country, we would be all time thankful. So as president of the USA he has the right,my dear angry people, to drive back ANYONE he thinks poses a threat to his country.
    Thirdly, other people around the world including presidents talk thrash too. Everybody does! Why does Trumps talks get people nuts? I will tell you why? It’s because most people are jealous of the man. Because they know he is far much richer, more intelligent and much smarter than they are.
    Finally even the rich corrupt in America hate trump simply because of this simple fact: HE IS THE ONLY PRESIDENT IN THE USA THAT THEY CAN’T CONTROL. And that burns them really bad.

    As for me I am having fun watching haters condem the man while he prospers daily! Oh God, please bless me like you have blessed Trump and help me to serve this country like he is serving America. Amen!

    • Julius

      You’ve got to be a biafraudian…I bet you are still waiting for his state visit to biafraud. Pity you.

  • Mercy John

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  • sudan

    This man Harrison must be blind enough to praise someone like Trump that everyone knows is insane. Trump may be rich with money but he is poor in knowledge. If I could identify between two popular cities of Europe like Brussels and Germany, how would he know that Nigerians dont live in huts. If not that our leaders have turned Nigerians into lepers, an Imbecile like Trump will never get to insult Nigerians.

  • trouble

    Let us not start to abuse Trump for his comments. Let us instead face our leaders who have put us in such pitiable conditions. They all go to America & behave like people who leave in huts. Our leaders & their families go abroad & spend money shopping as if they have not seen houses before. They steal billions of our dollars & buy expensive properties they will not live in. Our leaders keep huge amounts of our money in american banks generating income for the banks to give loans to their people & create employment for them. Of course Trump can say anything he likes about Nigeria. When our president goes abroad he describes Nigerians as corrupt people & thieves. He is the only one who is not corrupt in Nigeria.

  • Sweetstan

    This story is false and have been debunked by the White House press secretary and other officials.

    It’s shameful that this nonsense is spread around like facts.
    Quoting from the N. Y. Times is disgusting, they are fake news and you guys are spreading fake news.


  • Sweetstan

    Fake News.

  • Moses Adewole

    Simply put, Nigerians are set of people that will come from village to spoil the town.

  • Avatar0596

    Fake news – author of this article should be ashamed for regurgitating this crap.

  • Biodun

    I agree with him. When all “rulers’ since
    independence are complete dissapointment, no vision apart from stealing and personal enrichment, wickedness to ruled, offshore fraud perfection, no infrastructure, zero healthcare, education nothing to write home about among several other evils perpetrated against the people they were ordinarily expected to care for. The elders said “whatever name you call your dish is the name outsiders will call it”. Look at the refugees from Libya been sold as slaves…aren’t they right..are our politicians and past rulers not treating us as slaves since independence? Leave Trump alone…what happened to Panama papers, Pataduse Papers, National Assembly frauds, Mainagate, Jonathan’s era monumental frauds at all levels, various loots even civil (evil) servants having billions in accounts ….only God knows the number of ‘Ikoyi flats’ housing billions of dollars meant for the common good but wantonly diverted by the ‘rulers’ to locations in various parts of the world …what about Patience Jonathan…don’t ever blame Trump…South Africans don’t travel or migrate like Nigerians because life is OK in their country, likewise those from Botswana. Other black African country rulers and elites deal with their citzens as dealing with slaves..they are not addressed as “Leaders’ but ‘Rulers’ .. because the slave-master mentally is the evil by which they’ve been obsessed with…though Trump is said to have denied it, but look at it, was he really wrong vi’s a vis -;the opportuniiesy the Nigerian state has blown and is still blowing…Indians, Lebanese, Chinese and other Asians deal with Nigerian’s even resident at home as slaves…and Nigerians call them “master” …the hurts are meant for the downtrodden and local and foreign “masters” are doing exactly like slave masters … Trump is right, Libyans are correct…it’s our people (most of our rulers- past and present) that are exceptionaly wickedly -cruel and heartless. Awón Ole, ika…alailánu. these do not deserve honour…name calling is part of the deprivation cost we have to bear as Nigerians in diaspora…when the wickedness of the wicked is still being unleashed. Look at Rwanda coming out of the woods of civil war and economic woes and Nigeria with all resources recognised globally as wealthy…in fact the country deserve more derogatory adjective. .. speak on Donald, please more. ..hopefully the elites-thieves ears would be opened. …whose conscience has been seared with hot iron..

  • Jonathan

    This attribution to Trump has a ring of truth about it. I base that on his antecedents. His previous utterings and his discriminatory practices towards African Americans points to a man that has very little regard for blacks beyond his use for them (either financially or electorally).
    What about his much heralded appeal to blacks to vote for him because Democrats have only abused the votes of blacks for decades ? His promise to revamp the inner cities ? Relegated to background noise behind a meaningless move of the US embassy to J’lem.
    Contrast his enthusiasm towards the fringe xenophobes of the right wing that he called “fine folks”. Or his persistence in conflating the kneeling of mostly black NFL players as a protest against police brutality with a disrespect of the flag. He called those players “sons of bitches”. Obviously presidential behaviour.
    And those crowing “fake news”. Do you really expect the Trump WH to acknowledge that he said that ? O’Really ?
    I am actually enjoying the Trump presidency, all said and done. He is just hastening the demise of the American empire by doubling down her isolation. With friends like the Saudi wahhabists and the Likudniks what could possibly go wrong ? Meanwhile, the triumvirate of Russia, China and Iran just continue with the plans of creating an alternative to the American hegemon.

    • Lanre

      Brilliant submission. Thank you for contributing this excellent piece. Just like I observed above, many chroniclers of history are watching the disaster unfolding in America. Actually when Trump was sworn in, I had told some of my friends and relatives that if you survived Abacha and Babangida in Nigeria, you will survive Trump.Trump is actually worse than Abacha. He insults judges, asked for licences of independent press institutions be revoked, appoints his family to sensitive government positions, relatives who are under investigation. Wole Soyinka with his prophetic insight threw away his Green Card (A decision I thought was extreme since America is not Trump and Trump definitely not America). It is quite scary that this is a man who is in charge of the world’s greatest Nuclear arsenal. When I remember the other lunatic, Adolf Hitler of Germany and what he did to the world about 70-80 years ago, it sends shivers down the spine. The world needs prayers.

      • Wolfgang Davis

        Comparing Trump to Hitler? You are ridiculous. NAZI Germany was a dictatorship with a very few elite controlling the country, we have a constitution that has a checks and balance system within it to prevent an abuse of power by the President. I could argue that Abraham Lincoln abused his power more than Trump has, would you compare Lincoln to Hitler? Thats how idiotic you sound. Also, Abacha is considered one of the most corrupt leaders in history, and unless Mueller’s investigation proves corruption, Trump isn’t corrupt.

  • DJA1804

    He definitely cannot be referring to such. Such people return to their Aso Rock like mansions.

    • AryLoyds

      But soon on later go back to the us and buy buger mansion