Another APC chieftain dumps APC, accuses Buhari of incompetence, corruption

Datti Baba-Ahmed
Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed

Another chieftain of the governing All Progressives Congress, APC, has resigned his membership of the party.

Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, a senior party member in Kaduna State, was a member of the House of Representatives from 2003 to 2007.

He was also elected a Senator on the platform of the Congress For Progressive Change, CPC, in 2011 when he defeated two-time Kaduna governor, Ahmed Makarfi.

Mr. Baba-Ahmed on Thursday, in a hand-written letter, informed the chairman of Tudun Wada ward in Zaria Local Government of his decision to resign his membership of the APC.

The former Senator did not give reasons for his decision to leave the party.

He however told PREMIUM TIMES in a telephone interview on Friday that he did not give reasons in the letter because “for a party like APC, the shorter the better”.

He also told this newspaper that he decided to leave the APC because “Buhari’s government is incompetent and corrupt”.

Asked about the government’s effort to check corruption in Nigeria, Mr. Baba-Ahmed said “the government is lying”.

“The government of Buhari was established by looted funds and over 80 per cent are from the PDP; his so called fight against corruption is a ruse,” he said.

The former lawmaker also said the APC administration lacks principle and vision and came to power without any concrete plan for Nigeria.

He said he has moved back to the PDP “where 80 per cent of current APC members are from”.

He said the 80 per cent “are the same people who destroyed Nigeria in the last 18 years and they are now in APC”.


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  • Abdulkadir

    The question is, as you are going to the PDP, do you expect that corruption will not persist in it or has it been baptized, and so is cleansed of all potentials to enagage in corruption?

    • defash1

      PDP is better now, having known that they took Nigeria for granted & they looted. Almost all the bad eggs of PDP had moved to APC making the party worse. Unfortunately, various corrupt cases in Buhari government is not helping matter as they have been moving at rate of one corruption per week. The Mainagate finally demystified Buhari’s integrity stand, his inability to punish his personnel was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

      • kinsly

        How many bad eggs? Every reasonable Nigerian knows who and who are the real APC. Let those PDP crooks run back to the home of looters.Buhari and Osinbajo March on!

        • Mosley

          Osibanjo is not a politician, only an outsider opportunist.

  • Uzoma John

    Let him go. No more free money to share as they all expected. PMB match on. I’ve not even heard that name before. Everyone now is a chieftain. Na wa o.

    • Screw-em

      I dey laugh for Fulfude. Let the so called “thieftain”…Go!!!!


      Buhari is extremely corrupt, incompetent, unhealthy and blood-thirsty, religiously and tribally bigoted, under-educated, divisive, vengeful, etc

      Buhari can only use the Army to rig but we are waiting for him to make such a desperate move come 2019.

      • tundemash

        Empty threats again ! You made louder noise before your terrorist leader Kanu was routed out and yet you couldn’t burst a balloon ! Loud Mouth .


          We shall not go the way of you vandals . Biafra will emerge from civilized machinations, the violent ways of the zoo will expire and implode in the face of a calm and resolute struggle based on the principles of democracy and civilized struggle.

      • Julius

        Where is your emperor, your fearless leader kanu ?

    • Humphrey Onaburekhan

      Hahaha….. I honestly haven’t heard of such name in politics. When did he become a chieftain.

  • thusspokez

    “The government of Buhari was established by looted funds and over 80 per cent are from the PDP; his so called fight against corruption is a ruse,” he said.

    Most would agree that he APC is a syndicate formed by crooks mainly from the PDP.

    He said the 80 per cent “are the same people who destroyed Nigeria in the last 18 years and they are now in APC”.

    They are now heading back to the PDP after doing to the APC what they previously did to the PDP.

    • Ikenna Okwuchi

      You are quite wrong sir, my take on this is that the intellectually dysfunctional kleptomaniacs are staying put while those with a modicum of decency, who believe in democracy are jumping ship back to the pdp, who for all their faults both real and imagined were not as nepotistic and divisive as the current clowns in government.

      • thusspokez

        …my take on this is that the intellectually dysfunctional kleptomaniacs are staying put while those with a modicum of decency, who believe in democracy are jumping ship back to the pdp

        I do sense gullibility in your response. These decampers whom you are now cheering, heretofore, had supported and defended their colleagues, your so-called ‘intellectually dysfunctional kleptomaniacs’; and they raised no objection whilst members of the APC.

