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  • Joe

    I agree with Femi. The ECA belongs to federal, state and local government and since some states decided to donate their own for sai baba 2019, Ekiti state’s portion should be remitted to the state account without delay.

    • Sam

      Fair as that may sound today , what happens in the near future, if Ekiti is in dare need of such intervention as the NE?

      • abraham ayinde

        Ekiti is not an ISIS eclave.

      • share Idea

        Every section of the country have one need or the other, and nobody can discountenance the issue in NE. However, the problem lies on the level of lies and propaganda deployed by this administration about its handling of the issue.

        How can a government that claimed that previous administration did not do anything on BH, and that they have technically defeated BH will resort to depleting almost 40% of funds on ECA to prosecute a war claimed to have technically defeated.

        Anybody that does not know that what happened was strategic looting of treasury fror 2019 needs pity from discerning minds.

        How did government arrived at this huge amount for their action? Which government agency reviewed and came up with such figure? Are the equipments to be purchased included in 2018 budget? We can go on and on for several germane questions but it does not make sense reeeling out such as the original intention is known to even a child

        • myFatherIsKing

          Your last sentence says it all. You’re a person of great learning.
          Thank to God that Mr. Integrity has finally unmasked himself. Isn’t the lord good? Now nobody can claim he is the messiah Nigeria never had.

      • Alhaji

        Ekiti State will not create terrorism and ask you to come and sacrifice your life and money to pacify it like what northern muslims did to Nigerians. Ekiti people are decent and not subanimals. Do you know how many roads and hospitals this $1billion can construct in the south if it has been used? Do you know how many lives would have been saved if Boko Haram was not invented by the northerners because they want to enslave you?

    • Factsayer

      And FG having received the $1 Billion, it now belongs to FG and national Assembly can act on that basis

      • share Idea

        Aptly stated

    • Man_Enough

      boko haram is a national emergency. under emergency, any resource of the government can be drafted to the rescue.

  • dele20

    We say no to terrorism

    God bless Nigeria

    • Factsayer

      Particularly, economic terrorism which is the main cause of other forms of terrorism

  • Factsayer

    It is now FG money and National Assembly should discharge it’s duties accordingly.

  • dpfrank

    Fayose is a thug

    • Olori Magege

      That he expressed a disagreement with an issue?

  • Man_Enough

    no national issue can be decided without the application of “majority carries the day”. there must always be voices of descent but the process of governance has to go on. while the minority have their say, the majority have to carry the day. trying to emphasize, sensationalize and overplay a minority decision is mischievous . i least expect this reaction from the majority leader of the ruling party more so being the man for whose interest the party nearly shot itself on the foot.

  • AlbertAlagbor

    APC the most corrupt party in the world,

  • Kelly

    This is the reason they wont accept anything restructuring.. Creating a problem and now forcing other people to pay for the problem it created for political reason