Maina: Punish officials involved, OBJ, NANS tell Buhari

File photo of President Muhammadu Buhari and Former President Olusegun Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo criticised the secret reinstatement of fugitive former civil servant, Abdulrasheed Maina, into the civil service.

He said Mr. Maina’s secret reinstatement was not consistent with President Muhammadu Buhari’s avowed war on corruption.

Thisday reports that the former president spoke at the 2017 Foundation Day Public Lecture titled: “Corruption and the Challenges of the African Child” on Saturday in Ibadan.

He also warned Mr. Buhari that there must not be any “sacred cows” in the fight against corruption.

“Corruption must be punished, and must be seen to be punished.

“Any accomplice in corruption and cover-up and any failure to punish must also earn punishment.

“We cannot afford to have sacred cows in the fight against corruption. The Maina saga should never have been allowed to occur. It is not in tandem with the fight against corruption,” Mr. Obasanjo said.

Also reacting, the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS asked the federal government to ‘swiftly with unrestrained alacrity’ suspend all heads of commission and ministries complicit in the secret reinstatement.

The union warned that it will go on nationwide protest if its demands are not met within seven days.

“The Head of the Service of the Federation as well as the Chairman of the Federal Civil Service Commission deserves nothing but immediate suspension from office and probe for allowing themselves to be caught in this cobweb of professional misconduct,” Chinonso Obasi, the president of the union said In a statement on Sunday.

PREMIUM TIMES recently broke the news of the shocking recall and promotion of Mr. Maina, which had been shrouded in secrecy.

This paper also reported how the recall was apparently masterminded by the Attorney General, Abubakar Malami and the Interior Minister, Abdurahman Dambazau.

Mr. Maina was in 2013 dismissed by the Federal Civil Service Commission for absconding from office. He is accused of leading massive corruption of about N2 billion when he served as chairman of the Pension Reform Task Team.

Afterwards, he turned fugitive, as the Police and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission sought his arrest.

Since PREMIUM TIMES broke the news of his recall, Mr. Maina has gone back into hiding. Although his recall has been rescinded by President Buhari, the president is yet to act on a report by the Head of Service on how the fugitive was recalled into the civil service.

The Nigerian senate last week asked Mr. Buhari to bring those behind the reinstatement to book without further delay.


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  • AryLoyds

    Hahaha OBJ self de hammer Buhari.
    Is this how low Buhari has gotten ?

  • Cornelius Jelili Ajibola Olanr

    WAKE UP PEOPLE and read what is coming out of Maina,s mouth.


    – What happened to the N282 billion Maina recovered which was deposited in CBN?
    – Where is the N24 billion Naira Police Pension arrears, deposited in a bank in Lagos?
    – Where is the N5 billion pensions overpayment Fed Ministry of finance was making every month?
    – Where is the entire N1.5 trillion recovered by EFCC and ICPC?
    – There is a car parked in Aso Rock with 3 bullet holes being the assassination attempt on Maina’s life.

    I did not take one kobo and nobody has given me one kobo in Nigeria. Nobody has ever given me a budget. Nobody has given our office N10, the office of head of service has always been in charge of our office. Our taskforce includes 15 officers from EFCC, 15 officers from ICPC, 4 officers from SSS, 2 officers from NIA, 15 officers from Head of Service, 3 officers from Accountant General, 3 officers from Auditor General’s office, 2 officers from Attorney General’s office and Public Complaints Commission and Rep from National Association of Nigerian pensioners.

    I was only the head anything that happened in that office must be endorsed by all this agencies before it is brought to me to endorse. So why is that people are calling my name Maina, Maina they are not calling that team. The reason is because I refused to bend backwards.

    No1, I want the Nigerian people to know, nobody has ever given me a budget of N10. If there’s anybody in the National Assembly or budget office or the ministry of finance that has ever given me N10, let them produce that N10 and show Nigerian people and say this is the amount of money we appropriated to the team to Maina to handle, let them show Nigerians.

    Instead I am the one, me and my team who recovered N282 billion and the Minister of Finance put it in Central Bank. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala she’s alive and present emir of Kano was the CBN Governor. I was not a signatory to the account, former accountant general and the minister of finance, these were the signatories to this account. This money I have not seen this money in cash , I have only seen it in the pages of the newspapers, so how did I come across this money? If there’s anybody who knows how money entered my hand or how govt came and gave me money let them come and show. People are talking in the papers and all this is because of the following:

    (1) My team was asked to restructure the police pensions office. We went to the police pensions office and found out they were taking N300m from the account every day and I reported to the minister of finance and told her there is a certain account where there’s N24 billion for police pension arrears , she said yes. I told her but that money is not being used to pay police pensioners, it is being used to remove N300m daily and these are the people who are removing the money and the matter was referred to the EFCC for investigation and the ICPC for investigation.

