Buhari won’t have option than to re-contest in 2019 – Senate Leader

Senator Ahmed Lawan
Senator Ahmed Lawan [Photo credit: Thenigerialawyer]

The Senate Leader, Ahmed Lawal, says President Muhammadu Buhari has no option than to re-contest the presidential election in 2019 in view of his performance in the past two years.

Mr. Lawal said this when he spoke to State House correspondents after a closed-door meeting with Mr. Buhari in Abuja, on Friday.

The Senator, who is a member of the Buhari Support Group, said Nigerians had every justification to be happy with the Buhari administration, saying they would continue to identify and support the administration’s programmes.

“Well, you know it is not enough to help in elections like most of us did. It important that we continue to support the President and his administration and as a group, across the nation, this is what we will continue to do. We will continue to identify with and support all the programmes that this administration has set forward.

“And l believe that we have every justification to be happy because, the President campaigned on three major pillars of anti- corruption, fighting the insecurity across the country and revitalizing the economy of Nigeria.

“It has been a very, very good journey so far and also believes that Mr. President and Nigerians have a future beyond 2019. What he has started, by the grace of God, he should be able to complete, up to 2023.

“I also believe that the future is bright and by the grace of God, by 2019, we would have achieved so much in this administration and Mr. President will have no option but continue the good work he has started,’’ he said.

Abu Ibrahim, a senator, who is the leader of the Buhari Support Group, said the group was an amalgamation of about 189 different support groups that worked for Mr. Buhari and the APC to win the 2015 general election.

“We have been holding meetings, discussing the problems of this country. So, we thought it was high time we meet with the President to intimate him about the activities of the group.

“We discussed with him about the plans to improve the situation in Nigeria. Mr President was very pleased with our programmes.’’

Mr. Ibrahim said the group did not discuss the forthcoming 2019 presidential election with the president.

According to him, the meeting only discussed the programmes of the organisation and its challenges. (NAN)


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  • So oju abe niko

    The “Arijenimadaru”, the “Bamu bamu ni moyo, emi o mo pebi pa omo enikan” – (the profiteers-in-disorderliness, the “I’m full to the brim, and I don’t care if anybody is hungry”). The only responsible choice for PMB, if he has just one ounce integrity left in his vein is to go quietly into the Sunset and not attempt to run again at the age of 77 year. It should be anybody but Buhari in 2019.

    • Passionate about Nigeria

      This is the Lawan that wanted to be Senate President??! The Lord does move in mysterious ways. Thank God he did not make it. These are the people deceiving Buhari into thinking Nigerians will vote for him in 2019. They simply cannot tell “the emperor” that at this point he has no clothes on.

      • Abu-Mu’awiya

        You have an opinion likewise other Nigerians mr. Man and you posses only a vote so you can not say it all.

        • Otile

          Don’t you ever make the mistake of voting for this vandal again, otherwise the blood of his victims will be on your head. Mutum wanan, ji ko?

          • Abu-Mu’awiya

            To you mr. President is a vandal but to many more is not,you dislike the president but many like and the president you have your right of choice likewise other Nigerians and every Nigerian is free to vote according to his conscience so there is no need of abusing ones opinion or right of choice just you should vote out the one you dislike and Nigerians will vote in the one they like come 2019 no more no less.

    • laki

      He is not a pro-active person. Took 6 months to get ministers and yet there was nothing interesting about the ministers. The campaign of change will not work this time. Let us look for another

  • This is good news. We must oversee presidential debates where all contestants must articulate their manifestos.

    • Jon

      No restructuring or devolution of powers to the States until oil is found in the North. This is the alleged stand of Buhari and his Hausa/Fulani invaders from Futa Jallon mountains.

    • Cleansignorance

      Buhari’s Administration is worst than that of Abacha by every yardstick, Abacha looted approximately 4 to 5 billion USD in all his 5years as a dictator, Murdered a few political opposition members here and there, the fear in the land was not this palpable and no one was demanding for secession from Nigeria. With Buhari’s administration, Fulani herdsmen has killed thousands of innocent citizens in the middle belt and Southern Nigeria, yet Buhari and the midget, El-Rufai are paying and arming more Fulanis to kill and also aptly protecting the Fulani murderers from procecution and from reprisal attacks. In Buhari’s looting of the Nigerian treasury, each heist he pulls comes in tranches of Billions of dollars. The most recent being the $26 billion USD, he purported to have signed from his hospital bed in London, after VP Osinbanjo declined to be the fall guy for signing the acclaimed $26 billion USD NNPC contract.