        So, you see these opportunists and political prostitutes — who, for selfish reasons alone, are now switching sides — as decent and democrats? You must have a low threshold for decency.

        • Ikenna Okwuchi

          In a country built on lies and the blood of the innocent, that’s a given. Our politicians are kleptomaniacs but there’s only so much evil you can stomach and this government is the worst ever since 1999. A bunch of dirty thieving lying murderous scoundrels who seem hellbent on eroding whatever democratic ideals we have acquired as a nation since the advent of the fourth republic.

  • Debaptist

    Hahaha. Failed expectation of another looter!

  • KBE

    This is just the beginning. By 2018 there will be realignment of forces and all the coast will become clear. APC is a party of comedians and strange bedfellows.

    • princegab

      Good one, thanks. Pmb administration is truly incompetent. Apc in disarray.

    • atakamosu

      Well said, those who have ears let them hear. Buhari cannot win in 2019, the numbers don’t support APC winning. The South West is no longer Tinubu country and that’s why he made rapprochement to Afenifere. SS and SE will never give their votes to APC and so will the bulk of NC. Lagos will confirm the rearrangement of forces as Ambode will be a one term governor despite his 1.3 trillion 2018 budget of debt and mortgaging Lagos in a desperation to win in 2019. Those Nigerians asking how healthy is Buhari will dump him to vote for a younger healthier person. Even Tinubu has started looking for a candidate who will shield him from future prosecution and probe.

      • PolyGon2013

        Apparently, you forgot that Edo is part of SS, and it is APC country.

        • Okakuoofbenin

          Stop deluding your self, Edo is no APC country. We are not dumb and know there is no difference between PDP and APC. We vote individuals with proven track records. If they happen to be APC like the last and present governors so be it. We voted Jonathan against Buhari for the same reason. It has nothing to do with the parties which are actually different sides of the same coin. Kapisch?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Point of observation and correction, Okabufoon.

            Edos are indeed not dumb, just you.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Telling lies to oneself isn’t a problem, per se, but when you start believing your own drivel, that’s a major issue.

      • tundemash

        Speculations here and there Mr. Loser.
        Buhari cannot win in 2019 ? Tell us who who would win.
        The South West is no longer Tinubu country. So it it Afenifebi country? DId u admit it was Tinubu’s country before now?
        SS and SE will never give their votes to APC and so will the bulk of NC. Tell whom they would give their votes to.

        CL0WN !

        • Otile

          Abubakar tundemash,
          You have a small brain. See how much energy you are expending in useless irrelevant argument …who would win, so it Afenifebi country…bla bla bla… Why not say something reasonable instead of rambling like a drunken madman?

    • Whalerolex

      You better start thinking of options because PDP is not the solution. We should have learnt for the emergence of APC. Its just the same people moving around like BRT

      • Otile

        He did not say he was dumping corrupt APC to join corrupt PDP. I believe he is fed up with both of the scoundrels. He took a wise decision. The scumbags in APC have nothing to rejoice for.

    • Otile

      A bunch of conman.

  • Achim Albert

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    • Whalerolex

      Can you get me a study visa for Syria or North Korea? I want to try my luck.

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        Biko take life easy

      • Tunsj

        He has already said that “We guarantee a stress free traveling process for all those who would wish to study abroad…. anywhere around the world”. I’m sure this include Syria, North Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan.

        • Julius


      • Otile

        Why not try Islamic Somalia first?

  • Achim Albert

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  • PolyGon2013

    So you move back to a destructive party that now has 100% PDP. So, this man just admitted that PDP destroyed Nigeria.

    • Tunsj

      He surely did. The clown only cares about himself.

    • Eluba Inas

      Thank you. I was going to comment on that. The guy is determine to find way to loot.

    • Julius

      Precisely !

    • Sean William

      Sshhh…Buhari chickens, your semi-literate president is the most corrupt man alive. Leave the thoughtful senator alone

  • sirOscie

    Pmb led Apc house of commotion with so many incompetent leaders…
    Wondering how we got here…… Nigerians deserves better leadership

    • Mr. Abdin

      Wonders shall never end in Nigeria,.

      • Nuorah

        Of course

  • Ezekiel. J.

    Another bad omen ejected.

