African Union reacts to Robert Mugabe’s resignation

Alpha Conde
Guinea President, Alpha Conde

The African Union has welcomed the resignation of Robert Mugabe as Zimbabwe’s president.

Alpha Conde, the president of Guinea and current chairperson of the AU, hailed Mr. Mugabe as a “great fighter” who should have left office for a while before now.
“It is a shame that he is leaving through the back door and that he is forsaken by the parliament,” Mr. Conde said according to the BBC.
He added that the presidential election in Zimbabwe should be held in 2018 and that the African Union will offer all its support to the country.
Mr. Mugabe resigned Tuesday afternoon, a week after the military intervened in the country’s politics and truncated the former president’s attempt to install his wife as the next president.
Mr. Mugabe ruled for 37 years, coming to power immediately after the country gained independence in 1980.
His resignation was greeted by wild jubilation by Zimbabweans, who have accused him of worsening the country’s economy during his autocratic reign.


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  • thusspokez

    “It is a shame that he is leaving through the back door and that he is forsaken by the parliament,” Mr. Conde said according to the BBC.

    Don’t expect the media-cum-spy organisation BBC to say anything positive about Africa. No doubt it must have tricked Mr. Conde to give them the response they want so that they can then present it as demonstrating opposition and criticism of Mugabe by other African leaders.

  • atakamosu

    Shame on the African Union that kept quiet all those years.

    • deri best

      Your own became president without school cert Mugabe went in with 4 degrees——to liberate his people

  • aussiemigrant

    Conde should also resign , he is the head of an organisation protecting despots..what were you saying three days ago…not one person in your organisation supported the people only its looting murderous regime

  • Arabakpura

    Old soldiers never die, they simply fade away; but this one has faded away with ignominy!

  • deri best

    Mugabe is a great african leader—-and will be remembered as such—–

    • Beaulah Bergh

      Under Mugabe’s rule Zimbabwe’s economy was utterly ruined. From being the bread basket of Africa, Zimbabwe became a beggarly country. It’s money became absolutely worthless. Want to know the condition of a country? Look at the strength of it’s economy and the worth of it’s money . . .

    • Chuma Anierobi

      Great thanks.

  • newday

    Wrong message to Africa’s power-hungry military.. Which African country.s military will be next to force an elected president to resign.
    They should’ve waited for the elections in 2018. Bad example!

  • Solomon Brown

    Mugabe will always be an example to Africans without an inferiority complex, he fought hard and long and has shown us a blueprint on how to stand our ground as a people, a character trait missing in the DNA of most Africans.

    We as a people will never be free by buddying up with white supremacy, he started on that path and soon found it led no where, correcting that error might have cost the people of Zimbabwe so much, as a proud son of the motherland, I can say it was worth every moment while it lasted, no one ever gives you freedom, you go out there and take it, to all Zimbabweans when it finally dawns on you all that your economy will stay the way it is, I pray you finally stop falling for the boogey man narrative, and finally fix blame where it righfully belongs.

    • thusspokez

      +100 Up votes.

    • Julius

      He should have left when the ovation was the loudest . He left thru the back door 20 years late. Good for the people of ZIM…good luck to them .

      • Chuma Anierobi

        Ovation is not what a great leader is looking for. Leadership is not a popularity contest. If he had abandoned the war the British may still be messing our people up. Logic is often difficult to grasp.

        • Julius

          So, it’s fine and dandy for him to abuse his power , his people and loot the country dry. run the country as a family business ! Logic is indeed difficult for some people to grasp !

      • Solomon Brown

        You are exhibiting the symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome. Get your mind right Julius.

        • Julius

          You obviously must have just ran into that 2 words. You’ve been using them much lately. Get lost !

          • Solomon Brown

            No you should get lost, you conquered African. I don’t suffer fools lightly.

    • Chuma Anierobi

      You will live long

      • Solomon Brown


  • Chuma Anierobi

    Leading a nation is not Hollywood acting Mugabe has done a real sensible African proud. Tell the fools that they were not mandated to control the world. What is your take on the sanctions that had created the bad blood all these years? The rouge farmers were right to take our properties without compensation just people like you think they are annionted by divinity.

    • suleiman

      Chuma, Perhaps we must put everything in context. What makes you think that Mugabe was the only one who could fight the white colonialists? What makes you think that you must impoverish your people and make them worthless beggars to promote your ego? Can you name one achievement other than seizing white farmers’ farms that Mugabe achieved over 37 years. What is it to gained by transferring power to your wife? AM surprised that Solomon Brown and you are promoting dictatorship as the only solution to Africa’s problems. How can you explain turning a nation that was once the food basket of Africa into a beggar nation while the only people that have right to wealth are members of your family? Am shocked and embarrassed at your support for lunacy and sycophancy as panacea for solving Africa’s problems. Bold? Yes, and where did that take Zimbabwe to? Perhaps you might want to reassess your thinking ability on issues of this nature.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, you don’t need to make this personal.

      Please edit your post and make your point politely, then we can exchange ideas.


  • Solomon Brown

    Kay Soyemi you still do not get the memo, there are people who still celebrate the scum of the earth, people like Christopher Columbus, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, these rapists and murderers are idolized as founding fathers. Do not tell me how to celebrate a man like Robert Mugabe, he is a saint when compared to the men mentioned above.

  • Solomon Brown

    No you have to take a stand and stop being a feather in the wind, the hordes have moved from the middle east and are now at the gates of Africa. We need unwavering men if we are to win the war for our land. Africa is meant for black Africans.