Finance Minister, Adeosun, speaks on payment of whistleblower who exposed Ikoyi money

Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun

The attention of the Honourable Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun, has been drawn to media reports surrounding the payment to a whistleblower, who provided the tips that led to the recovery of funds stashed away in a property in Ikoyi, Lagos State.

2. The Honourable Minister wishes to state unequivocally that the Federal Government has not withheld any fund due to any whistleblower. The Ministry has in place detailed procedures for processing payments due under the Whistleblower Policy. The procedures were designed to prevent abuse and legal disputes and to ensure protection of the information providers.

3. These procedures include an application by the agency who recovered the funds including evidence of the recovery, confirmation that there are no pending legal issues on the recovery, verification of the identity of the information provider, calculation of the amount payable and computation of relevant taxes.

4. It must be stated also that payments are made in monthly batches to ensure control and to protect the identity of information providers. To date, over 20 of such persons have been paid. From available records, the payment due on Ikoyi is among those being processed in the November batch, which will be released within the current month.

5. The Minister reiterates that the Whistleblowing Policy of the Federal Government remains one of the current Administration’s successful initiatives and that the Government is fully committed to ensuring that all those who responded to the policy and partnered with Government in the recovery effort are paid in full and most importantly have their identity protected.

6. The Whistleblower Policy was introduced in December 2016 by the Federal Government as part of the initiatives to wage war against corruption.


Oluyinka Akintunde

Special Adviser to the Honourable Minister of Finance

Federal Ministry of Finance

12th November, 2017


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  • Man_Enough

    The government caused the controversy by stating that the money had been paid, knowing full well that payment was still in process.

    • Otile

      Can you believe anything Imam and his looting gang tell you? And

    • Julius

      lol..don’t be sure it was in the process before the lawyer went public.

  • MilitaryPolice01 [Joint Chief]


  • Anthony Uremeh

    …Pay the guy please!!! I don’t understand the statement by the Minister of Finance. Pay the guy biko! !

    • Julius

      Yes ooo…I said the same thing yesterday. They are trying to screw the dude if you ask me.

      • The facts

        Maybe they don’t trust the guy. Who knows maybe na arrangee whistle blower sef. Lol

        • Julius

          You may be right. Nothing surprises me anymore in Nigeria.

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        Julius, this administration appears to be more screwed up than Jonothing’s. At least, during Jonothing’s administration, we knew Mama Piss and Diezani wear the pants,so we can go through them. But, in this General’s administration nobody seems to wear the pants! What a complete disappointment!

        • Julius

          I kinda agree to some degree but, until I see somebody distributing $2.1 billions meant for the weapon for political purpose, my money remains on Jonathan admin .

    • Yego V

      They want to steal the money again

      • Powerlessconscious

        Liar. This is not pdp. Ok.

  • serubawon70

    It appears the whistleblowers lawyer galadima is too anxious to get his cut. If not he should have approached the finance ministry for clarification instead of dragging EFCC who don’t even have power over the payment

    • Mayo

      How did the lawyer drag EFCC? The lawyer only responded when the papers quoted the EFCC as saying the person had been paid. Before this, did you hear anything from the lawyer?

      Secondly, since the whistle blowing was done to EFCC, the whistle blower should approach EFCC for their payment and they should hold EFCC responsible if payment is not made. It is not their job to approach the Finance Ministry (even if the Finance Ministry is responsible for disbursing payment) because their business was not with the finance payment. It is the job of EFCC to get whoever is responsible for the payment to then make the payment.

      • serubawon70

        Wilson their spokesman said EFCC did not say so. Even if they did for whatever reason say so, which I still doubt, the lawyer could still have approached the MOF

        • Tunji Olarewaju

          I wonder how some people reason! Was it the responsibility of the whistle-blower to approach the MOF or that of the organization to whom the whistle is blown? Hear the MOF spokesman :”3. These procedures include an application by the AGENCY who recovered the funds… ” From the foregoing, what business does the lawyer have applying to the MOF?
          If you don’t have a better rejoinder to Mayo’s post, it would have been better for you to keep quiet

          • Powerlessconscious

            The business is to ascertain if the whistle blower is actually loosing out. Therefire it is good to find out. Not every issue to go on media. That is how they do in a sane country. They don’t cause unnecessary tension in every issue. That is why their country is peaceful. The lawyer and the whistle blower can actually fund out. For him to even shout on media, he is putting his life at risk.

        • Yego V

          My friend, go and tell them to pay the man and stop all this nonsense. Someone was bold enough to risk his life, help you do what you could not do , and you come here to spill nonsense.

          • Powerlessconscious

            Are you so angry? Hahahahahaha.