  • Northeast

    He did not get what he wanted or looking for both at the federal and state level, so he had to leave. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • M-olaniyi Odebode

    Good riddance to bad rubbish! Another rotten egg has left the APC after realizing that the party is too decent for bad eggs. He will be definitely be welcome and at home in the PDP, the party of graft promoters, treasury looters, and profligate operatives.
    The departure of its bad eggs certainly strengthens the APC.

    • Otile

      The Pary of Maina, Oke, Babachir, Buratai is decent? Buhari, a man of integrity fighting corruption my foot.

      • M-olaniyi Odebode

        Mr./Ms Otile, you are right! The APC is not at all a decent party and President Buhari is only feigning fighting corruption! That is precisely why Maina, Oke, and Babachir, who have been shown to be corrupt, have not been sacked; they still hold on to their posts. I am sure that Buratai will not be sacked too if proven to be corrupt!
        By contrast, the PDP is a paragon of decency – and it was particularly so on Goodluck Jonathan’s watch. That is why the billions of Naira recovered by the EFCC in the last two years were from APC members and not a single PDP member.

    • August January

      Adding to your comments, it’s instructive he indirectly admitted that PDP destroyed Nigeria: ‘He said he has moved back to the PDP “where 80 per cent of current APC members are from”. He said the 80 per cent “are the same people who destroyed Nigeria in the last 18 years’. He thinks he deserves a ministerial or other appointment that will fetch him free money. Most of Nigerian politicians are looking for free money: I tell you that if Buhari should call Fani-Kayode and make him his special spokesman, Fani’s tone will change from criticism to support, because that would have opened to him the door to free oil money

  • chydysam

    Every right thinking Nigerian should as a matter of national emergency vacate the APC (All Promises Cancelled) party from the pit of hell. They shout corruption outside but steal nigeria dry inside. PDP is 101% better than APC. The performance index statistics are there to compare. Change the change now!

  • Welcome back home, prodigal son. APC is populated by the political prostitutes that destroyed Nigeria. They continued their selfish agenda in apc. The anti corruption campaign is a ruse.

    • tundemash

      Thanks Mr. Illegal Immigrant. Why not concentrate your energy on looking for the coward terrorist leader Kanu and leave the zoo to its problems ?

      • Otile

        Abubakar tundemash,
        Bigot, is Kanu the only problem you got in Yorubaland? Why not tell us something about Mainagate? Odale

  • Mr. Abdin

    This will serve as a good lesson to the ruling party.

  • realist

    Buhari cannot give what he doesn’t have, he lack the wherewhithal to manage the party, the government and even the resources. He is inclined towards abdicating responsibilities. Thus everything is falling apart.

    • Julius

      Is this the reason why your emperor kanu ran away ?

      • marcos avelino

        Kanu is dead eaten his body was thrown to dogs

  • Humphrey Onaburekhan

    I discovered that most people defecting from one party to another are those with selfish motives. They cry and yearned for positions, and when they don’t get it, they leave with bitterness against that party. They thereafter paint that party black with a lot of accusations. If you ask me, I would say these people are the ones with the problems, and not the party.

  • manager

    If you were appointed by buhari you wouldn’t have resign, many more job seekers will soon resign, because buhari can not appoint every body into government, buhari should sack many political appointees , let’s know if the country will have money for the development of the country.

    • Adele Uhuru

      Oh please keep quite – Buhari is a colossal failure, a liar, a crooked looter and mostly a fraudster of the highest regard. Take a holistic look at his progression thus far and you’ll come to the same realization that Nigeria is not safe with him period.

      • FineBoy

        No more looting?

        • Victor Ekojikoko

          So, there is no more looting going on now?

      • Ajibo

        No more looting

  • Timothy

    Another politician shows his true colour when things dont go the way they want it. The money was there before and all of a sudden no money and they are crying to be heard. The move to PDP origin of corruption which he stated categorically He said the 80 per cent “are the same people who destroyed Nigeria in the last 18 years and they are now in APC” Same people who destroyed Nigeria is where you are running to? Hahahahaha….what a joke? Simply say you were not given what you asked for. The money is not reaching as when PDP was in power.

  • FineBoy

    80% of APC are people that destroyed Nigeria and they came from PDP.

    That confirms PDP destroyed Nigeria.

    Leaving back to PDP is it repentance?

    If yes, any restitution?

