My achievements yet to be matched – Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan
Former President Goodluck Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has hit out at critics of his administration, saying his achievements in government are yet to be matched by his successor. 

In a statement issued by his spokesperson, Ikechukwu Eze, on Friday, Mr. Jonathan said Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno State’s claims that his administration was dogged by poor choices and bad governance were “parochial and jaundiced.”

The former president was responding to Mr. Shettima’s statement at the book launch of Bolaji Abdullahi, the spokesperson of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Abuja on Thursday. 

Mr. Jonathan challenged the governor to come clean over the roles he played in the kidnap of the Chibok school girls, stressing that it goes beyond the dismissive claim that ‘Jonathan thought I kidnapped Chibok girls.’

“He should be able to tell us if it was Jonathan’s poor choices that led the Governor to expose students of Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok to avoidable danger, in total disregard of a Federal Government directive to the governors in the three states most affected by Boko Haram to relocate their students writing the West African School Certificate Examinations to safe zones,” said Mr. Jonathan, who was president between 2010 and 2015.

The statement further described Mr. Abdullahi’s book titled ‘On a Platter of Gold- How Jonathan won and lost Nigeria” as sour grapes and full of lies and gossip written by someone who was still aggrieved at his removal as minister during the Jonathan administration.

Below is the full text of the statement:

Our attention has been drawn to the claims made by the Governor of Borno State, Kashim Shettima on Thursday at a book launch to the effect that former President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan wasted the goodwill he commanded because of bad governance and poor choices in office. He was also said to have accused Jonathan of believing that he was behind the kidnap of the Chibok girls.

As a man who had never seen anything good in the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan on account of party and other differences,  it has remained our considered view that in a democracy, Governor Kashim Shettima and others like him are entitled to their opinion,  no matter how jaundiced.

However, it is a sad commentary on the character of some of our politicians that they go to any length to make spurious statements, in pursuit of the sad narrative to remain politically correct.  We cannot be deceived by his crocodile tears and patronizing claim that “Jonathan is essentially a decent man”, which is a ploy he deployed to justify his false allegation of a lost glory.

The man who today speaks of squandered goodwill should be able to tell Nigerians what percentage of the votes Jonathan got in 2011 from Borno State at the height of that his envisaged glory according to Shettima, and what it became in subsequent elections. What was obvious yesterday and has remained so today is that Governor Shettima and those who think like him never liked Jonathan based on some parochial and paternalistic sentiments.

We didn’t expect anything less from Governor Shettima, knowing the ignoble roles he played in frustrating the war waged by the past administration against Boko Haram, even in his own Borno State.

He should be able to tell us if it was Jonathan’s poor choices that led the Governor to expose students of Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok to avoidable danger, in total disregard of a Federal
Government directive to the Governors in the three states most affected by Boko Haram to relocate their students writing the West African School Certificate Examinations to safe zones.

The governor is now denying that he had no hand in the kidnap of the Chibok girls even before anybody accused him of culpability. However, we share the view of those who insist that the governor had other things up his sleeve when he promised the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) that he would secure the girls, and ended up doing the very opposite, by deliberately abandoning them to their fate, without any security presence in their school.

It is instructive that while other governors in the zone heeded the security advice, Shettima remained the only one that flagrantly flouted it. Should we also fail to point out that his decision to reward the principal of Chibok Secondary School, who was uncharacteristically absent on the night terrorists stormed the school, with the post of a commissioner, did throw up more questions than answers?

Talking about accountability, perhaps, Shettima  should also do well to explain to the good people of Borno State and Nigerians what he did with the over N60 billion Local Governments fund, left by his
predecessor, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff.

We understand Governor Shettima and those who spoke like him accused Jonathan of bad governance and poor choices, and we would like to know if it was bad governance that led Jonathan to assemble a-yet-to be matched crop of dynamic cabinet and economic management team made up of tested technocrats like Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala in Finance ministry, Shamsuddeen Usman in Planning, Olusegun Aganga in Trade and Investments as well as Akinwumi Adesina leading the charge in Agriculture.  The efforts of the Jonathan administration in repositioning Nigeria’s economy remain self-evident and it must have in deed been poor choices at their best for Jonathan and his team to have recorded the following key achievements:

* Nigeria’s Gross domestic Product rose to $503 billion in 2013 and became Africa’s largest economy and 26th in the world; from 3rd and 4th respectively.

* Nigeria became the number one destination for Foreign Direct Investment in Africa under former President Jonathan, with the numbers rising from $24.9 million as at 2007 to over $35 billion in 2014.

* Jonathan Government delivered over 25,000 kilometres of motor able federal roads from just a quarter of that number in 2011.

