Anambra Election: Obiano ‘breaches’ electoral law, addresses voters at polling centre

Governor Willie Obiano arrived his polling unit at Eri Primary Sch, 004 Otuocha 1

Incumbent Governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano, came under attacks Saturday after addressing his supporters at a polling unit, with activists accusing him of violating the Electoral Act.

Activists said the governor’s address constituted a form of campaigning, which the law says must end 24 hours before voting.

“For the purpose of this Act, the period of campaigning in public by every political party shall commence 90 days before polling day and end 24 hours prior to that day. This refers to a registered political party or any person acting on its behalf during the 24 hours before polling day,” the Act reads in section 99 (1 and 2).

The governor cast his vote around 10 a.m. at Eri Primary School, Unit 004, Otuocha 1, Aguleri, Anambra East on Saturday, before speaking to his supporters.

Abiola Akiyode of the Transition Monitoring Group, condemned the governor’s action describing it as a “temptation” the governor should have avoided.

“The most worrisome aspect (of this election) is that the governor came with a microphone to address the people. I think it is a sort of campaign. Since I have been observing, I have never seen any governor go to that extent to talk to people on election day. I think he should have avoided the temptation even if people are pushing him to do something”, she said.

Speaking further, Mrs. Akiyode said the governor’s address is a form of campaign given its content and timing.

“What he spoke about is a sort of campaign. Saying that at the end of the day he would have cause to be happy. I think these are not things one should expect on election day.”

However, the governor was not able to use the card reader at his polling unit as the machine malfunctioned.


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  • MilitaryPolice01 [Joint Chief]

    The Aromatic Schnapps drinking Governor has made a mistake that may be admitted against him at the Tribunal

  • Mr.Val

    I pray the voters will reject him just as the machine did,reminiscence of our dear Goodluck on that fateful day.

  • Biafran 1967

    Obiano and other igbo slave politicians are participants in the dysfunctional zoo system where there are no laws, no rules, anything goes.

    • Rommel

      We don’t need people like you anymore in IGBOLAND, you can go hang, we believe in Nigeria

    • Anasieze Donatus


    • kinsly

      Block head.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    He addressed his ‘supporters’ as this report states, and says he was sure of winning. The question is: did he SPECIFICALLY tell them to vote for him? If he said so, then he must have campaigned. But if he said to his supporters that he was going to win, that was only an expression of a personal optimism. Interpreting that as a ‘campaign’ is just making a mountain out of molehill. The law doesn’t concern itself with trifles to which this belongs.

    • Ubong

      Thanks for letting most of these easily fooled and cajoled educated but politically blinded southerners know that expressing optimism by a sitting governor and adjing his subjects to conduct themselves peacefully is not electioneering campaign. Probably they should wait for what we are known for _challenging results and trying to used our corrupt judiciary system to subvert the wiishes of the people. But in the north, because of unity of purpose and cohesion and political maturity, its always congratulatory messages to the winner from the loser. I pray we will get to that level of maturity in this part of our country

      • August January

        Obviously your level of brain development can’t allow you to know that telling a group even on a microphone on election day that “my people, I just want to tell you we’re the winning party” or “I’m the winning candidate” is a form of campaign!!! We shall see who’s really “easily fooled and cajoled educated but politically blinded” when the time comes if the election should become a matter for the tribunal!!!

        • Olusola

          It has already become a matter for the tribunal. He may win the votes, his victory will be handed over so cheaply to another. if he said half of what was alleged to have been said, he is unfit to be a Councillor!

      • ubong

        I do not engage in frivolous arguments, either am i a fan of Nigeria corrupt judiciary where most judgement are procured on highest bidders. Am a fan of due process and fairness and equity altbough this is a tall order to achieve in a flaw federal system. A governor of a states has every right to advised his subjects to conduct themselves orderly for peace to reign. People like you would have seen the overzealous action and illegality meted to a sitting governorr and chief security officer of a state by an alleged (but known facts as far as Nigerian police )corrupt IGP, as glorious action, without thinking if the same would happen to our President, if he decide to contest 2019. I do not care about which ideological baseless alphabet; called party in Nigeria is in power but i care more about things being done orderly. Election tribunas, no doubt was created for southerners to continue tbeir perpertual war among themselves, just like you have mentioned. I only wish you could ask yourself why we did not have election cases in the North after 2015. election but 99% of fighting to occupy position to loot you and i dry was from southerners. I beg to ask if nobody was defeated in the northern region or they are not educated or politically matured as we from southern region blundly assumed. . I end my discussion by wishing you well.

    • Charles Ideho

      “I going to win”, coming from a candidate at a polling station, is the same thing as, “Don’t waste your votes on others, vote for me because I am going to win”.

  • Gary

    This is nitpicking at best. Every incumbent has something to say at the polling station about the conduct and his prospects at the polls.

    • Tare Daniel

      They do that while been interviewed by journalists. They dont carry microphones to polling units. Dont defend the indefensible

  • MilitaryPolice01 [Joint Chief]

    The Aromatic Schnapps drinking Governor has made a mistake that may be cited against him at the Tribunal

    • Olusola

      He may end up not been sworn in I am afraid!

  • Patrick Mimosa

    Desperate incumbent governor Obiano does things desperately

  • Mayo

    What exactly did he say? Premium Times should not have lead with a title saying the Govenor had breached electoral law without telling us what the man says and only reporting what a few people interpreted it to mean

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