Nigeria approves new policy for GMO regulator


The Federal Executive Council, FEC, on Thursday approved a revised policy on the National Bio-Safety Management Agency.

The Minister of State for Environment, Ibrahim Jibrin, told State House correspondents that the agency is charged with the direct responsibility of monitoring and supervising the use of genetically modified organisms in the country.

Mr. Jibrin, who spoke after the conclusion of the FEC meeting, said people often mistake the agency for another agency in the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology: National Bio-Technology Development Agency.

He said while the first one under the Ministry of Science and Technology is charged with the responsibility of doing research work and making a breakthrough on many things in the country, the national bio-safety agency under the Ministry of Environment, is a regulatory agency with the responsibility of checking the type of genetically modified food that could come into the country.

He said the regulation is to ensure that they are safe for consumption either for animals or humans and to ensure also that they do not displace our traditional products that are found locally in the country”.

Mr. Jibrin said the policy memo which was approved Thursday has been around since 2006, predating even the establishment of the agency.

The minister said the agency was established by an act of parliament in the year 2015.

“So the policy has been in place before even the enactment of the law to establish the agency and because it has been around for more than a decade, we felt it is necessary to review it and bring it up to date and face the present reality so that as technology is developing rapidly, the policy framework that should be put in place to regulate and monitor effectively to ensure that our citizens are safe is what motivated us to bring this and thank God, the Council has approved the policy memo.

“So we have a new policy and the Attorney General of the Federation will take the necessary steps to bring it into force,” he said without disclosing the specific details of the policy.


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  • Dan maikoko

    Agricultural methods of the past are far superior to modern agriculture since very little food is needed to satisfy a lot of people then as compared to the vast space needed to feed one man today.. Modern agriculture has depleted our soils of most minerals that it impossible for the people who consume foods grown on such land to stay healthy. Supplementing the soil will restore the necessary minerals making people eat less, live healthier lives and curb extensive agriculture. GMOs are an advancement of modern agriculture with grave consequences for human and animal health. It is a disaster that has led to the emergence of deadly diseases the likes of which much still remains unknown. For those who believe in evolution, it takes at least 5 billion years for us to have the seeds that we have today and still some seeds are poisonous but everybody has taken his place in nature and things have stabilized. To have some ignorant scientists, motivated by the desire to make money, reset this process and start all over again is the height of arrogance and a wicked, inhumane way to steal what God has given us freely. This is serious people, these GMO pushers have prepared a vault in the arctic, frozen deep underground, containing seeds from all over the world; what they call the ‘Noah’s ark’ of food. There is a plan to destroy the seed heritage of earth and replace it with patented, harmful GMOs for those who have the cash. All the countries of Europe have banned GMOs. GMOs are now the darling of corrupt third world countries where everything goes. India was the first to suffer dearly from GMOs. If our leaders care about us and our health please let them read the book ‘Seeds of suicide’ y Vandana Shiva.

    • Concerned citizen

      Thank you so much Sir for throwing light on the harmful effects of GMOs, Please Sir, what can we do to stop the infiltration of our environment with these deadly seeds? How can we unite to make our voices heard on this issue? Just as you said many European countries have banned GMOs. We should not keep on being a dumping ground where anything goes. Thank you.

      • Gmo Roberts

        No he said all countries of Europe not many, which is false as every country in Europe bans them and a few even are progressive enough to raise them.

      • Dan maikoko

        The first thing is to raise awareness tell your people about the various laboratory test result carried out and the harm to animals. Not many people will like to eat fish that was modified with genes from a bacteria, or for that matter maize design to produce by default pesticides that kill pests and by extension you. Its unfortunate that nobody will talk about labeling here in Nigeria and with the right amount of bribes GMOs are as good as approved for human consumption here. If however GMOs are labelled then tell people how to identify them and boycott them. By far the greatest danger to our native seeds and age old agricultural methods is cross contamination. GMO companies are known to have distributed seeds clandestinely to create cross contamination with suicide seeds in countries where they do not have approval to operate. You dont have to plant GMOs in your farm all you need is a naive and gullible neighbor who plants it and all your crops will be contaminated and you might have a big court case in your hand. The epidemic of chronic metabolic diseases especially in the US is an indication of where we will be heading if GMOs are approved. With our comatose sick care system the consequences are better imagined.

