Ogun, Imo, Kano have highest number of Buhari’s appointees — Presidency

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammad Buhari has appointed more people from Ogun, Imo and Kano States than other states, the presidency said Saturday.

The claim came as the president’s office denied a newspaper report that an overwhelming majority of the Mr. Buhari’s appointees were from his native northern region.

The BusinessDay report that 81 of the president’s 100 political appointees are northerners is “misleading”, presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina, said in a statement.

“To claim, suggest or attempt to insinuate that the President’s appointments are tilted in favour of a section of the country is simply untrue and certainly uncharitable,” he said.

Mr. Adesina showed a graphical illustration of different states and the number of top appointees from the respective states.

The graph shows that Ogun state has the highest number of appointments with 21, followed by Imo and Kano states with 15 each, and Edo and the president’s home state of Katsina with 14 each.

The Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, has no appointee — the worst case; while Ebonyi and Abia have two each, Kebbi has three, while Zamfara, Sokoto, Oyo, Enugu, Ekiti and Akwa Ibom have four each.

PREMIUM TIMES has not independently verified those figures, especially whether the list is exhaustive, and if it contains appointments also made by Mr. Buhari’s predecessor.

Mr. Adesina picked holes in the newspaper report, saying at least 50 appointees who are not from the north had been left out.

“From all records, majority of the President’s appointees across different portfolios are not from the North, as the publication erroneously alleged,” he said.

A spokesperson for BusinessDay could not be immediately reached for comments.

Below is a distribution of the number of appointments made by Mr. Buhari from the 36 states and FCT, as tabulated by the presidency.


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  • Sword of Damocles


    • Olu-Lion

      you must be jobless. its only in Nigeria one appointment is more important than the other. the only way to satisfy all is to have 37 Vice President.

      • Manuel Tobby

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      • Sword of Damocles

        and you sir must have had a forcible LOBOTOMY, batty man

      • Sword of Damocles

        DG DSS, COAS, minister of interior, Aso Rock COS, MD NNPC, SGF. Just like a typical Nigerian…. brainless

  • Ijeuwa

    Mischief makers!!!!!

    Those are some of the people that vowed with their heads that Buhari will never be president of Nigeria again.

    They called him all kinds of names, said he was a muslim fanatic, and all that.

    Buhariphobia failed then, and is failing now.

    The truth eventually wins.


      The reality on the ground is that Nigerians who held the views you listed about Buhari have been vindicated. They were naive to have considered him a reformed democrat. They discovered that Buhari is still a tribal bigot ,religious fundamentalist and a very blood-thirsty tyrant

      • Ijeuwa

        Clap for yourself!!! You’re very brilliant!!!!!


          At least I can stand up and defend my assertions without name calling.

          • Ijeuwa

            Who used these odious terms:
            “tribal bigot, religious fundamentalist, a very blood-thirsty tyrant”?

          • Jon

            Do those names fit any known person?


            Public officials are fair game especially when it is true like it is with Buhari, he orders extra-judicial killings, it is also clear that from his antecedents , exploits and speeches that he is historically a certified tribal and religious bigot.

            As for you , I can only counter your assertions politely if I have reason to disagree.

          • Ijeuwa

            Buhari the very devil.

            In saner crimes people lose their jobs when they say things like you said here. And even presidents reserve the right to sue for libel and defamation. As Reuben Abati who wrote nonsense about Buhari the candidate. He had to enter a plea bargain. But people like you hide under funny names to pollute the public space with spew your venom.

            I pity you guys. The first victim of hatred is the hater. That is why you’re making yourselves laughing stock all over the place.

            The loudmouth with the foul language who said he will set Nigeria on fire has simply cowered into hiding at the sight of soldiers, and funny enough, you people started looking for him two weeks after. You keep entertaining us.



            Threats of mayhem towards the public is a tactic which has expired , it has been overtaken by the realities of this era. There are more than enough facts in public domain to buttress my assertions, there is absolutely no secrets about it.

          • Ijeuwa

            Why don’t you give us those facts and stop claiming nonexistent “facts” which are simply your warped opinion.


    Lies and propaganda as a tool of governance often backfires, it always succumbs to the forces of truth and reality.


  • Tahir Bunu-hamza

    …..could the false and maliciously-intended report not be termed as Hate Speech????

    • Really

      At least “Unverified Information” for the Minimum. Because the federal office of statistics is there for them to issue statistical figures.


