Atiku’s daughter speaks: I have not followed my father to PDP

Fatima Atiku-Abubakar (Photo Credit: Naija Gist)

One of Atiku Abubakar’s daughters has said she has not followed the former vice president to the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Fatima Atiku-Abubakar, a medical doctor and Adamawa State commissioner for health, told PREMIUM TIMES she is currently preoccupied with the duties of the state.

“I have not resigned and I am performing my duties as the representative of H.E the Governor on all health matters in the state,” Ms. Atiku-Abubakar said in a text message to PREMIUM TIMES Wednesday morning.

Fatima Atiku-Abubakar, 45, is the first child of Mr. Abubakar. She was appointed commissioner in August 2015.

Her rebuttal comes a day after The Sun Newspaper reported that Ms. Atiku-Abubakar had stepped down from Governor Jibrilla Bindow’s cabinet with seven other commissioners.

The paper further reported that the officials resigned because of their loyalty to the former vice president.

But at least two out of the eight commissioners mentioned told PREMIUM TIMES they have not resigned.

Yayaji Mijinyawa, the commissioner for land and survey who was listed amongst those that purportedly resigned, also said he hasn’t resigned.

“It’s not true,” the official told PREMIUM TIMES in a text Tuesday afternoon.

On Sunday, Mr. Abubakar returned to the PDP for the third time since 2007 when he left the party after serving eight years on its platform as a vice-president.

The move came a little over a week after he resigned from the All Progressives Congress.

He is expected to slug it out with President Buhari in 2019, if the incumbent’s recent signals of a possible re-election bid take hold.

The development has triggered speculation of a looming mass defection from APC, especially amongst Mr. Abubakar’s loyalists. The APC has, however, said no such mass defection will occur.

Mr. Abubakar himself had stated that many political heavyweights in the APC are already laying the groundwork for their resignation from the party, saying most are disillusioned with the Buhari administration.

Mr. Bindow, widely seen as Mr. Abubakar’s political protégé, has told PREMIUM TIMES that he has no immediate plans to follow the former vice president to the PDP.

But some of his commissioners may quit and decamp to the major opposition party, PREMIUM TIMES learnt.

Some of them have already told Mr. Abubakar of their intentions to resign, but the former vice-president advised them to remain in cabinet and keep earning their salaries, according to a source close to both the former vice president and the Adamawa cabinet.

“He pointedly told them that there’s no need to be in a hurry to resign since campaign has not even started,” the source said. “They currently earn more than N400,000 per month and that’s not something they should forfeit when they don’t have something immediate to start doing.”


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  • Otile

    I pray Dr Fatima remain a good lady not to believe in Buhari’s empty promises. Whether she leaves Islamic APC or not I hope she supports her dad to defeat Imam Buhari. Fatima is a wonderful lady.

    • Absolutely Sane

      Sickness is all I see in your post. You are advised to visit the nearest hospital in your village because it requires the attention of only ur village doctors.

      • Holy truth

        Unfortunately d hospital in his village has packed up bcos his uncle’s wife mama patience cornered all d money meant 4 d health services in his village into her 16 private bank accounts.

    • Dogo

      Otile I sincerely wonder how you openly preach hatred. Is always easy for you to insult a person and his religion without any remorse. The way you criticize the president, his party and religion is never constructive. At least construct your grievances, sell your ideas, who knows some may buy…. The way you go about talking, many would wonder if there isn’t a thing wrong with you. Please let us be positive and believe Nigeria will be great….May God bless Nigeria and all Nigerians including you Otile…. Amin!!!

      • FineBoy

        He can’t speak beyond his knowledge. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

        A fountain can only give clean or polluted water and not both

      • Suleiman Alatise

        Leave that one alone, beyond redemption.

    • Emmanuel Adama

      The curse you want for Nigeria will not stand. There is no patriotism in Atiku. I don’t want to wake up a slave in this country. His appetite for wealth at the expense of Nigerians’ lives is unquenchable. Nonsense!!!

    • kinsly

      Wailer for life!

  • wode

    Imagine the man alleging being sidelined by APC. His daughter is a commissioner in his state. Some of his (former) supporters and candidates are still part of the current Government. At least we know of Mama Taraba as well as the two spokespersons for the President. What else does he want?

    • Solomon Brown

      He wants what Buhari kept pursuing for twelve years and never gave up, until he found an ally in Obama, who ensured he was elected president. Now tell us why you want to limit former VP Atiku’s freedom of association?

      • Ifeanyi

        Buhari has never been accused or alleged of corruption even by his enemies but this man has been labeled the most corrupt Nigerian, an award or title he shears only with Jonathan. That’s the difference.