        • Mayo

          And as I said, it is not the job of the Whistle Blower to approach MOF. Their whistle blowing was done to EFCC. It is the job of EFCC to then get the money released from MOF.

    • princegab

      No trust fg, better to start shouting pronto. Land of looters, abracadabra. The more you look the less you see.

    • Michael

      You’re wrong. The issue became of media interest because MAGU went on an international conference last week and was boasting about how the whistleblower had already been paid and was receiving counselling- all lies. So of course the lawyer has to refute that story. Don’t blame the messenger for doing his job and telling us as it is.

      • Powerlessconscious

        Is that enough reason the lawyer could not make research?

        But the whistle blower himself read terms and conditions before he partner with the govt. He made a signature to the terms and condition. But above all, this govt will pay successful whistle blowing, they are not thief like pdp who collected 1000naira from Nigeria for immigration jobs instead of free application. And yet invited the 700k candidates to stadium for test where many died.

  • Magnus0071mg

    To give away a national asset through a policy is illegal
    Whistle blower policy is not backed by law Many in this regime will end up in ail in due course

    • share Idea

      Don’t mind them…they will tell us who approved such budget they will be paid from. This lying administration can never seize to amaze discerning minds

  • Ola

    I just don’t understand why we create crisis where non exist. This whole story was created by our media people who are very lazy and don’t care to do due diligence before they go to print.
    There is a procedure in place for payment of whistle blowers and just because this is Ikoyi gate does not mean it must be shunted for the benefit of some inpatient beneficiaries.
    Records show that about 20 whistle blowers have been paid to date and we have not heard any noise until now. It boils down to some of the biggest problems we face in our country; we hate to follow any laid down rules or procedure, we have a disdain for law and order, we are impatient and we are quick to judge others for their actions without finding out where the truth lies.

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      Now you are equally guilty of judging others.
      Was it the whistle-blower that first went public or the EFCC that claimed at an international forum that he’s been paid, knowing fully well that their application for the whistle-blower’s funds is still pending with the MOF? Little lies disparage your credibility. Be honest with yourself, will you keep quiet when somebody that’s owing you 350-850 million Naira suddenly went public and claimed he/she has paid you in full when you know you’ve not received a dime?
      Please, stop being judgemental until you have trod the judged’s path

      • Powerlessconscious

        The whistle blower lawyers is to be blamed for poor research. Before he we to petition the govt.

        Do your finding on this.

        • stanejike

          Stop peddling lies. He petitioned nobody. He only responded to a claim by EFCC that the whistle-blower is already a millionaire.

    • Otile

      To avoid deception pay the now, if you wait further Imam may decide to pay them with promises.

      • Otile

        …pay them now,

      • KELLOGGS

        …and bullets.

    • Mufu Ola

      Don’t mind these duds. They think those concerned will just walk into CBN & collect money.No procedure,no vetting!

    • BenAri22

      Ola, since you believe Kalamity Kemi, I have some swampland to sell you in Dubai….cheap, cheap…

    • share Idea

      Just as the record of EFCC showed that the whistle blower had become millionaire before their lie was busted. Nigeria we hail thee

  • Kareem Raji

    Payment was not in process. This statement is an afterthought

  • Yego V

    Buhari administration and cheap publicity. Just PAY the guy and stop all the grammar. And why MONTHLY payment. I know you’ll murder them (whistle-blowers) after the first months payment. Ewu. You guys wanted cheap publicity by introducing the policy, and now you don’t want to live to the commitment.

  • kayode Olufade

    Just pay the dude already

  • Okokondem

    According to finance minister:

    “… the payment due on Ikoyi is among those being processed in the November batch, which will be released within the current month.”

    Does anyone believe this position being espoused by the finance minister was communicated to the whistleblower and his lawyer? They would not have gone public to contest nonpayment? The question is, why weren’t they informed? The minister’s belated clarification does not exonerate Magu for recently declaring that the whistleblower has already been paid.

    • Otile

      Kalamity Kemi is a damned lair like her oga Mohamed Buhari.

    • Mufu Ola

      Ask their lawyer that question. The lawyer is an apparent hustler who should have sought procedures for such payments before his silly petition.His appetite for commission has beclouded his professional calling.

      • stanejike

        Have you forgotten that EFCC has declared his client to be mad and not entitled to payment yet?

  • BenAri22

    “We haven’t witheld it”, …… yeah, yeah, we just haven’t paid it….. And now that you people are making noise, we have it scheduled for November….( We would NEVER have paid it if you folks didn’t make noise…stupid citizens….) That is what she is really saying…. Malfunctioning government…

    This is what happens when Liar Mohammed, ‘Kalamity Kemi’ Adeosun and others think people are stupid….clowns…