APC speaks on Uche Secondus’ emergence as PDP chairman

John Odigie-Oyegun, APC Chairman
John Odigie-Oyegun, APC Chairman

The ruling All Progressives Congress has issued the statement below in reaction to the emergence of Uche Secondus as national chairman of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party.

Mr. Secondus was elected at Saturday’s convention of the party amid allegations of vote buying and ballot rigging. At least one chairmanship candidate, Tunde Adeniran, has called for the cancellation of the election.


In reacting to revelations of how money-for-votes and systematic rigging was brazenly perpetuated during the National Convention of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the All Progressives Congress (APC) is mindful of the popular axiom: “A leopard cannot change its spot”.

The abnormalities that trailed the PDP National Convention have further exposed the PDP as a Party not ready and willing to change. Indeed, the PDP has once again displayed itself to the generality of Nigerians that it is a Party with corruption deeply rooted in its DNA.

Again, it is tragic that the PDP which used to pride itself as “the biggest political Party in Africa” has now been reduced to a regional party. By frustrating South West Chairmanship candidates, it is unfortunate that the PDP has decided to punish the South West for not voting for the Party in 2015.

We urge members of the PDP that can pass the integrity test to join the APC so that we can together bring about the much-needed Change the country deserves.


Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi
National Publicity Secretary
All Progressives Congress (APC)


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  • a3print

    Uhm, we are waiting for your BOT elections and your elective convention to prove you are better than PDP

  • princegab

    Pot calling kettle all sorts of names.
    Rotten leaders, tufiaka!!!

    • Jones Okafor


  • Echelon

    Cry cry baby! It’s too early to cry and too late to complain.

  • Arabakpura

    The APC has nothing to contribute for now on convention conduct until they have conducted theirs; the right to comment belongs to non-partisan Nigerians alone!

    As for Secondus, I hope he will play like a firstcondus, and not play second fiddle like his name suggests!

    • Jones Okafor

      Think before you talk: OBASANJO,s RESPONSE TO YOU WOULD BE: your papa your mama second fiddle

      • Arabakpura

        But Obasanjo is not a member of the PDP; so, na your papa and your mama you dey refer to!

  • government

    Bolaji no get wetin to talk

  • Dushky

    Laughable statement……………calling PDP regional party, after the conducts and alignments for the 2015 elections. We await your convention.

    • Tess

      How can a broken house have a convention? The “saint” Buhari steals through his kith and kin that he appointed while the rest of the dogs in APC watch while salivating.

  • Julius

    Smh @ politicians and their yeye !

  • Psalm Baba

    It is cheeky for the chariman of APC who has failed to have a convention in 3 years to be judging the manner in which PDP arranged its own, and for the record, none of those who left PDP for APC, and sponsored Buhari and APC election victory with stolen monies can pass the integrity test, neither can Buharis Kitchen cabinet pass the ontegrity test, nor his ministers, nor Buhari himself, i make no excuses for the pass rot of PDP, with the 16 years they had and the monies and oportunities, Nigeria ought to be like Malaysia, but APC is another woeful failure, they keep budgetting trillions each year but each sector does not receive budget about 20%, the rest is swalloed by APC thieves in same corruprion this government clsims to be fighting.

    • grand maze

      Ingenious response. Kudos

    • Passionate about Nigeria

      We are in a very sad situation if all the have as choices in 2019 are these two rotten parties.

      • Betty

        Time Nigerians take interest in the personalities behind other political platforms and their manifestos. We should rise from the ashes of our collective disappointments from these two major political parties.

        • Reginald Dandeson

          Unfortunately, Nigerians are not yet matured for politics of personalities. They are all about party, party, party and the politicians like it so in order to always remain relevant. What a pity.

  • brightasuquoakpan

    You talk like Nigerians,if you were a British or American, you would have said congratulations. All of you are fake. No real party in Nigeria.

  • Kevin Peter

    APC should be prepared for the greatest contest come 2019 because no hungry man will vote the party again after over two years of lies and deceit, joblessness in spite of the promise to provide jobs.

    • Tess

      How can APC be berating PDP for exchange of money during politicking? One can only say “Saint APC !”. APC has been the greatest fraud ever perpetuated in Nigeria. I don’t defend PDP but I’m against the saintly claims of APC. They rig elections and use money a lot in campaign and vote buying and are always claiming to be saints. We’ve seen the deception from them.2019 will not be easy, they must pay more choristers physical and virtual on the net. The ones so far on the net are not enough to drown our ink and voices, no way.

    • john

      Where you well fed under 16yrs of pdp?. You’re unemployable as a person for 16yrs, why do you expect to get a job. Many employable high flyers have been employed last 2 yrs.

  • Agba

    No sane person will ever vote APC with two years of hunger and stavation,with APC lie lie and lie,is better I stay with the devil I know pls.

    • john

      Two years of NO FREE MONEY and ASO ROCK MONEY SHOWER…………. Another name for hunger and starvation.

  • Jones Okafor


    • Dawood

      No, you’re not APC. Liar. APC’s response, in my view, is weak. Just show EFCC’S arrest reel. All those thieves were seen under the same tent during the CONVICTion.

      • Reginald Dandeson

        You lied. He is APC and his style is the kind of politics Nigeria needs. I know of a man who won an election in 1983 under NPN but voted for Chief Obafemi Awolowo of UPN when it was time to vote for president. His grouse was that Alhaji Shehu Shagari did not have the requisite skills to manage the economy between 1979 and 1983.

  • Coffy Obot

    Hmm!! APC, may God help you.

  • Betty

    This press statement is completely in bad taste and an embarrassment to the government. I expected the party to congratulate the PDP and admonish them to be an objective opposition. In the same statement, encouraging other parties to provide effective opposition that will ensure that the ruling party fulfils it’s promises to Nigerians. This will encourage Nigerians to take more interest in politics and demand for accountability from leaders – both ruling and opposition.
    I see this statement from APC as a knee jerk reaction. Why can’t we have more parties effectively engaging in objective opposition ? I encourage Nigerians to embrace other political parties for a more robust political space thus enriching our democracy. Who needs a one party state ?

    • Betty

      APC and PDP are not the only political parties in Nigeria.

    • Buharin daji

      This is beauty and brains personified I need to marry a girl like you if you’re not encumbered

  • sorbitol

    Please can someone help me pass this message to his excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubaka. That we Nigerians have always known him as a man of his words, which he has proven severally even when his former boss, baba iyabo wanted 3rd term and he single handedly stopped him. Now that it’s very obvious and crystal clear that 2019 is his dream come through as a GCFR of the Federal Republic, and we also know that our economy, security, jobs, Nigeria unity and peace will be in safe hands, then what are his words to us Nigerians on the menace of buhari’s herdsmen under myetti Allah’s guidance?

    • Reginald Dandeson

      You’re spot-on, @sorbitol. You’re my man.

  • Otile

    APC the people of Kay Soyemi(fake lawyer), a party built on lies and supported by touts. APC is a complete failure. I am neither PDP nor APC member, but APC is poison.

  • Reginald Dandeson

    How can Muhammadu Buhari’s APC be
    complaining of PDP’s elective convention when they (APC) have been running a one-man party bereft of any idea of holding a convention since coming into power, with mindless killings across the country by Buhari’s herdsmen?

    This government must be chased out of Aso Rock Villa in 2019 let us see if the killings will not stop. I remain apolitical but must condemn the evil of APC.

  • Buharin daji

    Conduct your own convention stop taking vitamin C for my typhoid fever