    (2) They were giving police pension N1.5 billion every month as monthly pension and we went and found out that the actual amount was N488 million , that means they had been stealing that N1 billion every month for so long, definitely I have to have enemies. We asked the minister of finance to stop this money from being paid to this people.

    This N24b where they have been stealing N300m everyday I have proof to show Nigerians, I have the check stubs. I have shown Nigerians these stubs when I was on AIT, everybody has seen how they have been stealing this money.

    We went and did biometric exercise ,all the offices that I mentioned took part in the biometric exervise in Nigeria , EFCC, ICPC, SSS, NIA , Acct Generals office , Public complaints commission, Ministry of Finance office, Head of Service office. All this offices took part in the biometric enrollment exercise. Why then is the name Maina being called, I am not the only person in the team nor do I approve anything for the team. It is only Head of service and minister of finance who approve money for the team. And they can go and ask minister of finance or head of service if they have approved N1 to Maina. We never had an account or operated an account .

    All this people who stole money are the ones giving money to the media people to rubbish my name. They are rubbishing my name because they know if Maina is around ,Maina will reveal a lot of things. We blocked leakages in government we were able to save the government billions of naira.

    We were able to create an e-pension management system. We said all this verifications where pensioners are dying should stop, we created the e-pension management system. We gave pensioners
    e – smart cards where a pensioner will verify himself at his own convenience. Every month the pensioner will go to his LGA and slot in his card in a machine and the system will verify him, there is no need for a pensioner to go and line up and die because of verification. Also govt was going to be paid N4b from that. This is police pension I am telling you.

    Coming back to Head of service pension, we came and did biometrics , people are saying we went to do biometrics abroad, there are no pensioners abroad. In New York alone we have 360 pensioners, these are former ambassadors and members of the diplomatic community , they are there living in the US. We found out that the Head of Service payroll was N5.12b every month but the actual amount was N825m. So why should Maina go and tell the minister of finance to stop spending N5b, that was my crime, that was the big crime I did , because this money is being shared all over.

    It was when we were doing all this, the senate found out that there’s money in pensions and there is a team investigating and the team has recovered so much. Those people who stole and are being prosecuted distributed money to the media to spoil my name.

    I don’t have the money to buy the media because I don’t have money. And now they are spoiling my name.

    Now when I was coming out from the President’s office , where I went with the minister of finance to discuss these monies that have been paid. When I came out at 9o’clock my car was shot 3 times , apparently some people wanted to assassinate me.They tried to assassinate me so that they can shut my mouth up.

    After they tried to assassinate me they sent me a txt message. Thanks to the car because by then i had complained to the President of suspicious txt messages and movements around my house, he asked the Chief Security to give me a bullet proof car for the meantime. I was inside that bullet proof car when they shot, the car is inside the villa now because it still has the windows shattered by the bullets, I have the pictures and everybody in Nigeria knew it. The same people sent me a txt message the following day that they will come and kill me whether or not they miss this opportunity , unless I stop this work I am doing. If I stop the work they said I am free. I sent this text message to headquarters of the police and the the SSS. I got a reply by the Police signed by the present IG, it was the IG who replied me saying , ” we have seen your letter about the threat to your life and we are investigating. I have a copy of that letter. Nobody has done anything about it but this present IG tried.

    Nobody did anything about it so I had to go under, I had to hide myself because i was going to be killed. If I am killed Nigerians will just say the thief has been killed nobody will know the truth.

    The senate was saying I refused to come and honour their invitation then they asked for my arrest. So I took the senate to court. I am a civil servant. I saved the government so much money and no one has given a budget of one naira and people are saying I stole money. All these things are happening and nobody is helping me. The Head of service is not helping me and I said why should I be a lone soldier so i went to court.

    If I come out and testify half of this people will run away and leave Nigeria that is why I am being persecuted. The former President is alive, the former minister of Finance is alive let them tell us, where is the money Maina recovered?

    How can they say there’s no money to pay pensioners. It was during my time we got approval for 53% pension increase, this was money we recovered. We recovered cash, N282 billion, which the minister of finance deposited in the central bank.
    Also because of the information I gave security agencies ,we were able to recover N1.6 trillion from the pension thieves. The two security agencies did a good job.
    The National Assembly are saying I stole money because the first day i attended hearing. The pension thieves in Kuje were brought into the senate and were given coffee , they were being treated like kings, while me and Lamorde were being accused , we were in the dock.

    I want all the Nigerian pensioners to know that I fought for 53% increase, why are we now talking about 33% and people are saying i should keep quiet. What have I done!?
    The police pension they claimed that time was N1.5b monthly but the actual amount was N488m.

