Atiku opens fast-food restaurant

Chicken cottage
Atiku opens fast-food restaurant; to patronise local farmers

Atiku Abubakar has unveiled a fast-food restaurant.

The former vice president tweeted about his first Chicken Cottage outlet on Saturday evening, saying he was excited and promised to patronise local farmers to boost local agriculture earnings.

“Today, I am excited to open the first of many Chicken Cottages,” Mr. Abubakar said. “Through these, we will get Nigerians working, as well as empower local farmers from whom we will source our supplies.”

The restaurant was opened at Jabi Lake Mall in Abuja. He was accompanied by Ben Bruce, a media businessman and serving senator from Bayelsa State.

The shop was opened after the politician got the Nigerian franchise of the United Kingdom restaurant chain, Chicken Cottage.

A Malaysian investment group purchased the company, which was opened in 1994, a few years ago., consequently expanding it’s operation to more than a dozen countries.

Its arrival in Nigeria signals its first outlet in sub-Saharan Africa.

Mr. Abubakar is running for Nigerian president in 2019.

The opening of a fast-food restaurant marks the latest investment decision by Mr. Abubakar, who is expected to run on his pro-business credentials.

He has existing investments in education, agriculture, media, transportation and logistics.


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  • Oluwaseun

    Why shouldn’t we just give this guy a chance Nigerians?

    • Ugochukwu Emeka Junior

      It is like inviting an arm robber to come an robb and ransack your home.

      • Don’t think like that; Atiku will do well for Nigeria. The man has good business acumen. I will vote for him

        • Julius

          Good , he will never win !

          • Henry Ekhoye

            Enemy of progress

          • Julius

            lolz…nope, not me.. Atiku is

          • Ogobor Joseph

            Atiku is fully equipped and prepared for leadership

          • Julius

            Stealing money ?

        • tundemash

          Ben Bruce had good business acumen; aside noise making , what has he achieved ? Ladoja had good business acumen, what did he achieve as Oyo State gov? What did Oriji Uzo Kalu do in Abia with all his good business acumen ?
          Go and eat you free jollof rice at his restaurant and stop making noise here !

    • tundemash

      And what did he do with the chance you gave him before ?

  • NotTooComplicated

    What prevents him from creating his own brand and franchising it to Nigerians, or creating branches that will be fully owned and operated by Nigerians instead of royalties?

    • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

      Nandos is about the best in the UK even more patronised,Yet Nandos is foreign not British. Appreciate the man’s bringing the franchise here. It’s his money, it’s his choice, you are free to create your chicken franchise and call it nottoocomplicated

    • Steve

      Nigeria deserves someone better than Atiku

  • Peter Ife

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  • Roland

    ATIKULATE 2019. He has done so well in private business. He will do very well with public business. Jaundiced and parochial sentiments aside, Atiku is prepared for Leadership and Governance. Let’s support him as he Articulates our collective objectives for prosperity

  • MamaHannatu


  • Julius

    Well, well well…at last, using looted money to open a business that will employ some folks/ youths ain’t too bad. Good luck !

  • Sam

    There maybe few jobs to create here ,which is commendable, but it is a UK franchise, the profits will go to UK , at the end of the day . There is no any knowledge transfer in its operations. So it’s not exciting really.

    • Tare Daniel

      Wrong. Atiku will only be required to pay an agreed sum for franchise. Whatever profit he makes afterward will be his to spend.

      • serubawon70

        Unless the meaning of franchise has changed, it involves one – time franchise fee and subsequently, a percentage of sales revenue as royalty for as long as the franchise lasts

      • Macsonbell

        He will still pay royalty in hard currency. We need a home grown solution not this copycat idea. I won’t be deceived by this sort of cheap publicity stunt. Atiku wants a publicity machine. Watching for his news paper or TV station as the next joker.. Clowns

        • Tare Daniel

          True but we can still give him credit for atleast creating jobs no matter how little.

  • Emeka

    “Nigerians be very careful with this fast food establishment, Atiku is known for cutting corners, and anyone who would intend eating there should look out for GMO foods, even though he claimed he would patronize our local farmers, which remains largely in doubt…” Fraud is written all over that man, anytime he speaks, look into his eyes with keen interest, you would see what lies behind the face you see as Atiku

  • Northeast

    He might even charmed the food, you eat, you become zombie.

  • Spoken word

    na wa for this Atiku guy.soon he will start opening hairdressing salons.chicken ko beef ni.

  • Ola

    So because someone opens a franchised chicken joint in Nigeria, he automatically be considered for President of Nigeria.

    I guess we should have elected the early home grown pioneers first like Chicken Continental, Mama Cass, etc for President long before now, they created theirs from here and have expanded across the country.

    Nigerians should start thinking with a progressive mind.

  • Isaac

    Atiku is the best leader Nigerians need. He has proven to be an intellectual and create jobs to lead Nigerians out of poverty unlike lying government that double tax Nigerians, destroy private sector and scheemingly looting our collective wealth through crafty means.
    Ask them where they have invested in Nigeria if not some few cattles.where is laid Mohammed investment to create employment for Nigerians.we will change them.

    • Steve

      You must have a chicken brain not to notice that all this is Atiku’s campaign heralds. Trust and believe Atiku to your detriment.

      • aisha ani

        Chicken brain!