  • Tahir Bunu-hamza

    ……….someone should please volunteer to provide the Nigerian populace with an analysis of the Federal Civil Services on the basis of states, geo-political zones, tribe and religion.

  • Tahir Bunu-hamza

    ……….someone should also please volunteer to provide the Nigerian populace with an analysis of the ownership of Nigerian Oil Wells on the same basis of states, geo-political zones, tribe and religion.

  • john peters

    show the list of names and portfolios not graph without name attarched

  • Really

    It has become obvious that Rats have eaten up the Names and Portfolios the figures in this Graph occupy, in the presidential office as Buhari was in his prolonged Medical Vacation in London, thus living Adesina with no choice other that to draw his own Graph with no names and Portfolios.

    As one can see this Graph was credited to no statistical office, so it Emanated and belongs to Adesina.

    I hope tomorrow he does not disown it.

    Disorientation has finally set in Indeed.


    • tundemash

      Just give us the correct graph with portfolio assigned to discredit this Adesina.

      • Really

        Excuse me!!!

        I should take over your legitimate duty of convincing the public and building trust as the presidential spokeman?

        Then resign with immediate effect, if you were Femi Adesina.

        The other name for it is incompetence, just for your information.


  • thusspokez

    The graph shows that Ogun state has the highest number of appointments with 21, followed by Imo and Kano states with 15 each, and Edo and the president’s home state of Katsina with 14 each.

    I don’t know who the Buhari’s spokeperson is trying to deceive. The answer given is to the question: “what number of appointments come from each state?”.

    The BusinessDay report that 81 of the president’s 100 political appointees are northerners answers the question: “what proportion of Buhari political appointees are northerners”. The spokesperson’s answer is clearly intended to mislead the Nigerian public.

    • Kini

      The Spokesperson is most probably “Igbo”, as you made us know, they are very well known to be deceptive and information from them, just like this one, should not be trusted, thats why!!

      • Otile

        This is news indeed. You mean that Lai Mohammed is an Igbo man, hence he is always lying his head off. By the same token, Adeshina and Garba Shehu are Igbo men too. We did not know that all those highly placed lairs in Buhari’s inner circle are Igbo. Imam Buhari is trying oo.

    • Frank Bassey


  • alexis

    I could care less where they hail from just so long as they merit the position and will deliver

  • persona

    NE+NW: 112
    SW: 54
    NC: 52
    SS: 45
    SE: 36
    This is the breakdown and now, the graph is also indicative of the votes the president got from each region. One would safely assume that the president seem to be fair to his mastheads(leaders) of each region/state where he either has personal relationships of voting pattern to ensure he won.
    Okorocha was very much despised and yet, he got significant slots(15). Anambra is not a stronghold of the president but for personal relations, they got 13.
    Oyo got 4 not because they didn’t vote, almost all the power brokers there are PDP members.

    • Ijeuwa

      112+54+52+45+36 = 299
      Number of appointees released by the presidency = 155 less 2 because numbers 118 and 151 are not listed. So, actual number: 153.
      299-153 = 146

      So, persona just created 146 fictional positions which he graciously assigned to NE+NW.

      When you can lie with a bold face about the figures staring you in the face, what else can you not lie about, just to spite Buhari and make sure he fits into what you want him to fit into?

      I pity you haters.

      • persona

        I believe you can count from the graph as supplied in the article. Please do the needful and see if you come to the same numbers.
        This is the challenge i have with my country people, you don’t know, you wont ask and then fly off a tangent to attack people’s integrity.
        The source is from the graph indicating Ogun got 20 and i believe i quoted some other states wit respect to their relations with Buhari…is that too hard to comprehend?
        I never mentioned the list from the presidency, you did. If the basis for your attack is wrong and you have been corrected, do you go on the record to likewise correct yourself?
        I don’t lick behinds of politicians, i analyze materials in public domain.

        • Ijeuwa

          If the source of your list of appointments is your mind, then I wonder what you’re talking about. Anybody can cook up a list.

          • persona

            The material was on PT which you also read. The graph was what was simply tallied and you did the summation overall…does that seem like i pulled them from my mind?
            Don’t ignore the fact that a graph representing each state was displayed in the same article…its ok if you didn’t see it but don’t say it was non existent because when you check again, its still there.
            I’m not one to project my opinion when materials are the basis for the write up.