* The Jonathan Administration resuscitated the railways in the country after about 30-years of hiatus

*Jonathan’s Agricultural Transformation Agenda ended fertilizer racketeering, encouraged more young Nigerians to take to farming, boosted local food production and took the country closer to self-sufficiency in food production by recording more than 50% reduction in food imports. It was as a result of this that the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations, for the first time, voted Nigeria the largest producer of Cassava in the world.

* Power generation under Jonathan was boosted to about 5,000 megawatts in 2014 up from 2,000 megawatts in 2011.

* Prices of food and other household items remained stable and inflationary pressure was down to a single digit.

* Under Jonathan, Nigeria controlled clinically Ebola outbreak to the admiration of the whole world,  became Guinea-worm-free and also eradicated polio, with United States billionaire and renowned
philanthropist Bill Gates, praising Nigeria’s successes against polio as one of the great world achievements of 2014. Sadly polio has returned to the country with the likes of Shettima in charge of the endemic states.

* Under Jonathan Life expectancy in Nigeria rose from 47 years in 2010 to 54 years in 2015.

*Just before Jonathan left office, CNN Money projected that Nigeria’s economy in 2015 would become the third fastest growing economy in the world at 7 per cent behind China at 7.3 per cent and Qatar at 7.1 per cent.

Was it bad governance and poor choices that reformed the political and electoral processes to the extent that the United Nations is now pleading with the government of the day to strive to maintain the standards established by Jonathan?

Fortunately, Nigerians know where they stand with all of their leaders. All those who are calling Jonathan names today, and accusing him of having become quite unpopular, should simply take a walk on the streets of any Nigerian city as real leaders do. That way, they will accurately gauge their own approval and test their popularity with the Nigerian people.

On the book entitled “On a Platter of Gold- How Jonathan won and lost Nigeria” written by Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, we have watched for some
time as some outrageous fabrications are extracted from its pages day after day by the media. When the publication of the book, with an ominous title was first mooted, we knew it will be full of bile and
sour grapes.  We didn’t expect truth, sincerity and accuracy of narration, given that the author who was sacked from his ministerial position by the subject of the book, is now the spokesman for the ruling APC.

We will therefore like to dissociate former President Jonathan from the book’s salacious contents, with all the obvious distortions, lies and exaggerations.  Its pages are populated with gossip, politically influenced newspaper articles, uncoordinated raw data and unproven claims. Sadly, the author did not help matters, as there was no rigour or in-depth investigations towards establishing the veracity of  the allegations the book contained. For instance, it is ridiculous for the author to have claimed that the President was forced to sack a certain minister by another cabinet member when the obvious truth known to all key members of the administration was that the President acted based on the recommendation of an internal committee that investigated the matter. This, unfortunately, is the kind of baseless claims and narrative that run through the entire book, and it would be pointless devoting our time towards making a case by case response to all its ridiculous allegations.

We will like to remind Nigerians of what former President Jonathan said earlier in the year when a similar book was published, that only the key actors in his government and in the 2015 presidential elections could give an exact account of what transpired, not speculations and conjectures by third party spectators. That time will come someday.


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  • Usher- Join The Revolution

    Okay we don hear, let Jonathan contest the 2019 election.

  • Kekedu

    Very correct. Nobody can match the looting.

  • Uzoma John

    Since you said nobody can match your achievement. Contest in 2019 and let the result speak for itself. Maybe he means achievement in looting.

    • Mosley

      He will recontest at the appropriate time. If a former coup plotter with human right crimes can be elected president why not great GEJ. But your Tinubu, local champion, will never be Nigerian president, let him try as well.

    • NigerDelta.

      life slave, if there is any skull left for sane reasoning, your take home should’ve been the truth about chibok girls is gradually crawling out as stated up there.

  • joelaw

    Definitely yes, nobody can match Mr Jonathan’s achievements and i pray nobody should ever match them; that is, in mass looting and, crass leadership. The man was never in control.

    • Mosley

      Those are the lies told fools like you through APC media mouthpiece of lies and mortal fabrications.

  • Dr.Alfred Branson

    The book is like the writer and APC .It is called “the Written Lies”

  • M-olaniyi Odebode


    • Adele Uhuru

      Laughable moronic incompetent post- Buhari’s looting thus far is astronomical just wait for it- see the ridiculous maina drama playing out, that is just the tip of the proverbial ice berg……Jonathan is and was more honorable and decent than your current paymaster administrating our amalgamated country’s affairs today. Buhari is a disgrace through and through