    Also they collected N24b that they want to pay pensioners arrears. Ask Police pensioners have they being paid arrears NO!!!! Instead after they collected the N24b they went and opened an acco[truncated]

    • rules_emmanuelO.

      Go make your case in a court of law!

      • Gary

        Exactly. Let Maina get himself a good or team of good lawyers and go answer to these charges in court.
        There’s just too much smoke in his case to convince us that’s no fire. And you don’t answer charges with counter/charges as he tried to do.
        He’s also had four years since he fled the country to defend himself from exile.

        So why did he need to sneak back into the country assisted by Buhari’s key aides, illegally reinstated with a promotion and N22m in backpay? Plus DSS protection to stop the EFCC from effecting his arrest?
        Did he contribute to Buhari’s Presidential campaign and was Maina himself not scheming to run for Governor in Borno State? With what funding, from his N22m backpay or from his reinstatement as Director in Dambazau’s Interior Ministry?

        Sorry Mr. Maina, your story has too many holes (plus the poor grammar for a Director) and not pass the smell test.

    • Sab

      You were not a signitory to the accounts yet you have the cheque stubs.

    • Timothy

      I also heard the audio conversation with the founder of Brekete Family…Ahmed apologised at the end of the conversation for accusing him of stealing pension funds….now my question is how come none of these media house have tried to get his own side of the story….clearly he has questions to answer….I hope EFCC would be transparent enough to allow him say his part….but I doubt if he has any support at all because this stealing goes beyond yesterdays politicians……we should hear all of it from all the sides….that is why he has questions to answer and if possible someone should be charged to court…right now he is wanted man and he is being taken to court as the accused and it may be an opportunity for him to defend himself…IF HE SURVIVES IT.


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  • Dazmillion

    I dont know who they want demented Buhari to punish. How can Buhari punish one of his leprous fingers? What about the other 9?

    • Bakanridi

      It seems that you are not existing in this planet. How can you labelled Maina as one of his leprous fingers of the President? The President has ordered the immediate disengagement of Maina from servive and has queried the HoS onnthat issued?Remember, before the Law Maina is presumed INNOCENT, until the court has found him GUITY. For you Mr PMB Hater, If you like can call him with any name you like, but ONE THING REMAINS, HE IS YOUR PRESIDENT AND C-in-c OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING YOU AND YOUR LIKES CAN DO CHANGE THAT. PERIOD!

      • Dazmillion

        Bakanridi, you need to read the article first before commenting so as not to display your low level of education and stunted IQ.

        The headline screams “Punish officials involved, OBJ, NANS tell Buhari”. If you had an atom of functioning brain cells you would have known that Maina could not possibly be the government officials that need to be punshied.

        The officials being referred to are those currently working for Buhari i.e. Ayari, Daura, Danbazzua. These are the corrupt officials that make up part of demented Buhari’s leprous fingers.

        • Bakanridi

          I seems you trying to be mischievous and trying to hide behind a mask. Come out and substantial that gullible hatred and ignorance of even the names of people you want accuse of corruption. For your info Mr Dummy, there is nobody with the names of “Danbazzua” or “Ayari” in PMB government. I know of Gen A. Danbazau(Rtd), the Interior Minister and Abba Kyari, The Chief of Staff. Ask those who know,If you don’t know something, is WISE SAYING.

          • Dazmillion

            Thank you for properly naming them, am not used to the names of people from Daura

  • Abdullahi Danmasani

    It is typical of Nigerians to discredit their leaders which does not give us good image in community of nations.

    • Daniel

      Who is the leader?

      I hope not BUHARI?

      He is not a leader, but a whining workman.

  • thusspokez

    Corruption must be punished, and must be seen to be punished.

    Yes, corruption should be punished, But Chineke, look who is talking. The overnight billionaire, and grand master of corruption himself? The man is so deluded, he does not think that his own embezzlement of billionaires of naira of public fund is not corrupt.

  • Timothy

    Premium Times there’s a comment by @williamsjoseph9499:disqus which you guys are hidig and dont want others to see and comment on it….its regarding this Maina case….I dont think @Cornelius Jelili Ajibola Olanr insulted or committed any fraudulent act, no abusive words were in his statement….could you please allow his comment so that others may see it and comment on it….Thank you.

  • Olatubosun

    Nigeria has been sanitised

  • Olatubosun

    Nigeria has been re-branded

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    Corruption is now turning out to be NOT the exclusive reserve of PDP.

    APC government now GOES BEYOND that. Maina’s CASE REVEALS that if you ARE CORRUPT, YOU promptly take a SABBATICAL, after many years you are INVITED BACK to pick up a higher position than when you left off! You are re instated, in addition to being given several slots above the point of your last posting!

    This is a new level of corruption as expounded by Buhari and Tinubu’s APC! ANOTHER LOW in the FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION in NIGERIA!