Toll gates will return to Nigerian roads soon – Fashola

Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola. Photo credit: Sun Newspaper
Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola. Photo credit: Sun Newspaper

The federal government has concluded plans to re-introduce tolls on roads across the country, the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, has said.

He said this at an interactive session with the Senate committee on Federal Roads Maintenance Agency, FERMA, on Thursday.

Mr. Fashola said the new toll regime will be an improved adaptation of the past toll points as the ministry will adopt similar toll regime throughout the country.

“Tolls will come,” Mr. Fashola said. “We have looked at the previous tolling regime, the inefficiencies raised we have tried to review. One of the things we have done is to try and standardise the toll designs for the entire country. We have finished with that. So that we’ll expand its width according to the size of the road but they will be built with the same kind of materials that we can control.”

Mr. Fashola said that the toll points will be managed by private organisations as part of the federal government’s job creation scheme.

He added that the tolls will first be re-introduced at moribund toll points previously used by the government.

“The existing law allows us to toll and we have gone back to pre-existing toll points where the previous tolls were dismantled and those are the places where it is easy to re-introduce them again for a start because they used to be there. So, its sensitisation that is necessary will not be expensive.

“We’ve identified 38 points across the country. What we are waiting to achieve now is completion of the construction work that is going on. We don’t think it is fair to ask people to pay tolls on roads that are not motorable. While that is going on, we are working on the design. We want to standardise it so that when we put out the advert for people to come and bid, we can control what they are going to construct.”


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  • emmanuel

    Hear the rogue. They converted the Lagos/ Ibadan Express road PPP project to a wholly funded FG project. Now they want to install tollgate so they can collect toll on it through the Private partnership that did not fund the project.
    Nigerians please be informed ahead, so the road can be blocked once they introduce the scam

    • PolyGon2013

      Yes, government will be able to recoup the money. Besides, it would also provide some form of employment. In fact around the tolling area, some form of supermarket or good restaurants, not the buka type can be allowed so that people can just rest and eat before moving on. Government must raise money somehow. FG cannot just rely on oil money to fund everything. Private partnership is the best to help in maintaining the road. If government is collecting tolls, then, the citizens reserve the right to question FG if the road is not being maintained. This would also help FG to use any oil money for capital projects, etc.

      • emmanuel

        The company that never funded the project cannot be made to collect the toll.
        There must be open bidding through due process. Lekki toll gate kind os scam must not resurface here.

        • PolyGon2013

          I support open bidding.

      • Otile

        By tolling areas I know you mean extortion posts. With the way Buhari’s government awards contracts and assigns jobs you can swear by the Holy Qu-ran that only Fulani armed men/women are going to man those extortion posts. Do you have any doubt about it?

        • Kamor

          Yes, million doubt about your allegation. By swearing with Al-Quran simply signifies you never believed in it.
          All contracts, all jobs to Fulani’s? common be fair and realistic.

        • Nnamdi Ugwuadu

          Not at all my brother

          • Otile

            God bless you bro.

      • Maureen

        You are correct. Job opportunity advantages, safety and relaxation. It’s indeed important to re-install toll gates. I pray, one day, this country will extricate from substandard, amateur and woeful ways of management/control. Very happy that most Nigerians are becoming wiser with installation of cardinal questions…WHY, WHAT,WHO, WHEN, HOW etc. Every thing is staged and this is a stage of question & aggresive complain, next will be a stage of action. Nothing last for long, everything has expiring date.

      • Nnamdi Ugwuadu

        Capital projects like what and what? Is road a recurrent expenditure? How many times have you questioned power Holdings for not providing electricity? In fact fashiola is confused and short of ideas. He told Jonathan that any responsible government should be able to give Nigerians 24 hours electricity within six months but 2 years down the line Nigerians have not seen steady power for at least 5 hours in a day. What a shame? Life and death are in the power of tongue and those that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. Proverb 18 vs 21.

  • Kamor Lawal

    Fashola, you may have been poor before but now you have forgotten with your capitalism approach to everything. Do masses not have right to certain things. Why do we have to pay for everything that government suppose to provide? still you come up with exploitation.

    You will be wasting your time if you think you wilbe relevant again in politics. We awaits you after the end of your ministerial tenure.

    • PolyGon2013

      How do you want the government to raise money? The day of oil revenue that is in abundance is over. You have got to pay for something. If you want good roads, then, pay for it. Since private entity will be managing the tolling, there is bound to be some efficiency there.

      • princegab

        You will see the tolls in the price not roads sir.
        These guys are stupendously corrupt. The situation is that this administration does not know what it’s doing.

