2015: Why I collected N30 million from Diezani – INEC Official

Diezani Allison-Madueke, Nigeria's Minister of Petroleum. [Photo: ynaija.com]

A former INEC officer, Christian Nwosu, on Thursday at a Federal High Court in Lagos denied that he was bribed by a former Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke, to rig the 2015 general elections for her party.

He, however, admitted that the N30 million he collected from her was for “logistics”.

Mr. Nwosu, who is a former Administrative Secretary of the Independent National Electoral Commission in Kwara State, spoke while testifying in a trial-within-trial before Justice Mohammed Idris.

Mr. Nwosu was charged by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) alongside another official, Tijani Bashir, for allegedly receiving N30 million bribe from Alison-Madueke.

They were arraigned along with Yisa Adedoyin, who had pleaded guilty to receiving a cash payment of N70 million from Mrs. Alison-Madueke.

Mrs. Alison-Madueke, who is also named in the charge, is said to be “at large”.

Speaking under cross-examination by the EFCC prosecutor, Rotimi Oyedepo, Mr. Nwosu claimed he did not personally benefit from the money.

He said it was given to INEC ad hoc staff for logistics.

“I did not personally benefit from the N30 million; the ad hoc staff benefited because the elections went smoothly with the logistics support.

“The money was not given to me by way of cheque; we were asked to go to the bank to collect it.

“No cheque was given to me at the bank. I just signed a document at the bank which confirmed the receipt of the money.

“I did not instruct the bank to transfer the money to any account because it was not for me but for the coordinator who is to ensure that the money gets to the ad hoc staff.”

Mr. Nwosu said N13 million and N17 million was paid into his accounts on April 7 and April 13, 2015 respectively.

He claimed that the statements he made at the EFCC were “dictated” to him, while the one he made voluntarily was neglected.

Justice Idris has adjourned continuation of trial until November 15.



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  • Powerlessconscious

    He, however, admitted that the N30 million he collected from her was for “logistics”

    When will this woman be hung?

    • The facts

      Hung for what?

      • Eluba Inas

        For her crime to mortgage your future and that of your children.

        • The facts

          She hasn’t mortgaged anybody’s future. The people who are mortgaging your future are the people who are covering someone who stole people’s pensions and you know them.

  • Angry Niaja

    Rubbish talk, Allison was the rightful person to disburse money for logistics to INEC staff, that in itself is contrary to any reasoning and is corruption because those she dispersed monies to, would ensure that her party wins the election. It’s such a shame that our judiciary is itself so corrupt otherwise, these idiots should have been tried, sentenced and locked up by now. And by the way INEC has it budget for elections.

  • FineBoy

    You are employed by Peter and Paul is paying for your logistics without knowledge of Peter.

    Your Lawyer must be a daft to allow you expose yourself this way

  • Onye Obosi

    Buhari came, He saw, and he left.
    Corruption is the pillar on which major activities, policies, and transactions of this country is hinged on.
    It is the air that refreshes the nation, and water that permeates through the several channels that connects the 36 states of the nation, with the nation’s capital as its collecting duct.
    Fighting corruption is akin to boxing in the air.
    The powerful men and women in Nigeria are all made from corruption.
    The masses prefer to live in corruption era, than to comply with any anti-corruption bullsh^t.
    That is the sad case of Nigeria, and we shall simply accept, and deal with it.

    Diezani will eventually escape justice, because she is counting time, and fighting hard.
    She knows that soon her main people will take over.
    Maina was only used to test the waters to see if the land is dry enough to come back.
    Her looted money, and that of several others are still intact. Safely guarded with anti-rat, and anti-efcc protection keys.

    The only rational decision for Buhari to make at this time is to accept the defeat from corrupt powers, because he has truly been defeated. In fact, he is being messed-up by the sucker punch.
    He has one more chance of relevance, and that chance is – push for restructuring, with all the breadth that is in him. That is the only legacy he can leave behind as a successful leader.

    • pambegua

      Your opinion. But many of us believed corruption will be destroyed. A journey of 1000 miles begins with a step. PMB has made such a step possible and it will continued AGAINST ALL ODDS

      • Onye Obosi

        Destroying corruption means taking out the likes of IBB, OBJ, Atiku, GEJ, Patience Jonathan, Diezani, Saraki etc, etc, and their businesses. These people have the largest educational institutions, real estate corporations, bank deposits, logistic companies in Nigeria. They are in, or control the most elevated political positions in Nigeria. And they are not resting. Their strength to mobilize the masses can be threatening. Already, people are complaining, like the children of the israelites, they prefer pharaoh’s egypt, instead of enduring so they can reach the promised land. Pockets of revolts are being sponsored by these same corrupt elites, because their business is being disturbed.

        Buhari has good vision, but he can not work alone. Age is another factor for him. Restructuring is another way of trimming the power of these corrupt cabals.

        • Isreal Bethel

          Both your earlier comment and this particular one are very correct, we just hope for continuation in the face of defeat, hopefully the leadership will refuse to give up even in the face defeat suffered so far.

  • Galantman

    Kai. This INEC official needed to be flogged seriously by trained military recruit so that his senses will come back!!!! So it’s the PDP , a political party that is contesting an election that should give logistics not INEC headquarters?

    • The facts

      He said the commission was aware. Is the commission PDP?

      • Galantman

        Mr fact. Is it correct for the commission to collect money from a political party prior to an election? Call a spade a spade and shame the devil please.

        • The facts

          Did the money come from PDP office or account?

          • Galantman

            To be candid, you are totally confused. Or been economical with the truth and facts

          • The facts

            Well, I asked you a clear question but you refused to answer and I wonder why.

          • Onye Obosi

            Go back to sleep Mr. man!

          • The facts

            I think you just woke up so you have no idea of what’s happening.

          • 45Degree

            I think you need to get your brain together. These folks, by their acts, have destroyed this nation. Bad governance is affecting Nigerians where ever they are in the world. Exactly, what’s your point, that you’re defending this low life? I am more worried about the kind of Nigeria my children are going to call their own. We have become a nation of winner takes it all. A survival of most hardened criminals. Ponder over these things.

          • The facts

            You can say what you like. The fact of the matter is that the defendant said he spent money on logistics and that he did not benefit nothing from the money. Why is that a problem for you and your children? If you want to change Nigeria run for elections and contribute your own quota. If you think casting aspersions on people on the Internet will solve anything, you’re wasting your time. It’s people like you who were telling us two years ago that Buhari’s body language is changing things. Where is the body language today?

          • 45Degree

            Exactly, why you need to have your brain together. When you can’t even figure out the economic impact. So, I should go run for election, is your next line? But at least you are being nice. Hahaha.

          • The facts

            The question was whether the money was used for its purpose? The answer is Yes. So what’s your problem with that? Democracy is costly whether you like it or not. Do you know the amount it costs to feed or pay electoral staff in a state during elections?

          • Onye Obosi

            woke up ke?
            Wey me I wan go bead.
            Abeg take time Ooo!

  • The facts

    What did he say that is wrong?

    • Truthometer


  • Spyman29

    This man is just trying to be clever by half. When did Diezani became INEC that will disburse money for logistics during elections

  • Timothy

    Am sure their counsel is telling them to use that line of “the statements he made at the EFCC were “dictated” to him” usually there’s supposed to be video recording of his confession or statements. But however the guy went to the bank to collect money that he did not earn and was not allocated for his office and did not in anyway go through due process…if he can not state what the money for then he is as guilty as sin.