      Abacha’s antecedents are actually beginning to smell like a ROSES & make him look like a saint, when compared to Buhari. Abacha at least, was not a known and an overt Islamic Terrorist. Buhari is, and he does not even hide the fact, because Buhari doesn’t care what Nigerians want or feels. Te North owns Nigeria and Buhari is born to rule over the Southerners and the people of the middle Belt as he pleases, and anyone with any objection, will have experience a Python Dance or a Crocodile smile, both meaning Brute force and death. Was Abacha even half this BRUTAL?!


  • Gidi

    Two years later, we’ve not seen any cogent achievements on the economy, corruption convictions and permanent security in the North East and Nigeria as whole. What we’ve seen is temporary security in the North East and proliferation of crimes.

    Buhari himself knows that it will be an uphill battle to convince Nigerians to give him another mandate. No one is ready to gamble their future away. Personally, I am done with Buhari. He came, he did his best, but unfortunately his best wasn’t good enough. Time to move on.

    The last two years of Buhari administration provides an insight on what the next two years will look like. I am not convinced the economy will suddenly shift for the better given the evidence. Nigeria need a president with a vision for the future and wherewithal to drive 21st economy.

    • laki

      Gaskia. You talk am. Time to move on and try another person

  • Isyaku Muhammad

    Gaskia ne! We ‘ll vote Buhari again by 2019

    • Otile

      Ba gaskiya, don Allah, babu. Don’t waste your precious vote again, look for a young vibrant candidate who can move the country forward. I know Imam is doing good for your tribe, but other neglected groups cannot continue to put up with his nepotism.

      • Isyaku Muhammad

        It’s Buhari again, wow, make you know well

    • Ijaw man

      You just one of the many tribalist driving us backward politically. Despite all the clear evidence that Buhari’s “Change” was a russ all along, yet your tribal sentiment wouldn’t let you reason beyond that he is a mallam. And no matter his inaction on pressing national issues, you are blindly in his support. I wonder what would it that for you average mallams to actually read the hand writing on the wall. “Buhari is inept, and leads gang of incredibly corrupt politicians, political appointee and civil servants”. It’s such a pity that my beloved country has never enjoyed honest and patriotic citizen to aspire to the highest office in the land. One thing is certain to happen as per my prediction, Nigeria cannot be like this forever. It will implode politically to a point of no return in the nearest future.

  • Mark M

    Buhari’s government is a sham administration and it will be a damn shame if he is re-elected in 2019.

  • Mizch

    May monkeypox attack your dirty mouth.
    If Buhari is the best the Northerners can offer Nigeria, it is a pity.

  • Jon

    No restructuring or devolution of powers to the States until oil is found in the North. This is the alleged stand of Buhari and his Hausa/Fulani invaders from Futa Jallon mountains.

  • Hah!

    And Nigerian have the option of rejecting en- voting. PMB may be re-elected but certainly all those chameleons and hyenas who pretends to be with him shall see weeeh!

    • Cleansignorance

      Those so called chameleons and hyenas are not at all the Problem. The main problem is Buhari himself. A fish rotten from the head, before the becomes infested with the same virus. Don’t fall for APC Lies & Propaganda of Buhari’s integrity and frugality. Just look at all of Buhari’s antecedents in the past 2yrs, is that a man with integrity? Why does Buhari never takes responsibility for his failings, rather he always looks for a fall guy to take the blame. Why has Buhari been salient, on the killings by is kinsmen, the Fulani/Herdsmen/Militia all over the middle belt and Southern Nigeria for 2yrs and counting?

      The same Buhari took 48 hrs to brand the IPOB, who has not killed a single soul as a terrorist-group, while branding the murderous Fulani herdsmen as mere criminals, who openly carries AK-47’s without any permit. Where is the INTEGRITY in all of this? A cloak, does not make a Monk, the man in the makes the Monk!

  • princegab

    These are criminal gang ready to take over from COS of the President. FYI, pmb is no longer a presidential material.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    Crap! Why not?
    Buhari has allowed you to get away with anarchy! Has he not? I would vote for someone who rubs my back too!

    Which country pays its Senators $2 million dollars a year? Get off your butt and see how Nigerians are scrounging for a living.

    Wake up Ahmed Lawal, leave Abuja, go to your village and talk to those millet farmers and market women to find out the egalitarian society you are all ‘toiling’ to build, find out how they are barely surviving! Stop insulting Nigerians. Tell Buhari Nigerians did not vote for your crappy “change”!

  • musa aliero

    We won’t have any option than to vote him out

  • Man_Enough

    The silent majority knows that Buhari is our best bet for now. Thank God nobody will force me to vote otherwise. The negative propaganda is only being spread and assimilated by haters