Protesters storm National Assembly over probe of Nigeria Police chief Idris

Protesters in support of Police Chief, Ibrahim Idris
Protesters in support of Police Chief, Ibrahim Idris

Hundreds of protesters on Wednesday afternoon occupied the entrance of the National Assembly to show solidarity with the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris.

The convener of the protest, Gloria Ugbeji, said such solidarity march is important based on the various reforms she said the police chief has brought to the service.

She said it is important for Mr. Idris to be “left alone to focus on what he is doing.”

Mr. Idris was summoned by a Senate committee probing corruption allegations against him.

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  • Rollingdollar

    What a joke of a country. So the IG used a small part of his loot to hire protesters! Impunity

  • Frank Bassey

    Shameless minions. Corruption-bred fools. Ill-mannered, public nuisance and amalgamation of Corruption. So, IGP is above the Law he is the chief enforcement officer? Why is he jittery if his hands are clean? He is already exposed; let justice take its course. NASS should dig deep, deeper and deepest in its probe.

  • Decimator

    Why was the Pythons not Dancing and the Crocodiles not Smiling with the Buhari and Buratai Vandal Army on permanent Medical outreach?

    Vandals in governance !!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary

    See what they have reduced our country to- a Banana Republic (my sincere apologies for smearing that good fruit).
    The Chief of Police is accused of corruption and he too now sponsors a mob of the hungry and jobless to intimidate the National Assembly? Seriously – this is the response of the man promoted over his better qualified peers and seniors to become IGP in Nigeria of 2017?
    By a President who gained office on a pledge to fight corruption and the excesses of the previous government?
    Does this recent tack of rented mobs by government officials the new normal for public policy in Nigeria?

    Now we have the Inspector-General of Police, not a politician and the nation’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer, canvassing mobs to avert accountability for malfeasance in office.
    What’s next, a mob rally for the reinstatement of Maina?

    Cry the beloved country. Nigeria is going to the dogs under this regime.

    • FreeNigeria

      It’s truly a sad story

    • emmanuel

      Those are policemen’s wives and children who hawk groundnut and orange around Abuja suburb. A thousand Naira and lunch is enough for the business.
      Under this IGP, Policemen on Night highway jobs, shift position, rob travellers and return to their post thereafter, claiming they went to eat when the robbery took place.
      Nobody investigates or bring them to book, because they are offshoot of an incorrigible IGP

    • So oju abe niko

      I beg to differ. Nigeria is far better than the pretend fruit called banana. Unless one is blind, you can see Nigeria corruption and other inadequacies in its full glory from miles off. Take this shameless protest for instance – it is obviously sponsored either by the IG directly, or by someone currently benefiting from the IG, or by someone trying to gets into his good books. On the other hand, 90% of people eat banana thinking they are eating a harmless fruit (and the damn thing is so good that you end up eating more than you should), but banana is actually more like a full meal – it is a loaded carbohydrate that can do a lot of havoc to your mid-section.

      • Gary

        Lol!!! Anything ingested in excess is bad for you.
        You can die from drinking too much water at once! So it is with eating too many bananas at one sitting.
        It’s an excellent fruit full of natural sugar, potassium and calcium. Yes, you’ll grow a gut from eating too much of it just like will happen from eating too much Eba or pounded yam. And not exercising enough. Our forefathers ate all these foods but walked long distances to do manual labour on the farm. So they didn’t become obese save for the women who stayed at home.

        To conclude, the Banana is more useful to Society now than the morons currently running our country into the ground.

  • FreeNigeria

    Animal kingdom. This country has degenerated to the level Napoleon in Animal farm won’t even accept

  • emmanuel

    Nigeria is in a state of anarchy. If a serving IGP can go this low, then the real trouble has started.
    What this portends is that there is no more law in Nigeria, all one needs do to survive a crime is to gather hungry Nigerians, pay them stipends and harass the law from justice.
    We already know that the criminals go to the police to get lawyers who work with them to stall cases they filed against such criminals.
    So all they do in court, is drama while the lawyer they hired to counter the states case against such criminals get the case bungled.
    Nigeria is finished.
    We have heard Oyo-Ita and Kyari reconciled (of course she had to adhere to Buhari’s instruction or get fired). Does it mean Kyari is unscathed in the Maina’s case? Is this how the future of this country will be destroyed by these rampaging animals?

  • Ibukun Bandele

    Hahahahaha, Mumu people of Nigeria, unbelievable

  • shakara123

    Damn, truly there is hunger in the land if the IGP can afford to rent crowds to put pressure on on the Senate to back off.


      All Nigerian commissioners of police are mega rich through bribery and corruption so what about the IGP ?

  • Suleiman Alatise

    Could be the handwork of his enemies in order to ridicule him the more, but if the IG is proven to be behind this, then he is not fit to be.

    • Afo

      The brazenly corrupt Idris is surely behind this show of shame. But come to think of it are these not the youths who are clamoring to take over leadership from the elders? How can this nation be in the hands of these corruption loving idiots who for a pottage of yam are ready to sell their country. May God bless us.

      • Jon

        If you give leadership of Nigeria to these types of youths protesting, they will sell Nigeria for peanuts.


      Are you not ashamed of speaking from both sides of your mouth when the truth is obvious ?

      • Suleiman Alatise

        You need to sharpen or update your faculty of reasoning and understanding, honestly speaking.


          Your comment was not resolute, you are part of the problem in the zoo, you cannot speak out decisively against evil because of some silly interest.

    • thusspokez

      I could see your point, but I don’t think Nigerians are that sophisticated.

      • Suleiman Alatise

        Ah, perish that thought, Some Nigerians re capable of selling you in your precence.

  • Otile

    If he does some good things does that entitle to walk home free after raping a toddler in a market square on a high noon?

    • Otile

      …does that entitle him to walk home free…

      • Jon

        Yes, by Buhari and Hausa/Fulani moral standards.


    What a wicked exploitation of poor hungry citizens who are mostly illiterate by this very corrupt officer. Nigeria is indeed a mediocre democracy, genuine protesters are shot and killed extra-judicially while charades like the above are secured in order to further the interests of the corrupt establishment.

    • emmanuel

      A zoo is a managed or controlled animal settlement. Nigeria does not have leadership, so does not qualify to be a zoo. It is Banana Republic. At best a Jungle


        You have a point because the animals in most European and American zoos are better protected and respected by the management than the Nigerian zoo where the managers show no respect for the lives of inmates.

    • Jon

      It is a zoo by all indications. Somebody is been probed for being an alleged thief and you guys are protesting? For what? Nigeria is indeed a zoo.

  • JasV

    What job is this IG doing that this jobless prostitute is talking about?

  • Precious Faith


  • thusspokez

    Protesters storm National Assembly over probe of Nigeria Police chief Idris

    Protesters? I would say, a turnout of Abuja’s waifs and strays.

  • Jon

    An alleged thief is being probed and interrogated, and some illiterate people are protesting? For what? Dan bru ba.

  • Hehehehehehe……. Where is my dear NNAMDI kanu. Always stating the obvious description of this useless country called Nigeria.

    IGP has turned himself to a politicians. His last assignment is to ensure BUHARI APC wins 2019.

    Nigeria is a joke.

  • Abdussalami Yaro

    This IGP is damned stingy. He can’t even rent 250,000 hungry chaps. I only counted not more than 20 of them.

    • Gary