      • kinsly

        Which ally? The Nigerian masses votes Buhari into power not your Obama.

        • Solomon Brown

          Yea right with all those questionable ballots cast in areas in the North East?

    • M-olaniyi Odebode

      Atiku wants to be president. It is an ambition he has nursed and publicly exhibited since 2003 when he attempted to undermine his boss President Obasanjo in order to prevent a second term for Obasanjo. As a Nigerian, he is perfectly entitled to his legitimate ambition. And as a human being – just like all other humans – he is perfectly entitled to his day-dreaming and to his pipe dream. Dr. Atiku, like every other Nigerian voter has only one vote to cast . She reserves the right to support any candidate of her choice with her vote, irrespective of party affiliation or family ties. Nigerians should please let her be.

      • wode

        For your information, his ambition is actually dated back to 1992/3. He was a co-SDP Presidential aspirant in the popular 1993 election that MKO eventually won. He contested for the party’s ticket against MKO and Kingibe. He was also going to be the running mate to MKO in that election but he was eventually dropped.

        Definitely, nobody is against him in terms of his ambition but his approach. The way he goes about it. It doesn’t portray him as a man that can be trusted and relied upon. He would have been so respected and supported if he manages to be a bit decent and principled in his moves by, for example, flagging up and build his own party and nurture it to greatness. He flirts around parties and not many people like those with that trait.

        One of the reasons why people like Buhari and Tinubu remain respected is because they uphold their principles and ideologies until the time they felt they could work together. They failed to fall for the temptation at PDP while the party was in power. They however maintained the criticism of the party until they saw to the end of PDP. Those were true opposition leaders until their party got to power.

        So, if Atiku really means business, he gets to be serious.

        • M-olaniyi Odebode

          Thanks for your information, my brother. I guess I am getting too old to recall certain much older events and occurrences. I tremendously like the rest of your reply post. It is very objective.

    • Eluba Inas

      Everyday we are hearing more and more of Atiku’s people in the government, yet he said he was sidelined. He was VP for 8 years, what position will you compensate such a person with? He labelled some accusation against Buhari/APC, but it is clear his true intention is to become President. He doesn’t see a chance with APC because Buhari is looking like he has recovered from his illness and so will likely contest again, so he is looking for another party to give him that opportunity. He should have been candid enough to admit that.

    • Gbola

      Don’t mind him. Even afew of his mistresses were handed jobs.

      But he’s a very greedy man.
      He’s too desperate for power.
      And nothing good can come out of him.

    • kinsly

      Access to our treasury but Baba Buhari has kept the keys away from the crooks. No free money from PMB, all the chop chop Politicians are running helter skelter. PMB can’t even remember where he kept the keys of the treasury.

      • wode


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  • Angry UNEMPLOYED Nigerian

    Thunder fire you! Na wetin be our business if you have not followed your miserable father? Go and find work you hear? Federal govt has provided teaching jobs for unemployed Nigerians. Take advantage of the opportunity and be deployed to a village in your Adamawa or whereever where you can contribute better. The money your papa stole from Customs and benefits he got as VP during the evil and killer regime (Over 27 unresolved political murders from 1999 – 2007) of Obasanjo/Atiku should be enough for you, instead you want to continue the politicking to rape Nigerians more. Get out of my sight. Nonsense!

  • FineBoy

    Abubakar Atiku sidelined by APC.
    His Daughter is Commissioner.

    7 more Commissioners are his loyalist.
    If he become President, even mosquitoes biting him will be appointed so that he won’t be marginalised.


    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      Very sad!

    • Prosperous Nigeria

      His daughter is a 2003 graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, a Post Graduate of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, a Registered Doctor with the General Medical Council UK. She is eminently qualified for any position in Nigeria.

      • niran ade

        With our National cake they have equipped their kids while our country stinks. Why don’t they (the kids) live abroad as trained and work there? Why are they coming back to Nigeria? What for exactly, to continue with the rot as their parents?

      • FineBoy

        And she is the first and last to have such?

        Was her choice not also hinge on the fact she is Atiku’s daughter?

  • MilitaryPolice01 [Joint Chief]

    Is Orji Uzor Kalu’s the Sun still Publishing lies

  • Prosperous Nigeria


  • Yego V

    Reading such news I cannot hold back tears. I cannot imagine how politics has seared into our hearts. How can anyone politicize health.

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  • shola

    Politicians who change from one party to the other like changing their underwear are to me political prostitutes and are potential moles.