‘We are not sacking teachers in Kaduna’, El-Rufai replies Fayose

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Eufai [Photo Credit: The Whistler]

The Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has replied his Ekiti State counterpart, Ayodele Fayose, over the controversial sack of teachers in Kaduna State.

On Tuesday, Mr. Fayose accused the Kaduna State government of sacking teachers with the support of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“I’m warning Nigerians again, the agenda of the APC is to sack workers. They are sacking teachers in Kaduna and Buhari is supporting them,” he said on Twitter.

The tweet immediately sparked off a debate which saw some in favour but others against Mr. Fayose.

A Twitter user, Lere Olayinka, who is the spokesperson of Mr Fayose, tweeted: “In Ekiti, we did not conduct competency test for teachers, we still made first position in NECO in 2016 and 2017. El-Rufai can come and learn from us.”

Another user countered Mr. Fayose‘s claim by saying “Since you are running for President, you can start your campaign by absorbing the sacked teachers. And let’s see how far they will help Ekiti with her ‘One Compound, One Professor’ pride.”

To clear the confusion trailing the sack of  ‘incompetent’ teachers in Kaduna State, Governor El-Rufai waded in on the issue by quoting Gov. Fayose’s tweet.

“Your Excellency Sir, We are not sacking teachers in Kaduna. Rather, we are replacing unqualified people who are unfit to be called teachers to save the future of the next generation,” he said.

The planned sack of the teachers in Kaduna State has continued to draw the attentions of Nigerian from all walks of life.

While some have applauded the move, others have frowned at it, implying that the Kaduna State government is being inconsiderate.

President Buhari on Monday declared his support for their sack and replacement of the teachers found incompetent.

Though the Kaduna State chapter of the Nigerian Union of Teachers, NUT, had threatened to go on an indefinite strike from November 23, Mr. El-Rufai stood his ground and has vowed to go ahead with the proposed action.

To justify the decision to sack the teachers, the state government released some answer scripts from the competency test, revealing how some teachers could not answer questions set for primary four students.

The state government said about two-thirds of primary school teachers in the state failed to score up to 75 per cent in the examination.


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  • Owejah

    The problem of incompetent teachers did not start today. Those being sacked are not teachers in the real sense. At Ungwan Muazu, I saw several teachers truly unable to understand English language. At a Teachers College along Jos Road students are unable to communicate in English. The rot is too much! Any of them still interested in the teaching profession should go back to school and the NUT currently wasting their energy on fighting for those crassly unproductive parasites should direct such energies to creating an avenue with the government for helping qualified ones in future to get reabsorbed.

    • Timothy

      You have said it all….let them go back and re-educate themselves and re-apply period….if they can not pass simply test for primary 4 student what will they be teaching the students? All these politics of sentiments should stop if we must progress…what nonsense

  • Hassan Lawal

    …thanks to the kaduna state governor for his briliant response..if not gov.fayose would have made a political gain of it…is good to have a sound governor o!

    • Charles

      He is sound by own standard, little wonder you have teachers, who does not know their commissioner for education

      • suleiman

        Charles, can you hear yourself? “Little wonder you have teachers, who does not know their commissioner of for education.” Is this English? You will fail this test too if this is the English you know. Shame on you! And this is the problem with Nigerians who know nothing about a topic and want to comment on it. Look how you just failed a simple grammar test in English. “Teachers, who does not knew…..” plural nouns are not accompanied by singular verbs! So go learn grammar and then come and blame the teachers for failing to know the name of their commission, which by the way is not needed to be a good a teacher.

    • suleiman

      What Is the difference between sack and replace? Either way, the teacher who is replaced has been sacked? And how about those dead people that were said to have passed the exams? I bet they rose from their graves and wrote their exam? This is the shame of it? Where in the world are all who take an exam must get an A? &0% is A in any institution in Nigeria, Africa and all of Europe, so why does El-Rufai expect every teacher to get an A? Can he pass that same test with an A? The shame of it all is that some of those said to have passed the exams have been long dead! This is just to say that the whole exercise is a sham and malicious. I don’t blame the governor at all, I blame his commissioner of education who by the way os a professor and who should know better.

  • Action Group

    Fayose as a rouble rouser and a sympathizer of the teachers can absorb some, if not all of the teachers to Ekiti State Teaching Service Commission and see whether his State will continue to excel in NECO.

  • Debaptist

    Busy body.

  • Mufu Ola

    The so called “excel” by Ekiti is the product of former gov, Fayemi not connected with Fayose’s performance.All these nonsense about Ekiti being haven of education is mere propaganda. As a regular visitor to that state,I can confirm authoritatively that Ekiti have some of d worst illiterates in Nigeria. Ekitis are definitely not as educated as Egba,Ijebu & even Binis not to talk of some states in SE & especially Delta State. D propaganda about Ekiti started during d time of AG in 1st republic when Awo & co in bid to placate restless Ekitis in d distribution of amenities started flattering them about their prowess in education..It’s that flattering of d 50s/60s they’re carrying about till today.

  • Tunji Olarewaju

    The scrapping of teachers’ colleges is one of the reasons i believe Babangida should not be allowed to die in peace, may the Lord forgive me, that man is directly or indirectly responsible for the mess we’re in currently. I can remember taking dictations as early as my Pry 4 in those good old days, failure meant a stroke or strokes of the cane.These teachers were modern day students whose teachers are equally deficient. You just can’t give what you don’t have(nemo dat quod non habet) .
    Instead of sacking them, which they deserve, I can only appeal to the governor to help educate those ones who are still capable of learning so that they can contribute positively to the development of the state in particular, and the nation in general.

  • Isa Adam

    El Rufai should no join issues with a failed Gov like fayose who politicizes everything to gain cheap popularity, it is unfortunate to have his like as a governor but he has some few months left to vacate that noble position any way the EFCC ARE WAITING FOR HIM

  • Tosin

    I heard that Ekiti man has only paid one month salary so far in 2017, technically has he not sacked teachers/workers from their right to life?