Wike, Amaechi’s convoys clash in Port Harcourt

Scene of an attack on the Convoy of the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike by soldiers and SARS Personnel attached to the Minister of Transportation atWanja Junction, Trans-Amadi Road in Port Harcourt Saturday (11/11/17)

Governor Nyesom Wike and the Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Amaechi, have accused each other of assault after their security aides clashed in Port Harcourt on Saturday.

Mr. Wike said he was attacked by officers of the police special anti robbery squad attached to Mr. Amaechi’s convoy.

In a statement by his spokesperson, Simeon Nwakaudu, the governor said he was on project inspection when he was attacked at Nwanja Junction on Trans-Amadi Road, Port Harcourt.

“The SARs Personnel and Soldiers in the Minister’s convoy hit down the Governor’s Escort Rider and attacked the policemen in the pilot car,” the statement said.

“Also part of the attack, was the Commander of Rivers SARS, Mr Akin Fakorede who received the Minister of Transportation at the Port Harcourt L Airport and accompanied on his trip.”

“The Minister of Transportation had over 50 SARS Personnel, Soldiers and Mobile Policemen in his motorcade.”

Mr. Wike was unhurt, the statement said.

But Mr. Amaechi denied the claims, saying that “gun-totting security men attached to Wike’s convoy” surrounded Mr. Amaechi’s car, threatening to shoot him.

In a statement, the former Rivers governor said although he eventually passed through unhurt, his car was “vandalised with a broken side mirror”.

“Accompanied by cars of many of his supporters, the minister’s black jeep was intercepted and blocked at the junction by the security motorcycle outrider attached to Wike after two cars had passed through.”

“One of the two cars had security men assigned to protect the minister in Port Harcourt. Suddenly, gun-toting security men attached to Wike’s convoy, surrounded the minister’s car, threatening to shoot him.”

“They hit the car, tried to smash the windscreens, back and side windows and broke a side mirror. All through this attack, Amaechi remained calm, inside the fortified Jeep. While the attack occurred, Wike remained inside his vehicle.”

The statement said the minister eventually passed through after the intervention of the security team on ground to protect him in Port Harcourt.

“However, when governor Wike got to the point where the incident occurred after Amaechi’s vehicle had gone by, his security men blocked the road again, dragged out from a vehicle and thoroughly beat up a policeman attached to protect Amaechi in Port Harcourt. The policeman’s rifle was also taken from him,” the statement said.

Governor Wike recently accused officers of the special anti robbery squad of being behind the series of kidnappings and armed robbery incidents in the state.


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  • Tijani

    Lootimi Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi has always been a liar and a tout.

    • Guest

      Governor Wiked a saint?

      • Evans

        Thanks to technology Amaechi should prove what he claims there where eyewitnesses to the scene so because he(Ameachi) have scores of military and Sars personal so the governor should stop for him to pass.

      • Tijani

        Far from saintly, but notwithstanding toutish conduct of Wike, Amaechi is a liar and a looter

  • Mayo

    Why does a Minister have a convoy? Why are soldiers and SARS personnel attached to a Minister? SARS people should be dealing with armed robbery and not protecting VIPs.

    • Tommy Soto

      Re-read the article. The police may in fact be the armed robbers plying dere regular mischief in that area.

    • The suppose question is why did you people have brain. If you truly know that, then you will definitely get answer to this your question.

    • tundemash

      Because Rivers has witness so many assassinations.

  • Liberty

    Aki and Pawpaw story!
    The duo are becoming too petty for the serious leadership positions each occupies.

  • Watch man

    Although the whole incident and story look childish, Wike is receiving the same treatment he gave Amaechi when he was minister. What goes around keeps coming around. After all what is the difference between APC and PDP? Yeye children that lack decorum!


    What is an ordinary minister of transportation doing with 50 security detail in Port Harcourt? This thing is easy to judge. This colourful character called Amaechi is not only a sabo, he is a menace.

    • tundemash

      Because Rivers has witness so many assassinations ! Wike had over a hundred when he was Minister.

      • KELLOGGS

        So, what about the common man on the street? Instead of tackling the insecurity, the ministers are made super citizens, by protecting their own lives above the ordinary Rivers person? Try another answer.

        We are supposed to enjoy equal protection under our laws.

      • Contact Point

        He was junior Minister even

    • Contact Point

      If a substantive Minister of transport a super minister with 2very powerful ministries (Transport and Aviation) with heavy Departments and Agencies (NIMASA, FAAN, NRC and so many) under his watch could be called “ordinary Minister” what then would you call a junior Minister of education which is what Wike was when he was rocking havoc in Rivers under GEJ? I guess you are yet to get rid if your hatred towards Rt. Hon. Amaechi.


    What is Wike’s convoy doing at the airport trying to restrict the freedom of movement of Ameachi. It is still the continuation of the arrogance and criminality of this governor called Wike. I think Ameachi was prepared for him. People like Wike have to be challenged. I have no single blame for Ameachi.

  • Otile

    What is Rotimi doing in Pitakwa, why can’t he remain in Abuja or stay in the core North until his term is over in 2019? It is provocative and unacceptable for him to storm PH with a large retinue of Fulani soldiers to intimidate or harm the Governor. Buhari’s administration is becoming lawless.