      • Otile

        Are you saying that they are no longer making money from oil again? On the contrary price of oil is up, and Nigeria is making a killing from oil revenues. Sending armed Fulani soldiers to collect tolls in SE SS is like armed robbery on the people. This rogue regime is an ill wind that blows no good to no one except government robbers.

        • Nnamdi Ugwuadu

          Otile, they should reduce petroleum price because Obasanjo built toll money into the prices of Petroleum product during his administration.

      • Kamor

        Thank you for replying me. I am asking why other civilized countries don’t pay for everything? Govt. has responsibilities also. We pay for water, even for light we do not use etc. Let the govt block more and priotize our needs though it is better than before.

        • PolyGon2013

          I live in the USA and we pay for most services. Some states have tolls on the road, while some do not. We pay for water, light, garbage collection, etc. Things are not free in the USA my friend. We pay for nearly everything. In spite of being paid regularly here, unlike Nigeria, why then, is it difficult to save money? If FG, State, and Local have been paying regularly, be rest assured that most people would be able to afford something. Sometimes private work.However, how much a citizen pays is the question.

      • Isaiah Oluwayemisi

        U said how do Government raise money? Oil revenue is abundance and may I inform you that nothing is going to come out of such privatization except hardship. What God has come out of the electricity than total darkness and hardship.

        • PolyGon2013

          I can understand you about the electricity. It needs to be run by private enterprise. This i where the government can make sure that you do not get any bill for no power. Each state should be allowed to generate their own electricity and this will challenge other private distributors to wake up.

  • Kamor Lawal

    We await you after your ministerial tenure.

  • Yego V

    Talk about a useless country. OBJ and el-rufai are still smiling. The useless duo were advised not to demolish , they selfishly went ahead.

  • Otile

    I hope they will mount the tolls(extortion posts) near the deepest ditches in the rough roads, so as to slow passengers down to prevent plunging into the holes to their untimely deaths. Everybody knows they are more concerned with extorting money on the roads than fixing them.

    By the way, we thought Rotimi was the Minister of Transportation not Babatunde. Maybe they cannot trust Rotimi with the transportation funds for obvious reasons. One Najeriya, we hail thee.

  • May30th1967


  • Carlos

    My brothers, why worry about Fashola and his toll gate scam? Are you just realising that Fashola is bereft of ideas and has nothing to offer Nigerians? Is this not the same Fashola that told Nigerians that we need to pay more and more for electricity we don’t even use? My apartment in the South East has been in pitched darkness for the past three days and I had to buy petrol to watch champions league. Buhari has surrounded himself with below average persons who are certified illiterates and I wish them well in their mission to pauperise Nigerians.

  • Owejah

    Yes, Fashola! Good of you! Bring the toll back…, in short bring back ANYTHING capable of making life miserable for the masses! Why not? We elected you guys ourselves. Volenti non fit injuria!

  • Nnamdi Ugwuadu

    What will happen to the price of fuel when you return toll fees? I could remember vividly that Obasanjo during his administration removed toll fee and build it into the price of petroleum product he increased that time. Why is this government only interested in suffering Nigerians? Upon their resumption, they increased the price of fuel, increased electricity tariff, increased the prices of food items and other consumables, now they want to bring back toll gate for Nigerians to pay money for using our roads. Stop! Stop!! Stop!!! Nigerians are suffering too much under this administration. We have not benefited anything from this government other than hardship. We need restructuring. Let power go back to states. Allow states to control their resources and manage their roads. We are tired of this current structure where Nigeria is not moving forward.

  • Achim Albert

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    • Akani

      Modern Day human traffickers! Raise the hopes of innocent Nigerians only to trust them into male and women prostitutions!

  • chinedu

    The Obasanjo administration removed toll gates to increase fuel prices so that the burden will not be too much for the masses. The people led by some civil society groups and the ACN prevented a total eradication of fuel subsidy by the Jonathan administration which was intended to help that administration to fix the roads. Today there is no fuel subsidy,the roads are bad,and the toll gates are coming back. To extend this discussion. Millions of people have lost their jobs and continue to lose gainful employment even now due to our bad economy since 2016. The present growth in GDP was attributed mainly to growth in the oil sector. Manufacturing grew negatively. I also know that the present prices of foodstuffs are majorly influenced by the increase in agricultural activities by people who lost previous jobs and the harvest season. We are yet to sustain this. It might as well be temporary. Generally the citizens are poorer than they were about two years ago. A measure that will enhance the present burden should be weighed carefully with the expected benefits. To my mind the reintroduction of toll gates at this point will weigh heavier on the burden of the citizenry than the benefits. The counsel is to avoid this route.