      • M-olaniyi Odebode

        I stand solidly by my earlier post on this issue. It is based on available real, established, published evidence and not the imagined and unsustainable conjecture of yours on President Buhari. Maina was sacked by the Jonathan Administration PROBABLY because he was a potential whistle-blower. Definitely, Jonathan sacked the then Governor of the Central Bank Sanusi Lamido (the current Emir of Kano) for blowing the whistle on the missing billions of US Dollars. If Maina’s case opens a can of worms, it is definitely Jonathan and his that would be implicated and not Buhari who was not in power then!
        But you are absolutely right in calling President Buhari a disgrace. He is deemed so by haters of Nigeria’s unity and progress, shameless treasury looters, graft vermin, those he disallowed from reaping where the did not sow (politically), and a group of people (who though constitute less than one-fifth of Nigerians) believe it is their right to forever play prominent roles in running Nigeria -to the exclusion of the others (greater than four-fifths of Nigerians). To all other patriotic, clean, honest Nigerians (and these constitute by far the largest, silent majority), President Buhari is the political and economic savior Nigeria needs now after the mess Jonathan and the PDP left when they were booted out of office in 2015. NO SMEAR CAMPAIGN OF CALUMNY CAN CHANGE THAT!

        • Adele Uhuru

          all conjecture riddled through and through – none of your narration here is based any fact/s; it is all only hear-say……Jonathan have been prodded and probed by this current administration through and through but still to-date not a single court case or action pending or completed that proves or validate your dummy assertions, but your like will still come on here to peddled your falsehoods just out you biased and hate-filled immoral mind . But these issue currently unraveling the reason why Buhari flew to Jordan under the pretense of attending some conference, to save himself the disgrace of the exposure of his thievery by proxy. Buhari and his kin are currently and will eventually loot this amalgamated nation dry…………..

          • M-olaniyi Odebode

            With your highly moral mind, you continue to spew unfounded rumors your latest being on President Buhari’s recent trip to Jordan. Your morality also totally ignored the huge amounts of money recovered from some treasury looters by the EFCC in the last two years. To your mind, it is all either conjectural or these looters served under Buhari’s corrupt regime and not under Jonathan’s administration, the cleanest regime the world has ever seen!
            NO LIVING EX-PRESIDENT OR FORMER MILITARY HEAD OF STATE HAS EVER BEEN PROBED IN NIGERIA AND JONATHAN IS NO EXCEPTION. But remember that during President Buhari’s first trip to the USA, he was given a list of the major Nigerian loot launderers and on Buhari’s return home, Jonathan and some other prominent Nigerians quickly rushed to Abuja to see him. Perhaps, they only went to welcome Buhari back home. What we know is that as a result of their visit, the looter-launderers’ list has not been published to date – so as not to embarrass such prominent people, despite widespread clamoring by Nigerians to know the names on the list..
            When President Buhari commenced his commendable and highly desirable anti-graft crusade, some of us correctly predicted that corruption (which had become so deeply entrenched in Nigeria’s polity) was going to vigorously fight back. That crusade, as laudable as it is, will continue to be impeded by the activities of graft-defenders. Yet, I am sure that one day (and this may not happen during my life-time), Nigeria will be completely free of vermin.

          • Adele Uhuru

            Honestly your stories are so filled with conjectures that it is quite mystifying how you pick unverified constructed untruths from a desperate Administration as facts – EFCC recovered loot from past administration where are these monies and assets . Also what you seem to overlook is these same individuals have been serving in public positions well before GEJ administration came to be- also Buhari left the country to hide from the disgraceful acts of his administration, he was fully aware of these acts, hence his need to hide away. Their thievery is heart stopping for an administration that gave the impression that its main objective was to stamp out curroption but these revealed episodes of corruption, so widespread all over this current administration proves otherwise. Now if Buhari and his minions and cronies are really honest about fighting curroption , they should create a pathway that auspicious emphasizes and is transparent in all their dealings thus far – the best route will be to release all ministerial and FG documents in to the public domain or request that an independent entity ( A public entity of great repute) audit the federal government dealing and accounts – But we know they won’t because this current administration came to realization based on lies and fraudulent misrepresentations to loot and steal only. Now one last point is these egregious act of fraud is happening whilst they are in power imagine what will be exposed once they relinquish these positions of power?

        • Usher- Join The Revolution

          Spot on!

        • Ikenna Okwuchi

          Am not sure which word best describes you, choose a) bigot, b)imbecile, c) intellectually dishonest, d) morally bankrupt, e) all of the above.

          • M-olaniyi Odebode

            Since you gave no reason to back each choice and as I am not intelligent enough to read your your mind, I choose all of the above.
            I have been around on this planet for long enough to realize that many people resort to uncouth language when they lack any superior argument or facts to counter other people’s position on issues. Really intelligent, well brought-up, and decent people employ counter-arguments, they never insult or abuse people.

          • Adele Uhuru

            all the above these Buhari apologist are so delusional and hence void of any logical progression once it comes to their clay-footed oracle of the North

    • Mosley

      Those were satanic lies bandied by the ÀPC government to justify their incompetence by adopting blackmailing style of military coup plotters.

  • Adele Uhuru

    Buhari and his kin are the master class of looters, look the Maina affair playing out currently ?

