Apo Six: Why we reinstated officer charged with murder of Abuja traders — Police

Apo six
Apo six

The police have confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES that a deputy commissioner charged with the 2005 murder of auto parts dealers and a woman in Abuja has been reinstated.

But the force said the reinstatement was sanctioned by the Police Service Commission which relied on the judgement of the FCT High Court that freed Ibrahim Danjuma after finding him not culpable on March 9.

“The police received instruction from the Police Service Commission that the officer should be reinstated because he had been discharged and acquited by a competent court,” said police spokesperson, Jimoh Moshood.

Mr. Danjuma and four other officers were tried for the killing of the traders between the night of June 7 and 8, 2005. They had spent some time at a club on Gimbiya Street, Area 11, and were returning to their home in Apo neighbourhood when they encountered some police officers that fired at them.

The police had initially said that the victims, whose were between ages 21-25 and included a woman, were armed robbers.

But a panel set up by President Olusegun Obasanjo to look into the disputed most of the account by the police and recommended Mr. Danjuma and his men for trial.

All the officers were immediately placed on suspension by the police.

Twelve years later, two of the officers were convicted and sentenced to death, but the FCT High Court presiding judge, Ishaq Bello, said there was no evidence to convict Mr. Danjuma and two others.

Last week, Sahara Reporters disclosed that the police have reinstated Mr. Danjuma.

Mr. Danjuma’s rank would be restored, his accumulated salaries from June 18, 2005, would also be paid with plans to send him on a refresher course, a police memo published by Sahara Reporters showed.

Other officers discharged by the court were also reinstated to their previous ranks or promoted and would get their accrued remuneration, the platform reported.

It was not immediately clear why the police moved swiftly to reinstate the officers even when the victims’ families are pursuing an appeal.

The families strongly held that Mr. Danjuma participated in the killings and should have been convicted based on the evidence tendered before the judge.

PREMIUM TIMES learnt that an appeal had been filed and noticed served on the police.

The Attorney-General of the Federation is prosecuting the matter based on a fiat arrangement with an Abuja-based law firm, Chris Uche and Co.

Mr. Moshood said Mr. Danjuma and other officers approached the PSC with the court verdict and demanded full implementation.

But the issue of reinstating the officers and paying them their salaries from the time they received their respective suspension was not before the court.

“The police only acted on the instructions of the Police Service Commission that the officers be reinstated,” Mr. Moshood said. “They were suspended by the PSC and have now been reinstated by the same body.”

“The Nigeria Police Force as an institution will always obey instructions from the Police Service Commission, which is the regulatory body,” the spokesperson added.

Ikechukwu Ani, spokesperson for the PSC, could not immediately provide details about the controversial reinstatement when reached for comments by PREMIUM TIMES weekend.

“Please allow until Monday for our detailed reply to your enquiries,” Mr. Ani told PREMIUM TIMES by telephone Saturday.


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  • Mamman

    Unbelievably fuzzy & unjustifiable judgement ftom both the Courts & Police Service Commission. Who prosecuted the case? Why was there no appeal? What ever happened to erring on the path of caution? Why must Danjuma insist on returning to the Police considering the fact that he was NEVER a career officer?( he was employed as a DSP Specialist in the Public Relations Dept). Now if Buhari fail to flush out all the PDP appointees(Okiro) from his Administration, they are bound to make him fail. Nnamdi Kanu will now say, “didn’t I tell you so?” . The average ibo man will then nod his head. This & all other cases of reinstatements & recall by the Police Service Commission must be suspended & thoroughly reviewed by the AG. Otherwise lots more miscarriage of justice will continue unabated.

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      When a court says you are innocent, you are free to go/ the appeal doesnt hold you down until you have been found guilty in the court of appeal then he would be sacked finally. when court orders are not obeyed you all complain. Now court orders are obeyed and you all complaining again. Nawa oh for Humans. FYI Buhari knows Okiro very well not to be corrupt that is why he left him there.

  • Rommel

    So the story on Sahara reporters is true, these strange developments are becoming one too many, first it was Maina and now this, these are individuals wanted by the law at some point but who ran away, and after severall years reappeared with some questionable court judgements in the name of rule of law, is this how it works? for jumping from police detention, Danjuma should be under lock and keys right now and that alone should earn him dismissal or reduction in rank, to hear that this is what police service commission recommended is frightening.

    Having secured convictions, we urge now Premium Times, Sahara reporters and all others to give us details on what transpired in that Apo 6 murder as stated in the court that acquitted Danjuma so we can all begin to see how that individual was left off the hook.

    This is the only thing that would dispel the anger that is building up otherwise, this matter will cause one of the greatest upheavel in history of Nigeria. A stitch in time they say saves nine.

