What APC must do to defeat PDP in 2019 — Amaechi

Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi.

The Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Amaechi, has urged Nigerians in his political circle to rededicate themselves and restore their commitment to God ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Mr. Amaechi spoke while testifying of his ‘miraculous’ emergence as Governor of Rivers State in 2007 during a special thanksgiving service to mark the 10th anniversary of the Supreme Court judgement that declared him Governor of Rivers State, held at the Abundant Life Evangelical Mission (ALEM) in Port Harcourt, Sunday.

The former Rivers governor is a key member of the ruling All Progressives Congress.

With former Vice President Atiku Abubakar’s recent defection from the APC to the Peoples Democratic Party, some members of the opposition PDP have urged Mr. Amaechi to also return to their fold.

Mr. Amaechi re-lived his ordeal in 2007 and how God showed up for him when all odds were against him.

“The truth is that we believed God. Some who didn’t believe left us just as they are leaving now. God told me that what he will do in Rivers State will tingle the ears, and I believed. We were so broke, we could not pay legal fees or children’s school fees. My wife prayed every day and night. I was fasting and praying for 3 months. I told God ‘I have a friend who has money, please make him remember me.’ I called my friend and he told me he has been looking for me. I told him I was in Ghana and he asked for my account… He sent me Two hundred million naira. This is just to tell you that I believed God and he answered me,” Mr. Amaechi said.

He wondered why many of his friends and political associates whom he helped one way or the other have turned on him. But he said that it is God’s way of creating a vacuum for the youths to take charge.

He also advised the youth to be of help to people around them when they are in positions of power.

“We must all go back to God in faith and prayers. Those who want to leave can go. I have come to understand that God passes us through these challenges to prove himself. Now that they have left, for me, this is an opportunity for the youths. It is your turn. You must ensure that we get to power for you to fill the vacuum left.

“I have sometimes asked God, ‘why do you use me to bless people and after blessing them, they run away.’ Count how many people in Rivers State politics today that I did not help somehow. I don’t want to take the glory away from God. So for those who left, may God bless them.

“When you get your own appointment, also put somebody. Allow God to use you and leave the rest all up to him,” Mr. Amaechi advised.

On the 2019 elections, he continued, “if we don’t pray, 2019 will be very far from us. If we don’t win 2019, it would be your fault, not anybody else. We go to God because he answers. We pray, then go home and work. Back then, even in my father’s house in the village there was a prayer team…”

During his sermon, General Overseer of ALEM, Eugene Ogu, recalled the travails of Mr. Amaechi in 2007, how he cried at the altar and how God used him to make a statement in Rivers State.

He said, “Making a man who did not participate in elections governor is one act of God that can not be erased in the history of Rivers State. God is in charge of this state, that is why the conspiracy of evil ones cannot stand.

Apostle Ogu admonished the congregation to do good and avoid evil communications, because “what you sow, you shall reap. If you are paid to kill people, somebody will kill you without collecting money. If you use your pen to lie against people, if you blackmail people, one day somebody will ‘blackpaint’ you.”


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  • aboki


    • Ubong

      To nailed national wealth looters, whether in APC or PDP starting with the celebrantt and tbose involved in Mainagate, Dambazzugates, IGP Idrisgate, AGF Malamigates, Abba Kyari gates and most recently Quandogate scandals involving APC Nigerians. Once Buhari can show uncompromising leadership in these unprecedented corruption scandals among his aides, he will be highly respected and honoured by sane Nigerians. His relection is never an issue if the

      • forestgee

        Show me your friends….PMB is one of them, period. He’s very unwilling to act against the fellows you’ve mentioned except pushed to the wall.

        • Fada4Life

          PMB is not one of the corrupt official at the corridors of power….. n.a. jealou dey worry you

          • forestgee

            Certainly not me. Maina said he brought him back through AGF, reluctant to deal with grass cutter until people shouted, MTN-Kyari is still there…etc. incubation of corruption is ongoing!

          • laki

            I don’t see much change in corruption under Buhari. If he cannot bring some people to book like Kyari and Buratai… Then he cannot talk of fighting corruption

          • Fada4Life

            PMB cannot stamp out corruption once he needs sometime to address the ills of the looters

        • Ubong

          Then Nigerian should care less about alphabet called party. Rather Nigerians should votes people with proven integrity and entrepreneurial and nation building mindset and skills. Current political disposition is that, united and cohesive northern region are on target to make sure every political party in the nation pick their presidential candidate from the North. They see the southern region as already conquered region despite being highly educated region embodied in pull him down (PHD) degree syndrome. . Buhari was found to be worthy to effectively execute and chart a new route and he is diplomatically doing it and do not care about the daily noise and empty threst from conquered region fighting among themselves. Its why those i have mentioned are untouchables just herdsmen carruing AK47 and killing with impunity without any molestation from what supposed to be a national military and security outfits.

          • laki

            I agree

  • wode

    “He wondered why many of his friends and political associates whom he helped one way or the other have turned on him. ”

    Why the worry? Mr Amaechi should simply ask himself how many of God’s creations truly acknowledge Him, believe in Him and truly worship Him The Way He Should be worshiped? If he can answer that, then the answer to his question is just right there.

  • Mamman Bako

    When these politicians shout God, I wonder which God they are calling? These same people are schemers of many sorts, fornicators, sometimes thieves and people who just believe in their own strengths. I just wish religion will be out of our politics, it makes people more deceptive and dishonest.

  • MilitaryPolice01 [Joint Chief]

    “We were so broke, we could not pay legal fees or children’s school fees.”
    A tissue of deliberately told lies. A Speaker for 8 straight years under a mega spending Odili govt saying he was broke and couldn’t pay school feels. This clowns should fear God.

    • Dick

      Yeah, Rotimi Amaechi actually got that poor at a point in his life. Poorer friends were even tending to financial needs of his family.

      • Eddyfyn

        Believe these his lies then you will believe anything

  • O’boy na wa.

    Pastor should have advised him to make peace with all men as the bible admonishes. But then, pastor knows that is not the message he wants to hear.

  • Whalerolex

    General Overseer of ALEM, Eugene Ogu has collected lots of tithe and offerings from Mr Amaechi. Chai

  • manager

    Yes God answers prayers

  • Achim Albert

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  • Annabelle

    PDP, APC politicians and pastors keep stealing Nigeria’s money to defeat and squabble among yourselves


    Chibuike the thief !!

    • laki

      Most of them steal but he also produced result. What did Odili do compared to him

  • Austin Itodo

    I am sincerely amazed to read Mr Amaichi’s comments even calling God. Which God.? I have watched him speak as if he God all this while. I have watched him play God by destroying his people for the sake of money. I thank God that his conscience is already judging him knowing fully well that his days of playing God will be over in less than 2yrs. Nobody should be fooled by those lies. Even satan goes to church and of cause we are in the end times when for the love of money Pastors will not tell sinners the truth and that is what i can say regarding Apostle Ogu. It is apauling indeed. Amaichi knows Nigerans now know all there deciets. Prepare because judgement is on the way shortly.