    • August January

      I really pity Nigeria!!! Someone establishing businesses from our looted patrimony to make more money for himself and his children is now seen as a sign of capacity to be a good president!!! Apart from the fact that fast foods are not for Nigerians who live on less than $2 a day, Donald Trump is another businessman that has shown being successful in business is no guarantee for being a good president!!!

  • manager

    Hungry throat people will vote atiku because of food , l know the food will be cheap then after elections 2019 the price will go higher than Mr Biggs

  • Steve

    Another presidential campaign herald by Atiku. Trust and believe Atiku to your detriment. Nigeria deserves better than Atiku.

    • aisha ani


  • Frank Bassey

    He is not a pretentious character. Will never be a sectional leader. He will not look the other way when the treasury looters are operating under his nose. He will not condone a Maina or a Babachir Lawal.

    • tundemash

      You are gloating like this over a possibility of free breakfast ? Stomach Infrastructure !

    • Jaybanj

      The funniest statement ever. Of course he wont look the other way – when he is the one doing the looting. You dont want him to see what he is looting ni?

      • Frank Bassey

        A leader who looks the other way while looting is going under his nose is a LOOTER.

  • Ajamu

    This is a political abracadabra from Atiku. why can’t he open this restaurant before he changed his party association?

  • Domingos

    Atiku sets up a University and he calls it the “American” University of Nigeria. He sets up a Company and calls it “Intel” named after another foreign brand of a colonial and slave master ancestry. Now he sets up a Fast food business as a franchise under a foreign brand of yet again another composite evil former colonial master. So one asks, where is the patriotism in Atiku? What man like Atiku who does not believe in anything Nigerian or originally Nigerian wants to be a President? Will an American, Briton, Israeli, Iranian, German etc build a University and name it after another country? It has no other name, it is called Mumudity.

    • Nigerian Labourmarket

      My dear this is business. It simply mean we have to mode our technology towards the like of the developed countries. I think i give him Kudos on his business expansion scheme. At least new people will be employed. Nothing stopped him from citing those companies in South Africa or other emerging markets.

      • PolyGon2013

        Yep. I agree with you.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Well done Atiku

  • rhad

    Public health is my concern. This capitalist will give you poison and call it chicken with the connivance of shamelessly corrupt regulators like NAFDAC, SON and other food regulators. I fear more cancer for my fellow Nigerians.

  • OGK

    Popular UK franchise? This is the first time I’m hearing of this so-called fast food franchise in my 25 years living in Europe and UK. Vintage our leaders again to always package rubbish for us whether they are in or out of government. McDonald’s, Burger King, we know, this one is a franchise from the pit of hell courtesy desperado Atiku.

    • Guest

      Na wa o!
      The main thing is he has opened a business that will create employment opportunities. Wether is is popular in the UK (or anywhere else in the world for that matter) is a non issue and I dare say, a sad reflection on the inferiority complex of black people. Do u no fit, anoda pesun do am, u go begin defend oyinbo!

    • PolyGon2013

      I don’t think it really matters now. This outlet will provide jobs for the youths. Sai Atiku.

  • Sir Louis

    Well done, Atiku Abubakar. With the new outlet, you are again set to do what you are good at doing. Giving people jobs by keeping them busy and above all, enable them and their dependants to feed. Ride on.

  • Femoo

    Hahaha! The way the APC e-zombies rush out at the mention of Atikus name is hilarious! After claiming his defection was good riddance? Lol!
    Since the disgraceful mainagate, barugate, kachikwugate, etc, it appears the name Atiku is the master key to get the tundemashes $ co running out! Wetin una dey fear?? No give unaselves hypertension ooo!!!


    Dear Niger Deltans,
    Our Mumu don do. Lets control our resources and continue to blow up all pipelines until Nigerians take off their leprous and filthy hands from our oil & gas resources

  • August January

    I really pity Nigeria!!! Someone establishing businesses from our looted patrimony to make more money for himself and his children is now seen as a sign of capacity to be a good president!!! Apart from the fact that fast foods are not for Nigerians who live on less than $2 a day, Donald Trump is another businessman that has shown being successful in business is no guarantee for being a good president!!! In Europe, Australia, America, and in even in South Africa, for example, wealthy people and families spend millions of dollars annually on scholarships for young people, which will not bring the sponsors any personal economic gains like setting up businesses. I’ve never heard that Atiku is doing anything like that despite his sudden love and concern for Nigerian youths!!! If setting up good businesses is what is needed to be a good president, why are Nigerians not beckoning on Dangote to come and be our president, given that he’s not only a successful businessman, he’s also not tainted by any corruption allegations unlike someone like Atiku? It’s really a pity many are not able to see a form of “tokenism” in Atiku’s setting up of fast foods! TOKENISM: Actions that are intended to make people think that an organization (or someone) deals fairly with people or problems, when in fact it does not. Can Atiku flood our markets with cheap foodstuffs like Abiola did to force prices down? NEVER, he cannot, because that won’t bring him any profit!!! Nigerians, wake up, Atiku’s fraudulent behaviour is only coming out in another shape and colour!!!

  • shola

    If Atiku = (we are already dead) can not make it to the president villa, why not make it to the president of the chickens, they are already dead. Haleluya! They have nothing to complain about.

  • musa aliyu

    The logistics don kpeme with the recent revocation of Intel’s License