    • abodes_124

      Thank you Rommell. you speak for all well meaning and fair minded Nigerians.

  • abodes_124

    one is bound to respect the ruling of a court of law. However for the public to continue to have faith in the system it would help to have a summary of he court judgement to understand how they reached what seems a very perverse judgement going by the findings of the panel set up by Obasanjo. Also given that an appeal is pending why the rush to reinstate these apparently very dangerous men. in addition regardless of the court process have the police held their own internal disciplinary hearing with its own yardsticks and have they at that level found them not culpable of any infarctions? Finally if we had a sensitive ‘presidency’ could they not have paused matters given the Maina reinstatement saga that is still trending or is that they do no give a dam particularly given the ethnicity of those so gruesomely murdered?

    • Sam

      Where did you read in the article that the presidency ordered the reinstatement? It says the police service commission, but you are quick to link the presidency to this just as PT kept mentioning the northerner amongst the reinstated police officers and refused to name the others ,just to create the impression that it was so because the police officer is a northerner. Pathetic to say the least .

      • abodes_124

        Where did you read that i said the presidency ordered the reinstatement. Please read my post again and if the context in which the presidency is mentioned is not clear to you I will be quite happy to explain further.

    • Nkem

      The judgement is even more of a mystery when you consider that the same Danjuma twice escaped from police custody and was recaptured; he also attempted several times to break into the file cabinet of the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) who was handling the case. This was among the evidence presented by the prosecution. (See ThisDay June 9 2006). In fact the first escape was widely reported in the media and confirmed by police headquarters when it happened at the time.

      • abodes_124

        If I understand the bit of the ruling I have read. The judge has only convicted the two policemen who killed the lady and the other survivor the day after. This is because they had earlier confessed to doing so on Danjumas orders. They were not allowed to withdraw their confession. Even though it is known to have strangled the lady. In a criminal case it was for the prosecution to prove the case against him as well as those who shot the others dead at the check point. The prosecution (who usually depend on confessional evidence in Nigeria) could not prove that specific persons pulled the triggers of the Huns that killed them and so acquitted them. It is thus the classical case of being killed by an unknown policeman. On Appel the learned judges may take a different approach that places the accused at the site of the murder and with the means and motivations to commit the murder. However it is in the hands of the AGF to institute the appeal and something tells me he will not.

    • FineBoy

      If you are Danjuma, please be sincere, what is justice to you

  • Nkem

    Surely, surely nemesis WILL definitely catch up with Mr. Danjuma and his protectors. How do I know? = ZAKARI BIU, remember him? He was another ACP like Danjuma; committed atrocities during Abacha; dismissed by Obasanjo; was smuggled backed into the police force by Ringim his brother, when the later became IGP. Shortly after, Zakari Biu’s son was killed in the October 1st bomb blast in Abuja, the same weapon that the man allegedly used to eliminate enemies of Abacha during the reign of terror. Shortly after, Zakari Biu aka “leopard doesn’t change his spots” committed another atrocity by masterminding the escape of Kabiru Sokoto, a notorious mass murderer, from police custody. This time Zakari Biu didn’t just pay for his crimes alone, both he and IGP Ringim who masterminded his reinstatement were fired from the force.
    Secondly the case of Abdulrasheed Maina is still very fresh. All those connected with his attempted reinstatement are still leaking their wounds, even publicly disgracing themselves on the floor of the Federal Executive Council Chamber.
    So gentlemen/women of the media: Watch this space for the inevitable return of Karma to the household of all those who shielded and protected Danjuma so he won’t pay for his crimes – judges, court clerks, evidence tamperers, politicians and godfathers etc. etc. who helped him escape justice and brought him back to the police force.

    • FineBoy

      Zakari Biu, and Ringim from Borno State and Katsina.
      How did they become brothers?

  • Bassey Frank

    If Abdulrasheed Maina, the fugitive looter of pension funds, can be reinstated by APC-led government, with the nod of Mr Integrity President, and also promoted, who will not be reinstated?

  • Razor

    What do you expect from fulani controlled federal government of Nigeria. What a country!!

    • GusO

      Blame the corrupt judge who freed the officer, and not the Fulanis or any other tribe. Read the story well before making comments. The case has been appealed and let’s hope the new judge will find the officer guilty.

      • Razor

        So are you so blind to see that Danjuma’s reinstatement was influenced by people in power??

  • Pluti

    Obasanjo and all the panels he was established…. see where e reach now

  • Pluti

    Watching the panel on television 11 years ago was shickjng. These shameful police should be charged guilty and executed by firing squad. A Nigerian citizen was shot and the one alive was strangled by active members/personnel of the Nigerian police force. It’s a disaster to even think nothing happened. Soon we will hear another event like this because those who are supposed to stand up continue sitting and watching. Before 10 years history will still repeat itself