        • Gmo Roberts

          Why wouldn’t they want to eat fish with bacteria genes? We already share genes with bacteria so it really isn’t a big deal now is it. Your typical scare tactics are not new but are laughable. As for your maize designed to produce pesticides? Yes, it produces about 4 pounds per acre of the ORGANIC pesticide Bt. By comparison in Germany they spray on average of 100 pounds of Bt per acre on their crops. Your fantasies about gmo seed are also a lie, but I offer you the chance to provide verifiable proof of such activities like names, dates, and court cases. Also not only proof of your US epidemic, but proof that it is tied to GMOs.

    • Gmo Roberts

      Let me guess, you still think the world is flat as well? Your statement is so full of misinformation that one hardly knows where to begin. Your gmos have grave consequences? Strange how after twenty years it just isn’t happening. But you cover that with your mysterious diseases that just remain “unknown”. How does a mystery disease that doesn’t exist hurt people? That is a good one. The next one is your seed takes five billion years? Man has been changing and developing our food for the last ten thousand years. Most of what we have today wasn’t here 10,000 years and we are constantly developing new seeds and hybrids. So you were only off about 4.999 billion years, but who s really counting. As for your next false statement, “All the countries of Europe have banned GMOs.”. Then please tell me about 137,000 hectares of gmo maize that you overlooked? Twenty percent of Spain’s maize is gmos as well as growing it in five other European countries. While the rest do not grow any they do still import gmos, kinda way off base on that one as well aren’t you. As for India, gmos have propelled them to be one of the world leading cotton producers. Thanks to gmos, the suicide rate among farmers, which you would have people to believe otherwise with the book you referenced, have actually fallen over the past years. Gmos are also our best hope for the future as they have already save the Hawaiian papaya from disease. Golden rice holds the promise of bringing vitamin A to billions that need it. Gmos are also our best bet to save the banana and orange crops around the world that are also being plagued by disease. The only thing your ignorance is doing is threatening a chance at a better life for these people.

      • Dan maikoko

        Thanks GMO Roberts your name says it all. It will excite you to know that I actually know that the world is flat, it is not a spinning ball at all. Permit me to dwell only on the flat earth issue you raised because I believe it is at the foundation of the great age of deception and deceit which George Orwell talk about in the forties and which we live today. The earth is flat like a dinner plate with Polaris marking the center of that dinner plate. All the stars and the wandering stars we call planets rotate in unison around the axis from the ground (some say through the ground) to Polaris. This is why Polaris or the north star maintains a fixed position in the sky through out the ages. All the constellations rotate at the same speed around the north star. The Sun is much smaller and much closer than you globe earth pundits believe. The Sun and the moon are of the same size and are about 3000 miles from earth. The earth is an extended plain with about 33 known continents(there could be much more) 6 of these continents are surrounded by a wall of ice 200 miles high in some places (called Antarctica) and have the sun and the moon rotating around them with the equator being the center of their path. Just look at the United Nations logo and you will see the true map of the world. There is no space, no zero gravity zone anywhere in the stratosphere or the atmosphere or the so called space. Man has not been to the moon and will not go there in the foreseeable future. No rocket has ever been fired beyond our atmosphere. What we call satellites are actually hot air balloons, check to confirm that 99% of all world telecom links are through undersea cable and not satellites. Wake up GMO Roberts we live in a virtual reality do I need to explain why some want to make money by monopolizing life through patents? Do I have to explain why people like GMO Roberts believe them?

        • Gmo Roberts

          Wow you obviously can’t fix your kind of stupidity. Anyone with any real world knowledge knows that everything you just recited is false. Thanks for making this easy.

          • Dan maikoko

            I know it will be very easy indeed. I know where you are coming from and decided that there is no need to engage in protracted debate so I gave you a glimpse of where I am coming from.

          • Gmo Roberts

            You do not wish to engage me because you know that you can’t produce evidence to back up any of your wild claims. You are trying to work off fear of uneducated people by telling them make believe horror stories that never come true. Truth be known you probably posted your own reply with concerned citizen just to try and give some validity to your lies.