    Is PDP now full of clean people?

    Hungry looter

  • Jon

    Buhari and APC breath corruption. Both are synonymous to corruption. Corruption is their name.

    • marcos avelino

      Jonathan , Denzani , Dasuki , Akpabio etc breath integrity and honesty yes PDP is the best party let nigerians return them peaszzzz

  • Okakuoofbenin

    Reading through the comments thread on this topic, it is obvious that the whole arguments bears down to APC and PDP supporters engaging themselves in name calling. Labouring seriously to convince us that six is different from half a dozen.Will intellengent and unbiased minds please stand up!!!(Holy Wahala on my mind). Nigeria is the worse for it anyhow you look at it.

  • curseless

    All politicians are full of gas and when they speak it is like hearing a mad man belching. This particular Baba Ahmed doesn’t surprise me for it is the game they all play and he looks frustrated because he hasn’t been able to lay his hand on any free naira. How people can use the rest of their life abandoning hard work to look for loose change is beyond my understanding but I guess this is the way it will be until we all have the gut to check mate them.

  • Bassey Frank

    You are all the same, including the incompetent, pretentious and clueless PMB.

  • Shehu Monguno

    I have been reading comments, it is obvious that people on this forum especially APC sympathizers do not know Dr. Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed. I will give his brief history.

    2003 (ANPP)
    Dr. Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed political career started when he was elected in April 2003 to the Federal House of Representatives representing the Zaria Federal Constituency, Kaduna State on the platform of All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP) – ANPP WAS AN OPPOSITION PARTY


    In May 2006 Dr. Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed announced that he would not seek reelection in 2007 UNLESS government/EFCC investigates members of the National Assembly who collected bribes to support the constitutional changes needed for Obasanjo’s third term presidency


    2011 (CPC)
    In the April 2011 elections, Dr. Baba-Ahmed contested for senate under the platform of Congress for Progressive Change (CPC). He defeated Senator Ahmed Makarfi of the PDP – CPC WAS AN OPPOSITION PARTY

    2015 (APC)
    The merger of CAN, CPC and ANPP took Dr Yusuf Datti Baba Ahmed to APC.

    Those familiar with Kaduna politics especially from his Zaria constituency know all the effort PDP put between 2003 and 2015 to get Dr Yusuf Datti Baba Ahmed to join the PDP. He refused insisting on remaining in the opposition.

    Pressure was put on his father through the Emir of Zaria and religious leaders, Vice President Nnmadi Sambo and even EL Rufai as the Minister of the FCT put pressure on Dr Yusuf Datti Baba Ahmed to join the PDP he refused.

    I am not sure, apart from coming from an aristocratic and well to do background, he is well educated (PhD in Economics from the University of Westminster). He is the Founder and Pro–Chancellor of Baze University, an independent University located in Abuja in the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria, opening in April 2011.


    • concernednigerian

      He is far from being an illiterate but I am only wondering how a person who obtained a Masters degree from a prestigious University of Wales, Cardiff would decide to do a Ph.D at a Polytechnic like University of Westminster? Even if it is a matter of proximate facility then the University of London is readily available for highly qualified individuals like this Gentleman. Be that as it may, Nigeria needs highly principled and educated politicians like Datti Baba-Ahmed.

      • Shehu Monguno

        Dr. Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed have said several times he only got a PhD to satisfy a desire to read.

        The last I remember the University of Westminster which started out as the Royal Polytechnic Institution, in 1838 was awarded university status in 1992. The University still ranks far above the highest ranked Nigerian University

        • thusspokez

          What a waste of time and money; he should have subscribed to the ‘Economist’ magazine to keep him up to date. Very little new developments and ideas can be found in economics since the era of John Maynard Keynes.

      • Onike24

        That is such a warped mentality, University of Westminster May have been where the person he wanted to supervise his doctorate was.

      • thusspokez

        but I am only wondering how a person who obtained a Masters degree from a prestigious University of Wales, Cardiff would decide to do a Ph.D at a Polytechnic like University of Westminster?

        I was going to ask similar question but then, I saw your comment. However, I am not sure one could describe the University of Wales as prestigious albeit the oldest in Wales.

  • Ejeta

    He might be right considering the reasons for leaving APC but moving to PDP smell mischief and cowardice

  • Ralph

    Its a free world.

  • Achim Albert

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