  • shakara123

    Nice Rebuttal. How I wish he would run again and in the process have a debate between GEJ and PMB? I believe the truth about performance would surely come out and certain people would be put to shame. If only……..

    • tundemash

      Just ask him to run. Do a one million-man march to Otuoke to ask the ineffective buffon to run.

      • shakara123

        Why your eye dey red nah? Besides something tells me if you poll Nigerians today, Buhari would be rated more ineffective than GEJ.

      • Mizch

        What else have you learnt apart from “ineffective buffoon?”

  • Mosley

    One of the too many devisive and satanic books by disgruntled politicians.

  • manager

    Jonathan your a corrupt leader ,

    • Buhari d scarecrow.

      U are just full of shit like buhari.

  • Arabakpura

    Sorry for Jonathan! They have kept him busy with the wrong duties; truly, uneasy lies the head that lost the crown!

  • Ewu Nama

    Jonathan did better than APC would have us believe.

  • Statesman

    This party is getting to 3 years now in power. Ask (APC supporters) them to show you one of Buhari’s achievements, they can not. The
    only thing they will tell you is that there is no more free money to loot, while
    the government is enriching itself and its cabinet at the poor masses
    expense. The previous government was subsidizing fuel for us, we felt they were not good enough off which Nigerians voted APC into power. APC is now taxing us #58 for each liter of fuel that we consume. Rather than using the proceeds to improve our refineries or our power supply in order to reduce the fuel consumption.extortion for the poor masses, they are budgeting 17 BILLION NAIRA for generator for themselves.

    government that said it will fix electricity in 6 months in order for
    us to have 24/7 power supply has now budgeted 17 BILLION NAIRA for
    We are not even getting up to the 5,000
    megawatts that they inherited. They are only good in preoccupying us
    with GEJ’s story. GEJ did not even do up to this. Okay, GEJ was a
    failure that was why Nigerians voted him out of which they wanted APC to
    better GEJ. Now where is the change that APC promised us?
    This government is not the way forward. It does not care about the masses one bit but itself. This is an ANTI MASSES government.

    • Mizch

      CHANGE? You already have it. 1 litre of petrol at 145 Naira, from 87 Naira. That is legalized corruption by APC.

  • Sean

    Dumbo was correct in his assertion that his achievement for looting is best to none!! Dumbo the Looter. Abeg do drink your ogogoro and give us some breathing space!

  • realist

    Some hidden secretes are coming out about chibok girls kidnap. There are some questions that only Shettima could answered.

  • Abdussalami Yaro

    Please Mr. Fortunato, now is the time when silence is golden. Stop abusing our sensibilities. You can only get the credit of being the unmatched corruption overseer of our political life.

    • Chris

      ‘Stop abusing your sensibilities’ – Why not dispute the above stated achievements with facts?

  • pheliciti

    This incompetent phool should keep quiet and stop insulting us. Just google the newspaper headlines for May 2015 to remind yourself of the parlous shape the shameless man left Nigeria.

  • niran ade

    WHos this maddog

  • Spoken word

    GEJ is still drinking ogogoro.his failure can never be matched.Yaradua gave him a 36 state country while he handed a 33 state country to buhari.

    • Jones Okafor

      GEJ will successfully lead a civilised nation where people have their country at heart ie what they can do for the country & not what the country can do for them. Let’s put tribe, religion, politics and sentiments aside, GEJ is the best & the most civilised leader Nigeria ever had but because we don’t understand good governance & democracy we are not appreciating this GREAT LEADER! He led Nigeria believing that people will perform their roles and responsibilities freely in civilised manner but, unfortunately we always hunger for leaders with military tendencies. SHAME!!! The same military tendencies that is pulling the country backward economically. I can assure you that as intelligent civilised & admired as Vice President Osinbajo is, if you give him Nigeria to lead as President Nigerians will mess him up – he is just too civilised to lead Nigeria. So Nigeria will likely continue to be led by Animals in Human skin. If you doubt me check the number of ex-military men & other men good to be best described as AreaBoys in the Nigerian Senate & hear them speak. WHEN WE BECOME CIVILISED WE CAN ASK FOR GEJ TO LEAD US. We have a serious followership problem – corruption! Even the thoughtful Buhari is currently experiencing followership problem! Did Atiku leave APC because of ideological differences- NO! He just doubted his chances and shifted!!! Ask Nigerian politician for the reason for changing political parties- definitely not for ideological reasons – just for self & assessment of what chances they have to get to their projection!!! Leave GOODLUCK alone. He tried his best so let someone else try . PRAISE HIM FOR HANDING OVER POWER PEACEFULLY.

      • Spoken word

        you are right Dumbo was the greatest failure ever.

  • Mizch

    Hahahahaha! Most of the comments here are hellish and rantings of wailing wailers, dazed with the lies of abrasive political cabals (apc) occupying the rats-infested Aso Rock.