    • Usher- Join The Revolution


    • Fulani boy

      Because Rotimi is a Nigerian of Rivers origin he has the right to visit his home state. That’s what we do in Nigeria, in biafraud you can do what you like

      • emmanuel

        Where is Nigeria? Wen we dey talk beta thing, cattle rearers dey put mouth. Your time in Nigeria has expired. Nigeria will soon turn against you.

  • Frank Bassey

    Akin Fakorede has featured frequently in many bad developments in Rivers State as head of SARS. He was the one caught in the video unleashing harm and leading in ballot box snatching during the Rivers Rerun elections.
    My question is this, why has this man not been transferred out of Rivers? Other police personnel have been transferred from their locations, but this man remains in Rivers. What is indispensable about him?

    • tundemash

      Just as Joseph Mbu was transferred out of Rivers i guess ? I guess Akin Fakorede learnt the act of survival from Joseph Mbu. Suddenly you know the right thing when you are at sharp end of the knife.

      • Hassan Mallaila

        Tundemash, people like you support so much impunity. Do not forget that these security personnel are paid for and maintained by public purse. Where Amaechi alone gets 50 armed personnel in a state where there is kidnapping every blessed day and security people can do nothing about it speaks volumes. Same with the Governor Wike. These are people who only came to prominence through politics with no known means of livelihood and are now disturbing the peace of Rivers State with their hoodlums, cultists and so on because they have made so much money illegally through politics.Enough is enough.

        • MilitaryPolice01 [Joint Chief]

          Hassan, may this truth you have spoken to hypocrisy vindicate you one day when you need it most. Amin. If disqus made it possible I would have given you 7 upvotes.

          • Contact Point

            Give him 1k upvotes, who cares

        • Contact Point

          Wike as Junior Minister under GEJ was assigned with more than 50 SS and Police personnel how much more a substantive Minister.

          • Hassan Mallaila

            That makes it right for Amaechi to be assigned that no of security personnel in a State that experiences kidnappings daily and its citizens are not protected. You are a big joke

      • Contact Point

        You read my mind o jare. Don’t mind the blind fools. They were the ones celebrating Wike as been fearless when he was insulting the then Gov. Amaechi under GEJ, they applauded Patience Jonathan for forcefully and disrespectful snatching the microphone in a public gathering from then Gov. Amaechi. Now they have woken up to know what is right and what is not. Honestly Amaechi is just too gentle and refine, if not he has all to till with that tout in government House, instigate serious problem that will force FG to declare state of emergency in Rivers.

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    This is truly daft.

    I am not a supporter of Mr. Wike, the impostor Governor, but Mr. Amaechi should appreciate that the former is the Chief Security Officer of the State and must take precedent over his convoy as a visitor.

    Aside, why has he got circa 50 officers assigned to him alone?

    • tundemash

      If I am not a friend of Wicked Wike, i would go to Rivers with a battalion of security if possible; Rivers has witnessed too many assassinations.

    • MilitaryPolice01 [Joint Chief]

      It is time for Wike and Amaechi to engage in a boxing match of 10 rounds and all proceeds of the would be keenly watched fight will go to charity. Let them fight physically and settle this rubbish once and for all

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


    • Contact Point

      Really? Did the today’s “Chief security officer” accorded respect to the office of the governor let alone the person of Amaechi when Wike was junior Minister under GEJ? Didn’t the today’s “Chief security officer” through Evan Bipi (little crippled man) ordered Amaechi to be shot even inside the hallowed chamber of the state Assembly? You see, what goes around comes around as they say, no wonder Wike fought hard to stop Amaechi from been confirmed as Minister by the Senate. Without holding brief for Hon. Amaechi, Wike is a tout and have never stopped proving us right, just as it happened in London between him and Rivers students in UK. Respect is reciprocal therefore I won’t pity him if Amaechi’s convoy or security attached kill him.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        I agree fully with your sentiments, Bruv.

        But just as we opposed Wike’s actions then, so will I not support Amaechi now.

        Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • thusspokez

    The Rivers people — who used to be one of the most civilised people in Nigeria — have themselves to blame for electing these two great unwashed barbarians. Since they stated electing these barbarians, the state has not stopped sliding into barbarianism. These two barbarians are not content with trading insults with each other, but now fighting in the street like thugs.

    • Dazmillion

      It started with the 9am champagne popping governor Peter Odili

      • thusspokez

        I remember decades ago being with friends and watching (I think CNN or BBC) and saw this man — later identified as governor Odili of Rivers state — sitting in a gold arm chair in some kind of palace and doing the “Hello World, look at me, I am drinking champagne” routine.

        To think that drinking champagne is sophistication is in itself benightedness. Neither my (western) friends nor I saw anything but! We all mocked him.

        Very few politicians across the world, let alone in the West, would allow themselves to be on camera in opulence and drinking alcohol. You have to be of the great unwashed stock, and ignorant to think that such behaviour demonstrates a level of sophistication.

        Odili vs GEJ
        These governors of Rivers state (starting with Odili) seem to have over-inflated ego problem. Recollect how Odili opposed VP GEJ becoming the President following Yar Adua’s death. Odili had instead wanted a northerner to complete Yar Adua’s term so that he would be the next PDP (southerner) presidential candidate according to the party zoning rule.

        Despite this, GEJ forgave Odili. As payback, he could have sent the EFCC to charge Odili for extreme looting in Rivers state, but he didn’t. Amaechi and Wike are still going at each other to the detriment of the Rivers people. Now it has even come to street fighting.